Whether you have a large hedge or just a few shrubs, they need to be kept in good condition! In this case, buying a good hedge trimmer is a must so that you can get the job done quickly, easily and conveniently.

The cordless bush cutters have taken a proud place in the market and created new followers every year. In many cases, they are the ideal solution for trimming hedges without much difficulty, independently and without the risk of cutting the cable or problems with starting the engine.

The latest hedge trimmers on the market have made great progress and are very efficient, both in terms of comfort and handling, both in terms of cutting.

But choosing a suitable model is not easy and comparing models is often complicated and tedious.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to guide you and help you choose according to your needs and budget.

This guide will also allow you to find a wide selection of cordless hedge trimmers among the best on the market and advise you on choosing the right model, how to maintain it properly, and how to use it with simple and effective movements.

Who is the best hedge trimmer?

We have prepared for you in the comparison list, and you will find the best models on the market. They have high power, suitable for all types of plants, from the smallest and simplest to the tallest and strongest stems. Some come with rotating steel blades so you can trim complex hedges comfortably and safely; and features that ensure your safety, such as ignition keys with locking systems that prevent children or pets from accidentally turning on the machine.

We also focused on finding compact, lightweight and ergonomic models that are easy to use, with the lowest possible noise level not to disturb your neighbours, spare your ears and have a long-lasting warranty. At the end of this list, we have included a telescopic bush cutter so that you can buy this bush cutter that will suit your needs.

Cordless hedge trimmer Bosch 0600849F70

We are talking about a cordless hedge trimmer, which is manufactured by the widely recommended brand Bosch. It will not disappoint you, as it has a removable 18 V lithium battery with excellent life. With it, you will enjoy high power, which allows you to handle a hedge of medium and low height. It is also equipped with an anti-lock system that helps to cut hedges continuously and without clogging.

Due to its low weight, it is very balanced, convenient and easy to store.

Comes complete with one battery and charger.

Petrol hedge trimmer Makita EH7500W

Enjoy the power that only petrol models can offer with this hedge trimmer. With it, you can quickly trim virtually any hedge and keep your garden immaculate. It has a tank of 0.4 litres and a power of 680 watts.

The steel blades are precisely located on both sides, and in addition, the convenient handle will allow you to cut hedges horizontally and vertically with the most excellent convenience. It has an easy ignition system and weighs about 5.2 kg.

Makita DUH651Z Hedge Trimmer

This model is not the lightest, but it is lightweight enough and easy to work with, as it is about 4.2 kg. It works with lithium 18 V batteries, although they are not included in the package and the charger.

Due to its weight and power, it is ideal for small garden activities and for places where it is not easy to access an electrical outlet. In addition, the MAKITA DUH651Z is a low noise model (only 82 dB). It has a trigger with a safety brake and a double blade.

Husqvarna 122HD45 hedge trimmer

One of its highlights is the low-resistance, easy-to-start function, which allows the machine to start easily and effortlessly. In addition, there is a low noise level so as not to disturb the neighbours too much.

Husqvarna 122HD45 has good specifications for the price at which it is offered, and it has a power of 600 watts and a maximum speed of 9000 rpm. A big advantage is that it comes with a non-slip, rotating handle to adjust according to user preferences. It weighs 4.7 kg and includes shock absorbers that reduce vibration.

Electric hedge trimmer Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB

Black & Decker BEHTS501-GB is an electric hedge trimmer weighing 2.65 kg and 600 watts of power, suitable for cutting small and medium stems. In addition, the handle has a design compatible with the easy storage system and has steel blades polished with a diamond and a length of 60 cm, which offer a precise and efficient cut.

This tool is easy to use, ergonomic, lightweight, with easy-to-operate buttons and can be used vertically or horizontally. It works via a direct cable connection, so you will need to have a socket nearby.

Telescopic hedge trimmer THS 550/48

This telescopic hedge trimmer is ideal for those who want to keep the height of their shrubs. It is made of durable materials, and its handle can be adjusted to provide you with a better range.

The hedge trimmer head is responsible for making the cut in the branches and bushes, so it is important that it is a high-quality material so that you can get the job done faster. In this case, this model has a tip guard that will keep the blades safe when you bring them too close to the ground to cut hard spots.

Another advantage of this model is that its head can be tilted. This feature allows you to do better styling and get the job done more comfortably. You will not need to take dangerous positions, as the head will adapt perfectly and very easily, so you can do the haircut without much effort. The length of the blade is exactly 48 cm, and the distance between the teeth is 18 mm.

Telescopic hedge trimmer Einhell 3410865

The telescopic bush cutter Einhell Power X-Change is another interesting model suitable for all types of users. Hedge trimmer, which has an 18-volt battery-powered electric motor, which in turn drives a 450 mm cutting blade.

The adjustable head can occupy seven positions, and the blades are laser cut and diamond sharpened, which makes everything much easier. The handle allows an extension of 95 centimetres, but the model’s storage remains easy and compact.

