Know what size we need, what capacity and distribution suit us, its energy consumption and of course, what kind of features we can get for a price that doesn’t exceed our budget. Here is a list of the main points that you should take into account when you go to buy a new fridge freezer under £300.

When the fridge freezer breaks, it always seems like a catastrophe. Not only because of the loss of food that has been spoiled or thawed, or because of the money that will be the purchase of a new one. But because it seems a titanic task to choose a completely new one among all the variety there is right now. But in reality, it is not that difficult, we just have to stop and think for a moment and follow these tips to know which one we need.

Even most amateurs know that the first thing when buying a fridge is to measure the space where it will be placed in the kitchen. But it is not enough to measure only the height. A fridge freezer that is too wide can be trapped forever in the door of the house or the elevator.

To avoid a disaster of such magnitudes, be sure to measure the height, width, depth of the hole correctly and, if you do not want to risk more than the bill, the total distance you have to open the door. If not, you will have to juggle daily. It also doesn’t hurt to think which way you intend to open the door of your new fridge freezer, although many of the current ones have reversible doors.

Our pick for best fridge freezers under £300

Now that we know exactly what to look for when buying a fridge freezer and what are the best types according to your needs, choose the one that suits you best.

It is not an easy task, and it depends in part on the price and benefits, but also on the warranty and after-sales service of the store in question.

All we have selected are low consumption, and it does not make much sense to bet right now for an appliance that is not. In addition, all are for sale in the United Kingdom.

We have tried to assess all these parameters to choose the best fridge freezers under £300 available right now. This is the result of our research.

1. Beko CFG3582S 50/50 Freestanding Frost Free Fridge Freezer

Beko CFG3582S 50/50 Freestanding Frost Free Fridge Freezer

The Beko brand offers you a combined fridge freezer under £300, model CFG3582S 50/50, with a large capacity of 263 Liters in total, i168 litres in the fridge and 95 litres in the freezer. It is suitable for a family of 4.

Its A+ class will allow you to reduce your energy consumption, and therefore your bill!

This budget fridge freezer uses the mixed cold system which therefore allows better distribution of the cold. So no matter where you place your food, it will always be at the perfect temperature.

Regarding the freezer space, you will find lots of space. This allows you to store and freeze your food, and you can choose a temperature down to -26 ° C.

The freezer uses a static cooling system. The air, therefore, circulates freely, which means that the heated air rises, and the cold air falls. Thus, it is advisable to place food already frozen high up, and those you want to freeze, low.

Side noise level, with these 40db only, it is a rather silent device, that you can place anywhere.

The 4 glass shelves of the fridge compartment, as well as a vegetable drawer, its egg box, and its special bottle holder shelf, will allow you to store everything correctly.

2. Candy CSS175WWDK 50/50 Fridge Freezer

Candy CSS175WWDK 50/50 Fridge Freezer
  • 259 litre capacity
  • A+ energy rating
  • Manual defrost needed
  • Reversible door

Also, pay attention to this Candy fridge freezer. A very elegant model with adjustable shelves. In any case, the shelves can be slid out thanks to the locking system that prevents them from falling. Therefore, that translates into a practical and functional solution while also providing easy access to all the products stored in your fridge. All products are visible and can be removed or stored without any problem. In addition, this model offers maximum performance and minimum expense.

3. Lowry LUCFF50W Under Counter Fridge Freezer

Lowry LUCFF50W Under Counter Fridge Freezer
  • 61L/25L – Store up to 5 bags of food shopping in this slimline, yet spacious fridge
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - With an A+/F energy rating, this fridge helps to keep costs and your carbon footprint to a minimum
  • UNDER COUNTER - If you've run out of room in your main refrigerator, this under counter appliance is perfect for extra storage in your kitchen or utility room
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES – This under-counter fridge-freezer features an adjustable thermostat and reversible door for versatility, as well adjustable feet for uneven surfaces

The first model we have chosen is a mini type, that is, small and perfect if you do not usually store frozen food, although it has a freezer drawer that you can use to store some food, something that few mini-fridges have.

The best, without a doubt, is its price, so it is perfect to have it as an auxiliary or in one of the rooms of the house, especially if you usually rent them.

4. Candy CSC1365WE Static Freestanding Fridge Freezer

Candy CSC1365BE Static Freestanding Fridge Freezer
  • 111 Litre net fridge capacity
  • Large Salad Crisper - Keeps your favourite fruit and veg organised and, because it's sealed from the rest of the fridge, it stays fresher for longer too
  • 3 Transparent Freezer Drawers - The freezer section comes complete with 5 transparent drawers giving easy access and full visibility to the food stored
  • English (Publication Language)

A type A+ energy certificate, no frost technology and a signature of recognized prestige such as Candy that protects it are three of the main hallmarks of this budget fridge freezer. It can be purchased now on Amazon.

Dimensions of 136 x 58 x 54 centimetres also identify this appliance with integrated handles, which has a noise level of 42 dB, which has a capacity of 268 litres and weighs 46 kg.

All these features make it clear that it is a great alternative, as well as the set of accessories it includes. We are referring to an ice cube tray and egg tray. Of course, it should not be overlooked that it has useful functions such as quick freezing or defrosting.

