If you are a lover of cleaning quickly and effectively, without spending so much time with brooms and annoying and complicated tools, the ideal for you is to go out and buy the best handheld vacuum cleaner. With this ergonomic and easy to use , you will have the ideal solution to keep every space in your home and car clean due to the dynamism they offer.

Apart from that, its compact presentation without cable, without а bag and with a comfortable size makes them devices that prevent allergies. A great advantage is that, in addition to these attributes, some have a cyclonic system.

So you know, buy this product for your house and car and use it for pet hairs, food waste and dust so that your spaces are cleaner than ever. All this is possible with these hand vacuum cleaners, which in addition to being so practical, versatile and convenient, are very easy to use.

What is the best handheld vacuum cleaner?

There are many cordless handheld vacuums that can be found and sometimes it can be difficult to know which one to choose depending on what you need. For your ease, we have made the best comparative list with the 10 best models in the market. Each of these models that we present is of very good quality and has the lowest prices you can find.

1. Handheld vacuum cleaner Bomann CB 947

Everyone likes her and loves her

1,622 Reviews

    We are talking about a very manageable model since it has a lightweight and compact size, so it offers great ease of use, convenience and practicality at all times. It is also the least expensive of the list and has a power of 700W and is the favourite for cleaning furniture, curtains, frames, books, cars and more because it can with any residue.

    One of its biggest advantages is that it has a storage system in a vertical position that allows space-saving. Apart from that, it comes equipped with a permanent filter that is easy to clean, a very useful hose with nozzles, a large brush, a small brush and a shoulder strap that allows better mobility.

    2. CleanMaxx 01375 Power Plus

    Small but powerful

    This model of handheld vacuum cleaner is one of the smallest but do not be fooled by its size, as it is a fairly capable product that has 30W of suction power, which can be taken full advantage even for two functions: aspiring and blowing. In addition, its three filters allow good air purification.

    Its comfortable size makes it recommendable for domestic cleaning because it allows the quick cleaning of small household objects that are main accumulators of dust such as keyboards, computers, etc. It is even quick to clean because it is also a very easy model to disassemble.

    3. Black & Decker Cordless Dustbuster

    Practice, ideal for small spaces

    This practical and convenient hand vacuum cleaner from the Black & Decker brand has very good opinions from buyers thanks to its features and versatility. One of them is that it is equipped with a fine nozzle that allows you to reach corners that many others do not usually reach and you can attach a small brush that allows better cleaning of the space.

    Apart from all that, this is a product that has two speeds that allow you to adjust its power depending on the use that is given. Users prefer it for cleaning crumbs of food, animal hairs that remain on sofas and on rugs and even for your own hair and hair after shaving.

    4. Holife handheld vacuum cleaner

    Allied with daily cleaning

    We speak of a mini vacuum cleaner of good quality that has a 12V connector, which is a plus, because it does not have to depend on the battery and guarantees maximum power to finish the tedious work of daily cleaning of remains on the carpet, kitchen floor, armchairs, etc. It is also one of the most economical.

    Its baseload is very useful and has very good comments from users because it has support for the accessories and for the vacuum cleaner itself in a vertical position. It has 0.6 litres capacity, is very good for pet hair and also comes equipped with a charging station and compatibility for a car charger. It has an accessory for grooves and a brush for the furniture.

    5. Dyson handheld V6 Trigger Plus

    Innovative and novel

    We are talking about a Dyson handheld model that provides 20 minutes of use at 350W of power thanks to its good battery, without loss of suction and provides 6 minutes of maximum suction power for the most difficult tasks. At the same time, has a novelty and is driven by the V6 digital motor and a fully renewed motorized brush, especially recommended for use in mattresses and upholstery.

    It is easy and intelligent emptying, with the push of a button, avoids contact with dust and debris. It comes equipped with a capacity of 0.4 litres, 2 years warranty, an airflow of 14.5 litres per second, a cyclonic system of 15 cyclones and a striking design in pink and silver. This model can be used without cable.

    6. Hoover Ultra Vortex handheld vacuum cleaner

    Multifunctional for a deep cleaning

    134 Reviews

      This model is an ally of the health of your family. This innovative hand vacuum cleaner has three cleaning methods for maximum care. It is a suction function with powerful suction removes deeply the embedded dust and the dirty of the tissues. The Roll & Beat function is ideal for removing allergens and dust mites, so it prevents allergies.

      Additionally, it is equipped with a UV germicidal lamp that can kill up to 99.9% of dust mites and help prevent future growth and that can prevent dermatitis, asthma and allergies. The dust container can be easily removed with a single touch and emptied quickly with maximum hygiene, without any contact with dust. It is quite affordable.

      7. Black & Decker PV-1820-L

      The most demanding weapon for cleaning

        This is a portable handheld vacuum cleaner with a power of 18 V, lithium battery and a high-performance motor that makes it the ideal weapon for the most demanding tasks of daily cleaning. It can be completely closed, which makes it more compact and allows easy and practical storage. Thanks to its pivoting head that rotates up to 200 degrees, this wonderful model can access difficult spaces from any angle.

        It has the intelligent ECO charging technology that allows charging four times faster than other hand vacuum cleaners. In addition, it has a small LED screen that allows you to see the charging status and flashes 30 seconds before the battery runs out. It comes equipped with a tank of 0.44 litres and has easy emptying system.

