A garden shed can be practical storage space or even real living space. It all depends on how you build it. Depending on the space available and the desired use, it is important to adapt the size, material and model of your shed. What can be the use of my garden shed according to its size? Which model should I choose for my garden shed? Here, we tell you everything you need to know about garden sheds.

What is the best garden shed?

In my search to find the best things to buy, I have noticed the many models of sheds that exist in the market, some made of wood, others made of more resistant materials and the vast majority with enough space for tools and other used objects in the garden.

To choose the best you should look at the space you have available in your garden, which is easy to clean and other factors that you will know throughout the article, as well as a comparison where you will find the options that I liked the most for their quality and prices.

Lifetime 6411 Garden Shed

If you are in search of a space where you can store everything you need to keep your garden always tidy, this shed will surely delight you.

Not only does it have a large storage space, but it is also easy to clean and resistant to stains.

Garden shed BMS7400 by Suncast

What I like most about this shed, apart from its design, is that it is very simple to assemble, so you will not have to break your head trying to assemble it.

It has a double door so you can comfortably find any accessory or garden tool inside.

Keter garden shed

This is one of the sheds that are most liked because it is made of very resistant plastic, reinforced with steel, but with an appearance and texture in wood, which gives it a very elegant and refined design to the garden and that will withstand the sun’s rays and rain.

Garden shed Gardiun Bristol

This is one of the most economical sheds on the list, but it is very cool to have a lot of storage space.

It is extremely resistant because it is made of galvanized steel sheet and has windows for good ventilation.

OutSunny Shed ES845-0780731

It is the cheapest shed you will find in this comparison, it has a pretty classic design in green, so it will combine perfectly with any type of garden.

It has doors that open easily and allow you to use a padlock for safety.

Outsunny Lockable Garden Shed

Benefits of using a garden shed

Using a shed can bring more benefits than you think, mainly these help to save space since all the things or objects that you do not use and that you keep inside your house can be stored in these sheds.

They also help to keep all the tools that are often used in the garden at hand, such as the lawnmower, Pruning shears, shovels and many others, so they will not be lost and will be easy to find.

Advantages of a wooden garden shed

Wood is a design material which is suitable for all exteriors and all elements, including the garden shed, its ease of integration is immediate, whether it is a question of a dwelling in rustic or modern style. By favouring hardwood species such as cedar or spruce, maintenance will be less, but above all less regular thanks to the rot-proof properties of these woods.

Advantages of metal garden shed

One of the biggest fears of the consumer, when he obtains a garden shed, is not going to be the final aesthetics, nor its resistance, but very often he will focus on an important aspect which will be the assembly of the shed itself. Rest assured because even if you are not a DIY expert, you can perfectly assemble this structure on your own or with the help of a friend for more security.

Due to its solidity, you will have in front of you a shed not only resistant to daily shocks but also a structure that will not deform over time. Made in most cases of galvanized steel, this metal garden shed will not necessarily require precise maintenance, unlike wood.

An advantage that will save you time on its cleaning that you can simply do with a water jet so that it retains a pleasant aesthetic.

You will also have access to different sizes and possible colours that you will choose when purchasing your garden shed. Not to mention its weather resistance which will be increased especially if you are located in a fairly capricious region. An easily recyclable material remains an interesting material for ecology.

pvc garden shed

What is the perfect size for a garden shed?

o determine the ideal surface area for your shed, you first need to decide what it will be used for. Of course, the size of your construction must harmonize with the outdoor space you have. A shed that is too large in a reduced outdoor space will create an unbalanced effect and cause you to lose precious m2 of greenery. On the contrary, a shed that is too small when you have a large garden may limit its use. The main thing is to know how to optimize space in a personalized way. Here are the main uses of your garden shed, depending on the size you give it.

Small garden shed: If your garden shed is less than 5 m2, then it is one of the small models. The advantage of this reduced size is that the shed takes up little space outside. In addition, its construction does not require planning permission. This type of shed will, however, have limited use. It can mainly be used to store garden tools: shovels, rakes, wheelbarrow, mower, etc. In this small space, you will also have the possibility of storing bikes, potting soil or building materials. These sheds of less than 5m2 are very practical, inexpensive, easy to install and simple to maintain.

