Scientific research has indicated that to obtain a comfortable and satisfactory indoor environment, the humidity levels in the air should be between 40 and 60%, thinking about this, today we have prepared a special article on the best humidifier, a great device, created to dampen and regulate the levels of water vapour in the environment of any room.

If you are not one of those lucky ones who live in a tropical paradise, you probably need the assistance provided by a humidifier during the winter season, remember that the cold air is dry air, that means that it does not contain a lot of water vapour, trying to heat it through a heating system will only make the situation worse.

Symptoms such as throat irritation, allergies, asthma attacks, eyes and dry skin are usually present in individuals who are exposed for long periods of time to dry air environments, the perfect solution to protect the health and comfort of your family nucleus is to have a humidifier.

Now that we have the defined goal, we tell you how to choose the perfect humidifier for you!

What is the best humidifier?

There are data and primary factors that we must appreciate when we try to choose which item to buy if you want to invest your money in a conscious way it will not be enough to take home the first product you find on the shelves.

Remember that there are hundreds of humidifiers out there, the current market overflows with options and choosing the right product, which meets your needs and demands, has become a complex task … Do not despair, we are here at your service, to help you with I’m more.

Before choosing the ideal humidifier, consider characteristics such as brands, designs, costs, functions, sizes and of course the general opinion of the user community.

To achieve our goal we have prepared a shopping guide, where you can check our comparative selection, there we review practically the main characteristics of the 6 best humidifiers you can find on offer.

1. Humidifier Medisana 60065 UHW

Ultrasonic humidifier of good quality and value, this device has a silent technology, designed to release a light mist of healthy cold vapour, immediately improving the quality of the air we breathe.

A distinctive feature is its low energy consumption, improves and regulates humidity in an interior of up to 30 m2. It comes equipped with a reservoir of 4.2 L of water, an adjustable knob and a cleaning brush.

2. Dongshen 1.7L Ultrasonic Ionizer Humidifier

It is an ionizer humidifier, silent and the least expensive product on our list. It has a mouthpiece that releases cold steam capable of rotating 360 degrees, brings a smart button with LED light to regulate, turn on and off the equipment.

Equipped with a 1.7 L water reservoir that allows it to operate between 14 and 16 continuous hours. Auto-shutdown function once the reserve water has been depleted.

3. Ansio Cool Mist Humidifier

This wonderful portable device has a mouthpiece that rotates 360 degrees automatically. It is provided with a timer, an LED display that provides information on humidity levels, 3 operating modes and a 4 L reservoir for continuous 15-hour work.

Ideal for allergies and dry skin since its technology is able to ionize and calcify the emitted steam, to generate a healthy environment.

4. Cool Mist Humidifiers – Criacr

It is a cold vapour ultrasonic humidifier, it is a very affordable product thanks to its low price, it is the perfect equipment for the bedroom, home, office, bathroom, baby, living room, baby room and large spaces.

It comes in white with a design of the shape of a tear, is provided with a reservoir of 1.5 L of water. It has technology capable of ionizing the emitted steam to create a healthy and pleasant environment.

5. Beurer LB-12 humidifier

This adorable design presents a compact, portable and economical humidifier, the perfect model to take on a trip. It has two nozzles to adapt water bottles as a reservoir.

It works with an ultrasonic and silent technology of micro nebulization, with emissions of 80ml per hour, it is capable of vaporizing rooms of up to 20mt2. Includes an automatic shut-off system, a travel bag and a cleaning brush

6. Philips Humidifier HU4803 / 01

This model of antibacterial humidifier comes from the well-known Phillips brand, so you can enjoy healthy and pleasant air.

It is equipped with a timer, a hygrometer and 3 operating modes to achieve the ideal humidity in rooms of 25 m2.

It comes equipped with a reservoir of 2 L of water and has an ecological badge due to its low energy consumption.

Benefits of using a humidifier

Each season of the year brings different climatic conditions, the levels of humidity in the air depend on the changes of season and the geographical place where you are.

So that our health and context are not impacted by humidity levels, we must make sure to inhabit environments where the water vapour present in the air reaches between 40 and 60%.

It will always be useful to be informed, to know how the biosphere we inhabit affects our body and environment is important, for that reason, today we tell you how our body reacts when exposed to high and low levels of humidity.

Low humidity

Individuals exposed to conditions with low levels of humidity present symptoms similar to those of the common cold, such as throat irritation, dry skin and eyes, difficulty breathing and coughing.

High humidity

Environments with a high level of humidity can also affect the health and well-being of people, these conditions present an ideal context for the proliferation of bacteria, germs, mould, dust and fungi.

These types of conditions can also affect your body directly by producing allergies, asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases.

Types of humidifiers

Central humidifier

It is a centralized system, capable of regulating the humidity of your entire home. This type of humidifier is usually integrated into heating or air conditioning systems, equipment of the latest technological range, which allows the user to determine the precise percentage of humidity in the environment.

Impeller humidifier

This type of device has a rotating technology, capable of producing a fine mist to moisten the surrounding air.

