What could be warmer than a good fire pit? If inside, a good fireplace warms the atmosphere, it is also possible to create this atmosphere outside, using a garden brazier. 

The concept of the fire pit is old (the Mayans and the Romans already used it!) And it is again very trendy in the gardens. This outdoor heater works with wood and can be turned into a barbecue if you add a grill. In cast iron, steel or clay, the fire pit often has a decorative function and a worked design.

What is the best fire pit?

The purchase of a good brazier was not so simple since there are many options, some that work with wood, with coal and I even came across an electric brazier that was cool a lot until I managed to find one that filled all my expectations.

To find the best brazier you must take into account things like their materials and measurements and make it easier for you, you can take a look at the comparison that I have put together with excellent quality options.

1. Fire Pit LIVIVO

LIVIVO Lattice Design Large Fire Pit Brazier with BBQ Grill and Mesh Spark Guard, Metal Fire Poker...
  • LIVIVO LATTICE FIRE PIT - An ideal outdoor wood or charcoal fire-pit for your backyard or garden in beautiful antique lattic...
  • MATERIAL - The brazier is made of a durable steel construction and can hold a large volume of logs, charcoal, firewood or other...
  • SAFETY - The brazier is equipped with a secure fitting removable lid featuring a fine mesh spark guard, allowing viewing of the...
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND TRANSPORT - Whether you're using at home, or taking out to a festival, BBQ or campsite, the easy to clean nature...
  • DIMENSIONS - H:63cm x W:66cm x L66cm: - Larger bowl holds more fuel, burning longer and heating a larger area

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If you are looking for a fire pit of great quality and that is very colourful to give life to your gardens, this model of the Home & Decorations brand will come as a glove. It is a wood brazier in which you can also use charcoal.

2. Femor 3 in 1 Fire Pit with BBQ and Ice bucket

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So that you have pleasant moments with your family, friends or colleagues while you enjoy the fire, you can take home this fire pit in the form of a table and legs of steel that will last you a long time. It is a fire pit you can cook on, simple to use, also very safe.

3. Dawoo Fire Pit For Garden

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If you want a fire pit that keeps a flame for quite some time, this is one of the best options, since it allows you to store a large quantity of firewood or charcoal so that you have a fire for a long time. Its grid prevents sparks and embers that can cause burns.

4. FOBUY Fire Pit

DAWOO Fire Pit with BBQ Grill Shelf - Perfect for Outdoor Entertaining, Garden Parties, and Camping...
  • - [MULTI-PURPOSE] The DAWOO Fire Pit is not only a fire pit but also a barbecue grill shelf, table brazier, and more. It is...
  • - [DURABLE] Made from high-quality and sturdy materials, this fire pit is built to last even in harsh weather conditions.
  • - [EASY TO USE] The simple and user-friendly design makes it easy to setup, use and clean.
  • - [PORTABLE] With its compact size and lightweight design, it is easy to move around and store.
  • - [SAFE AND SECURE] The DAWOO Fire Pit comes with a protective mesh cover and safety metal guard to prevent sparks and embers from...

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If there is something better than a fire pit, it is one that is multifunctional and that allows you to have a pleasant temperature and also cook in it, which is possible with this centurion supports the model. Its design allows it to be used as a practical cellar to store ice.

5. RayGar 3 in 1 Round Fire Pit

RayGar 3 in 1 Round Fire Pit BBQ Ice Pit Patio Heater Stove Brazier Metal Outdoor Garden Firepit +...
  • Ideal for use in garden / patio area. (Not suitable for use on wooden decking).
  • RayGar 3 in 1 - Fire Pit / BBQ / Ice Pit.
  • Easy to assemble - Round frame finished in a bronzed aged look with attractive design - Can be used with charcoal, logs, etc.
  • Includes free protective cover, poker & tongs - Also includes mesh lid/spark cover.
  • Size: L81 x W81 x H45cm - Weight: 10kg - Ensure you read the special warnings & care / maintenance sections.

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The fire pit must not only be functional but also must have a nice design that gives life to where you are going to locate it, something that you can achieve with this model. It is the cheapest of the list and is of excellent quality.

