All weather golf gloves are for men or women that can be worn at any time of the year.
They are very efficient and resistant. These are gloves made from synthetic.
It helps protect the guiding hand, especially in the area that the golf club may most attack. This type of glove also happens to be the least expensive on the market.

Winter golf gloves, as the name suggests is specially designed for the cold. It is the most expensive since it allows the hand to resist the cold, but also, the winter golf glove provides hand protection against wear caused by the grip over time.
Indeed, when your hands are frozen, it is not uncommon that we miss his shots. Thus, to make excellent swings, even when it snows outside, you can use gloves designed to be worn in winter.

Leather is a material that has always been very popular for its breathable properties. Like the Callaway golf gloves, it adapts to the vagaries of the weather and is very resistant to accompany you for years.
Leather golf gloves keep your hands dry even with hot weather. It is also straightforward to wash and is very resistant to cleaning.

What is the best golf glove?

Reaching the best market is a matter of knowing yourself, your hands and your style of play. Getting carried away by the cheapest you get or by the most expensive can be big mistakes. You should always look at the glove materials and their quality.
You also have to choose the right size for your hands and make them feel comfortable and durable. Combining all this can be not very easy, so look at my comparative list with economic and quality models.

1. FootJoy Men’s WeatherSof Golf Gloves

These gloves are available for both the right hand and the left and in many sizes. They are nylon.

2. Wilson Staff Men’s Grip Plus Golf Gloves

Have more movement with these gloves that combine breathable mesh and synthetic leather. They give excellent grip and have the endorsement of a recognized brand.

3. Callaway Golf Men’s Syntech Glove

The combination of leather and lycra spandex gives you the best combination of flexibility and grip. It’s for lefties.

4. Golf Gloves Taylormade Rain by HG

Take advantage of its waterproof features and go out to play in the rain. They are also breathable, very comfortable and include a glove for both hands.

5. Bionic GGNMLXXL Men’s StableGrip with Natural Fit

Not only do they look great, but they feel great. They have three pads and grip pads with better finger and lycra design for greater freedom of movement.

6. Under Armour Men’s CoolSwitch Left Hand Golf Glove

If you are right-handed, take a look at this glove made with Cabretta leather and available in various colours and sizes. Keep your palm soft and airy in warm climates.

7. TITLEIST Players Flex

Available in sizes S, M, ML and XL, this glove for the left hand with Cabretta and lycra feels great.

8. HIRZL Men’s Trust Control 2.0 Regular

You can have them for rights or lefties and in a variety of sizes. They are for all-weather and are super resistant.

9. Callaway golf gloves

This model reduces humidity and, therefore, the discomfort and loss of control in the palms and fingers. It has lycra, elastics, and skin feel.

10. ThermaGrip from Mizuno

Looking for a mix in sports and classics? These look great and also protect you from the elements and give you a great grip.

Types of golf gloves


They are usually made of Cabretta leather, and they have very high durability, also they are quite elastic and fit well in hand. They are not water-resistant, so they are not recommended for rain.

For the rain

They have synthetic materials that keep your hands dry and protected in rainy or humid climates.

All weather

These gloves are made for any situation, so they are the most sought after. They tend to be quite flexible and comfortable.

Winter golf gloves

These thermal gloves are made to protect from low winter temperatures and to reduce moisture in the hands. Forget those palms and frozen fingers that make you miss your blows.

How to choose golf gloves?

There are many ways to choose your golf gloves and not to go wrong. Thus, if you buy your golf glove for women or men on the internet, like most golfers, you can be attentive to the details to check specific points:


A glove must stay perfect, or it can irritate you and damage your performance in the game. It must be ergonomic and allow your fingers and palms movement.


You can get them from leather, synthetics or even multi-material. Leather golf gloves often damage your palms if you have sensitive skin, so look for one with breathable fabrics as well.


Nothing worse than playing with a right-handed glove when you are left-handed, and vice versa. Find a glove for your style of play. There are also ambidextrous, and there are people who wear gloves on both hands.


A glove also has to help your game, not damage it. Check if it favours aspects such as control or swing.


You can find sizes S, M, L, XL, XLL and more. It is best to try a pair of gloves before buying so you know your ideal size.


Always remember to choose the right glove for the environment in which you will play. There are them for rain, winter, dry, leather, breathable and more.


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