To know the behaviour of the climate we must base ourselves on some meteorological variables such as atmospheric pressure, humidity, solar radiation, wind direction and force, etc. The hygrometer is responsible for measuring the level of humidity in the air. Do you want to know how it works? In this buying guide, you will find everything about the hygrometer.

Comparison of the best hygrometers

It has been reviewed in a precise way and considering the opinion of the market about the various models of hygrometers that are present in the trade, here we bring you a list of the best devices that have been invented to measure the humidity.

1. ThermoPro TP55 Digital Indoor Hygrometer

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The prestigious ThermoPro brand brings us this fantastic tool with a large backlit LCD touch screen with huge numbers visible even at great distances.

Like most tools in the sector, it serves both to measure air humidity and to measure temperature, it also provides the maximum and minimum values ​​for each of them in a 24-hour range.

It has a magnificent precision, the data contrasted with more powerful tools seems to indicate that the figures obtained by the device only vary a few tenths, therefore, we can affirm that we are dealing with a really accurate tool.

But if this tool differs from others in some way, it is because it has a touch screen, in it, you will find three buttons: one to change the unit of measurement to choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit, the other that serves to illuminate the screen, while The last one is used to show the maximum and minimum values ​​recorded during the last 24 hours.

Another magnificent advantage is that it has different mechanisms to hang it on the wall, you can do it with a magnet or directly with a hole, in addition, you always have the option of installing it on a table thanks to its rear support.

However, the only disadvantage that I find is that it consumes a lot of energy in such a way that you will have to change the batteries very regularly, more than it seems.

2. ETI Hygrometer Thermometer

ETI Healthy living thermometer & hygrometer with comfort zone indication
  • Clearly indicates unhealthy dry or damp conditions.
  • Clear coloured zones indicate dry, comfort and wet levels.
  • Range: 0 to 50 C or 10 to 99 % Relative Humidity (RH)
  • Accuracy: 1 C or 5 %rh
  • Battery: 2 x 1.5 volt AAA

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If you want a digital hygrometer at a low price, ETI is a very good option. It has a measuring screen and is a thermo-hygrometer at the same time, it shows a minimum and maximum temperature, as well as the humidity level. The measurement range is from 20% to 80%.

Its dimensions are 11 x 10 x 2 cm, which makes it have an ideal size, which allows it to be easily and comfortably moved to any room in your home or office, because from behind it also It has a support plate to be hung on the wall or used on a desk.

ETI works with AAA batteries, which are not included in the product package.

3. Temperature and Humidity Meter ThermoPro TP-50

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Thermo-Hygrometer Indoor Room Thermometer with Recording and Climate...
  • Accurate measurement and quick update: the combination thermometer and hygrometer provides a temperature measurement result...
  • Innovative room climate indicator: the humidity meter shows the current humidity and temperature in adorable symbols: dry,...
  • Healthier Home: Thermometer hygrometer with temperature and humidity monitor ensures proper indoor humidity control has important...
  • Smart Design: Room thermometer indoor features tabletop and magnet mountable design; Celsius or Fahrenheit selector; Powered by...
  • Universal use: an ideal indoor climate has a positive effect on our well-being and health. Thanks to its compact design and any...

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If you need a hygrometer to use in factories, offices, homes, gardens, terrariums, laboratories, warehouses or other air rooms, the ThermoPro will be the ideal meter, since it is small in size and comes with a magnet that adapts to any metallic

This instrument has many attributes, it has a large LCD screen that indicates the current temperature and relative humidity at the same time, as well as the maximum and minimum of both aspects. Includes a converter from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Your maximum and minimum calculations are reset by pressing the back button for 3 seconds.

In its package it comes with a thermometer and an AAA battery, it is also easy to use and install.

4. Habor Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

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The hygrometer of this point is less expensive and includes a thermometer, and it works normally, with an LCD screen, which reflects the time, the calendar, and also works as an alarm. In the upper part indicates the temperature and in the lower part the humidity.

One advantage is that it is flat and can be kept standing or hanging on the wall.

5. TFA Dostmann 30.5019 Cozy hygrometer

TFA 30.5019.01 Cozy Digital Thermo Hygrometer
  • Indoor comfort meter
  • Displays in colour zones room temperature and humidty against ideal set levels
  • Designed for either wall hanging or free stanging on desk or shelf
  • Reversble temperature °C or °F
  • Battery included

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The TFA Dostmann hygrometer has a wide measurement range, which allows you to measure the humidity of the environment with great precision, no matter how extreme or low it is. Also included is a large capacity thermometer that ranges from zero to 50 degrees Celsius. The information appears on your LCD screen and is easy to read and understand.

If we choose this model we must take into account that it is a digital hygrometer. It means that it is much more variable than analogue and natural hair models. This is a factor that influences the use since we will have to calibrate it more frequently. Despite this, it is a simple product, requiring no installation.

6. Hama TH50 environmental thermometer

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With Hama you will visualize the state of humidity and temperature as in a true weather department; digitally it indicates the level of these two climatic elements. It has a display indicator, which will tell you if it is “too dry”, “perfect”, “very wet”, and also forecasts the weather, pointing if the day is “sunny”, “cloudy” or “rainy”. It has a switchable thermometer between degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, as well as a powerful alarm.

7. ThermoPro TP65 Digital Wireless Hygrometer Indoor and Outdoor

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This hygrometer has the advantage that it works remotely since it includes a receiver and a transmitter that can work up to 60 meters apart. So this appliance is perfect for large homes where constant humidity monitoring is required. For example, it is very useful for a baby’s room, since it allows you to control humidity, from other points in your home.

