There are different models of garden sprinklers. Each model is intended for a particular use. Choosing the best garden sprinkler is far from a long, calm river. It is a journey full of pitfalls. We are here and we will share our sprinkler opinion with you.

In addition to our impressions, you will discover many tips that can be found after the summary of each element that we tried. These tips are there to help you to choose the best lawn sprinkler.

What is the best garden sprinkler?

It is important to consider certain aspects, including the size and shape of the area you plan to irrigate and the sprinkler specifications. Depending on the extent of the place, you will need a model with more or less power, which has an adjustable angle and especially an automatic rotation.

Today you can buy fascinating equipment, at a low price with very good quality so you can enjoy a watering like never before. We strive to choose the options with the best reputation in the market just for you.

Oscillating Sprinkler ZoomMaxx Gardena

This magnificent alternative offers an irrigation range from 3 to 18 meters, integrating high-quality filters that prevent the penetration of dust and sand. It has solid and robust support to place it wherever you need it, being quite easy to transport.

Complete set garden sprinkler Gardena 2708-20

Ideal for all types of climates, this model has a valve with a drain that resists extreme and freezing climates. It also offers a surface coverage of up to 10.5 meters with 50 programmable boundary points. Excellent brand.

Nelson 8 BFF Garden sprinkler

This is a simple but very useful garden sprinkler has 8 irrigation patterns that you can adjust according to the need you have, supported by metal bases with a rotating metal body. It has good coupling and an optimal watering that allows maximizing water conservation.

Garden Sprinkler Trio Allround Rehau

A genuinely fascinating option that will allow the grass to always keep humid with an enviable green thanks to its excellent coverage of more than 175 meters whose spray range reaches up to 15 meters. It is quite easy to install and has a standard coupler connector of easy replacement.

Garden Sprinkler 656-846 DZW

This rotating garden sprinkler has a rank of spraying that reaches until the 70 square meters, acting through a hydraulics operation. It has been made by combining ABS plastic with metal springs. Fabulous for gardening

Kärcher oscillating sprinkler

This oscillating garden sprinkler is ideal for those looking for a product for large terrains like mine, thanks to the coverage capacity of 320 square meters with a solid and durable construction using a resistant gear system, very adjustable and with quite firm supports.

Gardena 2062-20 Comfort Circular Sprinkler

Another type of sprinkler exists: it is the rotary sprinkler. It differs from other products thanks to the original shape. Indeed, it is rotary with 3 branches which will serve as an opening to take out the water. Unlike other models, like the cannon sprinkler, the watered surface will not be the same at all. The diameter will be 3 meters around the device, up to 20m2. The covered area can easily go up to 310m2.

To optimize its operation, you will have the possibility of manually adjusting the range for each branch.

We were marked for the stability of the device. Indeed, despite the rotational movement that takes place to water the garden, we were afraid that it would move. It turns out to be particularly stable and robust. We really appreciate this product for that.

Like the majority of sprinklers supplied by Gardena, a filter is present inside. You will need to clean it regularly to optimize its lifespan. Maintenance is certainly simple, but essential.

garden sprinkler

What is garden sprinkler?

The sprinkler is a device that will have many small holes. So when the water comes into the device, with the pressure, the holes will direct the water to a specific place to water the lawn or plants properly.

Sprinklers can be chosen based on the type of planting you have or the programming devices you have.

Different types of garden sprinklers

Manual sprinklers

The various simplified watering systems are attractive alternatives to manual watering. This is, for example, low-pressure watering which allows significant water savings.

They are also high-pressure sprinklers, which distribute water on a regular basis. Porous pipes are systems for setting up irrigation. Among the spray models, there are for example oscillating sprinklers, which generate a fan of water in range and height.

Automatic sprinklers

In addition, individuals can opt for automated watering. These sophisticated devices are equipped with programmers, responsible for opening or closing one or more solenoid valves. With a single programmer, it is possible to control several independent networks.

The canned sprinkler, which is buried, certainly requires significant work but it is devilishly effective in cooling a very large area. It can throw more than 40 meters and is rotary.

