Giving yourself very good moments of relaxation anytime and anywhere is possible, but you have to get one of the best handheld massagers.

This comparison presents the most efficient massagers at the moment. Before going further in this selection, note that the devices listed here meet certain selection criteria, and they have been the subject of several weeks of research of all kinds.

Thus, they are not in this classification by chance. Did you know that it is not easy to find an electric handheld massager of very good quality, which can meet your expectations? You will certainly say yes, there are so many brands and models! But, you have to do research before perhaps finding a device that comes close to what you want.

From this moment, banish this design from your thoughts, because this selection is the ideal shortcut to the device of your dreams.

What is the best electric handheld massager?

Beyond the sensations generated by these electronic devices, there is the knowledge of the expected result. The blood and muscle stimulation is among the main benefits that every good handheld massager must provide, having for this of different accessories and additional components to its basic vibratory function.

It is important that it offers a balanced relationship between health and well-being. The sense of its use is not only based on the relaxing effect, but it is also indicated in those people who suffer from some ailment product of some degenerative disease, accident or injury.

That is why we can say that the best massager will be one that meets the personal expectations of its user, according to their needs and unique purposes.

1. Electric Handheld Massager Mini Pro D401UK Thumper

Relaxation for the whole body


    This portable massage system is applicable to each area of ​​the body. The created speed of 20, 30 and 40 hits per second adapts the intensity required by the user. The stylish design makes it very good-looking, with an ergonomic handle from which the power of its percussive action is chosen. Although the intensity of the vibration is considerable, it concentrates on the massaging spheres without major incidence on its handle, ensuring stability when holding it. It use energy of 230 Volts, 50 Hertz through a fixed cable.

    2. Handheld Infrared Massager Beurer

    Pre-programmed massage system

    251 Reviews

      With an elegant and more delicate appearance than other presentations, this electric massager comes with 5 controllable speeds through the buttons on its handle. You can choose between 4 massage programs recommended for ailments of greater or lesser intensity, automatically grading the knocking power on the areas to be treated. Applies infrared heat at the touch of a button. The design line on its non-slip handle and top support gives it firmness in the grip, with an aluminium finish. It has two removable heads for different massages.

      3. Handheld Percussion Massager – HoMedics

      Lightweight but very complete

      To enjoy a comforting massage from the comfort of home, you can have this proposal of the HoMedics brand, lightweight and a fine line in its presentation but with all the benefits of modern massagers. From its rubber handle, the intensity of the massage can be controlled, which can be percussion or pricking, thanks to two accessories that can be placed at your preference. It generates heat by infrared light on its double oscillation heads. With the auto-off system after 15 minutes of use.

      4. RENPHO Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

      Most affordable professional massages


        A more economical but no less functional model comes hand in hand with this ergonomic relaxation device. On its head has an infrared light that applies heat while massaging the desired area. The shoulders, back, neck and lower back can enjoy a comforting massage, adjusting its intensity from its buttons. The plastic handle is non-slip for better grip. It comes with two accessories to perform massages by acupressure or tapping, this with the purpose of activating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

        5. Handheld Electric Massager  EGO PLUS – GLOBAL RELAX

        Immediate relief in a simple way


          This model brings two pairs of accessories for a knocking or piercing effect. Its handle has a rotary knob on its upper part to increase or decrease the vibratory frequency of the equipment. The infrared light of its head contributes to the stimulation of the blood circulation on the treated area through the heat it generates. By combining the intensity of its movement with the thermal effect, a unique sensation of relaxation is guaranteed, which can be noticed immediately. It is made of plastic and the handle is non-slip.

          6. Thumper Sport Percussive Handheld Massager


            Finding an effective massage device is not easy, but with this product, you can be reassured to the extent that the results obtained will be even above your expectations. This thanks to the soothing heat useful for the relief of sore muscles and tissues. Also, with this handheld massager, you will have the opportunity to benefit from several tissue massage experiences as if you were really in the hands of a professional massage therapist. This means that the use of this product gives you a complete massage on all parts of your body: back, foot, arm, muscle, leg, calf. So not only will you be free from any stress or fatigue you have accumulated from work.

            How to choose the right massager?

            Although the objective is unique, that of helping you relax and relieve your ailments, there are different types of massager to massage different parts of the body: manual, electric, vibrating, kneading, for specific or versatile massage? The shapes, the operating principles and the materials used differ from one brand to another.

            Also, before choosing your massager, you must first determine the problem or ailment you want to combat: stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, neck pain, muscle pain, cellulite? Also, do not hesitate to take a tour of all the models offered before choosing the electric massager suited to your needs. 

