If you like weight lifting, you should already know how useful it is to wear a good pair of gym gloves. If not, you’re missing something. To some people, it may sound strange, but somehow it makes sense. 

Not only do the weight lifting gloves used in bodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting and CrossFit help make the most of your training by giving you a better grip, but they also provide you with essential wrist support. Not yet convinced? Well, you will be after taking a look at the best gym gloves for men and women that we have selected for you.

What are the best gym gloves?

A bodybuilding glove usually has several characteristics that you must consider before buying the pair. For example, the processing material, if they are breathable, waterproof, etc. Maybe you see in sports venues or online many beautiful models but are they really appropriate?

Since there is great variety in the market, of a different brand, guaranteeing good quality and an unbeatable price, it is necessary to know the opinion of other users to be able to select better.

In order to help you in this search, we have prepared a comparative list with the best gym gloves that are also affordable or economical. You can review them and thus have greater notions of what these accessories should be for the workout.

And if after looking at them you still have doubts, we recommend you read some tips and additional information about the training gloves and how to choose them.

Gym gloves with RDX WGPL wristband

Its design is very beautiful and its processing material is a metallic leather with modern appearance, high technology and durability.

It comes with Amara fabric with 4-way stretch fabric to adjust well to the hand and its movement. It includes a digital treatment for a solid grip and prevention of calluses and dirt.

Gym gloves nike for men

With those quality gym gloves Nike, you can say goodbye to blisters during your intensive training. The product is made of Dri-FIT material and has additional padding at the palm.

This equipment promotes air circulation and keeps hands dry longer. You can use them for various activities such as Powerlifting, Crossfit, dumbbell lifting.

RIMSports fitness gloves

They have the advantage of being unisex. They are for fitness and are for men and women. Their material is light so they allow a comfortable workout, although they also work for lifting weights and CrossFit.

Completely multi-uses are adapted for rowing practices, weightlifting, dominated, pulley machines, etc.

Farabi Fitness Gear Gloves

They are made of genuine leather and silicon in the palms for an anti-slip action. They are easy to put on and take off and include wrist support with velcro closure.

They have meshes that make them breathable. With them, you can practice bodybuilding and fitness training in the gym. They have the rigidity necessary for lifting weights.

Weight lifting Gloves Trideer

They are exclusive gloves for men and promise a stronger and natural grip. They protect against calluses and blisters. They cover the palm and the full back of both hands and a large part of the fingers for greater safety.

They include anti-slip material. The fingers have a curved and ergonomic design. They serve for the gym, Crossfit and weight lifting.

Nordic Lifting weight lifting gym gloves

These are perfect for lifting weights, CrossFit, training, going to the gym, lifting power and other heavy workouts.

They provide good grip for both men and women. They come in different sizes and include a fair amount of filler to provide protection against calluses and blisters without compromising freedom of movement.

RDX Women Weight Lifting Gloves

Designed for women, these models are among the most comfortable and lightest. They incorporate padded gel to ensure an optimal protection of the hands during intensive training.

Hand washable, these gym gloves are fingerless to ensure the comfort and flexibility of the fingers. The non-slip cuffs, meanwhile, provide excellent grip and wrist. The support is ensured by the Velcro closure.

What are gym gloves?

They also receive other names such as, for example, weight lifting gloves, fitness gloves or gym gloves. These are small sports garments that can be worn by anyone who wants to exercise using different training devices.

Its purpose is to protect both hands and wrists from injuries, blisters and calluses that are usually formed by rubbing with exercise instruments.

That protection is a key and very important point, but the best thing of all is that it is not the only advantage they provide. In fact, it is so advantageous to use them that they are not a recent trend. It’s not a fad just a few months ago.

Gym gloves are almost as old as the Parthenon. The ancient Greeks and Romans used them for their safety during games. Already more to our days, they became popular at the Athens Olympics of 1896.

The truth is that currently, almost all athletes wear them for any training routine and their designs have improved, not only in quality and performance but in aesthetics as well.

There are feminine designs that are a must for girls, some unisex and others with colours and a male form. Of course, there are also different sizes and coverage levels of both hands, among other features that will be relevant when buying a pair of them and take them to the gym.

gym gloves

Learn about the incredible benefits of using gym gloves

To make it clear why most bodybuilding, fitness, Crossfit and other sportsmen wear these workout gloves for exercise, here you can see the list with some of its advantages.

