The hot water bottle, which helps fight against the cold, has become an essential accessory to face winter temperatures. However, much more than a simple sensation of heat, a hot water bottle is used for many uses. Let us take stock together on this product which will help you to spend the season pleasantly and sheltered from the cold.

The best hot water bottles in comparison

It will depend, of course, on your ailment and the specific needs you have, to select one of these.

A good bag should be resistant to both high temperatures and sudden changes, exceptional quality is that you can not only heat it but also cool it.

It must be strong and durable and those that come with a cover are a true pass. If you have any doubts, this comparative list may clarify some concerns and help you to decide

1. Fashy hot water bottle

Made with a durable and resistant material, Fashy brand bags are very suitable if you want to apply heat therapy for the back neck and shoulders.

You will find it in various colors and you will also find it very useful in joint treatments of knees and arms.

2. Samione Hot Water Bottle

With a capacity of 2 litres, it is made of natural rubber, being one of the most resistant hot water bags you will find on the market. In fact, this material is ideal for dealing with the high temperatures handled by these items.

Its fleece cover is extremely soft and can be removed for washing by hand or in the washing machine. Its bottle shape amplifies the spectrum of thermotherapy applications.

3. Hot Water Bottle with Cover 2L

Its elongated shape differentiates it from the rest. Concretely, you can enjoy its healthy heat up to 3 hours thanks to its capacity of 2 litres.

Its cover, with very attractive patterns, is knitted with a warm touch. You can roll it around your neck, sleep hugging it, wrap it around your abdomen or put it on your back to see how it reduces your pain. It also allows you to easily fill your hand with its water level indicator.

3. Hot water bag CAMMATE

Suitable for headaches, dental pain and muscle pain, this bag can be the solution to muscle discomfort, is comfortable, adapts to the contours and will relieve you quickly. The best thing is that it will also be useful for cold therapy. It has an ergonomic cap that makes it completely hermetic

4. Hot water bottle Hot Water Bag

Designed in high-quality PVC, the bag manufacturer Hot Water bottle is most appropriate for menstrual discomfort and joint pains.

It is very durable, leak-proof and the best thing is that it also serves as a cold compress, is easy to use and resists high temperatures.

5. Hot bottle of natural rubber

This manufacturer puts at your disposal a product made with resistant rubber, very suitable in the treatment of muscle stiffness, joint pain and menstrual cramps.

It is an explosion-resistant product that withstands high temperatures. It is waterproof and robust, the liquid will not be thrown away.

6. Cryopac Hot Water Bottle

A combination of synthetic leather and resistance come together in this product withstands up to two litres of water.

Placing hot water and putting it in your joints will bring you immediate relief in muscles and joints, comes with soft cover, ideal to put in bed and you will find in different colours.

What is a hot water bottle for?

By raising the body temperature between 0.5 and 3 ºC, we experience the activation of organic functions and with it an immediate feeling of well-being. So, if you get used to exercising in the gym and you suffer from muscle tension, the vasodilating action of the hot water bottle will allow you to appreciate rapid muscle relaxation.

At the same time, if bad postures at work or pathology of the musculoskeletal system take time to reduce your quality of life and your mobility, the humid heat of the bag dissipates this muscular rigidity. In line with its anti-inflammatory side. They are ideal for relieving all types of localized pain.

These are low back or back pain, migraines, stomach, menstrual or respiratory discomfort. For example, when we go through a flu, an asthmatic process or when our hands become numb with osteoarthritis.

long hot water bottle

Types of hot water bottle

In many comparisons of hot water bottles, it will be clear that there are different versions of this practical heat distributor. It is a joy for young and old and we could bring it as a small gift. When you buy hot water bottles, your tastes or those of another person can be perfectly taken into account to guarantee a great pleasure for a long time.

You have the choice between the following versions:

Classic hot water bottle

The traditional hot water bottle is the normal form of this hot water bottle. It normally has a capacity of about two litres and has no cover. With this model, it is very important that the maximum temperature of 47 degrees for adults is not exceeded, as this can lead to unpleasant burns.

Covered hot water bottle

This hot water bottle looks a lot like the traditional hot water bottle, but can also be fitted with a sensitive cover.

