With gymnastic rings, you will be able to work your pecs, your back, your shoulders, your abs and this by combining physical strength, agility and mobility and flexibility.

Those who practice street workout, callisthenics or CrossFit use gymnastic rings a lot. You may have already noticed that they generally have a harmonious body, it is precisely thanks to this type of exercise that causes the three regimes of muscle contraction: isometric, eccentric and concentric. This has the advantage of working muscles that are not often used in classical bodybuilding in the gym, where you do more isolation exercises.

What is the best gymnastic rings?

Finding a good ring involves, above all, making a comparison of what is available in the market and choosing accordingly, according to your needs and budget.

It is not simply a matter of choosing something cheap for the simple fact of being one. You must remember that you will be covered with those things and it would be better to choose a safe one. Here it is important that you see the quality and if it is at low cost, so much the better!

It is always important to consider the aspects that provide you with greater comfort and safety. A look at the reputation of the product, the manufacturers and the opinion of those who already bought can give you an idea of what you need.

If you are determined to buy, maybe this list will clarify your ideas.

Gravity fitness wooden gymnastic rings

Gravity Fitness wooden Gymnastic Rings (28mm)
  • ⭐ LIFETIME GUARANTEE we are so sure of the quality of our product we offer a lifetime warranty against manufacture defects.
  • ⭐ HIGH QUALITY, made from sustainable birch ply for superior strength and better grip than cheap plastic rings.
  • ⭐ THICKER STRAPS, Gravity Fitness rings come with thicker 38mm straps and high Quality Black Clam Clasp for Easy Adjustment.
  • ⭐ TESTED TO 350kg and available in 32mm or 28mm sizes. 32mm for a better grip and kinder on the wrists. 28mm and Olympic...
  • ⭐ PERFECT FOR Gymnastics, Calisthenics, CrossFit and all aspects of bodyweight training.

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With a lightweight design and easy assembly, these rings have an outer diameter of 12.5 inches and can support up to 500 kilograms of weight.

They are made of wood, with nylon straps and buckles quick and easy to close, they are secure, with great support and you can place them at home.

BeMaxx Fitness wooden gymnastic rings

Gymnastic Rings Set Wood + Door Anchor Attachment, Exercise eBook & Adjustable Safety Straps +...

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Made of laminated birch, these hoops have the standard dimensions for an international sports competition.

Its straps are safe with quick-release buckles and come with an anchor so that you can put them on the door and exercise without problems. It comes with a training guide and is guaranteed for 180 days.

PELLOR Olympic Gymnastic Rings

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Capable of supporting up to 500 kilograms of weight, these hoops are ideal for Olympic or artistic gymnastics routines and also for disciplines such as the Crossfit.

They are easy to assemble and have a soft silky grip that will keep you even with sweaty hands. They have a one year warranty.

FS016 Birch Wood Gymnastic Rings – Femor

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Endowed with high resistance, they are ideal for bodybuilding exercises and for those who like to stretch, adjust the posture, relax the shoulders and relieve fatigue.

They are recommended for the coordination of medical rehabilitation training, as is the case of the correction of the curved cervical vertebra.

Wooden Gymnastic Rings – 32mm. 5BILLION

5BILLION Wood Gymnastic Rings - 32mm / 28mm DIA - Olympic Gym Rings For Home Gym & Fitness - Great...
  • ✮ 32mm RINGS FOR BETTER GRIP ✮ - The rings are thick and solid and have no splinters or snags of any kind, run your hands all...
  • ✮ HEAVY DUTY STRAPS FEEL SECURE ✮ - The sturdy straps are top grade and with a solid coated metal clamps. The extral long and...
  • ✮ MEASUREMENTS ✮ - Diameter: 235mm, Inside Diameter: 172mm, Ring Thickness: 32mm, Strap Length: 4.57m, Strap Width: 38mm,...
  • ✮ 3 MINUTE SETUP & UNLIMITED EXERCISE ✮ - Just throw it over whatever you're using as support, slip the strap through the...
  • ✮ LIFETIME WARRANTY ✮ - We fully stand behind our products, if you do not 100% satisfaction, contact us with no hesitation....

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The 5Billion brand puts at your disposal this pair of rings equipped with secure and heavy straps to give you greater support while you dedicate yourself to the fitness activity.

It comes with hoops with measures of 32 mm thickness and 28 mm straps. It is tough and easy to assemble equipment.

How do gymnastic rings work?

The gymnastic rings are mounted on adjustable straps. They are thus adaptable to all sizes and all types of training.

In a few seconds, you can adjust their size to adjust in a few seconds depending on the height from the ground you need.

At ground level: Allows you to do all the spreads, the sheathing exercises, or to build your back with inverted rowing for example.

At waist height: To make dips, Iron cross etc.

In the high position: pull-ups, muscle up, swings etc.

Why should you use gymnastic rings?

I will answer this question by the 4  main advantages of this type of work:

Instability: By moving at 365 degrees, the rings bring constant instability to the practitioner. This instability is beneficial for upper bodywork. The shoulder needs to be stable and at the same time mobile, which is exactly what the rings offer. There are very few machines that will offer you this type of work. This will significantly affect your nervous system which is particularly good!

They only allow work in a closed chain, that is to say, that it is your body which moves and the members which carry out the effort are fixed (such as pumps, pull-ups, dips). The exercises in closed kinetic chain work much more muscles during each movement than those in open kinetic chain. Some examples of exercises in an open chain: bench press, vertical draw… all exercises with weight down!

When training with the rings there are no more isolation exercises, all the muscles work simultaneously during the exercises. If you are a beginner you will necessarily start with the basic exercises such as pumps, traction dips, but with the learning and mastery of ring weight training, you will gradually pass “levels” and be able to perform combined movements much more interesting like muscle up, dips followed by a plank, etc.

The engagement of the 3 main contraction regimes: concentric, eccentric and isometric. In bodybuilding with loads, we focus only on the concentric aspect. This will allow you to evolve in pure strength as well as mass gain!

gymnastic rings

What to look for when buying gymnastic rings

When selecting a pair of hoops, it is essential to take a look at certain qualities that will help you choose wisely. Therefore, it is necessary that you pay attention to the following aspects:


This will depend on your performance and even your safety, so a good grip is essential, so when choosing you must consider this detail. To guarantee this, they must be non-slip: wooden ones are trendy, but there are also plastic ones, these must be textured.

Ring material

Traditionally these rings are made of wood or a plastic variety. The first ones are the most popular, but they are an investment so if you do not have a budget the best thing is a plastic one, it can be thermoplastic or polycarbonate that is the most suitable.

Weight capacity

Each material resists some kg, those made of wood are the most resistant, although metal, common in the parks, but quite uncomfortable, also fall into this category. In any case, whatever your material, a good pair of rings can support no more than 900 kg and no less than 270 kg.


In order to be suitable for people of all sizes, the rings should have a thickness between 1 and 1.25 inches, choosing between these measures will depend on the size of your hands and what makes you feel more comfortable.

Belts and buckles

They have the same importance as the rings because good exercise and safety depend on them. The straps should allow you to hang them on the beams or the roof, so their length cannot be less than 3 meters or more than 4.5 meters. The buckles, meanwhile, adjust the height and block the length avoiding slips that could injure you.


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