I am a golf enthusiast, but my turn is terrible, and after weeks without practice, the control also leaves a lot to be desired. So I must improve with the implements. I have decided to look for the best golf balls available in the offer.

A good ball can help you improve the play and performance both in the air and on the greens. Everything depends on your needs, budget and purposes.

What is the best golf balls?

Get a cheap model in the offer, will depend on your needs. A good comparison between manufacturers will always help you select the most suitable. There are some aspects that it is essential to see to get the best.

1. Wilson Unisex-Adult DX2 Soft 12 Golf Ball in 2 Pieces

Wilson Unisex-Adult DX2 Soft 12 Golf Ball in 2 Pieces

    Our first model is the Wilson Staff golf ball, considered the softest in the world.

    It is ideal to reach a maximum distance, it comes in a pack of 12 balls that you can enjoy during your games and they are made in two layers, especially for advanced players.

    Wilson Staff also have a compression of 29, a design in white, a rubber core that favors low compression, and a design for greater spin, elasticity and speed, using medium or short irons.

    2. TITLEIST Men’s PRO V1 Balls, White

    TITLEIST Men's PRO V1 Balls, White

      The golf ball that has been put on the market by the Titleist manufacturer is ideal for apprentices and those who are rehearsing their movements and plays.

      It is a product with a soft touch and great durability. It comes in twelve units in the traditional white colour.

      3. Second Chance Pinnacle Quality Lake Golf Balls Grade A

      Second Chance Pinnacle Quality Lake Golf Balls Grade A

        Good, but if what you are looking for is quality while saving then you are going to love what we are going to show you.

        It is a box of reusable balls. They are balls that were recovered from the water in various clubs and that contribute to recycling.

        It is a box of 100 offered at a great price, box that will surely make you very happy, and the best of all is that they are balls of various brands, compressions, number and more, so that you can practice with all and become a master.

        4. Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball

        Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

          Equipped with 35 compression points, the golf ball of Callaway is the most recommended for practice.

          Its design makes the ball take speed with soft strokes with little effort, its maximum distance.

          5. Titleist Solo lake balls

          Titleist Solo lake balls, golf balls

          The next model that we want to show you is also a selection of balls recovered from lakes.

          These are 100 grade A balls that have been carefully selected for resale and are a very good and economical investment in terms of number and quality.

          They all belong to the Titleist brand, which is why they have undergone a rigorous selection process, as well as cleaning and disinfection, which is why it is another good investment if you are looking for quality at the best price.

          6. Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls

          Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls

          Available in pack of 12, this set from Bridgestone is designed with a low spin controller that offers greater distance and precision and, with this, a good resistance to air.

          Its users highlight the versatility of its dimples that allow straight blows.

          7. Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls

          Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls

            Made in yellow, these balls have been manufactured for training long distances with reduced spin, this putt will provide stability and consistency in the blows and in the rest of the games.

            Those who have already had it stand out as an option to consider in order to improve the service.

            8. TaylorMade TP5 golf balls

            TaylorMade TP5 Dozen Golf Balls

              Constructed with a dual spin cover of 5 layers of resistant material these balls will improve your performance giving you a better combination of distance, turn and control.

              Taking into account the material of what is made the golf ball is an accessory of high performance and solidity.

              9. Golf balls S4 Urethane 4 Volvik

              Volvik S3/S4 Golf Balls

              Specially designed for advanced golfers this ball will give you greater softness to the touch and, with this you will obtain an explosive swing, slow, but of greater distance.

              It is only to place them in the base of a golf ball and to make the turn and blow and corresponding stick so that you lose sight of it.


              In the offer you will find several types, here we explain what they are:

              • One piece: They are usually economic and lasting models. They are ideal for beginners. They have a soft touch and simple construction.
              • Two pieces: They are composed of a solid core of hard plastic, combine durability and distance and are the cheapest options, they are soft and firm on contact, although they are not very good for the turn.
              • Three pieces: Offer a better-controlled turn. They have rubber core, rubber liquid layer and another cover to complete three layers. They are softer than the previous two.
              • Four pieces: They have four layers, and their advantage is that they increase the distance without reducing the turn. They are softer than those of three parts and offer high performance.
              • Five pieces: It is the most important novelty of the offer. It is softer, has better performance than the previous ones and a higher level of rotation. They are for purely professional use.

              Buying Guide

              There are necessary topics to consider when buying a good ball to use frequently in your practices. It is essential that you pay attention to:


              Spin Rate

              The spin is another important aspect. Here we explain what each one is:

              • Low: When the turn is low the ball flies straight through the air and offers a greater slip when landing.
              • Medium: This type of balls try to incorporate better the distance and the feeling that is softer and suitable for all kinds of players.
              • High: These balls are explicitly designed to improve control. They get a better race not only in the air but also on the greens.


              Another criterion that you can take into account when choosing your golf balls is for the level of compression, which is closely related to its stiffness.

              This means that in game the balls have compression levels that vary between 70 and 100 most, and if you choose it based on the speed of your swing, you will have to choose a high compression if it is fast, and a low if it’s a little slower.


              Although there are various measures, the standard is located at 1.68 inches. A good golf ball should not have a larger diameter than this.

              The weight of the golf ball

              It must not be greater than 1.62 ounces.


              These accessories are always spherical in shape.


              The number of dimples determines the penetration of the ball through the air and the ease with which it will do so, while the number varies by type.


              Most are white, but you will find them yellow, orange, green, pink, among other varieties.


              A golf ball that goes far will always be a good option, for this, the two pieces are indicated. Look also at the turn and the control.

              box full with golf balls

              The Price

              This is a characteristic that can vary depending on the type of ball. Well, a more expensive ball does not necessarily have to be better than a cheap ball, however, in most cases when a ball is more expensive it is because it provides higher quality, better materials and high performance.

              Nowadays, there are biodegradable, colored, engraved and even night golf balls, which are not used for playing but their function is only to illuminate.

              However, between each of them there is a great price difference, so you must be willing to make the investment that you think is correct for your training.

              If you decide to invest a little more, you will have a quality golf ball, now if you decide to invest a little less, you will also find quality but perhaps not as much durability.

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