A hand blender is particularly useful for mashing vegetables or preparing a soup. We tested 5 brands including Bosch, Braun and Kenwood. See which are the best hand blenders.

This device consists of an engine block and whisk, usually detachable, fitted with a stainless steel blade. Several models are sold with a container, a whisk and a mini chopper. According to our chefs, a good hand blender must be easy to clean, equipped with accessories, and it must offer a few speeds.

However, a device that has 15 speeds (like the Breville) is not necessarily more efficient than a model that has only two. The weight of the device and its comfortable handling are also elements to consider when purchasing.

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What is the best hand blender?

At the moment of acquiring one of these faithful kitchen assistants, you should not only take into account the characteristics that we already mentioned but also make a test and determine the use that you will give. If you want high-end equipment with accessories or something simpler.

It is useful to make comparisons of what is available and choose according to your needs and your economic possibilities.  See the list of recommended hand blenders as well as the different criteria that should influence your choice. Do you hesitate between several models?

1. Bosch ErgoMixx Hand Blender MSM67170

Easy to clean

Bosch MSM67170 Hand Blender Set, Plastic, 750 W, 1 Liter, White/Grey
  • Perfect for preparing individual portions of purees, dressings and sauces
  • Low weight also makes operation simple and comfortable to use
  • Quiet, low vibration motor
  • Extra turbo button for maximum performance
  • High-quality stainless steel foot

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With ergonomic design, stainless steel base and 750-watt power, this Bosch hand blender can prepare all kinds of recipes in record time thanks to its four-blade blade.

This model has an anti-splash system, has an extra long spiral cable to handle you with comfort in the kitchen and, in addition, is equipped with a soft-touch system that allows a good grip, is completely removable and easy to clean.

It is affordable, versatile equipment that also comes with a universal chopper with ice pick blade, blender rod and a graduated mixing glass. Those who already have one claim that it is an assistant of great value in the tasks of the kitchen.

2. Braun MQ 745 Aperitif Multiquick 7

With an automatic speed regulator

Braun House Hold ‎MQ7045X MultiQuick 7 Hand Blender, 1.25 liters, Black
  • Powerful German 750W motor
  • Smart speed uninterrupted variable speed control
  • Metal Shaft
  • Power bell Technology
  • Includes 1.25l chopper/blender, 350ml chopper, 600ml BPA-free plastic beaker and stainless steel whisk

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Made with German technology, the Braun blender is efficient when cutting and chopping and offers the best results.

It is an equipment of easy dismantling that is provided with an automatic speed regulator that provides greater power when preparing meals without splashing, thanks to its stainless steel bell.

Its price is an investment, however, those who already bought it, insist that it is an expense to take into account if you want to facilitate the kitchen work.

The product is available in black with metallic tones and comes with rods, measuring cup, choppers and pica ice.

3. AEVOBAS Hand Blender 1000W

Splash trap

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If you are looking for a product that chops and crushes in a fast and simple way from the softest vegetables to ice and nuts, then you found, with this hand blender, just what you need.

The AEVOBAS is the most powerful of our selection, so it is equipped with turbo function, stepless speed and has a double effect blade that simultaneously chops and grinds without splashing the work area.

It has a stainless steel base, is completely wireless and is available at a low price in a simple white colour with details in blue and grey.

It comes with other accessories such as measuring cup, removable rod emulsifier beater, and chopper jug. It is an option that you should not stop analyzing

4. Homgeek Hand Blender, 800W 6-Speed 4-in-1

Simple and effective

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Taking into account that it is one of the most economical of our list, the Geepas blender has, however, a series of characteristics that make it an option to consider.

It is a comfortable hand blender, made with materials of good quality and that fully fulfils its function by chopping and making homogeneous purée.

The equipment is equipped with turbo function, four-blade blade, stainless steel foot ejector. It is available in white and comes with a measuring bowl.

In the opinion of those who already have it, it is a simple product, but with an excellent price-value ratio. So if you already decided to buy do not miss this blender.