Hot water bottle for children

Kids love stuffed animals. They huddle together and like to use it as a little comforter. Especially in case of small stomach upset, the best hot water bottle suitable for children can be a great help in relieving pain.

However, it is necessary that the hot water bottle for children is not too large and too heavy so that the pressure on the stomach is not too unpleasant.

Individual hot water bottles

Besides the classic or child-friendly form, there are a number of other forms that can be used perfectly. Whether as a centre, as a creature or simply in elongated form, everyone can decide which shape they prefer.

Electric hot water bottle

Compared to a conventional hot water pot, the electric hot water bottle must be supplied with electricity to control the hot water bottle. The heat usually lasts about six hours and gives pleasant warmth. The advantage of this electric water heater is that there is no need to fill with water and that the temperature can usually be controlled individually.

Benefits of using hot water bottle

When you buy one of these you will find lots of benefits, especially if you suffer from the insidious muscular or joint pains, here we will talk about some of them:

Reduces back pain

If you are one of those who suffer from constant back pain, this treatment is more than recommended to get the long-awaited relief, it will result in knobs for muscle discomfort, back pain and joints.

Reduces muscle rigidity

Many things can cause you muscle stiffness: bad posture, sitting incorrectly, the inclement cold of winter and even past sports injuries. Applying heat with a hot bag in the rigid area can be a real relief and is a very effective treatment for these discomforts.

Relieves menstrual cramps and discomfort

There is nothing more insidious than that day 28 of each month where you feel like a real rag: painful bleeding, cramps, muscle stiffness, discomfort, in short, a small nightmare of several days; These hot bag treatments are magical for those days.

Lower swelling

If your swelling is joint or twist and not suddenly use these bottles can provide great relief.

Reduces cough with whistles

If you are of those who suffer from asthma, congestion or the annoying bronchial problems that produce the cough with whistles, to apply a treatment of these will make you feel the sea of ​​good.

How to choose a hot water bottle?

As with any other item, especially if it is for your personal care and health, there are certain criteria you should consider to ensure that you make the best purchase possible when choosing a hot water bottle. In the next lines, we will look at these factors:

Safety and comfort

A product such as a hot water bottle should provide you with the benefits of thermotherapy effectively and safely. In this context, electric bags provide you with rapid, more uniform and longer-lasting heat than rechargeable bags and without the risk of burns, since they are generally covered with a cover.

This cover, in addition to playing an aesthetic role, acts as protective and insulating so that you do not burn when you take the bag. However, if the bag contains water instead of gel, you will need to replace it after 2 or 3 uses.


The first ceramic bags are far away. Currently, almost all of them are made of synthetic rubber or natural rubber. Both materials are thermoplastic and tolerate high temperatures, ensuring an acceptable lifetime of the bag. It is generally believed that after two years you will need to replace the bag with another.


The dimensions and weight of the bag will condition its handling and the possibility of using it for more or fewer areas of your body. So you should be wondering who is going to use it and for what. The cushion-shaped cushions are limited to the feet or the hands, while the large, in bottle format, are valid for all types of applications.


Never choose a bag with excessive power for its size or for your needs, because it will overload it and will eventually decrease its operability. Or you will be forced to replace it with a more powerful one after a short period of time. As a general rule, large powers are of the order of 100 W, this being a reference power which can serve as a guide.

Did you know that another application of hot water bottles is their effectiveness in the fight against circulatory disorders?


The existence of a wide mouth, an anti-drip lip or a safety tab are all aspects that can influence your decision. Likewise, the length of the cable or the possibility of adjusting the speed of heat output at will, in the case of electric cables, or the design, composition and feel of the sheath are other factors to be taken into account.


As you can see, the benefits of a hot water bottle should not be underestimated. Its heat is effective as an anti-inflammatory, relaxing, analgesic and sedative constituting an integral therapeutic alternative. The body and mind are blessed with the healing properties of the thermotherapy they administer.

Along with innovation, they are becoming safer and easier to use. You no longer even need to heat the water and fill it as before, just keep it in the microwave for fifteen minutes to enjoy three hours of heat. Children, adults and even pets can use them. They are environmentally friendly and poorly maintained.