If you want to equip yourself with agaming projector to play your video games on the big screen but still hesitate on the model to choose, you have come to the right place. In our list of the best models, we compared the various contenders as the best projector for video games.

What is the best gaming projector?

For example, the entry of lag is a really important aspect before making this purchase. You, as a player, will always want the latency to be as low as possible. Make sure that the unit you will acquire has a latency of less than 20ms.

The ports. It will not do you any good to have the best gaming projector if you can’t connect it to the device you have. It is almost vital, that the unit you plan to take has an HDMI connection as it is the most popular standard unit these days. Check also the ports available on your PC or console, and that the projector has them in the same way.

The brightness is something to be considered in the same way so that it can reproduce clear and vivid images; The ideal index in this aspect should be at least 1800 lumens. The articles published here, have most of these characteristics. So, let’s go there.

1. DLP Optoma GT1080 0darbee projector

Versatile and stable

Optoma GT1080E Full HD 1080p Short throw 3000 ANSI Lumens DLP Projector - White
  • Create a 100 inches with full HD 1080p image from just over a meter away
  • Easy connectivity - 2x HDMI and MHL support with built-in 10 W speaker
  • Operating conditions: 5-40 degree Celsius, max. humidity: 85 Percent, max altitude: 3000 m
  • Gaming mode
  • Short-throw lens

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A good gaming projector will work perfectly to watch movies, but not the other way around. This equipment provides versatility in areas of application ranging from cinema to excellent performance in regards to gaming. It integrates a set of speakers of maximum fidelity with five years of guarantee.

Its screen resolution is 1080p high definition, with a dimension of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The brightness exceeds what is demanded, and that is that it can achieve clarity of up to 3000 ANSI lumens. It has a phenomenal contrast of 28,000. You can play 3D versions thanks to its included feature, and it has ISF modes.

2. BenQ W1210ST Video Gaming Projector

Recommended brand

BenQ W1210ST 1080p Video Gaming CineHome Projector, Short Throw, 2200 ANSI Lumens, Low Input Lag,...
  • Native 1080p Full HD image quality
  • Low input lag for smoother gaming
  • Unique game mode/ game bright mode. Projection Offset 102.5%±2.5%
  • Spectacular colour delivered by optimized 6x RGBRGB colour wheel for video gaming
  • Superior short throw projection (100"/ 1.5 meter). 10Wx2 speakers powered by BenQ Cinema Master audio enhancer

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Enjoy the best resolution of all with a brightness of 2,000 lumens in ANSI. This gaming projector has a fantastic range that ranges from 0.69 to 0.83. Feel the graphics closer to you with its full HD resolution in 1080 pixels, and its contrast of 15,000. Includes 3D functionality ideal for playing.

Its connectivity is clearly universal, thanks to the fact that it integrates two HDMI ports, as well as input for MHL and RCA. It has a USB port, with a guarantee of two years that clearly shows the good quality of this product. It has a remote control for much more effective control.

3. Acer Predator Z650 Gaming Projector

Ready for so much emotion?

Acer Predator Z650 Gaming Projector (1080p Resolution, 2200 Lumens, 20000:1 Contrast Ratio)
  • 1080p resolution ready for blu-ray, 3D and high definition content
  • Short-throw projection; enjoy 100-inch screen size from just 1.5 m away
  • Stream audio to a wireless bluetooth headset, sound bar or speaker for a wireless audio experience. Native aspect ratio: 16:9
  • 2,200 ANSI Lumens brightness and 20,000:1 contrast ratio
  • 3 x HDMI, 2 x MHL ports offer versatile connectivity

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Immerse yourself in a world full of excitement with the new ACER team, this time it offers us an innovative DLP technology with 3D capability, which will also allow you to play videos and games with a high-definition 1080p sharpness. The brightness will narrow more towards you thanks to its 2.2200 lumens of capacity.

Do not worry about which port to use, with this model you will have two HDMI, MHL inputs, and one input for VGA, RCA, S-Video, 3RCA connectors and a mini Jack. The graphics processor is an Nvidia 3D Vision card, and also includes two viewers to view content in the third dimension. All in one.

