Choosing a golf bag is not something that requires a very high degree of complexity, but a wrong choice is something that you will carry with you for a long time.
Therefore, before venturing to choose your golf bag, keep these recommendations in mind to make a successful purchase for your level of play and the use that you plan to give it.
The first golf bags made their appearance at the end of the 19th century. Until then the clubs were carried under the arm or carried by the caddy under the arm. They were very heavy and were a tube-shaped basket, with a carry handle and a wooden tripod.
Luckily nothing to do with the current offer of golf bags on the market: light, comfortable and resistant to water in many cases.

What is the best golf bag?

Choosing the best golf bag is a compendium of different aspects, such as construction material, whether it is made of nylon or cotton. The versatility of the equipment, if multipurpose, or its use is limited.

Also keep in mind that you must have several compartments to store your balls, gloves, and other implements. If it is water-resistant it adds a plus, and if it is light, much better, since you will not get tired or easily tired by the weight. Keep reading and make an excellent purchase.

1. Callaway Golf Chev Stand Bag

Callaway Golf Chev Stand Bag
Image credit: Callaway

Organize all your sports equipment in this excellent option, which has a tripod so that you can hold it in the field of play, while you choose which club to use. It has a really lightweight of 1.8 kilograms, with a waterproof rain hood.

2. Wilson Men’s Stretch Golf Stand Bag

Wilson Men's Stretch Golf Stand Bag
Image credit: Wilson

Impeccable aesthetics, it is made of high strength and durability material, emphasizing its aluminium frame. It has an immovable base when making contact with the floor, and has seven different pockets to organize your belongings. Excellent brand of the market.

3. Callaway Men’s X-series Stand Golf Bag

Callaway Men's X-series Stand Golf Bag
Image credit: Callaway

Make your presence feel, while you waste sensuality and keep everything organized. Golf bag made with durable and durable polyester fabric, it offers a tripod holder for maximum stability, with a lightweight, 6 independent storage pockets.

4. TaylorMade FlexTech Stand Bag

TaylorMade FlexTech Stand Bag
Image credit: TaylorMade

An excellent option to organize, and have everything always at hand. A weight of just 2.3 kg, has a waterproof coating of the pockets that will prevent the water from oxidizing, or damage your sticks and other elements inside.

5. Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag

Champkey Lightweight Golf Stand Bag
Image credit: Champkey

This golf bag is made of synthetic material, Champkey has integrated state-of-the-art technology to offer golfers an avant-garde option when it comes to organizing and storing their luggage. Fascinating, resistant, and of an impeccable aesthetic appeal.

6. Ben Sayers Dlx Cart Bag

Ben Sayers Dlx Cart Bag
Image credit: Ben Sayers

Elegant aesthetics, designed for high competition athletes looking for a versatile bag, with enough space to store their sticks, gloves and other implements. It has seven very useful compartments and large ones.

7. TaylorMade Pro Stand 6.0 Golf Bag

TaylorMade Pro Stand 6.0 Golf Bag
Image credit: TaylorMade

This fascinating economic option offers an elegant design and good sewing, which integrates 6 divisions to separate, in addition, it has a sport hood and umbrella cover. Amazing!

8. CRUISER GOLF CB2 Lightweight Cart Bag

CRUISER GOLF CB2 Lightweight Cart Bag
Image credit: CRUISER

This option is quite cheap, with the excellent quality that will make your life much easier as a golfer. It is the perfect combination of simplicity and versatility, ideal for beginners.

9. Sun Mountain

Sun Mountain
Image credit: Sun Mountain

Transpose it in a simple way with its three upper handles for a better grip. To store precious objects, money, telephone or sensitive material, it includes three waterproof pockets.

10. Golf bag Azure PGM

PGM Unisex Retractable Golf club Carry Bag
Image Credit: PGM

It has a good proportion of size and weight, with a resistance capacity of up to 100 kg. It is retractable and multipurpose. Special to be used in any sporting event. It has a nice blue colour, very striking.

Types of golf bags

Stand bag

These types of bags are the most common to find, and there are many manufacturers and models. Tripod bags (also known as leg bags) are ideal for carrying on your shoulder during the game and avoid carrying a hand cart or renting a buggy. However, they can be attached to a car or buggy.

They are usually made of polyester and synthetic materials so that their weight is not as low as possible (anything under 1.5 kg is considered as a light model).

Since they will not be exposed to water in the event of rain, the ideal is that it is as waterproof as possible. Necessarily, they have a heat-sealed pocket to guarantee that the belongings you keep in said pocket are safe from water (wallet, mobile phone, car keys, etc.)

Ideally, they should have 15 divisions for the clubs and that the divisions are complete in order to protect the clubs in an excellent way. However, that makes its price very high, so the most common is that they start from 5 clubs of clubs in the most basic models. The medium models have all 14-15 divisions and that only the high ranges offer independent dividers with top-to-bottom spacers to better protect rods and grips.

