7 Best indoor growing kits for harvesting fresh vegetables

If you live in the city and you are encouraged by the idea of ​​growing fresh vegetables at any time of the year, you may want to know a little more about the indoor growing kits that allow you to enjoy a smart garden in any space, however small.

In addition to vegetables, we can delight ourselves with a rainbow of flowers thanks to the design of these hydroponics kits that guarantee us a successful debut in the world of interior gardening, both for decorative use and for growing foodstuffs.

What is the best indoor growing kit?

The “smart garden” has revolutionized the process of sowing, maintaining and harvesting fresh vegetables in enclosed spaces, so it can be really easy to grow your own plants.

The technology associated with indoor growing kits helps us to control the light, water and nutrient supplies required by the plants and can be programmed to let us know if they need to be recharged with any element.

If you are looking forward to cutting basil, lettuce or tomatoes just before preparing them, then check out the comparison we made with the best indoor growing kits on the market, and maybe you’ll be ready to start right away.

1. Indoor Growing Kit SG6-W Smart Garden Plantui

A smart garden

Plantui Smart Garden Mini Greenhouse, white
  • Smart Garden
  • 3 Substratkapseln Thai...
  • LED lamp

Hydroponic “smart garden” efficiently supplies the nutrients directly to the roots of the plants according to the growth phase, thanks to a silent pump that mobilizes and oxygenates the water to feed up to 6 capsules prepared for successful harvests.

2. Miracle-Gro Harvest AeroGarden indoor growing kit

LED lighting

Grow flowers or fresh herbs all year round. With LED lighting adjusted, it maximizes the photosynthesis of the 6 plants of mint, thyme, curly parsley dill, and Genoese and Thai basil that come with the kit. They grow quickly, naturally and without chemicals.

3. Smart Garden 3 Indoor Grow Kit White Click And Grow

Efficient consumption

Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit (Includes 3 Basil...
  • Grow fresh herbs and...
  • Get started right away:...
  • Explore new plants:...

Bring 3 basilisk or basil capsules but you can choose different refills. Ready for the germination of the seeds and the growth of the plants through efficient and almost effortless consumption.

4. Odyssed Intelligent Vegetable Garden Indoor Grow Kit

Traditional flavors

Odyseed - indoor vegetable garden - 100% organic - grow you aromatic...
  • Grow new varieties: The...
  • Automated...
  • Simple, organic, &...

Join the recovery of European seeds and shine preparing dishes with traditional herbal flavors almost extinct, with this economic kit, also automated so you can take your vacation without worrying about their care.

5. Indoor Growing Kit LED Indoor Hydroponics Kit Yostar

Self-adjusting lights

AeroGarden Sprout - Black Indoor Garden
295 Reviews
AeroGarden Sprout - Black Indoor Garden
  • PLANT TO PLATE - Up to 3...
  • EASY TO USE - control...

This cheap kit adjusts its lights to cover the exact energy requirement of the plants according to each growth phase and regulates the supply of nutrients. Advanced hydroponics to fill our spaces with life.

6. Aquaculture System Aquaculture System Kit Acuca001 Reset

Ecosystem at home

Aquaponycs system for fish farming and plant cultivation by Resetea
  • Initiation system to the...
  • An ecosystem where fish...
  • Once the water has passed...

If you love fish, this brand with aquaponics will be ideal because you only have to feed them to create a symbiosis between aquarium and garden. The plants take the waste from the aquarium while they oxygenate the water. Forget about cleaning every week!

7.AIBSI Indoor Herb Garden

What are intelligent interior gardens?

They are automated planters to guarantee the living conditions (light, water, nutrients) of the plants in enclosed spaces, and to facilitate the cultivation at any time of the year and by means of a minimum effort.

With intelligent technology, the entire process is supported to guarantee the success of any indoor growing initiative.

Benefits of indoor growing kits

Let’s review the advantages of protected crops that support our desire to harvest fresh, healthy and safe food.

Clean hands and food

The passion for fresh herbs pushes us to dig in the soil to grow and harvest them without worrying about the dirty we must clean from our skin and our clothes, while hydroponics offers the same results without the cultivation of land becoming dirty to remove from food and ourselves.

They grow fast

Besides being plants superior in flavor and nutrients, hydroponics with LED lighting accelerates growth (25% – 50% faster than in the soil) because the roots are kept hydrated and with nutrients available as required by the plant.

Supply throughout the year

The indoor cultivation allows us to isolate the plants from the fluctuations of the exterior to avoid affecting the development of our edible garden.

Less maintenance

Once you have set up your kit to maintain your home garden, you only have to add nutrients to the system water to feed the plants.

Unlike traditional indoor gardening, hydroponics liberates plants from attacks by flying insects and other possible soil aggressors. If you are passionate about growing your own garden, you will know that planting on the ground leads to the growth of unwanted plants and certain beings that in a few hours can ruin our effort for weeks.

Less work

Indoor hydroponics is an alternative with excellent results and less effort.

Grow perfect vegetables

The supply of water and nutrients, and stable conditions of light, humidity, and temperature allow plants to develop their full natural potential and the results are surprising: they grow to maturity very rich in nutrients and flavors.

They can be grown at any time

If you love tomatoes and cultivate in your garden to enjoy such wonder, you will know that you will only have harvests at the end of summer and autumn; so try an indoor grow kit and cut fresh tomatoes any time of the year.

Less pests

The risk for pests is latent in any vegetable crop, but an internal mini-garden is less exposed and makes it easier for us to maintain optimal conditions for plants to grow free of pesticides and insecticides, which we would surely have to buy if we wanted to grow them in the soil.

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