Furthermore, this humidity measuring device is extremely accurate, with an error range of 1%. It is also a thermometer that can measure temperatures indoors and outdoors, in both degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit. The receiver is designed to be hung on the wall, and the transmitter comes with a folding base that allows you to place it anywhere.

What is a hygrometer?

Everyone knows about humidity, but no one has ever seen it. This is part of the measurements, like temperature, which is felt by the body.

Simply put, humidity is the vapour in the air. It is produced by condensation and evaporation.

We have 2 humidities with absolute and relative humidity. The difference is subtle, but it is important in choosing our hygrometer.

Absolute humidity is the humidity found in a given volume of air. On the other hand, the absolute humidity is that which the atmosphere can contain at its maximum level.

In other words, if the relative humidity exceeds a certain threshold, then your body will feel the effects.

This measurement is done as a percentage. And when during the summer, your clothes stick to your skin, it means that the humidity is far beyond the recommended thresholds.

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Different types of hygrometers

Now that we have defined what is the mission of our tool, it is time to decide what type of product we want to buy, there are fundamentally two great typologies, you must choose one or the other depending on which one best suits your needs.

First of all, we have digital hygrometers, which are characterized by having a screen, usually LCD, that allows you to control the different functions of it.

The main advantage is that you can find the figures in digital numbers, and that, in addition, many of them are also capable of calculating the maximum and minimum humidity in a specific period (usually 24 hours).

On the contrary, the main disadvantage of the products of this typology is that they are nourished by electrical energy, either because they plug directly into the electrical current or because they operate on batteries.

They usually involve a lower initial investment, although in the long term they will be much more expensive than analogue ones.

Secondly, we have the analogue hygrometers, they are much less common than those of the first type, still, they have a whole series of advantages.

The main favourable point they have is that they do not need any power source, they work in a completely autonomous way so that you can deposit them in any place and forget about their maintenance.

In addition, they are cheaper in the long term than digital, because they do not consume any type of energy, however, they usually cost a little more to acquire.

How does a hygrometer work?

The percentage of humidity is often measured as the concentration of water in a dry matter in the air or a material capable of avoiding water. This machine can, therefore, ensure its function in two distinct variants.

Indeed, taking air humidity measurements as a meteorological function that allows the moisture meter to detect the percentage of water present in the air. A function by which the air mass can be known to promote understanding of the behaviour of this air. In standards, at least 45% of the humidity, the air is considered dry. On the other hand, a humidity greater than or equal to 70% already the air becomes humid and can be more than 100% to materialize by condensation in our rooms. The recommendation is therefore simple, a water concentration varies between 45 – 65% in clean air.

Then, the humidity on a residential building material is subject to certain verification before any use. These would be essential materials such as wood, tiles, concrete or plaster which have flexibility relating to humidity. Materials that quickly mould to affect the house.

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The advantages of using a hygrometer

A hygrometer has many advantages which it is useful to know. You could probably get some on its usefulness.

  • For those who collect cigars, it is necessary to have a hygrometer available in order to measure the humidity in the air. If necessary, they can reduce the room to an ideal level in order to better preserve the cigars.
  • For those who suffer from respiratory problems or who can not stand too high humidity, this device can inform them about the humidity level. They can then use a dehumidifier in case of excess humidity and then an air purifier in order to have clean and healthy air.
  • In order to better monitor the appearance of mould and fungi in a room or on furniture, having a hygrometer is very useful.
  • When the air becomes too dry, it is necessary to preserve fragile and expensive objects such as pianos, the guitar. The hygrometer still intervenes in this case. It is a device which makes it possible to best preserve one’s environment, health and possessions.

Difference between the hygrometer and the moisture meter

We must differentiate the humidity contained in the air from that found in materials such as wood. The hygrometer makes it possible to measure the humidity of the air and, more generally, the water vapour contained in the gases, while the humidity meter makes it possible to measure the humidity of materials. The latter helps to control the rate of water vapour in furniture, walls and interstices to prevent bacterial proliferation, the appearance of pest insects and worsening insulation problems. The moisture meter is also used to identify possible ventilation problems, water infiltration or capillary rise in a house, in particular.

What to take into account when choosing a hygrometer?

All hygrometers that exist will always fulfil their main function, which is to calculate the humidity level of the site where it is installed, however, there are devices of this nature that have additional advantages, which can make your purchase a great transaction.

Here are the features you should look for when buying a hygrometer:

  • Analogue or digital: The analogue and digital hygrometers, have marked differences. In the case of being interested in an analogue system, you must take into account that they are sensors that have a high quality, it can last for many years, although during its use it has to be calibrated and tuned.

However, you also have the option of purchasing a digital hygrometer, which is manufactured pre-calibrated and does not require maintenance.

  • Built-in memory: That a hygrometer contains a memory is a great point, since it will allow us to store a record of the variation of humidity levels during a certain period of time.

A memory will be of great help to maintain the calculations when investigating the affectation of the degree of humidity in a specific place or group.

  • Built-in thermometer: That the hygrometer incorporates a thermometer is a great advantage for the prevention of the loss of the equipment.
  • Alarm included: That something tells us when the humidity rises or falls is very advantageous.
  • Backlit screen: If you get a situation that wakes up at night and want to check the temperature level of your environment, the hygrometer comes with a backlit screen will be very useful, since you do not have to turn on the light to do this type of consultation.
  • Slim profile: A slim length hygrometer can fit in small spaces since it will occupy only a few inches since a large and bulky one will not be able to adapt to any part.
  • Modular price: The devices for measuring humidity are simple instruments, so it is not necessary to spend on an expensive brand when there is a wide variety in the market that are complete and of quality, and that also have a modest price.