Types of hedge trimmers


It is designed for trimming straight sections of hedges in medium-sized gardens. As a main feature, it has teeth on one side, the knife is usually a little longer, so you can cut more with one pass, and it is lighter in weight.


This is the most common type and is often used for pruning hedges to chest height, suitable for home use or for small gardens. Models of this type are also available with flexible and adjustable handles for more comfortable work in more difficult areas.


This species is for hard-to-reach hedges and shrubs, either because they are too tall or simply difficult for the gardener to access. It allows you to work by trimming high parts without using a ladder or occupying unstable and dangerous positions.

Buying guide

Before you make your purchase, you need to consider a few essential features.

Power supply

  • Electric with cable:such a model is ideal for small or medium gardens with an electrical outlet nearby.
  • With rechargeable battery: when using a cordless hedge trimmer, it usually has a lower power. For this reason, it is recommended for small gardens and thin hedges. The wireless model is easy to use, noiseless and more environmentally friendly.
  • Petrol:suitable for extensive gardens that require a more robust and more durable machine. The petrol model has the advantage that it is fully portable and can be used in wetter climates. The problem with it is that it is more expensive, heavier and noisier.

Cutting capacity

Petrol models cut hedges up to 2.54 cm thick, but electric ones can cut up to approximately 1.25 cm. This also depends a lot on the length of the blades, which can be from 40 to 60 cm.


The order in which we can order the different types by weight is as follows: battery, cable and petrol. In addition, you must consider the balance, as the weight must be evenly distributed to ensure comfort and safety in use.

Noise level

Petrol models can be very noisy, so much so that sometimes you will need earplugs. Electric, both cable and battery are much quieter.


  • Type:as we have already said, there are unilateral or bilateral. The choice will depend on your needs and the size of the hedges you need to trim.
  • Length: the standard length is 40 to 60 cm, although the largest reach the surprising 100 cm, while other non-standard models have super short blades, only 33 cm. It is recommended to choose a model with blades slightly longer than the hedge, which you want to cut.
  • Blade spacing:determines the maximum size of stems and branches that a hedge trimmer can cut. Models for home use range from 0.95 to 1.9 cm, while professionals can exceed 2.50.

Trigger lock

This feature leaves the trigger pressed automatically, so you don’t have to do it manually for hours.

Rotating handle

Some of the best models on the market come with very comfortable handles that rotate to allow you to cut vertically or horizontally without much effort.

With care for the environment

If you are worried about pollution – as it should be, make sure that the model you buy is as efficient as possible and complies with current environmental standards.

Additional batteries

If you choose a rechargeable model, I recommend that you have at least two batteries on hand. So you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge so you can continue working.


The warranty on these devices is usually only 12 months, but models with 2 or more years can also be found on the market.

How to use a hedge trimmer

First, you need to know that for most hedges, annual pruning is quite rare. Often it will be too much, and you just need to avoid a somewhat messy growth and different colour shades. On the contrary, it is recommended two to three times a year. In the best case, it will be ideal for cutting in late spring and before winter.

If you have evergreen plants, it will be essential to know the periods of sap growth. Pruning hedges during this period can often lead to disease of the bush.

In addition, the juice is very corrosive and significantly reduces the cutting capacity of your device. Despite the recommendations, if you trim your hedge, it is important to clean the blades with alcohol. This is the only easy-to-use product that will clear the juice residue on the blades.

To trim a hedge, you will also need to master two movements:

When cutting vertically on the side of the hedge, make arc movements from the bottom up. They are easier to master and allow you to make them as straight as possible.

When cutting horizontally, start moving from the middle to the end at the top of the hedge. It is best to tilt the blade slightly to cut the hedge and make a straight movement effortlessly.

How to maintain your hedge trimmer

If you want to keep your hedge trimmer for a long time, it must be maintained regularly. There are a few key things you need to do regularly to increase your device’s life.

Take care of the hedge trimmer blade

Cleaning the blade after each use is important for its life. At the very least, you should wipe it with a clean cloth to remove the stuck things on the blade. If you have more time, it is best to clean it with a cloth soaked in alcohol. It is perfect and very effective for removing traces of juice, crushed insects and preventing oxidation of the blade.

Sharpen the blades

Sharpening the knives will be necessary every year or at least every 2 years. You can do it yourself or, at best, in a specialized service. To do it yourself, there are small grinders and small special sharpeners on the market, but very often, their use is not easy, and if you do not control the movement, you can damage the blades quite quickly.

Other maintenance operations

The hedge trimmer vibrates at high speed, and the nuts and screws on the machine body are loosened regularly. That is why it is important to check that they are loose and tighten them regularly. Ideally, do this before each use.

You will also need to lubricate the knives regularly with oil. There are special tubes for this in the shops, but you can also use a motor tube without putting too much.

Be sure to lubricate the hedge trimmer blade before a long storage period. This is the best way to find your tool in perfect working order when you need it!


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