Medium size garden shed: Garden sheds from 5 to 15 m2 are considered a medium-sized garden sheds. Once finished, an average garden shed can offer many more possibilities than simple storage. It will allow you to store larger tools: chainsaws, hedge trimmers, tillers, etc., or to create a workspace. This type of construction can, in fact, make it possible to keep a part intended for the storage of the tools, while fitting out the other half in the workshop. Thus, it will be possible to install a workbench, an art workshop, a potting and cuttings space or a DIY place.

Large garden shed: The construction of a large garden shed may need planning permission, you can check here. Creating a small house in your garden can allow you to install a summer kitchen with a seating area. However, the costs involved must be taken into account before the decision to create a large garden shed. It will be necessary to develop this space, but also to maintain and renovate it, even to isolate and heat it.

Height under ceiling: Deciding on the height under the ceiling of your garden shed is also an important step. This criteria also need to be checked with building regulations. 

However, the size of the accessories and equipment that you will store in your shed must be taken into account before deciding on the appropriate ceiling height. If you decide to create a sitting space by opting for a large shed, minimum height is necessary. In fact, a height of less than 2.20 meters will limit movement and provide more limited comfort.

wooden garden shed

Different types of garden sheds

There are many different models of garden sheds on the market. Indeed, there are garden sheds made of metal, sheet metal, aluminium, wood and PVC. However, it is important to choose the material with which your garden shed is designed and to choose the most resistant material.

  • PVC garden sheds: many people turn to PVC garden sheds because they are not expensive and are fairly easy to maintain. In fact, PVC is resistant to rain and humidity, which makes it easy to maintain. However, be aware that PVC garden sheds are not very strong and can easily deteriorate.
  • Sheet metal garden shed: it is also used to make garden sheds. It is less expensive than metal, PVC and aluminium, which will allow you to save money. However, be aware that sheet metal garden sheds are not very resistant and can easily deteriorate, especially in winter. The price of a sheet metal garden shed is generally from 90 euros.
  • Aluminium garden shed: if you want to buy a solid mid-range garden shed at an attractive price, we recommend that you choose the aluminium garden shed. The latter is solid and resistant, which will allow you to protect your tools and your garden equipment.
  • Metal garden shed: it is undoubtedly the best material for designing a garden shed, it is very robust and resistant. Indeed, Artois metal garden sheds offer good longevity, are resistant and very solid. The latter are even resistant to wind and bad weather.
  • Wooden garden shed: they have a more original and more aesthetic appearance. Indeed, wooden garden sheds can bring a touch of charm to the decor of your green space. However, as we all know, wood is not very waterproof and waterproof and can deteriorate very quickly outside. It is therefore important to maintain it well.
metal garden shed

Things to consider when choosing a shed

Before buying a shed you should consider certain factors, these will make you choose the best model that suits your needs and ensure a good investment that will last over time:


The size is the most important thing you should consider, this is because the sheds come in different sizes depending on your model and brand, so you must think about the space you have at home before choosing one.


You should always choose materials that are resistant, especially to strong weather conditions, so it is convenient to get a model that is anti-UVA and also waterproof.

Utilities in the sheds

You must always keep in mind three utilities that you can not miss: foundation and floor, windows and doors and secure your shed, this is because it is advisable to install them before the shed.

As for foundations, a shed should always have a firm floor that can be from sand to cement, from there you can choose the type of floor that best goes with it.

A shed can not be complete without doors and windows since they are necessary to have access and for the passage of air to exist.

On the other hand, when it comes to securing your shed you must add some type of security system that prevents the passage of intruders, such as alarms, locks and bars in the windows. In addition to equipping it with materials against fire.


When it comes to sheds, it is important not to get carried away by a very low price since quality is important, this will depend on you buy a model that will last for a long time, on the other hand, it is possible to get affordable options of very good quality, you should only pay attention to the materials.


We all want to have a movie garden, so it is important that the shed you are going to choose has a nice design that goes with the style of your home.


The accessories that you can add to a shed are a factor that depends completely on your tastes and preferences, to these you can add small windows, decorations and even a ramp that allows easier access.


To be able to find a shed of appropriate size for the space you have available, it is important that you consider what you are going to keep in them, in this way you can have a booth with enough room for everything and that does not stay too small or too large.


If you do not want to spend hours putting together a shed, there are pre-assembled models that make the work much easier, although, for the most part, they are quite easy to put together and you can do it on your own.


Safety is an important issue when it comes to sheds since in them you will keep any number of objects, so it is advisable to install reinforced doors that keep things inside very safe.