The yogamat and clothing are essential in the practice of yoga. But the hot yoga towel is an accessory that is becoming more and more a must. Indeed, in yoga studios, yoga mats are loaned. However, as yoga is practised barefoot, it is advisable to bring your own mat towel or your “hot yoga towel”.

Having your own towel guarantees hygiene during yoga practice, as it is sure that you will sweat, especially during hot yoga sessions. This article will guide you on the features and use of non-slip yoga towels.

What is the best hot yoga towel?

A yoga towel is different from conventional clothes, especially when the technique demands greater demands. In the case of Hot Yoga, friction and heat make the practitioner require a stable base to focus on his physical effort.

The same goes for the Iyengar, Ashtanga, Raja and Bikram styles of yoga, which are entrenched in strength, flexibility and endurance.

When buying, make sure that the selected towel is:

  • Convenient: That they have an anti-slip coating and antibacterial fibre.
  • Multiuse: With greater stability and absorbing power. If it is reversible, better.
  • Durable: Made of good quality materials.

Plyopic All-In-One Yoga Mat

An anti-slip towel, which will give you the stability needed to practice your yoga routine. Its material is resistant to multiple washes without losing its ability to grip surfaces. Made of resistant materials, a durable and low impact on the environment. Efficiently absorb all the sweat.

Plyopic All-In-One Yoga Mat Towel

The natural tree gum base on this yoga mat allows you to execute Hot Yoga positions safely. This non-slip material is combined with a top layer of absorbent microfiber, available in various colours and modern prints. It does not generate bad odours and it is easily washed.

Heathyoga Non-Slip Yoga Towel

If you are worried about excessive sweating during the practice of this discipline, you can take advantage of the absorption power in this Bikram yoga towel. Made of 100% microfiber of good quality, which can be taken to the washing machine. Perfect for the comfort of your legs when relaxing or meditating.

Yogabum Yoga towel

One of the advantages of this affordable product is its traction capacity, which is achieved by its silicone points. This allows the execution of advanced Bikram yoga techniques and some Ashtanga, where greater firmness is required. It does not wrinkle easily and is machine washable

Towel for Yoga Lotuscrafts

A cheap alternative that will help you perform the characteristic movements of this physical activity. On one of its sides it has a silicone layer, which will keep it firm and without wrinkles on the floor. It’s polyester fabric absorbs sweat efficiently. An economic tool to exercise every day.

What is a yoga towel for?

The yoga mat towel has three main functions:

  • It is anon-slip for people who sweat their hands during their yoga practice.
  • It can be folded to serve as cushioning for the knees,
  • It will keep your carpet clean.

It is essential that you do not slide on your mat, first not to hurt yourself, but also to hold your asana, in order to reap the full benefits. This is why, if you sweat, take ayoga towel with you.

This yoga towel is not ayoga accessory as such. What I mean by that is that it will not help you achieve postures and that it is not there to correct your position. However, this object will be especially useful for you not to slip on your carpet if you sweat hands.

hot yoga towel

Benefits of using a yoga towel

An essential accessory for the practice of yoga are towels and rugs, both complement each other. It is designed to work on the other.

Among some of the benefits:

They don’t slip

Currently, we can find yoga towels that can be used without a mat, as they have been provided with some anti-slip material on one side.

Many yoga fans discover that the mattress alone is not enough to prevent slipping, so they have taken up the habit of using both resources, to be more relaxed.

More hygienic

There are modalities that generate greater sweating, such as Bikram, Ashtanga, Power or Hot Yoga, and that demand better control over cleanliness and hygiene. The tension produced by being sweat-soaked can have a negative impact on the development of these activities.

Machine washable

Some must be washed exclusively, without mixing them with other types of fabrics, but the current materials admit the same treatment as any cloth for fitness exercise. Put a little detergent to remove dirt and be sure to dry it properly, to avoid odours.

They can be used to remove sweat from your body

In addition to eliminating the dripping sweat when performing a special pose, you can also use it for quick drying of excess moisture on your face.

Its absorbent material distributes this liquid on its surface harmoniously, without soaking, as it would take hours of continuous practice to reach the retention limit.

In many styles

The towels can be found in the market in many different colours and designs. You can select any brand according to your preferences and tastes.

We recommend choosing tones that motivate you when practising vinyasa sequences, or perhaps a soft colour while meditating.

They do not stack

These towels retain their extended shape as their anti-slip surface prevents them from rising with the movement that you execute on them. This decreases that you stumble or you lose time readjusting it constantly.

Fits the mat

Many of the towels in this comparison come in the same size as a traditional yoga mat (60 × 180 cm), with absorbent surfaces that give the stability of the yoga mat. A good towel is recommended to stay firm at all times, without worrying about slipping.

hot yoga towels

What to consider when choosing the best hot yoga towel?

Have you decided to buy your non-slip yoga towel? We have selected some parameters for you to take into account when purchasing. It is not an exhaustive list, but it can still help you.


The non-slip yoga towel should absorb sweat and sweat as much as possible. It is therefore advisable to find the most absorbent towel, especially for people who sweat a lot. Some yoga mat towels are 10 times more absorbent than conventional cotton towels. It is also advisable to choose a towel that dries quickly to guarantee maximum hygiene.


Having a soft touch towel is essential. Why? Simply because your body will continually rub your towel when you do your exercises. To avoid pain or redness, buying a soft towel is essential. It is advisable to test your towel to the touch before buying it. If you want to buy online, find out more.


Your towel should have a good grip on the mat, or if applicable, the floor. Make sure that the other side of your towel is provided with pins or made of rubber. A towel that adheres well will guarantee your safety during practice. It is not for nothing that this type of yoga towel is called “non-slip”.

The material

Choosing the right material for your towel is essential for its durability and the comfort it brings. The absorbent face or “sponge face” is generally made of microfibers. Choose a compact and light texture, preferably antibacterial. For the eco-friendly, there are currently eco-friendly and ethical towels, which are made with ecological materials. The non-slip side, on the other hand, can be made of different materials: silicone, rubber, etc.


To make it easier to store and transport your non-slip yoga towel, choose its size and weight carefully. On the one hand, it should be compatible with the size of your carpet. On the other hand, it should be able to be easily inserted into your yoga bag. And we all know that your bag already contains several accessories: bras, yoga leggings, water bottle. A standard size and a light weight are therefore to be preferred so as not to clutter up. Your towel should also easily roll up with your rug so it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your closet.

Washing and maintenance

This detail is quite important since most non-slip yoga towels require certain precautions when cleaning them. Some towels should not be washed in a tumble dryer or dry cleaned. The washing temperature should also be respected so as not to damage the towel too quickly. So before buying your yoga mat towel, choose the criteria that suit you.


this criterion only depends on your tastes and your personality. You have the choice between plain coloured towels or those with patterns. Make sure, however, that the dyes used for the designs of your yoga towel do not cause allergies.