6 Best Hot Water Bottles That Will Alleviate Your Pains

There are times of the month in which I get a back pain from the ciborium that I do not know how to get rid of, I am tired of putting heat envelopes in the microwave that cool quickly and do not alleviate.

They become more and more intense and the great annoyance ends up pulling me to sleep. I have decided to look for the best hot water bottle available in the offer, I trust that its analgesic and tranquilizing powers will return me the dream in the days of discomfort.

What is the best hot water bottle?

It will depend, of course, on your ailment and the specific needs you have, to select one of these.

A good bag should be resistant to both high temperatures and sudden changes, exceptional quality is that you can not only heat it but also cool it.

It must be strong and durable and those that come with a cover are a true pass. If you have any doubts, this comparative list may clarify some concerns and help you to decide

1. Fashy hot water bottle

Strong and efficient

Fashy Hot Water Bottle with Cover Peru-Design...
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Fashy Hot Water Bottle with Cover Peru-Design...
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Made with a durable and resistant material, Fashy brand bags are very suitable if you want to apply heat therapy for the back neck and shoulders.

You will find it in various colors and you will also find it very useful in joint treatments of knees and arms.

2. Long hot water bottle Peter Pan

Ideal for the back and column

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If you want to spend a warm night, applying heat therapy to your spine, back and other sore joints, this bag model will come in handy.

You can check the water level and know to what extent fill it. It is resistant to water and has a prolonged thermal effect.

3. Hot water bag CAMMATE

It adapts to the contours of the body

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CAMMATE Ice Bag, 3 Pack[6", 9" &11" ] Hot And Cold...
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Suitable for headaches, dental pain and muscle pain, this bag can be the solution to muscle discomfort, is comfortable, adapts to the contours and will relieve you quickly. The best thing is that it will also be useful for cold therapy.

It has an ergonomic cap that makes it completely hermetic

4. Hot water bottle Hot Water Bag

Relieves fatigue

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Scent and Soul Luxury Long Hot Water Bottle –...
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Designed in high-quality PVC, the bag manufacturer Hot Water bottle is most appropriate for menstrual discomfort and joint pains.

It is very durable, leak-proof and the best thing is that it also serves as a cold compress, is easy to use and resists high temperatures.

5. Hot bottle of natural rubber


WINNPRIME Hot Water Bottle 2 Liters, Natural...
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This manufacturer puts at your disposal a product made with resistant rubber, very suitable in the treatment of muscle stiffness, joint pain and menstrual cramps.

It is an explosion-resistant product that withstands high temperatures. It is waterproof and robust, the liquid will not be thrown away.

6. Cryopac Hot Water Bottle

Rapid relief of muscle pain

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Cryopaq Luxury Hot Water Bottle with Best Plush...
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A combination of synthetic leather and resistance come together in this product withstands up to two liters of water.

Placing hot water and putting it in your joints will bring you an immediate relief in muscles and joints, comes with soft cover, ideal to put in bed and you will find in different colours.

Heat therapy

Heat therapy refers to the procedure by which the blood vessels of an inflamed area of ​​the body are dilated, through the application of heat, this action has analgesic properties, calms and relaxes your muscles, is ideal for muscular problems and for joint pain.

Types of heat therapies

There are several types of heat therapy applicable, some are dry and others are moist and are applied for a period no longer than 20 minutes in the inflamed area.

People usually put on electric pads, thermal wraps or hot compresses, of these the most economical option is hot water bags.

You also have the option of soaking the inflamed area at a certain temperature or using a hot paraffin wax treatment, it is not cheap, but it is effective. Another method is the placement of patches that induce heat.

Benefits it brings to health

When you buy one of these you will find lots of benefits, especially if you suffer from the insidious muscular or joint pains, here we will talk about some of them:

Reduces back pain

If you are one of those who suffer from constant back pain, this treatment is more than recommended to get the long-awaited relief, it will result in knobs for muscle discomfort, back pain and joints.

Reduces muscle rigidity

Many things can cause you muscle stiffness: bad posture, sitting incorrectly in the curro, the inclement cold of winter and even past sports injuries. Applying heat with a hot bag in the rigid area can be a real relief and is a very effective treatment for these discomforts.

Relieves menstrual cramps and discomfort

There is nothing more insidious than that day 28 of each month where you feel like a real rag: painful bleeding, cramps, muscle stiffness, discomfort, in short, a small nightmare of several days; These hot bag treatments are magical for those days.

Low swelling

If your swelling is joint or twist and not suddenly use these bags can provide great relief.

Reduces cough with whistles

If you are of those who suffer from asthma, congestion or the annoying bronchial problems that produce the cough with whistles, to apply a treatment of these will make you feel the sea of ​​good.

What to consider when choosing a hot water bottle

In the market you will find lots of bags for heat treatments, but not all fit your needs and requirements, so, before taking one home, it is important that you look carefully at some details.


These bags retain heat for a long time so you will want something that is not destroyed in the first therapy. In the offer there is everything, but those that are made of rubber are really durable.


This will depend on the place where you normally apply the therapy, but choosing one between medium and large is ideal, it will serve you for everything!


The bags usually come with accessories, some bring a cover and even a bottle where you can keep the water warm for a longer amount of time. In the offer you will find many of these in different colors and styles, it is a matter of taste to select some.