Ultrasonic humidifier

These humidifiers work through a vibration system that allows vaporizing the water in its liquid state, to obtain a cold and light mist as a result.


This type of devices fulfils their function by using a fan to turn water into steam.

Steam vaporizers

This type of equipment has a technology of heat induction through the use of electrical energy.

The steam emitted by the device cools once in contact with the environment, however, we invite you to consider if this model may be the ideal for you, remember that a device that is heated at high temperatures is not the best choice for equipping a home where there are children and pets.

How to use a humidifier safely?

  • Use only distilled or reverse osmosis water (which does not contain minerals)
  • Clean them often with soap and water – no chemicals (at least every 3 days, preferably every day)
  • Never add essential oils or other fragrances
  • Never use it in a closed space – leave the bedroom door open
  • Pay attention to white dust, and if you see, immediately stop using it

Of all types of humidifiers, evaporative ones spread the least bacteria into the air. But do not forget that this does not mean that they do not develop in the device itself.

Bacteria can only grow in a humid environment, so it is important to wash the basic tray and tank, and then let it dry completely.

Things to consider when choosing the perfect humidifier for you

Before choosing the perfect equipment for you, you must know exactly what are the needs of your home or the space you want to condition, to determine this accurately we advise you to answer the following questions:

Do you have children at home who often have symptoms similar to those of the common cold?

Do you live in a geographical location with annual changes of four seasons?

Do you live in a dry climate environment with little humidity?

In case your answer is affirmative to any of the questions we pose, we recommend you check our list of important factors when choosing your humidifier.


There is a wide variety of designs on the market so you can choose the one you like best and the one that best suits your home or office.

You will find endless sizes and shapes, keep in mind that the equipment you choose should be easy to move from one place to another, if you intend to take it with you on a trip or move it from one room to another, choose a model with handles or ergonomic handles that make the easiest task.

Remember, if you have little storage space, the best option for you will be a compact and lightweight model.


This is one of the most important factors when choosing the perfect humidifier.

You must take into account the performance of the equipment you want to take home, a way to ensure that the equipment meets your needs is to check the square footage of the room you want to condition and compare it with the ability to cover the device If both agree, you will have a harmonized environment.

Another important element in the performance of the equipment are the filtration systems and the enrichment of the water quality; some devices have filters to clean and purify the steam emissions that are sent to the environment, while other humidifiers are able to load the water with magnesium and calcium ions to create a healthy environment.


Among the most practical features, we can find versatile systems with regulator knobs for steam emissions to adjust them to different environmental conditions according to the time of year.

We also find those devices with the function of automatic shutdown once the reservoir water is exhausted, there are those with display screens or hygrometers, to indicate to the user the exact percentage of humidity in the air.


It is an instrument used to accurately measure the levels of water vapour in the air, most humidifiers have this measurement system to provide accurate information to the user.


Make sure that the coverage range of the chosen humidifier can meet the needs of your living room, room or office.

Operating expenses

Depending on the type of humidifier you choose, hot steam models often consume more electrical energy to use heat induction technology.

If you opt for a cold steam model you should invest a little more money at the time of purchase but in the long term, it can be more beneficial, since the device will not generate a large electricity consumption.


The bigger your humidifier is, the more often it is the noise it produces, if you need to acquire a large model, we recommend placing it in an area of ​​your home where it does not disturb the family’s rest hours.

Smaller devices usually have quiet technologies, some may simply generate a low murmur while others make a noise similar to that of a small vacuum cleaner.

Water quality

The humidifiers are designed to use tap water and distilled water.

When working with running water the devices usually emit tight emissions, while the devices that use distilled water provide a better reach, however, it must be considered that it is so viable and expensive to obtain distilled water for daily use.


If you opt for a model with plastic or transparent glass reserve you can be attentive to water levels and recharge the device when necessary, some even have an alarm or timer that warns you when it is time to fill the reservation.

A good security system that many of these teams have, is the automatic shutdown system, ideal to take away one more worry from the mind.

Hot or Cold

You can choose between devices with cold or hot steam emissions, it will depend completely on your tastes. Some models provide the function of aroma diffuser, they will be the perfect equipment for the practice of aromatherapy, humidifiers for balsamic and natural essences, with this model you will be able to alleviate respiratory affections.

How to clean your humidifier safely?

The most important! When you use a humidifier, you should clean it every day, no matter what type it is. Not all manufacturers recommend it absolutely, but I highly recommend it (the health of our children and ourselves is the most important thing). However, if you are very lazy and think that I am exaggerating, try not to exceed 3 days without cleaning. This is the absolute upper limit.

Warranty and Assistance

A key element to consider when buying a humidifier is the guarantee, choose a model developed by a recognized manufacturer that guarantees your investment in case of defects or malfunction, many of these teams have a 1-year guarantee.

Keep in mind that it will also be useful to have assistance and telephone or online support if any doubt arises during the installation and use of the equipment, the most reliable manufacturers usually have this type of service available for customers and users.

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