Faced with the growing number of burglaries in the country, the home safe becomes an essential security device for more and more households. Indeed, it allows sheltering all valuables. Jewellery, documents or even cash, burglars cannot access it due to lack of time and means.

If you are considering buying your first home safe, you are going to need some advice on how to choose it. In this article, we will give you all the information that will help you to find the right model. Also, we will show you a selection of the best home safes.

What is the best home safe?

Of so many blows that I took buying safes too economic, I could realize several things that make a model really the right one. For example, sometimes I trusted too much for the brand, I was looking for a very famous one or recommended by friends. The truth is that it is not the most important because, after all, some of the best are from manufacturers not very well known.

Another tip is to know how to distinguish between quality and cheap materials, types of locks and functions, whether it is for home or office, the type of objects you want to keep and more. In my comparison list, I will show you the home safe models that you will love. There are them for everything.

1. Value Safe SFW123FSC from SentrySafe

It has everything

We are looking at a home safe with a digital system and a combination lock. It is great for storing keys, personal documents and valuables for the ability to protect from fire for 60 continuous minutes or water for 24 hours. It also makes it easy to organize objects.

2. First Alert 1037290 combination safe

Of the most reliable

With a capacity of 0.45 cubic feet, this box with 4-digit dial will allow you to save everything and effectively protect it against fire, water and theft. It has a robust construction and can protect even electronic devices from high temperatures.

3. Home Safe from AmazonBasics

Simple and fulfilling

Highly recommended for important documents and even money. This electronic steel safe allows you to place passwords of up to 8 digits and, although it is not resistant to floods or fire, it can be screwed to the ground or wall for safety and tranquillity.

4. TecTake electronic home safe 800094

Pretty versatile

Iron can also be a good material for a home safe and this model shows it. On the other hand, it is convenient that you can place keys from 3 to 8 numbers and that it is equipped with an emergency key. You can also anchor it to the floor or the wall.

5. Master Lock LFW205TWC Fireproof Safe

With 6 movable steel bolts 2.5 cm in diameter and a tear-resistant hinge, it offers high protection against attempts to force open with a crowbar. In addition, this extremely reliable safe has a programmable electronic combination lock system. To open it, you will have to enter a secret code defined by you. You can change this code at any time. The electronic unit works with LR03 batteries not supplied.

For more comfort, this electronic unit is backlit. You will, therefore, have no difficulty in composing your code even in low light. Inside, lighting is also present to facilitate the storage of your valuables and documents. A shelf is removable, storage is integrated and specific hooks allow you to hang keys. Undoubtedly, the interior design of this safe is an advantage compared to the other safes presented in this selection.

6. Security Master Lock Fire Safe

It resists everything

It turns out to be an excellent alternative to the heavy home safes to which we are already accustomed. In addition, it is one of the most complete in the market because it includes an interior LED light for easy use and is UL/ETL approved for its resistance to floods and fire.

The different types of safes

Before you start looking for the ideal model, discover the different types of safes that will be offered to you.

Freestanding home safe

This safe is designed to be sealed on the floor or on the wall using dowels. The advantage of these models is that they can offer large volumes. The smallest display 10 L and the largest offer a capacity of up to 1000 L. The disadvantage for the latter is that they are difficult to conceal.

The built-in safe

This safe can be built into a wall or into the floor. Unlike the previous one, it can be easily hidden behind a table hung on the wall for example. Carefully camouflaged, only you will know of its existence! In contrast to the previous model, the disadvantage of this safe is its capacity which generally does not exceed 60 L.

Fire-resistant chest

I tell you about this alternative because it is transportable safe. It locks with a lock or padlock depending on the model and allows you to take valuables with you. But beware, walking around with such an object can arouse the curiosity of malicious people. Better to be discreet!

Fireproof and waterproof safes

In addition to resisting burglars, fireproof safes are fire resistant! Indoors, computer media and paper documents can withstand extremely high temperatures. Note that, like burglaries, the risk of fire motivates the purchase of a home safe. The most qualitative models are able to guarantee the protection of your valuables and documents for 2 hours at extreme temperatures.

You can also choose a waterproof safe to protect your documents from the risks of flooding, for example. Be aware that the flame retardant models are also waterproof.

How to choose ome safe?

Lock system

You can always choose between mechanical systems, which need maintenance every so often, or electronic systems, which do not require major care. At the same time, you can also buy a safe that uses both mechanisms, since they are the safest. They are known as redundant locks.


Basically, people buy safes because they provide protection against 2 environmental factors and another not so environmental: fire, water and theft. Fire protection should always be present, but if there is flooding in the area where you live, a waterproof box is best for you.


Portability is a double-edged sword, as it may seem convenient for the most unwary, as for any thief. The most recommended safes are those that are recessed or anchored to a fixed site. They may not be 100% impenetrable but they are harder to steal than laptops.


It is not necessary to fall into obviousness but it is important to make clear a couple of things. The dimensions of the box will have to be consistent with the number of documents, money and other belongings you want to keep. In fact, it should always be a little bigger because it is likely that, over time, you will be adding more things inside the device.

Where will you use it?

If you thought about placing it in the main room of the house, I recommend changing the site. Thieves usually go straight to the larger room, so it’s best to place it in an extra room, a small closet or even in the basement unless you live in a flood-prone area.

What will you use it for?

The boxes can be used for documents, watches, money, jewellery, other values. Then, once you decide what you are going to save, you will have to choose different characteristics. For legal documents, a fire and water-resistant models better, while for jewellery, money or family heirlooms, I recommend looking for advanced security features against thieves.


Most home safes for home use usually have compartments, hooks and other structures to organize your jewellery, documents and so on. It is worth checking the options before buying.

Moisture accumulation

The humidity usually accumulates inside the value safes, so it is important to place some type of desiccant inside to keep your belongings safe.