Whether it’s to arrange your flower pots, transport bags of fertilizer, or simply to have your gardening tools close at hand, the garden trolley is the ideal accessory. Both practical and easy to use, gardening lovers cannot do without it. To make your choice, we have made a selection of the best models on the market.

What is the best garden trolley?

Choosing the best one will depend on your needs and capacities, both physical and budget and even the size of the garden. For example, it does not make sense to take a wheelbarrow that you can not even lift.

Establishing a comparison between what is available can be very useful when selecting. You must decide if what you want is those garden trolleys or something to carry materials.

A robust and lightweight model is ideal, and if you look at what the multifunctional model offers, it might be a good idea. A look at this list may help you decide.

SAMAX Coaster Wagon Garden Trolley

SAMAX Coaster Wagon Garden Trolley Beach Wagon Folding Foldable Hand Cart Trolley Offroad Cool -...
  • Overall dimensions: approx. 107 x 48 x 50 cm (LxWxH) with handle approx. 117 cm high, diameter wheels approx. 17 cm
  • Dimensions folded: approx. 17 x 50 x 77 cm (DxWxH)
  • Dimensions of the cool bag: approx. 25 x 30 x 25 cm (LxWxH)
  • Foldable, max. loading weight: 80 kg, weight hand cart incl. cool bag: approx. 11,8 kg
  • Material: 100% polyester incl. protective cover & cool bag, strengthened metal frame

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This garden trolley is made of metal and polyester. It is decorated with two bottle holders and a cooler bag. The front wheels of the cart are swivel and its handle is padded. In terms of dimensions, its handle is 117 cm long, each of its wheels is 17 cm in diameter, its length is 77 cm, its width 50 cm and its height 77 cm.

The load capacity of this trolley is 80 kg. It is therefore suitable for home use. In addition to its robustness, this trolley benefits from a foldable configuration that is easy to handle.

WG050 Worx multifunction trolley

WORX Aerocart WG050 7-in-1 All Purpose Lifter/Carrier and Mover
  • Turbo Lift design makes a 90 KG load feel like only 7 KG
  • Highly versatile lifting and moving work system that converts instantly to handle any challenge
  • Patented design adjusts centre of gravity for a balanced and easy-to-manage load
  • Puncture proof tires never need inflating
  • Includes flower pot strap & cylinder, bag and rock holder strap

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Transporting loads has never been easier than with this extended, versatile vertical trailer metal truck. It is the most recommended to transport liquids and its robust construction make it all-terrain equipment.

Heavyload GDI6 Waldbeck garden wheelbarrow

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Equipped with a sturdy frame, the Waldbeck brand iron garden trolley is best suited for grass, transporting dirt, heavy tools and various garden elements. It is stable, durable and very suitable for heavy loads.

Transport cart 400973 from TecTake

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Made of canvas, with a padded handle, TecTake’s 4-wheel garden cart supports a weight of up to 550 kilos. It is a folding car with folding sides that serves to transport from plants to land.

Sekey garden trolley

Sekey Foldable Handcart, Hand Trolley, Folding Trolley, Beach Trolley, Garden Trolley, Outdoor Tool...
  • Sekey: At Sekey we are a customer-oriented company whose main purpose is to bring joy to our customers the most fashionable and...
  • Multi-purpose outdoor trolley with strong capacity: thanks to its large wheels and robust frame, your trailer can transport up to...
  • HIGH QUALITY FOLDING CART WITH EASY ASSEMBLY AND STORAGE:The Sekey folding cart is very easy to install and store, giving you more...
  • Large size wheelbarrow: main part 88 x 54 x 119 cm, trailer basket 80 x 45 x 28 cm, net weight approx. 9.5 kg and maximum load...
  • Package contents of Sekey folding trolley: Sekey folding garden trolley, product instructions. Our folding trolley is equipped...

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With adjustable canvas for easy installation and maintenance, Sekey folding garden cart holds up to 80 kilos.

It is an ideal hand truck for small gardens. Good for the transport of fertilizer and plants.

Captelec garden transport trolley

Outsunny 75 Litre Large Garden Cart Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Trolley Dump Wheelbarrow Tipping Truck...
  • GARDEN CART: With 75L capacity, it's ideal to transport earth, mulch, plants, peat, mowing and garden tools in the garden.
  • TIPPING FUNCTION: The tub can be tipped over to unload the items conveniently. Reduce labor demand, make gardening easier.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: The angle of the handle bar can be adjusted at will, and there is an EVA soft cover on the handle to provide a...
  • HIGH QUALITY: The garden cart with powder coated steel frame and PP tub is designed for outdoor use, weather resistant and...
  • DIMENSION: Overall Dimension: 109L x 52W x 94H cm. Capacity: 75L. Max. Load: 200kg.

