The watering can is a classic hand tool, mainly used for plants and seedlings. It consists of a tank with a capacity ranging from 0.5 to 13 l, a neck, a sprinkler and a handle. It can come in metal or plastic, and its main interest lies in its ease of use and its waterproofness.

What is the best watering can?

Although many of us would like automatic garden sprinkles, the reality is that the more artisanal the method, the better the care.

Therefore, the watering can is an excellent alternative. It has everything you need to grow durable crops.

However, its capacity, nozzle and material will depend on the area in which it will be used, how it will be filled and the species that we have. For this, this list gathers the best options for a green and flourishing home.

5-litre plastic watering can Haws

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With a brand specializing in gardening, this shower gives us the lightest spray on the market. It comes with a measure indicator and a removable nozzle to be used down or up. Also recommended if you have a homemade bonsai.

Prosperplast Watering Can

Prosperplast 14L Green Plastic Watering Can w/Black Rose Head For Veg Patches & Large Plants
  • Approx Capacity: 14L / 24.5 Pint
  • Green can
  • Strong quality plastic made in Europe
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Large filling hole

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With its compact design but wide capacity, it is my favourite to moisten numerous plants in interior and exterior. Its mouthpiece gives softness while its peak gives regularity being very sweet in the care.

DWC2 deluxe watering can 9.46 litres by Bloem

Bloem DWC2-60 9.46 Litre Deluxe Watering Can - Peppercorn
  • Easy to handle and grip
  • Removable Sprinkle nozzle
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Construction

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Buy this shower will leave you super satisfied. Its filling is very simple thanks to its wide opening. In addition, the polished plastic finish makes it much more delicate and firm.

Panacea 84835 Metal Traditional Painted Watering Can

Panacea 84835 Metal Traditional Painted Watering Can, 4-Liter, 4
  • Dual handles accommodate multiple hand positions and makes it easy to carry and pour
  • Holds 4 liters of water
  • Durable steel construction
  • Traditionally painted with four metallic assorted colors: green, purple, red, silver. The customer will receive one of the four...
  • Measures 10 Inch height x 13.5 Inch width x 12 Inch length

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This cute watering can is perfect for nurseries and encourages the kids to take care of the plants. Its stainless steel construction makes it resistant dust, they can play with it without damaging or contaminating it.

Emsa 508671 OASE Watering can

Poetic Emsa 508671 OASE Watering can, 5.0 litres, granite
  • Colourful flower care for indoor and outdoor gardening
  • Made from recycled material, colours to compliment any décor
  • Mix and match with other items from the CASA and LANDHAUS ranges
  • Ideal gift for adults and kids, 2 year warranty, made in Germany
  • Contents: 1 OASE Watering can, 5.0 litres, granite

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Its ease to fill is great for quick trips to the garden and replenish with a hose. The half lid guarantees that it does not bounce when tilting and the rose is very fluid. It works perfectly in daily use.

Whitefurze G28WC 6L Watering Can 

Whitefurze G28WC 6L Watering Can - Green
  • And stylish can
  • Complete with detachable sprinkler rose to control water flow
  • Robust and hardwearing
  • Available in green colour
  • Measures 40 cm length by 11 cm width by 31 cm height

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It is the cheapest of the comparison. I loved his masculine and rustic aesthetics so my husband has helped me more in the garden. And its adjustable artichoke gives both slowness and strength when required.

What is a garden watering can?

It is a container specially designed to moisten the plants by hand, in a controlled and simple way. It consists of a large container in which the water is poured, a handle that allows the support of the irrigation pot, a spout that gives way to the irrigation itself and a diffuser that disperses the water in the irrigation.

When watering can is useful?

For us nature lovers it is not enough to water with a garden hose that spreads the water in a hard and uncontrolled way. Neither the sprinklers that wet some areas and leave others dry. However, a sprinkler is able to give uniformity of irrigation, soft spray and promote deep roots.

Watering can – buying guide

Whether to feed the vegetable patch, indoor plants or on the balcony, watering can can be very useful in many cases. In plastic, brass or copper, find out how to choose yours.

The different types of the watering can

According to the use that we have, there are different types of the watering can. First of all, the garden watering can is the one that will be used to water the main plants outdoors. With a capacity of at least 10 litres, it will above all be functional, and therefore generally made of plastic and fitted with a conventional watering head or with fine holes. The balcony or terrace watering can be relatively equivalent, except that its capacity will be reduced, between 3 and 5 litres.

The watering can for indoor plants, on the other hand, will generally not exceed 2 litres and will not have a watering head. With a long and thin neck, it will most of the time be plastic, stainless steel or brass.

Finally, some use watering cans, not for their practicality, but more for their aesthetic appeal. These are old models in iron or brass that can be beautifully placed in the garden, for a more romantic outdoor decor.

What criteria to choose your watering can?

There are several things to consider when choosing a watering can. Indeed, in addition to the capacity of the tank, which depends on the number of plants to water, you must choose the material that composes it. We can thus opt for a plastic watering can, which is today the most widespread material, in brass for more decorative use or in copper or steel. Elements such as the sprinkler head or the sprinkler can also be included depending on the use of the sprinkler.


Its size depends on the amount of support and help we will need to lift heavy liquids. While its position facilitates the inclination without spills.


Also called “rose” is responsible for spraying the pressure and give light and even rain. The garden sprayer can also be removable for easy cleaning.


In addition to the main handle it is important to have another upper handle to facilitate transport when full.


It’s the stability when the can is full or empty.

Measurement marks

When we can see the levels of measurements we will be able to be more precise with the added fertilizers and solvents.


A good design pattern is ergonomic, does not spill and allows all the water to come out without bouncing.