        8. Electrolux Rapido Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

        Powerful battery

        This cordless model features a long-life Lithium TurboPower 14.4 V battery, which allows you to vacuum up to 25 minutes without interruption. Apart from that, it has one of the fastest loads in the market: it is only 4 hours. It also allows use in a vertical position.

        Apart from that, its excellent suction power lies not only in its voltage but in its intelligent design, because it is aerodynamic and the fan of the new handheld vacuum cleaners provides unparalleled cleaning performance. In addition, it comes equipped with its removable integrated nozzle (Easy Reach Nozzle) that is ideal for difficult places and has integrated wheels that eliminate the tension of your arms and hands and make the hand vacuum cleaner easier to manoeuvre.

        9. Victsing Cordless Handheld Vacuum 

        An excellent multi station

        This bagless handheld vacuum cleaner has a modern design that appeals to the naked eye. However, this is not the only attribute, since the load support is very comfortable since you can leave the accessories on it to have them on hand, access to them with total ease and comfort and not lose them. It is very easy to use model.

        It comes equipped with a double filtration system, has a very good deposit capacity of 0.5 litres (the highest of our list) and its design makes it easy to clean. In addition to this, you can use it without cable, since it has a good quality battery and improved durability for the daily cleaning work that make it ideal for home and car.

        10. Vax H85-GA-B10 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

        Versatile exercise station


          Finally, our last product on the list, and not for that the least profitable. In fact, its low price makes it one of the most affordable on our list. This model with a bagless cyclonic system of the brand Airvac Aspiromatic has an excellent power of 1000 W and a functional HEPA filter that prevents allergies, so it is ideal to take care of the smallest of the house.

          In addition, it is a bagless model that dazzles by its design 2 in 1: hand vacuum cleaner and broom. Apart, this excellent device comes equipped with a head with wheels that allows its use without effort. It does not use batteries, but it has a 5-meter cable. And, for your safety, it has an auto-off function.

          Why buy a handheld vacuum cleaner?

          Hand vacuum cleaners, thanks to their manoeuvrability for being wireless and lightweight, are convenient for quickly picking up small dirt such as pet hair on your living room sofa, dust, food crumbs and even your hair after shaving

          Another usefulness of these devices is that they also allow keeping the car clean and without traces of dirt on the seats and carpets. Thanks to their compact design, these vacuum cleaners can be easily stored in a closet or left in the car between cleaning sessions.

          Considerations when buying handheld vacuum cleaner

          Before proceeding to buy a particular model, it is important that you look for the following characteristics and qualities that we suggest. Each model has its particularities that make them stand out and so that you can find which are those models that offer more advantages, we recommend the following:

          • Weight: it is necessary to have a lightweight model to manoeuvre more easily and comfortably around areas of difficult access.
          • Tank capacity: make sure you buy a machine that has a large storage capacity for dust so you do not have to interrupt the cleaning periodically to empty the tank. Also, look for one that has easy emptying that avoids the handling of dust and debris.
          • Cordless or corded?: This is one of the first questions that users usually ask when they choose their first vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is important to take into account what are the benefits of vacuum cleaners without cable and those with cable.

          * Advantages of wired vacuum cleaners: one of the biggest advantages of these models is the possibility of not having to recharge them after use. In addition to the fact that there is no time limit for cleaning. That is to say, there is no need to worry about being unloaded during our work.

          * Advantages of handheld vacuum cleaners: one of the great advantages of this type of vacuum cleaner is that there is no cable to fight with. This allows you to reach any area that you can not access the traditional vacuum cleaner. Besides, its portability allows us to take it in our car to do constant daily cleanings.

          • Battery durability: this can vary greatly depending on your model, can go from five minutes to a respectable 30 minutes. Consider this feature can help optimize your cleaning experience quickly and avoid having to stop constantly to recharge.
          • Recharge time: you should also consider the time it takes each model of hand vacuum to recharge your battery completely. This will help you avoid having to wait a full day before you can use it again. Some models have a light indicator to let you know when you are running out, which is a very useful feature to consider. However, some hand vacuums come with a charging docking station, which can be attached to the wall to save space, while the more basic versions are simply charged through the outlet.
          • Extra things: some models offer cleaning alternatives for upholstery, wet and dry waste and even for pet hair. If you are looking for one that takes care of those hairs, buy a model with HEPA filter and a brush to deal with complicated disasters. We also recommend you to find a silent article if you have pets that are easily scared or small children.
          • Know your needs: one of the basic ways to choose the right product is to know what you need. The ideal model for you will depend on whether you are looking for convenience and mobility, portability, great capacity, the power to pick up big disasters, silent operation or even clean upright.
          • Accessories: some models only include a directional nozzle, while other vacuum cleaners will come with brushes to move the remains you want to pick up or even with hoses or extension tools to reach the most complicated places. Of course, remember that the more accessories include the product, it will be less economical.
          • Dust capacity: the amount of dust that these devices can collect varies between each model since they usually go from 0.3 litres to about 0.5. So you can collect a lot of waste before vacuuming, we recommend buying a large tank model. You should also look for one with easy emptying system.