Gold earrings for girls have always been an expression of love, appreciation, and thoughtfulness. But what makes a gift truly special? Its timelessness and its ability to create lasting memories. One such gift, especially for young girls, is a pair of gold earrings.

We’ve all seen the twinkle in a child’s eyes when they unwrap a present. Now, imagine that twinkle being matched by the shimmer of gold earrings. Perfect for birthdays or just because, a pair of gold earrings is not just a piece of jewellery but a memento, a keepsake to be cherished for years.

Our 8 favourite gold earrings for kids

Because it is possible to pierce baby’s ears from 6 months, we are pleased to present here all the variety of models for girls that will meet all your tastes. Whether screw or creole, you choose the model that suits you. These girls earrings in yellow or white gold will be very appreciated for a birthday gift!

1. 9ct Yellow Gold Teddy Bear

These delightful teddy bear studs are not just adorable but come with a novelty gift box, making the entire gifting experience even more special.

2. Solid 14k Yellow Gold

These earrings are symbolic, representing the first steps of a child. The design is not just cute but meaningful, making them perfect for commemorating milestones.

3. Children’s Elephant Stud Earrings – Yellow Gold 9 Carat

These studs come with a warranty certificate and are a testament to quality and craftsmanship. Elephants, considered symbols of luck, make them a thoughtful gift.

4. Earrings for girls studs with Butterfly

Children’s earrings in the shape of a butterfly with zirconia gemstones, made in 9 karats. These have a nut closure, fully adapted to the small ear. These are 5.5mm, perfect for girls.

5. Arranview Jewellery Heart Stud Earring

Children models in the shape of a heart with zircons and mother-of-pearl, made in 9 karats gold. They are nut closure, fully adapted to the baby’s ear. With a size of 4 mm are perfect for girls (6-10 years)

6. Yellow Gold star children’s Earrings 18ct

Girl’s earring in 18 kt. Polished with a star shape with carving in low relief and brilliant-cut zircons set with a bezel. Nut closure They measure 7 mm

7. Gold Earrings for Kids studs with Butterfly

Like a taste of spring, its two pretty butterflies will brighten up the first light outfits. In yellow gold, easy to wear, which will delight the youngest, happy to see placed on their little ears these charming butterflies.

These are with screw clasps, composed of a rod and a thread, which is particularly recommended for children.

8. Earrings for Kids studs with Cat

These beautiful cats are already purring at the idea of ​​being adopted and clinging to the ears of a little girl soon. These superb children’s earrings are ideal for people with pets.
These are children model with stud clasps composed of a rod and a small butterfly to attach behind the ear.

They are offered with the brand’s Certificate of Authenticity, are coming in a beautiful blue gift box.

Reasons to Choose Gold Earrings for Kids

Durability and Longevity

Gold, with its natural sheen and durability, ensures that the earrings will remain untarnished and beautiful for years. No worries about them losing their shine or looking outdated.

Timeless Appeal

Gold earrings are timeless. They are elegant, classic, and always in style. They can be passed down through generations, each time reminding the wearer of the love with which they were gifted.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pair

Considering the Age

Always ensure the design is age-appropriate. While a teddy bear design might be perfect for a toddler, older kids might appreciate more mature designs like stars or hearts.

Evaluating the Design

Look for unique and fun designs that resonate with the child’s personality. Whether it’s a playful cat or a sparkling star, make sure it’s something they would love to wear.

Understanding the Safety Features

Safety is paramount. Look for features like screw backs, which prevent the earring from coming loose and reduce the risk of ingestion.


Gold earrings for kids are more than just jewellery. They’re tokens of love, memories captured in gold, and treasures for a lifetime. Whether it’s a birthday, a milestone, or just because, gifting a pair of these beautiful earrings ensures that the memory remains golden forever.


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