Better grip

The firm grip of the weights is very important, not only for a safety issue but also because the exercise produces better results and the performance is greater. If you hold them well and do the routine as it should be, you will get those powerful muscles that you are looking for.

Of course, a good workout makes us sweat even in unspeakable places and our hands are not left behind. That sweat makes us lose firmness in the grip of any device or weights that we are using in the gym. Everything tends to slip uncomfortably, although it must be noted that for some that is not a problem.

Anyway, if for you it is, the gloves solve it. Most of them are provided with some non-slip material in the palms and fingers to prevent the training equipment from slipping, be it doing bars, weights, pull-ups, etc.

There will then be less chance of falls or of any dumbbell falling on your feet. Your only concern will be the number of repetitions to tone and gain muscle mass.

Avoid blisters and calluses

If you have ever suffered from either of them, you know that they are not pleasant at all, that they can be painful and that they can get infected and get worse and worse.

It is very common that the rubbing with the bars or the weights makes them appear. The repetition of exercise and friction causes any pair of soft hands to lose their freshness and become sensitive (in the case of blisters) or harsh and rough (due to calluses).

Wearing the gloves evidently protects them and prevents the formation of any hardness or injury in the palms and fingers. They allow you to be more comfortable and train without discomfort.

Resistance and pressure

Doing a routine with unprotected hands prints on them more pressure than necessary because the weight, whether from the dumbbells or from the body itself, falls on them directly.

The advantage of gloves in this aspect is that, when they are padded, they cushion the pressure and the wearer, feeling more comfortable, can perform more and demand more.

Wrist Support

Not only do palms and fingers resist pressure and weight when they undergo exercise, but wrists also carried their quota. Very often injuries can occur in these joints due to a bad position when doing resistance with the weights or when climbing the bars.

Actually, those injuries tend to be very painful and take away the courage to continue training, at least for a few days. Better dolls protect them with something.

There are those who use a wristband in each hand, but some models of training gloves come with an adjustable strap. That elastic strap wraps the wrists providing protection against injury.

It works almost like a tendon or additional ligament, which provides the support or support needed when making the effort.

Increased lifting capacity

As we mentioned when talking about resistance and pressure, part of the weight during the exercise rests in the padding of gloves. This allows us to distribute this weight better towards the arms, shoulders and back and that our hands can not stand it alone.

That, amazingly, allows you to lift any weight more efficiently for a harder and more productive workout. The most helpful in this is the gloves with adjustable strap.

weight lifting gloves

These are the types of bodybuilding gloves

In order to choose the most appropriate according to your needs, the most reasonable thing is that you know the different kinds of these sports accessories. There are basically four classes that can be mixed together. They differ by their levels of coverage of the hands and protection for them and the dolls.

Lifting weights with straps (Support for wrists)

Those of this type include an adjustable elastic band with velcro to accommodate them better in both hands and wrists. They offer protection especially to the joints to prevent injuries and increase the strength of grip to hold more firmly bars and weights.

Training without wrist support

For those who can lift heavyweight and already have good experience may not be so necessary wrist support. These gloves are somewhat lighter and relaxed and of course, give greater freedom of movement to the hands.

They tend to be very ergonomic, breathable and comfortable, so much so that sometimes the person who trains does not even remember that he has them on.

Fingerless training gloves

They are the most commonly used in gyms, mainly because they serve perfectly to protect the hands from calluses and blisters but give more freedom to the fingers to hold things.

For example, if you like to listen to music with an mp3 device during the routine to activate more, you will not have to remove the gloves to change the song or adjust the volume.

In addition, although most gloves are breathable, these, in particular, give a greater sense of freshness in the hands.

Full finger workout gloves

If the training plan demands too much, it may be more appropriate to use these gloves that guarantee full hand protection. They are 100% against blisters and calluses because they cover not only the palms but also the fingers in their entirety.

In general, they have an antibacterial design that does not accumulate sweat or odour, precisely to preserve the health of the hands completely.

Gym gloves vs. MMA gloves

They are not the same thing. While weight lifting gloves cover most of both hands, even when they are fingerless, the MMA gloves only go under them.