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Suitable for versatile use, this steel trailer will be perfect as a garden trolley. It is robust, resistant and of small dimensions. Very good for small gardens. It’s simple to use.

garden trolley

What is a garden trolley?

There are many people who want to know what is really different from a simple wheelbarrow to a garden trolley. If you still remember the little wheelbarrow that moved with difficulty on the grass, then the memory of the small wheels of the wagon on irregular roads also marked you. On the other hand, an all-terrain wagon was created other than its predecessors and has other options that facilitate access to rough terrain. It has a fairly large space that can also accommodate children and supports a higher load

Why you should buy a garden trolley?

Indeed, many people can benefit enormously from the use of these all-terrain wagons in their respective jobs. If you lead, for example, a sports team, the wagon would be a good option for getting things from the locker room to the training ground. Also, people who catch fish, by trade or pleasure, can take advantage of this for the transport of fishing gear. And, people who take care of gardening will also take advantage of these all-terrain cars for the transportation of their gardening accessories.

Are you thinking of carrying out rehabilitation works or are you currently in a housing renovation project? All-terrain wagons will be more practical for transporting your electrical tools and other accessories, namely paint cans, carpentry supplies, etc. And, if you have a pet, the wagon can also use bedding for the latter.

What to look for when choosing the best garden trolley

When searching, it is not only going for the cheapest, but also for that whose qualities make your product something durable and quality. For this you must pay attention to the types of trucks and their qualities:

Types of garden trolleys

There are various types of trucks on the market, some more suitable for certain types of gardens and jobs than others. Here we explain what each one is:

  • Utilitarian: They are the most used to transport plants, logs for firewood and earth, have a long handle and are basically a wagon with four metal sides. They are robust and very versatile.
  • Unload: They come in two or four-wheel designs and are very useful, as the name implies, to unload material. The loading and unloading carts are especially good for carrying soil, fertilizer, firewood or grass.
  • Flat surface: They are similar to the utilitarian ones but without high sides. They are good for transporting large objects.
  • Folding: They have little load capacity and their sides are not removable. Basically its main quality is that they can be folded for better storage when they are not in use. They have fabric sides with accordion metal frame, which facilitates folding.
garden trolley

Loading capacity

Depending on this detail, the construction will be more robust, so do not hesitate, it is an important quality to take into account when choosing. This also depends on the price, obviously, you will get more economical a model that only supports 300 kilos, above one that holds 600. It is important that you look if it has a wide surface to accommodate the load, high sides to keep it contained and removable if your charges are unequal.


If you will only use it for simple jobs in the garden, maybe you will come with a model with resistant plastic wheels. If your work will be of greater load, in irregular terrains those of rubber will be a suitable thing. They are more robust and support greater weight.

Construction of the cart

They are built in three materials. Plastic, which resists, but deteriorates quickly; polyethene that resists adverse climates, scrapes and dents and, finally, very robust steel, but they are heavy and, in addition, they are oxidized and deteriorate with acid charges.

Strength of the user

You must buy something according to your strength. Very heavy trolleys are made even more with the load. If you are not a heavyweight, a light option is the best.

The handle

The handles are often made of plastic or wood and are designed so that they can be folded up under the wagon during storage. Other than that, the normal length of the handles should match the size of each; a short handle can quickly overwhelm tall people. It is therefore advisable for buyers to choose long-handled wagons even if they cannot reach the narrowest corners. Moreover, the interest of short handle wagons is their ability to easily service fair passages.

Regardless of all this, you must above all check whether the handles are well connected to the axle rather than to the frame of the wagon. This configuration allows a much more flexible driving.


You must make sure to choose something that lasts you and resists frosts, rains and storms. You can select between metal and plastic, the first one resists, but it oxidizes, the second one does not rust, but it is not so resistant.

Shape and size of the trolley

Your tool must be flexible and appropriate to the characteristics of your garden. There are different types of shapes, to carry cargo is good flat models and elongated with a pan, for liquids are usually the vertical models.


You can select modern multifunctional models that bring lots of options and accessories.


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