One of the advantages of having one hot glue gun is that you can work with hot glue without burning yourself. Although burns are always possible, with careful use, the glue will never touch your skin. you can more easily control the number of glue you use, so plan the placement excellent. Hot glue is much stronger than other types of glue, so you can easily use this to apply heavy embellishments to fabric, plastic, wood and much more. It is an inevitable element to tinker with everything.

What is the best hot glue gun?

Taking into account all the details you should consider when buying the best glue gun on the market comes the time to take a test to know the use you will give and select the one that best suits your needs and your pocket.

Having a guide is always helpful, that’s why here we leave a shortlist of the best hot glue guns that are available. Here you surely get the one you are looking for.

Bosch Glue Gun PKP 18 E

Bosch Lawn and Garden Glue Gun PKP 18 E (1 x Extra-Length Nozzle, Glue Stick, 240 V),Package may...
  • The glue gun PKP 18 is a handy all-purpose gluing device
  • Effortlessly glues wood, leather, carton, paper, textiles, cork and stone, as well as glass and metal
  • Mechanical feed system for sensitive metering and targeted, rapid application
  • Safe working thanks to the nozzle with heat shield
  • Items included: PKP 18 E, 1 x extra-length nozzle, 1 x glue stick

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With the built-in electronically controlled heater from Bosch, you can be sure that the working temperature remains constantly at 200 ° C, which ensures quality bonding. Having a mechanical feed system is a big advantage since it allows you to perfectly adjust the amount of glue coming out of the nozzle.

You can now easily reach inaccessible places because this model is equipped with an extra-long nozzle. Its lightness and the finesse of its body greatly contribute to its manoeuvrability. Among the details that make the difference: a reinforced polyamide casing, a rest stirrup and an anti-drip system.

Dremel Hobby Hot Glue Gun

Dremel 930-18 Precision Glue Gun 930, 100-240 V (10 Glue Sticks, in Carton)
  • Decorate, make ornaments or jewellery thanks to the included colour sticks
  • Apply glue on various materials thanks to dual temperature setting: Paper, cardboard, stone, wood or fabric
  • Drip control prevents dripping glue onto the project supported with precision tip for intricate gluing
  • Easy and comfortable operations thanks to the T-handle which provides optimal tool balance
  • Scope of delivery: Dremel 930 Glue Gun, 3x Dremel 7 mm multipurpose low temp glue sticks, 3x Dremel 7 mm multipurpose high temp...

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If you are looking for a glue gun that will be useful for multiple jobs, including delicate crafts, do not forget to consider this option, because it is just what you need.

The model of the Dremel brand works with two types of temperature, a low that serves for creative crafts and the highest, ideal for home DIY projects.

One of the advantages of this product is that it comes equipped with a high precision drip and tip control system that allows the execution of neat work. It also has small support to rest the gun while it is not being used.

In the opinion of those who already have one, it is an affordable product, made with good quality materials, with a firm trigger and with which you can work for hours without heating the body of the instrument.

Bosch GluePen – Hot Glue Gun

Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Hot Glue Gun GluePen (Micro USB Charger, 4 x Ultrapower Glue Sticks,...
  • The cordless hot glue gun GluePen - the fast and handy tool for all gluing jobs
  • Ready to glue after just 15 seconds of heat-up time and the adhesive sets very quickly
  • No drying out or clogging thanks to innovative hot glue technology
  • One battery charge facilitates 30 minutes of work or processing of six glue sticks
  • Items included: GluePen, micro USB charger, four glue sticks, cardboard box

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The hot glue gun of the Bosch brand is a small, wireless and lightweight instrument which makes it a practical tool. It frees you from the discomfort of working with cables and relying on a plug.

Its design in the form of a ballpoint pen and the moderate flow of glue make it ideal for crafts and detailed projects. For its users, however, this quality does not make it very compatible with large DIY jobs.

This model heats up quickly, brings a battery that lasts for 6 bars and can be recharged with micro USB charger from the computer; It is also equipped with a glue return system that allows clean jobs.

As a point against, according to the opinion of those who already tested it, the product is only compatible with Bosch silicone bars and presents difficulties with other brands. Its price one of the highest in the selection and is available in the market in green.

Blusmart Mini Hot Glue Gun for crafts

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This model heats up in a period of 3 to 5 minutes and, once hot, maintains the temperature constantly, is made with good quality materials and comes with support to place it vertically while not in use.

The Blusmart brand brought to market this tool, ideal for DIY projects, packaging and quick repairs, but in the opinion of its users, very crude for delicate crafts and creative projects.

One of its advantages is the switch on and off with LED light mode that prevents the spill of hot glue when it is not used and frees you from having to be unplugging it every time.

It has a low price and comes with 25 large bars. If you plan to buy the heat gun to do repairs at home, this is an option you should consider.

CON: P B27415 Hot glue gun with LED

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One of the most peculiar characteristics of this hot glue gun is that it has an LED light that allows you to illuminate the area where you work. The tool heats up fast and has an anti-drip function.

In the opinion of those who already bought it, it is ideal for handicrafts and small DIY projects, but it can present problems in large or very detailed works.

Its price is the cheapest in the market and comes with 6 replacement bars. If you want something very professional or of a lot of detail, you must move on from this model.

Power Plus Cordless Glue Gun

varo POWX145 Glue Gun Cordless including 6 Glue Sticks in the Case
  • Cordless Caulking Gun
  • Comes with holder
  • Charging Station for heating

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The product offered by the PowerPlus brand is ideal for DIY jobs and major repairs. It is wireless, heats quickly and has high fusion power.