They are placed on the palms and are almost always fitted with velcro tape on the back of the hands, leaving the fingers free and allowing the total breathing of the skin. Its function is simply to interpose between the equipment of the gymnasium and your hands, to take care of the friction by a repetition of the routines.

gym gloves women

What to look for when choosing gym gloves?

If you have decided to buy a pair of fitness training gloves for your next visit to the gym, you can not do it blindly. You must guide yourself by the most important characteristics that they must gather to achieve that this workout is more than effective.

For you to choose wisely, here is everything you should look for in good gym gloves:


This is probably the main reason why you are looking for a good pair of gloves: you are tired of blisters and calluses that can occur after your long and intense workouts. Indeed, one of the main functions of any weight training glove is to effectively protect your hands. 

Calluses and blisters start to form when there is excessive friction between your hands and what you catch. When you wear gloves that protect your hands, this problem is practically eliminated. However, that does make us wonder how they do it. 

First, the glove will absorb a lot of the pressure exerted during your strength training exercises. Second, most of them will have built-in padding, which simply adds even more protection between your hand and the weight equipment you use. In this way, you benefit from both greater support and comfort.


If your hands only needed protection, you could put on any old pair of gloves and go. However, we all know that this will not be enough here, because the pair in which you will invest must also be an ally in your success. 

Two of the main characteristics to analyze are grip and flexibility. In the first case, it is obvious that it is a vital element. Weight lifting gloves that do not offer a good grip will be more of a handicap than an advantage and may even be dangerous for your safety. 

Not only can you slip and fall, but any equipment you hold (such as dumbbells) can slip out of your hands and cause serious injury (depending on weight). Regarding flexibility, this is important for a large number of exercises. 

Depending on the exercise, you may not want to be at the mercy of the momentum, unable to adjust your hands due to the stiffness of your gloves. In addition, you should be able to shake your hands around bars or weight machines. One last thing, there are also models with integrated wrist straps, which can be interesting to offer additional wrist support when you have to lift the heaviest loads.


Truth be told, you shouldn’t have to think about this too long. Anyone who knows how the human body works will understand that when your body makes repetitive movements for a period of time or is exposed to high temperatures, it will sweat. 

This is not a scoop for anyone and you may be wondering why we are talking about this. Well, the main reason why this is important and that breathability is going to be an important selling point. For a pair of gloves to be more breathable, or any article for that matter, one of the following two characteristics must be present (or both). 

Either the materials themselves are able to wick moisture away from your skin, or the materials used must allow air to circulate. For this last point, any type of mesh will be ideal. Optimally, you should look for both. A glove that can wick away moisture and allow good air circulation will be all the more effective for breathability.


Leather gloves, unless they have a special design that incorporates mesh somewhere, are not really very breathable, although they usually protect well against blisters and calluses.

It is common to find models made of nylon, which are quite flexible and breathable. They could be comfortable in that aspect and to give more freedom of movement although their level of protection to each hand is not the highest level.

There are also some made of neoprene, which has a little bit of everything. They have a breathable surface, that is, they keep the hands feeling fresh and protect them well from rubbing.

The selection of material will depend on what you need. Each case is different. There will be those who need good protection against friction, others may prefer a little less of this and less heat and sweat on their hands.

Padding and support

Comfort is one of the greatest benefits we look for in training gloves. If they are padded, they absorb and cushion part of the weight that falls on both hands during exercises and improve performance.

In addition, if they include the support of the straps on the wrists and gel pads, the security for both hands is increased. What you do not have to ignore is that the more support and padding you have, the lower the flexibility.

That is why this is another point to evaluate, depending on the level of demand and the exercises that will be done during the training.


It is one of the very important aspects because they are accessories that must endure the bad treatment you will give them. The rubbing, the repetition, weighs up and weighs down, again and again, those seams and that material must be able to withstand the intensity of your exercises.

In particular, you must make sure that the finishes and the manufacturing material withstand the pressure, friction and sweat that will be present every time you use them.

Design and colours

Both gloves and mittens have evolved in their design and aesthetics. You will be able to find those that adapt to the feminine complexion and aesthetics as well as for the context and requirements of the gentlemen.

It does not hurt to combine the colours of your gloves with your sportswear. Feeling that you look good with them is not bad, it is even an incentive to achieve better sports performance.