The metal shelving units are the favourite in warehouses, storage areas and shops because they are large, bear a lot of weight, do not need much care and if they are placed anticorrosive and in dry areas will not wear. There are many types of garage shelving units and usually, they can be custom made, this way you are guaranteed that the shelf will support the weight you place on top. If you need a metal shelf do not miss the various models available.

What is the best garage shelf?

Surely you will have heavy load resting on it, so it is essential to buy a good brand that has a robust and resistant design so that it does not get damaged over time. In general, the best option is usually made of stainless steel avoiding the corrosion that can be generated under these types of conditions.

As you will have a great variety of belongings to store, I recommend you to get a multipurpose unit and depending on the need, look for a model with wheels for better mobility. Whatever the case, here you will find a product that suits you.

Shelving Unit T-Rax Monster Racking

Magnificent design that will give you an amazing organizational capacity, where you can choose different sections for different types of pieces. Its construction is made of steel, with a pretty nice blue colour capable of supporting up to 280 kilograms. In addition, it is really easy to install.

Garage Shelving Racking Solutions

Storage up to 65 litres, this versatile design seeks to satisfy needs in various areas, optimizing the space with a vertical style built with steel of 1.5 millimetres thick and a glossy finish thanks to its full coating. It is certified by the EU and you can even use it in your office.

G-Rack heavy goods shelf

When choosing this option we are talking about bigger words. Built to store really heavy loads, it is capable of supporting weights of up to 175 kg. Its design is quite stable, providing an almost immovable floor grip. There is no need for tools to install this shelf.

Shelving with 5 shelves AmazonBasics SL-SUAM-120

This model is a convenient option for those looking for something more portable, and that can solve basic storage needs. It includes five separators with a load capacity of 19.95 kilograms each. These spacers can be adjustable in 2.54 centimetres. Really solid!

Metal Garage shelving VonHaus

Fascinating rugged and rugged metal manufacturing equipment, specially designed for those who love small spaces thanks to its vertical shape with several containers and a total load of 875 kg. It can be configurable in two work tables or make it smaller.

Metal garage shelving LANGRIA

A really useful alternative, with surprising features. If the garage does not have a completely flat surface, it allows adjusting the base so that it stays firm; reducing any possible unfortunate fall. It has 6 containers and a fairly durable wire mesh construction.

Shelving T70 / 5 Art Plast

Made in polypropylene, this equipment provides great robustness and strength despite its actually reduced weight of just 6.2 kilograms; a wonder to change its location. It can withstand really adverse climates, such as cold and even solvents. It does not retain moisture or absorb odours.

Why you should buy garage shelving units?

This is a perfect option to store and organize your area or area. This product stands out for its durability and reliability to keep kitchen supplies at your fingertips or show your products and inventory of your company or warehouse.

Regardless of the type of need you have, whether commercial, industrial or retail, our metal shelves are excellent for restaurant furniture and medical shelving to keep products safe, sterile and easy to organize regardless of the condition in the They must be stored. In addition, you can use it for heavier items in your home or workplace.

garage shelving units

Benefits of using garage shelving units?

Eliminates soil disaster

They will help you clean up the oil disaster, which makes the area seem disorganized. Also, store your equipment and tools more safely.

Optimize space

The space occupied by this closet will help you store a large number of large and small objects that would be difficult to handle without it.

It’s easier to find and manage your belongings

Your items will be stored systematically, so you can find them more easily and use them for work purposes.

Improve the garage attire

No disasters, no objects thrown around, your garage will acquire a better outfit and more space.

Things to consider when buying garage shelving units

Type of shelving

  • Independent: These can be either fixed or adjustable, although the second is the most popular.
  • Extra features: These are like the independent models only that have two “legs” and an open section. They are made to be placed near an independent shelf.
  • For wall: They are ideal for small garages that do not have space on the floor to place any of the two previous options.
  • For roof: They are great because they take advantage of the unused area above the garage door. Although they are designed to fit between the roof and the door, you can use them wherever you want.


  • Metal: It is much stronger and can withstand a lot of weight with reduced possibilities of bending or splitting in a short period of time.
  • Wood: Although they are not very resistant to moisture, they are quite durable and are available in a lot of options.
  • Plastic: This is a very economic model that will allow you to organize your belongings in the same way. In addition, it is virtually maintenance-free and easy to clean. Without adding its resistance to water. Although it does not stop being bad quality.
  • Medium Density Fiber: It is popular in the market because it is cheap, but quite durable at the same time. Its smooth surface makes it perfect for painting, but also easier to see scratches.
  • Wire: It is one of the least expensive options. They are quite easy to maintain and clean and come in a lot of sizes and shapes.

Adjustable or fixed

If you will need to adjust the shelf as your storage needs change, then undoubtedly opt for an adjustable model, otherwise, acquire fixed equipment.

With or without wheels?

It depends on you, but a model with wheels will allow you to rearrange the unit in different places if you need it, and it will provide greater ease to move the objects.

metal shelve

Advantages when choosing a metal shelf

If you are still not 100% sure that a metal shelf is not your best option, here I will indicate the benefits that this type of furniture could bring you:

Resistant: the steel gratings have a lot of resistance and most of these gratings are covered with a powder wrap that prevents the material from rusting and not scratching. Mostly shops or industrial businesses ensure that the shelves meet these characteristics, this could be the guarantee that their products, items or objects are not damaged or broken.

Versatile and cheap: this type of material can be purchased at reasonable prices since these pieces can be used for anything you want. They are mostly used in warehouses and offices.

Good looks: Steel furniture always works better than other types of storage shelves, since you can find the items you store faster. In addition, there are a variety of decorative styles that will allow you to find the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Store large items: you don’t have to worry about the size of the items you are going to store, in our online store you can find the custom metal shelf and you can manage your component in the best possible way.