It has an anti-drip system, but its users indicate that, due to its size and the high temperatures it handles, it is an impractical thermal gun for handicrafts.

It comes in a practical box which also has a convenient recharge tray, three different types of nozzle and a pack of 6 replacement silicone glue bars.

If we make comparisons with other pistols, you will notice that it is an instrument of the least expensive of the marking and is available in a single black and yellow model.

Stanley Fatmax Hot Glue Gun

Stanley FatMax FMHT0-70418 High Output Professional Glue Gun, Yellow
  • Ceramic element enables fast warm up, ready to use in just 60 secs
  • High Glue Output up to 2.5-3.3 lbs/per hr
  • Stand by mode takes 30 secs to get back to working temperature
  • Hibernate Mode stores heating after 30 minutes of non-use
  • Dual colour LED red when below 170˚ C and green when ready to use

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With a control device for double temperature, this Stanley brand tool quickly heats up and is ideal for all types of work, from the glueing of crafts to DIY applications.

In the opinion of its users, its size is not an impediment to comfortably reach those areas where space is limited and its anti-drip system allows clean jobs and prevents hot tail spillage. In addition, it has support to work more comfortably

The Stanley heat gun is made with good quality materials, its price is the highest in the market and is available in a single yellow with a black model.

Advantages of hot glue guns

The fusing gun allows bonding with great precision. Its shape reminiscent of that of a weapon makes it very handy and facilitates its orientation whatever the material. It can also be used to glue glass, textiles, nylon, leather, ceramics, cardboard, plastic, jewellery and of course wood.

This tool is generally delivered with glue sticks (20 to 50 pieces) which avoids having to restock each time it is used. The universal sticks are compatible with any model. However, certain materials such as ceramic and glass require a specific type of glue for good adhesion.

One good point: the grip is instantaneous so no drying time. In addition to its main function, this device can be converted into a machine for making joints to seal fittings or supports. The drawback concerns only low-power glue guns whose heating time is too long, which delays the start of the work to be done.

using hot glue gun

Hot glue gun – buying guide

Glue guns are a very common tool at home and in the office. They are used for a large number of tasks. From school projects to small repairs and DIY jobs and even for crafts.

However, not all hot silicone guns are the same, some vary in design and features so if you are looking for one, you need to know some details about these tools that will be useful when buying. Consult a guide on the best thermal guns available in the market is no other.

Types of Hot Glue Guns

A wide variety of hot glue guns are available in the market. The most common classification is as follows.


They are usually the largest in the market, even larger than those we usually know and that are sold in most stores.


Its size is about half the size of a standard hot glue gun. Due to its small size, the bars it uses are also smaller and thinner.


With this variety, you have the option to adjust the temperature of your silicone gun. There are several ways to do it: some have high and low adjustment switches and others heat along an adjustable temperature spectrum.


Cordless glue guns come in two forms. The first type is heated in its load holder, removed for use, and then replaced to reheat between the glue applications. The second type is battery powered and should be recharged from time to time.

What to consider when choosing a hot glue gun?

If you have already decided to buy this useful instrument, then we list a number of factors that you must bear in mind before choosing your heat gun.


If you plan to do work with a wide variety of materials, it is advisable to buy a thermal gun that offers temperature regulation. Some materials by their characteristics should be handled with a glue that is not so hot, so having this function is essential, especially if you will use the gun for various projects since you can use the highest temperatures when the materials require it.

Use time

It is useful that when you buy the tool you check if it has automatic shut-off function, this can be of great help for the forgetful ones who do not remember to turn off the tool or unplug it while they are not in use. If you are not from the group of the few memory and you will use it for long periods of time you should evaluate this option, because it may not be very comfortable to have the automatic shutdown every time.

hot glue gun bosch

Ease of movement

Depending on the work you do and the freedom you need to execute it, you should consider buying, perhaps, a glue gun that is cordless or with the cable long enough, this is an option that you should value when making one of these devices. It is useful to also check their size and weight so that you work more comfortably and obtain satisfactory results.


Some work to be done with the use of a hot glue gun requires a lot of detail, which implies precise and delicate amounts of glue. It would not serve, for example, a gun that dispenses a lot of glue flow. In this case, the ideal is that you look for instruments with narrow tips and conics for fine lines. There are also removable supports for small spaces.

Controlled distribution of glue

One of the problems often faced by those who work with a hot glue gun is precisely to control the glue, to avoid chains, bubbles, very thick lines or even distribution. Top-tipped guns have fine sharp ends and response triggers that gave users the power to apply the perfect amount of glue to achieve superior results.

Quick heating

One of the advantages that these tools should have is to heat up quickly. Pay attention to the heating time as this parameter determines the performance of the appliance. So, you can have a heat-sealed gun ready to use after a few seconds and others that will take ten minutes to heat the glue. If you want to reduce the wait, opt for a version whose heating time varies between 1 to 5 minutes. This is the case for models with a power greater than or equal to 100 W.

Clean and free of clutter

In the past, guns dripped constantly and left small, sticky chains throughout the project. The various brands have strived to improve these details, especially in those guns that are commonly used for jobs that must be neat and delicate. Pasting does not have to be a trauma! Everything is clean and tidy in the appearance of your project.


Those who constantly use this tool require that it be light so that the work is not exhausting. Often, users value positively those pistols that they consider “pleasantly light”, this is important to maintain the balance of the hot glue gun when trying to maximize control and precision.

Do not ignore ergonomics because the comfort of use depends on it. Regarding this criterion, we must focus on the quality of the handle and the dimensions. The presence of indicator lights indicating the end of the heating time as well as the on or off status of the machine are very useful.