6. Harbour Housewares Cast Iron Fire Pit

Harbour Housewares 100cm Diameter Cast Iron Fire Pit Outdoor Garden Patio Heater Wood Burner BBQ...
  • Strong cast iron construction - naturally strong with incredible heat radiance and resistance; designed to stand the test of time....
  • Oversized Bowl Design - Allows for maximum exposure of your fuel to oxygen, meaning easier lighting and a longer, more sustained...
  • Easy to Assemble - Comes with all required screws and fittings as well as a hex key. Easy to remove legs if needed to store away...
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 100cm Width (inc. Handles): 112cm Height: 42cm
  • 2 Year Warranty - With an award-winning Customer Service Team dedicated to providing peace of mind from our door to yours.

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Harbour Housewares fire pit is the largest model in our selection. With a diameter of 100 cm, the Housewares model made of durable cast iron ensures you a very large cooking surface. The design level is classic, both simple and rustic, this model has been designed in the shape of a salad bowl offering you a very large thermal radiation, having two side handles for movement, and three tripods for maximum stability.

7. Tobago – Round Black Steel Fire Pit

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Here we have a very solid Tobago brand fire pit. Indeed, it is made of steel, and therefore provides you with unparalleled durability. It has an original style, which can be described as childish because its base has moon-shaped holes, small and large stars. 

Once the embers are ignited, this fire pit is able to bring you a light full of charms, with reflections in the shape of stars and moon, nothing more beautiful to relax well. This fire pit is designed to be used for heating, and it uses coal for this purpose. 

Hence the mesh-shaped cover, to prevent the ash from volatilizing. It is entirely black and remains very aesthetic. In addition, it is offered to you by the manufacturer, a one-year warranty from the purchase of the fire pit.

8. Centurion Supports NUSKU Luxurious fire pit

Centurion Supports NUSKU Luxurious and Premium Multi-Functional Black with Ceramic Tiles 360°...
  • A luxurious design with a round frame, the Nusku is practical and convenient, and can be used with charcoal, logs, coal and wood....
  • A clever multi-functional 3 in 1 Fire Pit - It can be used as a Fire Pit / Barbeque / Ice Bucket (To use as Ice Bucket, line the...
  • A safety mesh lid allows you to watch the burning fire, and encloses the fire for safety as well as preventing sparks and debris...
  • For your convenience, the following accessories are included: poker tool; barbeque grill; safety mesh lid; charcoal rack; clear...
  • Made of steel, its solid legs make it strong and sturdy, with vertical supports between the legs for extra stability and rigidity....

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If you are looking for a luxury fire pit, premium quality, you should know that this is one of the best fire pits. This is because it has a unique design, shaped in the centre by the fire pit with black finishes, surrounded by a frame made of ceramic tiles.

In addition to having a premium design and finishes, all made of high resistance materials. This fire pit stands out for being multipurpose as it gives you the possibility of using it as a fire pit, as a barbecue as well as an ice bucket.

Its robust design makes it very resistant and durable. It also incorporates a mesh cover to prevent fire, ashes or embers from flying out. Acquiring this fire pit is acquiring one of the best fire pits for its design, functionality, quality and also the accessories it incorporates.

fire pit

What is a fire pit?

A fire pit is ideal to enjoy your patio, beach or outdoors where the weather is cold. They are a heater that uses fuel to generate fire or electricity to provide a pleasant thermal sensation.

Advantages of having a fire pit

Having a fire pit these days has become a real trend, especially for lovers of the rustic style during the hot or cold seasons. On its own, it is able to completely change the appearance of your home. It is, therefore, a good way to create a romantic atmosphere for a beautiful romantic dinner, a much more festive, warm and tasty atmosphere during your family barbecue evenings, a peaceful or nostalgic air to chat with someone or better think on your own. 

The fire pits, thanks to their very aesthetic nature, can inspire you to create new decorations inside and out, depending on the type of fire pit you have.
As a heating device, it is a good investment, as it warms closed or open spaces well during the cold season. It is strong, durable, and easy to maintain. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and you won’t even see the years go by.

brazier for garden

How to use a fire pit?

The fire pit, for the most times, is very easy to use, however you must avoid any risk of danger thanks to some very important recommendations. 

Therefore, never use petrol to start your fire. On the contrary, favour only the recommended lighters while starting your fire little by little. For fire pits that use wood, never stack a large number of wood chunks, at the risk of seeing the embers fly away. 

Be very careful with your fire when there is a lot of wind. But in a lesser case, the best alternative is to use screens or grids to protect against wind and sparks. So never leave your fire unattended, to avoid unintended incidents. 

As you already know, the golden rule is to keep children away from these devices as much as possible, or if their presence is important, they must be supervised by an adult. 

When putting out your fire, make sure that no flame has remained. You can use a fire extinguisher, or a large amount of water to soak all the coals. But to be safer, simply follow the instructions given by the manufacturer.

garden brazier

How to choose the best fire pit?