5. Moulinex Turbomix Plus Hand Blender

Versatile and elegant

No products found.

One of the advantages of this product of the Moulinex brand is that, with it, you can prepare any recipe, it is ergonomic and easy to use a blender.

It is very high-end equipment that incorporates Active Flow technology and a power of 350 watts that offers optimal results. It is equipped with a removable stainless steel foot, suitable for washing dishes.

The product is available in the market in an elegant white with a red button and is one of the least expensive of our selection if we consider all the supplements that it includes.

6. Tefal HB643140 Optichef Quartzite Hand Blender

Tefal HB643140 Optichef Quartzite Hand Blender, 800 W, White
  • Efficient and effortless: The specially designed, bell-shaped blender head and two extra-sharp blades ensure the optimum flow of...
  • Comfort and control: With its slim design, practical anti-splash foot and soft, easy-grip handle, Optichef delivers comfortable...
  • Fast and flexible: Optichef has a mighty 800W motor for rapid results, 20 variable speeds to suit all your blending needs, plus a...
  • Added versatility: The Optichef hand blender comes with three different accessories – a blending beaker, a balloon whisk and a...
  • Fuss-free cleaning: The detachable blending wand and all three accessories are dishwasher safe for quick and easy clean-up.

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Why buy a hand blender?

In addition to saving you storage problems, the hand blender offers several other advantages. It is for example very economical in terms of energy consumption. Thanks to its many skills, you can quickly prepare creamy and fine menus.

As the name suggests, you just need to turn on the device and immerse it in food to get the desired result. This results in fewer dishes to do, which is nice because blenders and other robots on the market are generally difficult to wash.

The hand blender has therefore established itself as the best device for not only preparing fruit coulis but also soups and purees. If the results of older generation devices were sometimes not very satisfactory, the new models allow for mixtures without lumps. They are also capable of crushing ice, kneading light doughs, chopping herbs or meat, whipping egg whites, making mayonnaise, etc.

buying guide

Hand blenders buying guide

Faced with a large number of household appliances that exist on the market, it is not always easy to navigate. Whatever machine you are looking for, it is sometimes necessary to compare several models, brands, etc. The field of hand blenders obviously is no exception to the rule.

In addition to being practical and easy to use, it is also useful for making succulent pastries, pastries. It allows, for example, to knead the leavened dough, remove lumps of pastry cream, smooth a ganache. Make sure also can fits in any kitchen utensil (salad bowl, mixing bowl, soup bowl).

You will find below the most important criteria to take into account when buying a hand blender.

Engine power

To avoid wasting your money unnecessarily, cheap hand blenders from little-known brands are to be avoided. Indeed, it is very likely that their characteristics do not suit your needs and expectations.

It is advisable to choose a device whose power is between 500 and 1,000 Watts if you plan to make soups, vegetable and fruit coulis, smoothies, purees. Blenders whose power is less than 500 Watts allow you to make mayonnaise or light-textured mousses (unfortunately, they are more fragile than the previous ones).

To benefit from a certain comfort during the use of your device, privilege the models pleasant to take in hand and light. An easy to use and the powerful machine will allow you to quickly crush ice cubes, mix solid foods, etc.

The cord of the device must not in any way bother you (you must indeed be able to move normally). So choose a model whose cable is neither too short nor too long.

The blade

hand blender blade

For those who wish to acquire a hand blender that grinds various foods and lasts over time, models equipped with 2 ceramic or steel blades are to be preferred (avoid plastic ones because they are fragile). Also, opt for a device with an interchangeable head.

Cord length

When we talk about power mode, it is actually the cables of the hand blender. So make sure your appliance has a long cord that can reach electrical outlets in your kitchen. The use of your hand blender must indeed be done in the most peaceful way possible.

For those who prefer sophisticated models, wireless devices are also sold. However, special attention must be paid to their autonomy.

The number of speeds

Depending on the food to be mixed, some models offer different speeds. You will be able to adapt the power of your mixer to your culinary recipes. To avoid disappointment, combine high engine power with multiple speeds.

