If you want to choose an exercise hula hoop from the great selection available on the market, use our list of the best options. We have checked hundreds of products and we have chosen the best hula hoops for all tastes.

What is the best exercise hula hoop?

When acquiring a hula hoop to start a formal exercise we advise you to check the price, materials with which it was manufactured, size and weight. Of these aspects you must take special care with the weight, since being a bit more robust than the traditional hoops could embarrass the beginner user, recommending then select among the models those that are the lightest, avoiding discomfort and damage when training.

The manufacturing materials guarantee greater safety and comfort. They must be well-conditioned both on their surface and in their internal area, in order to prevent possible injuries due to constant contact with the skin.

Being a portable element, you can store it easily, taking it everywhere without problems.

1. Hoopomania exercise hula hoop – 1.6 Kg

A recommended article to exercise or make a comprehensive weight loss plan. You will like it because in its 107 centimetres it distributes 24 small magnets that when rotating open a magnetic field that generates well-being. It is very easy to assemble, so it will be the perfect ally in every aerobic or cardiovascular day.

2. Just be – 2.1 Kg Fitness Hula hoop

If you want constant training to burn excess calories, in addition to the comprehensive training in the muscles of the abdomen, this is an affordable option and of very good quality. Its use is instinctive, according to the opinions of its buyers. The brand has different colours and weights.

3. ResultSport Wave Hula Hoop Reifen

Sure you are looking for an effective system but also provide comfort and for this, this brand placed on the market a ring with a soft foam cover. It has some buttons that reduce the pressure on the skin while protecting its integrity. It is one of the lightest to start your training.

4. Core Balance – HulaHoop

If you want something simple to replace your training fitness ring or start the abdomen and back exercise, you can buy one of these. It is one of the most economical options made of polyethene, safe and quite resistant plastic material. It comes with protective foam to prevent pain during movement.

5. Just be… Hula Hoop for adults and children

It is a safe and comfortable ring thanks to the one-click system and manufactured with double foam. Its size and weight make it ideal for the use of women and children from 12 years. With a constant exercise routine contributes to the toning of the abdominal muscles.

6. Core Balance Weighted Foam Exercise Hula Hoop

Exercise Hula Hoop

What is a hula hoop?

It is a ring with which they provide benefits to the body during aerobic activity and contributes effectively to the burning of calories. It is designed to support weight and shape the figure of the trunk. Helps tone and improve blood circulation.

What are the benefits of an exercise hula hoop?

It is often said that the exercise hula hoop helps to lose weight, but it is not the only advantage to make the hula-hoop. In addition to being an easy sport to practice everywhere and which requires little equipment, the practice of the hula-hoop is a playful means to get in shape and to increase one’s zest for life. Here is a list of the physical and psychological benefits associated with the practice of hula hoop.

Helps to lose weight

We often hear that the hula hoop helps in weight loss. Indeed, doing hula-hoop is an activity that moves a lot. It’s a great exercise for spending calories while having fun. Obviously, it all depends on the intensity you put into your practice, but we generally speak of 600 calories per hour. Practised regularly, it can help you reach your fitness goals. Obviously, you also need to have a good diet if you want results.

Tone the body

Yep, twisting the hula-hoop around the waist is a great exercise to tighten the lap belt. Depending on the movement, we will work on the arms, legs and glutes. The sequences of rapid movements make it an excellent cardiovascular exercise.

Improve balance

There are various movements that make us work the balance: we practice movements on one foot, we lift the leg to pass the hula-hoop below. We turn on ourselves and sometimes we jump!

Improve the sense of rhythm

The hula-hoop is generally practised with music. The good thing is that you can mix it with any dance style. You can’t dance? No problem, over time you will develop your own way of moving. What I like about the hula-hoop is that there is an infinite amount of movement and everything can become a movement. There are no rules. We can put on any style of music and let go. We can even integrate movements inspired by yoga or juggling.


The friendly atmosphere of lessons or hoop jams is a great way to meet people and even make friends. The hula-hoop community is generally made up of open-minded and inclusive people. In addition, if you travel and see someone with a hula-hoop it is an excellent excuse to approach it. In addition,   you are sure to have at least one point in common with it. In this way, I met extraordinary people thanks to the hula-hoop!

Time for yourself

Reserve a time slot to do what you like is important. It is a good habit to take. Participating in a hula-hoop class, or taking a moment to do hula-hoop, is taking care of your physical and mental health.

For me, hula-hooping is a source of motivation, it’s what makes me want to get up every morning. Even if I made it my job, I always look forward to going to practice to try new ideas. I love to learn, so the hula-hoop offers endless possibilities.

fitness hula hoop

How to choose the best exercise hula hoop?

It used to be a game reserved for children, has become a widespread practice in which different types of people are interested. The hula hoop cannot be done without an essential element: the hoop. It is therefore essential if you want to make hula hoop to get one of excellent quality. How to choose your hula hoop. Here are some hints.

The use

First of all, it is necessary to define what will be used for this hoop. The hula hoop is a vast activity that brings together a variety of possible applications. So, depending on whether you want to dance, do manipulation or even fitness to lose weight, a specific type of hoop will suit you more. It will, therefore, be necessary to select the ideal model taking into account this very first parameter.


By quality is meant the age of the hula hoop user. If you are buying a hula hoop for yourself, you will have to decide based on your age. If on the other hand, you buy the hula hoop for a child, the models that you will be offered will be different. So remember to answer this key question before making any purchase.

In addition, your quality also concerns your level of learning. Indeed, it would be ill-advised to select a hula hoop model intended for professional use if you are still just starting out in the discipline. In general, hula hoop hoops are classified not only by age category but also in two large types of sections, more info here, namely: large/medium heavy hoops for beginners and medium / small very light made for the most experienced.


One of the most important features is the diameter of the hoop. You have to select your model according to your waist size. One of the principles of the hula hoop is as follows: the larger and heavier the hoop, the better it can be rotated around its waist. It will, therefore, be necessary to select a rather large model.

The weight

The heavier the hoop, the more you feel its presence at the waist. This facilitates its rotation and control during movements for a beginner because the hoop is slow. A large and heavy hoop will, therefore, suit you if you are a beginner.


The exercise hula hoop is made of plastic. You can choose between two types of plastic, namely HPDE and polypro. The HPDE is able to withstand cold temperatures but becomes soft when it is hot. It is also advisable not to expose it to heat sources.

As for the polypro which is very hard plastic, it is much better adapted to movements and does not deform, but can however break in the event of significant thermal shock. So choose your hoop in the material that best suits your use and the storage environment you will offer.


It will depend on your tastes. However, for colours, the hoops in HPDE are black or white. You can still choose coloured ribbons to surround them.