Take into account the following factors to find your perfect brazier:


There are permanent braziers made of stone or portable models that you can find in materials such as iron, metal and many others that are resistant to heat.


These braziers in addition to providing heat can easily become an excellent grill to make delicious barbecues.


Gas burning fire pits do not produce sparks or coals and have a flame that you can control. When a gas fire pit is put out at the end of the night, the fire is known to be completely extinguished. Woodburning fire pits require a little more care and attention before retiring to bed in peace. Many gas-burning models come with glass or Pyrex shields. This safety feature not only helps protect those who gather around the flames by creating a barrier but also brings the effect that the wind has on the flames. As for wood bonfires, use a safety screen to reduce sparks and coals and use only dry wood.


There are different sizes among which you can choose:

  • Small: They are perfect for camping. They are portable in size and are also easy to transport.
  • Medium size: It is the most common, its size allows mobility and can accommodate large amounts of wood or coal.
  • Large: Large braziers provide a larger flame, but can be more difficult to clean.


  • Cast iron: Is your exterior more stylish and refined? The cast-iron fire pit combines perfectly with the contemporary style and stands out as a real decorative object. Regardless of the fact that it is one of the most popular models, it offers excellent thermal inertia and restores heat several hours after the brazier goes out. A model that withstands very high temperatures well.
  • Corten steel: Like cast iron, the Corten steel fire pit fits perfectly into a contemporary style. It has great resistance to corrosion and heat. The little extra: a nice rusty patina that forms after a brief exposure to the weather.
  • Clay: Do you want to give your garden a holiday atmosphere? All you have to do is mix wooden, rattan and wicker furniture with beautiful palm trees and cactuses and add a nice clay fire pit. Despite the fact that this model is more fragile than those made of cast iron and steel (especially during periods of intense cold), it offers good thermal inertia and diffuses homogeneous heat over several meters around the brazier. In addition, it will offer an authentic spirit to your exterior.
  • Brass: Brass braziers are the best options you can choose because they never rust and can be shaped in different ways.
  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is always a great idea when you look for outdoor parts, as it resists weathering and is very durable.
fire pit BBQ grill


A brazier can be used in different ways:

  • Fire pit: They are capable of supplying heat and will serve as an excellent decorative piece to sit around.
  • BBQ Grill: You only have to add a grid or grill to your brazier and it can be used to make barbecues.
  • Artistic brazier: Ideal for use as a decorative piece, they are usually abstract and created by hand.
  • Custom braziers: You can get customized pieces that go with your tastes and style.

Fuel: Wood vs Gas

The advantage of gas is that you can have instant flames effortlessly. No preparation is required and, best of all, nothing to clean up after. Burning gas does not produce smoke, making it ideal for places where this can be a problem. Unless you have gas lines to your fire pit, you will have to change the gas tanks when they are empty, but if you are burning firewood, you will need a log pile. You will also need to light a fire before lighting it, keep it on, put it out, and finally clean up the ashes. More work sometimes, but for some people, the smell of burnt wood, the sounds of a crackling fire, and all the memories they evoke more than make up for it.


You must take into account the dimensions of the fire pit since this is what will let you know if it will enter the space you have set aside for it.


It depends on the material with which it is made and the fuel it uses. Gas burners and valves should be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging by insect nests and dirt buildup. Although this is easy to do, it is recommended that a professional inspect them from time to time. A well-built wood fire pit should require very little maintenance over the years, other than emptying it of ashes. If you are using it for cooking, additional cleaning may be required to remove grease and residue build-up. Some metal fire pits will require additional maintenance to keep them rust-free and looking their best. Using a weather resistant cover is a good idea to increase longevity.

Where to buy a fire pit?

As you could see, the best fire pits are found on Amazon, so the best place to buy them is without a doubt through Amazon, a leader in the sale of items online.

By buying the best fire pits you will not only receive an excellent product, but also the benefits of buying online such as not having to leave home and deal with traffic, fuel and price savings, more models to choose from, trust and safety, shipments to your home, among other benefits.

The price: Although the price influences a lot when buying fire pits, it is not the same if you pay £10 or £100. You must consider more than the price, the value for money of each model.


Although the fire pits are also known as a garden brazier, the truth is that this can be a perfect complement if you like to be a lot in your garden or patio. The comfort it can offer you by giving warmth to yourself and those around you is considered a good time for reflection if you want to take that way.