The hand blenders are generally composed of one to 5 speeds. The 1000 Watts models are equipped with a reducer and a motor running at more than 18,000 rpm and are equipped with 5 speeds. For their part, 200-watt devices only have one or two speeds.

Heat resistance

hand blender for spup

On certain models, it is specified in the user manual that the mixing functionality must not be used for more than a specific period. So be sure to consult consumer reviews or online instructions.

To increase the lifespan of their devices, many manufacturers include special protections and coatings.


Choose a device that will go perfectly with the decoration of your kitchen. If the plastic models give a flashy and lively effect to the environment, those in stainless steel give a more modern and contemporary tone.

Intuitive controls

Must have buttons that are easy to push and hold. Some include a security feature that requires the buttons to be pressed during use. For this reason, large and ergonomic buttons are more comfortable.

Easy cleaning

A good hand blender should not take a long time to clean it. A well-designed blade guard prevents food from getting stuck and a removable and dishwasher-safe shaft facilitates cleaning. The accessories must also be dishwasher safe.

Comfortable weight

According to experts, kilo and a half or less is the ideal standard weight for hand blenders. Any heavier instrument can easily tire you

Ergonomic Grip

 Rubber lining usually provides a more comfortable use because it offers a good grip, if this is accompanied by an ergonomically designed curved handle, then you will have a product that is easily and comfortably held.

Mixing vessel

 Hand blenders generally come with a standard narrow jar designed to keep the ingredients close to the blade and thus facilitate mixing. If it comes with a large container, you should make sure that the blender is compatible with other containers.

Storage included

 The basic immersion blenders, which include only the main whisk and a container, do not need any special storage option, but if it comes with several accessories it is good to have a bag or a container to store them, so if the team brings it, it is an added value.

The type of feet

fixed base: its main advantage is that it is suitable for regular use;
removable foot: elegant, solid and practical, it facilitates both storage and cleaning;
splash-proof foot: it is effective in eliminating residues caused by projections of mixed ingredients.Additional features and accessories

Depending on the different culinary recipes, it is sometimes necessary to use additional functionalities (the “pulse” option allows for example to increase the speed of the appliance).

Some models are versatile. Thus, there are devices capable of whipping, chopping or pressing the ingredients.


 The manufacturer must provide at least a one-year warranty for the product, a shorter time that translates into a poor quality device. Ideally, you can buy a durable device with a guarantee that gives you credibility and confidence in the product.

typs of hand blenders

Types of hand blenders

The function of a good hand blender is, basically, to make porridge and puree practically everything that touches, however, at present this product has diversified into different types, offering the consumer several characteristics of interest. The most common are:

Multipurpose: They are hand blenders that have several functions, you can even bring a complement for your equipment to be a mixer. They include a wide variety of accessories, such as ice picks, cutters, emulsifiers and measuring cups. There are different prices, but if you want more elaborate recipes such as walnut butter or peanut butter, you will have to pay a little more. Even the cheapest models in this category are highly versatile, they are usually triple service tools.

Basic: This is a hand blender that helps you with basic cooking tasks, such as mixing soup or mashed potatoes, or making small amounts of purees. They are very simple, usually, come only with the stick blender and a container.

Cordless: They are hand blenders that work with lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable. Currently, they have good power and can have a longer full charge. However, they are still not powerful enough and they usually are more expensive than corded models.

Reliability and maintenance

It is important to focus on the reliability of the hand blender. To do this, make sure that all the materials are sufficiently robust and resistant. Ideally, it is advisable to opt for a stainless steel device because this material has a long service life. A good tip is to favour well-known brands such as Russell Hobbs, Kenwood, Bosch, etc. Thanks to their expertise and know-how in the field, these brands will offer you the possibility of benefiting from a device of very good quality.

The reliability is not the only parameter to consider in order to benefit from a machine with a long service life. Maintaining the device will also allow you to enjoy optimal performance. While some models are easy to maintain and clean, others require the disassembly of the various components. To help you, several opinions are regularly posted on the forums.