With so many new gaming consoles available on the market, it’s hard to choose which one may turn out to be right. Some of the options in the gaming industry bring with them the highest definition of 4K resolutions, offering beautiful screens that capture every detail of the action.

Other consoles are simpler and put more emphasis on accepted games and their functionality itself. Depending on who buys it, there is a gaming console on the market for just about anyone.

Do you want to pamper yourself or pamper yours with one of the most powerful consoles to date? Or maybe you just want to play without affecting your pocket? Or, you could be looking for a game system that you can take with you on the go.

Regardless of what you are looking for, below you will find a summary with the best gaming consoles in the world in this year that consider all these possibilities, which will make you easily make the decision. We will also give you a couple of tips that you can take into account when choosing a console that suits you and your needs.

What is the best gaming console?

There are several important points when buying one of these products; for example, its exclusive games. In spite of the great variety of crossed platforms, each brand has its own line of games that only work in a certain unit. For example, Halo nothing else is capable of being executed in consoles like Xbox.

Make sure you also have an entertainment centre that allows you to access applications such as Netflix or YouTube and even download applications directly from your platform. The shared screen option is something to consider if you like to make encounters in your home and battle with your friends in multiplayer mode.

Some units also allow you to watch movies on Blu-Ray. Identifies for whom the console is intended, for an adult or child, since, being products designed for adults, a large majority of these computers do not have a variety of games available for the little ones.

1. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro Gaming Console

Feel the realism more at your side thanks to the integration of the playback of content in 4K dynamic that will allow you to observe the textures in a more real than ever, as well as get much more vivid colour tones than before. The audio playback system is much sharper than before, you can feel the vibrations flush with the skin.

What if I tell you that now you can feel that the water is almost real? Your HDR system converts graphics is a unique experience. The frames are much faster than before, do not miss a moment of emotion.

2. Xbox One S

Built with the highest resolution 4K and HD Blu Ray playback, the gaming console from XBOX experience will be something you’ve never experienced before. The spatial audio will create an enveloping wave around you to provide an epic centre of fights where you will feel that you are really in the fight field.

With more than 100 exclusive games, this unit is emerging as one of the most sold in the market. It has a host of applications in its entertainment centre that you can download. Focus on just playing and forget the adapters; It has maximum compatibility with the Xbox One accessories.

3. Microsoft Xbox One X Gaming Console

Sold at a premium price, the Xbox One X is the top of the basket in terms of the console. It is the most powerful ever designed and, in some cases, can display native 4K with a stable framerate. It is an uncompromising product that, in absolute terms, does not do much more than an Xbox One S except to offer a higher quality image for additional visual comfort. It, therefore, appears to be very dependent on the goodwill of the developers and on their propensity to optimize their games so that they appear better in the light of much greater graphic resources. In short, a console for the picky image.

4. Nintendo Switch

It has not happened to you that you are levelling up, but suddenly you have to leave home in a hurry? Do not say more, just switch to the portable console and you can continue the game outside your home. You can expand the internal memory capacity because it has a slot to insert a micro SD card.

You can have games with friends directly from the screen that brings the portable unit if you lack a TV, just give a Joy-Con and the game will be ready to start. By the way, being Nintendo has a lot of games available for the little ones in the house.

5. Nvidia Shield TV

This sensational option available will allow you to have a really great option of 1080p or 4K Ultra HD. Thanks to your voice command, with Google technology, you can have quick and easy access to any application you need, be it Netflix, YouTube or others. Be amazed by more than 100 applications available for download on Nvidia Shield TV. 

Have the ability to control everything you want; the command is under your control. It is one of the most fluid and fast machines available today. Its price is quite economical and offers an exquisite price-value ratio.

6. Nintendo 2DS XL

Nintendo 2DS became an alternate option to traditional consoles, specifically this model will provide a much lower weight than its brother 3DS but with the same power and the same dimensions that will let you enjoy the most of the experience when playing. It has an NFC reader that will allow you to read the cards easily.