There is, in particular, the mobile sprinkler, this equipment is connected to the garden hose and another hose has the function of controlling the rotation arms as well as the wheels.

The rotary sprinkler is another system that produces a jet of water and is one of the most common sprinklers. It has 2 or 3 horizontal arms which rotate under the pressure of the water.

Why automatic garden sprinkler?

Again, it will all depend on your needs. However, we must see all the criteria that we have already mentioned. We can deduce that the model that combines water saving and practicality is the automatic watering can. In addition, it works on all types of terrain.

In fact, we first speak of this system which is intended to be practical, to designate a system which is activated beforehand according to needs. If you have a lot of things planned for the day and even if you have to be away for several days, the problem is already solved.

Then we talk about an economic accessory. In practice, the whole process is programmed. Which plant, when and until when? There is no room for waste.

In addition, it is a system which will be regulated very exactly according to the plan which is already established by the gardener. To do this, this garden sprinkler is controlled through a programmer.

We can also speak of a very precise sprinkler system. This is the corollary of the programmable functionality of this model. In principle, the watering session if you do not always have the time can be a real constraint. But with an automatic garden sprinkler, everything is already mastered by the tool, according to the plans that you have established yourself.

And finally, even in terms of price, an automatic garden sprinkler is a profitable investment, it allows you to take care of the garden without having to spend a fortune.

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What are the benefits of using garden sprinkler?

These products do all the hard work once you install it, keeping the lawn and crops hydrated. Some have a very customizable configuration so you can choose the amount of water you want to spray. They also offer you a moderate use of water, without astronomical accounts at the end of the month.

What should I take into account to find the best garden sprinkler?

Types of garden sprinklers

  • Oscillators: These have an elongated tube with multiple dew holes in it. The water comes out through these holes thanks to the water pressure, causing the tube to move back and forth.
  • Rotary and stationary: These units have several arms with spray tips installed on a rotating head. When the water begins to flow, the head rotates and the arms sprinkle water in a circular pattern.
  • Impact: It is one of the most common options used in parks, and very large extension gardens, although they usually do not work properly when the pressure is low.
  • Movable: It is a more modern unit that moves through the water pressure, acting as rotating equipment but with the novelty that it can reach much more ground thanks to its movement.
  • Buried: They are designed to be placed in one place, and never be moved. They start watering once they are buried in the ground, making them perfect for a complete irrigation system.
  • Spray hoses: Although not technically a sprinkler, these hoses are designed to function as a temporary solution that generates a spray when the tip is facing up.


Plastic is the cheapest option, but at the same time, the least good with very short durability. The best option is one made of zinc, aluminium or stainless steel.


Try to ensure that the construction of the model you choose is sufficiently robust so that its gears and internal components do not break when the pressure is very strong.


A good filter will prevent any external particles from getting stuck inside the sprinkler, so it is a good consideration before buying.

Number of nozzles

In general, the greater the spray nozzle the unit has, the greater the coverage it can provide over the area. Most rotating units should have at least four cannons.

Water consumption

In principle, make sure to use as little water as possible. It is undeniable that gardening is the most pleasant activity. However, you also have to think about water consumption.

In principle, each system that accompanies a garden sprinkler is different and can significantly change your water consumption. For example, if you have a garden sprinkler that will be directly connected to tap via a hose, it is undeniable that it will consume a greater quantity of water than the system which works drop by drop.

For now, the garden sprinkler is reputed to be the one that consumes the least amount of water.

Size and form of the property

Depending on the terrain where you plan to place this equipment, it is important to consider some considerations. For small terrains, a not so powerful unit is ideal, while for larger terrains, a movable garden sprinkler or rotating equipment would be recommended.


To avoid excess water consumption, install a timer to cut the water flow once the predetermined time comes to an end.

Easy to use

A good team should have an easy-to-use instruction manual, with every technical aspect covered in a simple way so that you do not have to pay for an expert or end up watching videos on YouTube about how to install your new acquisition.

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