4. Viewsonic Pro7827HD

Satisfaction guaranteed

ViewSonic LightStream Pro7827HD 1080p Home Cinema Projector
  • Ultimate Cinema Experience for your Home
  • Incorporate Oscar Academy Award-Winning TI DLP DMD Display Technology
  • Cinema Super Color Technology Best in class movie colors
  • Crisp Images True black & high contrast ratios
  • Cinema Super Color RGBRGB Color Wheel Brilliant color gradient

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Enjoy the greatest coverage in visualization with this super novelty model that is also concerned with the optimization of audio with the integration of speakers that will make it possible to hear with much more clarity the bombings, sounds of the game and many features that give the respective emotion to the gaming

The brightness is indicated by a capacity of 2200, with a high definition display, and a noise level of 36dB. Its digital zoom is up to 2X. Its weight, really light, is 2.6 kilograms. You can place it where you want since you do not need cable models to power electrically, just a couple of AAA batteries.

5. EUG HD 1080p LED

Overcome your limits

5000 Lumen WXGA Android LCD Smart HD Wireless Video Projector with Wifi Bluetooth, LED 1080P Home...
  • Surprise the whole family with this smart projector - all-in-one design, featuring with Android OS, WiFi, Bluetooth and digital...
  • Set up your exclusive movie&gaming system with this projector in minutes - user-friendly design, featuring with ±15° Keystone...
  • Immerse yourself in the wonderful big-screen world - excellent display&sound out design, featuring with high-quality TFT LCD...
  • Feel the most comfortable watching experience with family and friends - eyesight-protective design, diffuse projection light is...
  • Enjoy the pleasant shopping experience with EUG projector - the original manufacturer, specializing in Innovative design,...

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With this product, you can overcome your own limits thanks to its wireless transfer technology that lets you enjoy a multi-media interactive screen. It has been designed with Android 4.4 that allows you to see in mirror function everything you want on your smartphone, tablet, iPad or Laptop only using Wifi.

Its high-resolution LCD screen is 1280 by 800, with compatible inputs for 1080p. Its brightness is characterized by 5000 lumens, with a LED lamp without rainbow effect. It also has a function of saving energy, and a useful life of up to 5,000 hours. It also has an excellent price-value ratio.

6. Sony VPL-HW65ES

The quality of always with the latest technology

Sony VPL-HW65ES High End Home Cinema Projector
  • Product Type: Home Projector, 1800lm, FullHD SXRD 3D, 120.000:1, 3 Years Prime Support
  • 6000 Hours Lamp Life, Reality Creation
  • longer lasting lamp up to 5,000 hours

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Little must be added to the Sony brand. This time, without stopping to surprise us, it offers a team that includes a lamp that has an autonomous operation of up to 6000 hours. Its contrast ratio of 120,000: 1. In addition, it allows you to enjoy and play 3D content without any problem.

You can obtain maximum clarity thanks to its 200 Watt bulb, with a data transfer speed ranging from 10 to 100 Mbit / s. A great option with an excellent relationship in your budget that will undoubtedly cover your needs in a simple way.

Choose the right gaming projector

The gaming projector allows you to enjoy a very large image, guaranteeing an even deeper immersion in the action of video games as in that of films and series. Its choice meets the same criteria as that of atelevision, including with regard to the input lag. Some video projectors thus suffer from a significant display delay, greater than 50 ms, which is not a problem for a film but is much more so in a game requiring excellent responsiveness.

Others offering a very low input lag, less than 40 ms, are perfectly suited to video games. As for televisions, a quick tour in the image settings menu allows you to deactivate any video processing to improve things. To find out the input lag of agaming projector, there is no other choice than to search for the information, since the manufacturers hardly ever measure this characteristic and therefore only very rarely mention it on the technical sheets. Certain sites which regularly publish tests of video projectors can constitute as many sources of information on the subject.

Ultra short throw, short or normal focal length video projector?

Ultra short throw projector

This choice determines the placement of the projector in the room and may have consequences for the gaming experience itself.