            If you need an anti-cellulite massage, opt for an anti-cell ultrasonic cell massager which reproduces the gesture of the palpate rolling. To relax, some massage chair models are equipped with a light therapy lamp and built-in speakers playing relaxation music. Vibration or electrostimulation massage is ideal for relieving pain and helping rehabilitation.

            Do not forget the essential features that will facilitate their daily use. Several options are now available on the electric massager market: the tilting and height-adjustable massage chair, the automatic shutdown function, the ergonomic pillow, the memory foam mattress, the infrared heating remote control, the waterproof mattress, the lamp room, dehumidifier, diffusers of essential oils, etc.

            Handheld massager buying guide


            Information on the design of the portable massage device is essential. Before purchasing your device, you must first have all the design information. You should know some styles are better than others and the manufacturers are not using the same style.

            Massage devices that have an elongated posture are the most recommended when you want to reach the most difficult areas. They are slim and have a single massage head but easy to handle. So, if you want to massage several parts of your body, you will need to have patience.

            Short massagers are also easy to handle and thanks to their comfortable handle, holding them also is not a difficulty. Their biggest advantage is that they can reach a good part of your back without difficulty. However, reaching the other parts can be very difficult especially when your hands are as short as the device.

            The most effective are, therefore, the handheld massagers which are wide. With a knot but wide threshold, these devices can very easily reach a very large part of your body. And thanks to the other units that work in unison, you will benefit from a very comfortable massage. Better still, these devices are capable of massaging you in record time.

            Massage heads

            Handheld massagers are numerous but they are not identical. They are different both in their design and in their specifications. The manufacturers all wanted to bring their personal touch. This explains why some massagers have two heads while others have only one. No matter which one you wish to acquire, both are beneficial.

            First in relation to their area of ​​competence. Here, the handheld single head electric massagers are the best. They can relieve you where you have the most pain, the right place. They are also recommended for people suffering from muscle knots and cramps.

            Regarding the scope of their effectiveness, it should be remembered that some models often use large fixing heads because they want to act on a very large surface and this very quickly. But for the same purpose, other models prefer to use narrow attachment heads. The former are considered the best as far as they seek they combine speed and efficiency while in the second case, the narrow heads progress slowly, so it will take patience, so the speed is not an objective.

            The last case concerns portable electric massagers with double heads. Shorter but wider than other models, these types of massagers have the ability to massage large areas and can act on a group of muscles from different angles and all at the same time. It is for this reason that they are recommended for people suffering from muscle pain but also for those who are impatient.

            Versatility and targeting areas

            The pains in the zones of a greater frequency of muscular tension are common and affect the great part of the people. These can be manifested by some injury, poor blood circulation or fluid retention. The electric massagers should adjust to different areas of the body

            Heat configuration

            Thermotherapy brings additional benefits to massage, due to its relaxing effect on the treated area. For the most part, they rely on infrared light to supply small amounts of controlled heat without causing damage by excess.

            Energy sources

            The electrical consumption and the way in which these massagers work should be considered. The products reviewed are wired, depending on a direct power source for its operation. These are more powerful and durable than those that are cordless.

            Number of speeds

            The results depend on the intensity of the applied massage. The simplest manual systems have at least three speeds to select from. This factor is conditioned with the area to be treated, understanding that the back requires in many cases a pressure or movement greater than the neck, for example.


            The dimensions of these products affect their management and reach. For a back massage that does not depend on the intervention of another person will require a device with an ergonomic handle, long enough to reach the desired point.


            An electric handheld massager, even if it is very effective, may not be very useful if it is too heavy. And it is above all its versatility which is likely to meet limits because you will not have the opportunity to exploit all these advantages. However, you should know that it is very difficult if not impossible to find a light handheld massager. They are almost all heavy because it is the only way to keep the engine stable especially when it is running at a higher speed. It is this weight that allows you to customize your speed otherwise when you choose a higher speed, you may not be able to enjoy your massage as the device will vibrate.

            However, if you succeed in pressing against the massager, there you will benefit from a deep tissue massage. This will not be possible with a light massager which will not hold when you push against the muscle.

            In any case, the best solution is to buy a handheld electric massager that meets your needs and which you will be able to use without limit. And if in doubt, a bottle of water can help. Fill it with water and carry it on your back. If it is heavy for you then imagine how the electric massager will be.

            Method of application of massage:

            • Massager with percussive technology: The intensity of the knocking generated by a massage device of this style, offers muscle relaxation due to its penetrating action. It is contraindicated for some ailments, so you should consult your doctor.
            • Massages with vibratory technology: It is the traditional method that provides a smoother massage and that covers a larger area when moving it through the body. It can be used by most people.