Upon receiving the package you will find a micro SD card of 4GB, with which you can obtain a greater storage capacity of your well-known entertainment centre. It offers many more control and development options.

Xbox one x

Benefits of the gaming consoles

The opinion that was held against video games must be left behind. Although the outdoor play is indispensable, video games provide infinite benefits to children’s cognitive, motor and social development. Go ahead we will show you some of the most remarkable benefits.

  • They test their analytical and problem-solving abilities: In video games, players are forced to constantly make decisions. Many games – especially ones that plunge their players into lengthy narratives – require analysis and planning. They also teach children to follow the rules.
  • They teach how to focus on several activities at the same time: Many video games require their players to stay alert and be very vigilant. This can best be seen in adventure games. Children have to solve problems without losing sight of the objective, energy levels or possible obstacles.
  • They contribute to the development of social skills: By playing against other children, your son or daughter will learn about healthy competition. Cooperative games teach you about the importance of teamwork. You could even create friendships with other children. But of course, you should not stop monitoring their interactions when it comes to online games.

How to choose gaming console?

There are times when we need to relax and enjoy good video games, whether they are the newest or the classic ones of a lifetime like Super Mario Bros, so it is essential to know the different options that are on the Internet. In this section, we present you a guide for buying the best gaming console, so that you review various aspects before choosing the one that catches your attention the most.

In a comparison of gaming consoles, it is important to know the variety that the market provides us, from retro machines to the most current ones.

Some of the best known are the handheld consoles with classic video games, these delight people from the 80s onwards, of course, also the current generations. If you are one of the people who love games like The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Contra, Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Duck Hunt, Pac-Man and others similar, we recommend you to opt for one of these consoles.

And when talking about more recent consoles you will find the latest creations from Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony, etc., which provide videogames with more advanced images, including 3D and 4K. These tend to be more expensive, but are worth it for the realism of the games and their special effects.

Some of these consoles can only be used connected to a TV and others have the dual function, thanks to the fact that they incorporate screens and AV outputs. You will make the final decision on which one to buy, depending on what you want or need at the time.

The controls

If you are going to buy a console without an integrated screen, then you should opt for the one with at least one controller.

This accessory is essential to be able to move video game characters and enter the sound, language, graphics, etc. settings.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that there are remote and wired controls. In the latest creations in the industry, most of the controls are wireless, in addition, many models come rechargeable, so you will not have to buy batteries.

The type of control you choose will depend a lot on the model of the console, however, anyone you choose can satisfy you, because the most important thing is that the product you buy meets your preferences and requirements.


Most consoles are multifunctional, that is, they perform other tasks apart from playing video games. Since not all of them have the same functions, we recommend you review this aspect before making your choice, because if you want one that plays Blu-ray movies, you would be wasting time with a console that does not read this type of disc.

Among the tasks that these teams can provide is that of playing multimedia files, such as images, videos or audios. Another important function they provide is to view movies in high definition.

As if that were not enough, in the market you will find consoles with WiFi function, which make it possible to download video games and surf the Internet. Some even allow you to play with people from other parts of the world using this technology.

Storage capacity

Before knowing how much it costs, it is good to mention the capacity of the hard disk or the memory with which the console comes.

There are products in this category that have microSD cards or internal memory with less than 10 GB, this does not mean that they are bad, because sometimes that capacity is sufficient for certain consoles whose game formats are quite light.

On the other hand, it is good to mention that the newer teams require heavier games, so their memory should be more extensive. This is the case of the Xbox, Playstation 3 and 4, Nintendo Wii, among others. If you are going to buy one of these products, we recommend you buy the one that offers more than 160 GB of internal storage.

On the other hand, it is good to say that some consoles offer the possibility of adapting an external hard drive of 1 TB or more, so you will have a lot of storage space to store more files or games.