Placed between the player and the projection screen, a short-throw video projector or an ultra-short (wide-angle) video projector allows total freedom of movement without the risk of obscuring the image (you cannot pass in front of the light beam). This is essential with certain sports or action-adventure video games requiring movement and movements on the part of the player, in particular on Nintendo Wii and Wii U consoles.

  • The ultra-short focal length video projector can be left at the foot of the wall or projection screen, on the floor or on aTV-Video cabinet, or fixed to the wall or ceiling, just in front of the projection screen.
  • The short-throw video projector can take place on a coffee table in front of the players, and even be taken for game sessions with friends, or mounted on a support on the ceiling.

A standard focal length video projector must be placed at least 3 or 4 meters away from the screen to obtain an image of approximately 1.5 to 2 meters of base. In this case, we prefer a fixed installation on the ceiling. Practical, some ceiling projector mounts have a quick attachment system that makes it easy to clip and unclip the projector to take it with you.

LCD or DLP videoprojector

DLP video projector

These two technologies now offer a very satisfactory display quality, with bright and well-contrasted images. DLP video projection technology, however, produces slightly softer and natural images, with slightly higher contrast. Some spectators indeed find that LCD technology presents a somewhat typed “computer” rendering.

As for the rainbow effect of DLP video projectors to which some people are more sensitive than others, it is today greatly reduced, if not eliminated, by the use of colourimetric wheels with 6 segments (RVBRVB ) to replace the 3-segment (RGB) wheels still used on some entry-level models.

Brightness and contrast

The brightness of the video projector, expressed in ANSI lumens, is decisive for a projection in the middle of the day when the room is only immersed in semi-darkness. A bright video projector is also an asset to obtain a very large image without losing brightness.

Brightness and contrast

The contrast ratio designates the difference in value that the video projector can produce when it displays a completely black image and a completely white image. It is expressed by an XXXX: 1 ratio. This value is important because it determines the ability of the projector to produce shade between total black and the brightest white. A low contrast ratio thus results in a lack of subtlety and detail in the images, due to a limited number of gradations to go from black to white. Conversely, a high contrast ratio allows the video projector to display more shades in all areas of the image, with more visible detail, in both dark and light areas. Ideal for flushing out an adversary camouflaged in the darkness of a hangar!

For gaming and home theatre use, it is recommended to make the room as dark as possible in order to optimize the contrast and obtain a better colour definition. It is thus possible to favour a video projector with high contrast without having to focus on the value of the brightness which is then less critical.

For the image as for the sound, the physical characteristics of the room have an influence on the result obtained, an untreated living room tends to reduce the real contrast of the image. The walls surrounding the screen in a living room are generally light in colour and reflect part of the light towards the projection screen, which reduces the perceived contrast. In an entirely white room which induces a reduced contrast, it is therefore preferable not to have atoo-bright video projector.

To take advantage of the best gaming projectors, we prefer as much as possible a dark environment around the screen. It is obviously easier to implement in a dedicated room, in which the walls and the ceiling adopt a dark and mat finish, as in professional cinemas. But a simple dark curtain deployed behind the screen during projection can significantly improve the final contrast in a living room.


video projector supporting HDR video content is essential to benefit from images with many details in dark areas as in bright areas with the most recent video game consoles (PS4 Pro and Xbox One S) which support HDR (High Dynamic Range) content – see the All about HDR and Dolby Vision guide.

What projection screen?

The projection screen is often considered as a simple accessory which is given less importance than the video projector at the time of purchase. Yet it is he who displays the image and therefore he that we are looking at, and not the video projector. The quality of the image thus depends on the quality and type of the canvas on which it is projected. If you choose a screen with a poor quality canvas or unsuitable for your projection conditions, you will get an image with weak contrast and washed-out colours, even with ahigh-end video projector.

projection screen

Several types of canvas exist, from the classic matt white to pearl grey, with a more or less fine texture and a more or less significant gain. Each has its own fields of application. The most versatile is the matt white canvas, which offers ideal characteristics for projection in the dark, as well as in dimmed lighting conditions.

Certain fabrics called technical fabrics are intended for specific uses. High contrast grey canvases are therefore particularly suitable for video projection in the middle of the day or in an untreated room against light pollution.