Car bag

Car bags are usually made of synthetic and resistant materials, although high-end models made of leather can also be found. They have a design that allows them to adapt in an excellent way to all types of cars and buggies about their feet and allow very comfortable access to the different pockets they offer (pockets that are wider than those provided by bags tripod).

They usually have 14-15 dividers/separators to store clubs and an external tube where to place the putter, which makes it easier for us to access it during the game and prevents the putter from damaging the rest of the clubs.

Regarding the number of pockets, the average could be placed in 7 (always some heat-sealed pocket and very usually a pocket to keep the water cool) and its weight is between 1.7 and 2.3 kg, more than that of a bag for an empty cart is not highly recommended).

Image credit Vessel

Tour bag

Tour bags, also known as Staff, are the bags that professional players generally carry.

They are made of high-quality materials and leather, they are the largest and heaviest bags, and there are usually very few interior divisions to separate the clubs. Their wide mouth allows them since their wide mouth makes it unnecessary.

As far as pockets are concerned, they generally have around 5-9 large capacity pockets, in which to comfortably store multiple items of clothing, food, water, accessories, golf balls, etc.

Pitch & Putt Bag

If you are going to play Pitch & Putt courses where the holes have dimensions between 40 and 120 meters, you must have a suitable bag for this type of golf modality. You don’t need to carry the full set of clubs, a putter, a Pitching Wedge, a Sand Wedge and a few irons (7, 8 and 9 iron) is sufficient.

All this makes the bag small and light, and it is recommended that its weight is close to 1 kg so that its transport is very comfortable and preferably that it has legs or a tripod system.

They almost always have 3 or 4 pockets to store our belongings and game accessories (markers, golf balls, glove, etc.), and they are made of synthetic materials such as polyester to make them resistant and light. They must have a heat-sealed pocket to prevent your most precious belongings from getting wet in the event of rain.

In this regard, I only recommend that you opt for a model that has legs or a tripod. Otherwise, you will have to leave it lying on the ground every time you hit.

These bags are often called in many ways such as holster, pencil, pencil case, etc., but in essence, it is a small and extremely light for playing Pitch & Putt.

Waterproof bag

There are waterproof ones for each one of the different categories in which we have classified golf bags, so everything suggests that they are the best purchase option.

They usually have anti-water treatments, with all the seams heat-sealed, and the pockets they offer are also heat-sealed. All this means that they have a much higher price than the same bag under similar conditions but without that waterproof condition.

If you play in a climate where humid and with constant rain, where a high percentage of games begin or end in the rain, from this moment I tell you that you only have to consider the purchase of a waterproof model.

But if this is not your case and you do not play golf rain, only when the weather is good, it is not worth adding cost to your one because it has a benefit that you will not take advantage of.

Golf Bags Reviews
Image credit: Golfalot

Buying Guide


In order to avoid the weight and fatigue that a heavy bag can produce, we recommend you to buy light luggage, even if you think you only have it in your cart.


It is important that the option you acquire has enough pockets for each of these multiple accessories, and that, in addition, they are sheltered and well ordered.

Rain hood

This will be of great help to protect your objects from intense rain. You can also buy it separately if your favourite model does not come with it.

Towel holder

This is very useful as it is an easy way to have a towel on hand every time you are sweating in the field.

Divider system

The number of divisors varies from one model to another, so pay attention to the number of divisors to make sure it fits your needs.

Compartment for the Putter

Not all bags have this option, but it is great to prevent the putter from getting damaged when hitting other clubs, as it keeps the head protected. Because no matter how stainless steel, they can also be damaged.

Travel hood

Ideal if you plan to take a flight, or you can choose something that fits easily in your suitcase.

Characteristics of transport bags

Look at the straps to determine if you like how they fit or not. Pay attention to the padding on the straps to see if it is adequate. And do not forget that it must be water-resistant.

Characteristics of bags with a tripod

Observe the mechanism, and make sure you like how it works. Look for something that has a good interior padding too. And do not forget, keep an eye on the team’s height.


Pay attention to the handles, to determine if they will be comfortable or not. Take a look to see if there are enough pockets and storage space for all your implements.

Image credit: Golfing Journey

Maintenance of the golf bag

It is not something complex and anyone can correctly maintain their golf bag so that it has a longer useful life.

  • Empty the bag after each round: no doubt at the end of a game, grass and sand will have accumulated inside (from constantly storing the clubs after being used)
  • Playing golf in the rain: If you have played in the rain, the bag will be wet, make sure to empty it completely and dry it (not only for the maintenance of the bag but also for the rest of the equipment you have used).
  • Take advantage of compressed air: if your club has compressed air to clean your shoes, use that resource to give the bag an interior and exterior review after the game. And with a cloth, remove the dirt that lasts.
  • Rub the toughest dirt: when the cloth is not enough, gently rub the dirt with a damp sponge or brush until it is removed.
  • Clean the clubs before putting them away: if you are able to clean the golf club before putting it inside (with the towel) once the stroke is made, cleaning the golf bag will be easier (you will have practically no dirt inside)