5. Russell Hobbs RH55FF171B

Russell Hobbs RH55FF171B 55cm
  • Decibel rating: 39, EU Acoustic Class: C
  • 187L/75L CAPACITY - This Russell Hobbs freestanding fridge-freezer offers a generous 187L of fridge space for up to 10 shopping bags of fresh produce and meals. The 75L...
  • LOW FROST FREEZER - The Low Frost freezer compartment has been designed with easy upkeep in mind. This technology ensures there’s a reduced level of frost build up, so you...
  • ELECTRONIC CONTROL - The easy to use electronic control makes setting the temperature of your freezer quick and simple. It also has a handy Fast Cool function for when you...

In this list of the best budget fridge freezers on the current market, this model could not be missed. It has the particularity of having the endorsement of the prestigious firm Russell Hobbs. That is why it is worth buying, but also for other hallmarks such as that it also has a freezer, with a capacity of 113 litres or that its energy certification is type A.

To all the above we can add its capacity of 230 litres as a fridge freezer, which is made of resistant stainless steel, its noise level is 40 dB or it comes with ice buckets. Nor should we forget its three glass shelves, which have an anti-frost system or which have dimensions of 54.5 x 54.5 x 170 centimetre.

6. Indesit IBNF5517W 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer

Indesit IBNF5517W 50/50 Frost Free Fridge Freezer
  • 228 litre capacity
  • A+ energy rating
  • Frost free
  • Reversible door

This brand, in addition to having a very new and innovative fridge freezers, also brings a line for those who are looking for a fridge freezer under £300 with basic features.
This fridge freezer has characteristics that I will describe below:

It has a capacity of 228 litres in total, divided into parts between 78 for the freezer and 150 for the refrigerator.

Being white in colour, its structure and appearance is suitable for kitchens, which are small, and require a good fridge freezer to complete their design.

It is important to note that each tray is made of safety glass, which allows greater resistance between each one to place heavy products on them.

7. Fridgemaster MC55264AB 264 Litre

Fridgemaster MC55264AB 264 Litre

Price, quality and design go hand in hand in this fridge freezer finished black from Fridgemaster. It’s a great budget fridge that looks good in any kitchen and works wonders when it comes to preserving food.

It has a 264-liters capacity and A + energy rating, so it consumes just the right amount of energy.

Its large freezer has 4 storage drawers (one more than similar ones). In addition, it has an ultra-fast freezing system, for when you need it, especially when introducing large quantities of fresh food.

Inside it is spacious and functional so that you can arrange its adjustable glass trays with a white profile as you see fit.

best fridge freezers uder £300

Where to place your new fridge

You may have come here without stopping to think about the exact place where you want to put your new fridge. There are theories for all tastes, but it is best to be guided by common sense as long as you have it, of course.

It is not advisable to place the fridge freezer next to the hob or oven, although sometimes there is no choice. Nor does it come to mind that you receive direct sunlight, because it will need more energy to cool down and that will be reflected indirectly in your pocket.

Balay, for example, recommends using insulating panels or, failing that, keeping at least  3 centimetres apart from electric and gas cookers or 30 cm in the case of diesel and coal cookers.

Although most modern models have an advanced design, it must be ensured that they are not completely embedded in the back wall or trapped by the sides because in that case it will overheat and spend more. Fridge freezers also need to breathe.

Types of a fridge freezers

The never-never industry has evolved more in recent years than mobile phones. If you haven’t stepped on an appliance store in a while, you’ll have to take paper and pen. 

Which type is better? It all depends on the needs and tastes of each home. The theory says that a single person who spends all day away from home will not have the same model as a large family, but life is that complicated.

Before flirting with the thousand and one different types of fridge freezers, you must take into account – more or less – what height is best for you. As we have already mentioned, it is not something definitive because what really matters is the net capacity of both the refrigerator and the freezer and if you need more than one thing or another.

budget fridge freezer
  • Up to 150cm. Mini fridge and under-counter fridge freezers fall into this category. They are not very common in Spanish homes, but if you are just going to use the fridge at home it could help you save money.
  • From 150 cm to 170 cm. They are small. A recommended option for singles who step on the kitchen once a month.
  • From 170 cm to 185cm. Medium size One of the most common options, especially in two-door and combi fridge freezers.
  • From 185 cm to 195cm. Large fridge freezers, with a size sufficient for a large family, quite extended from the nineties.
  • More than 195 cm. They are the largest, a useful solution for families but a bad option if you are just going to store things inside. 

The above classification should not be definitive, but a small guideline to focus on two or three sections of different measures, always with a keen eye on the actual capacity of each fridge freezer.

One door fridges

They are exclusively fridges with no function to freeze food. And yet they have their own market, especially among those who are going to buy daily or those who already have an independent freezer in another place of home. You can find them in three formats: minibar, under the counter and traditional, with a large capacity.

Two-door fridge freezers

This type was the king of the market a long time ago. It is still an option for many people because the fridge is economical. The freezer rest on the top and the fruits and vegetables remain at the feet. Of course, it is a solution to take into account for an apartment on the coast, since during the summer the freezer is a priority.

cheap fridge freezer

Combi fridge freezers

Also with two doors, but in this case with the freezer at the bottom. The fruit and vegetable box in the most comfortable area. The UK is one of the European countries that most opt for this type of model. Present in 8 out of 10 households according to a study by the OCU. They have a good quality/price ratio even in models with the most efficient energy consumption of all.

Side by side fridges

Popularly known as American style fridges. The traditional ones have two vertical doors, with the freezer on the left and the refrigerator on the right. They usually have a water and ice dispenser. They represent an interesting option for large families because of their great capacity. 

French door fridge freezers

Just like the American style have two vertical doors, but it separates two cooling zones. This optimizes consumption and relegates the freezer to the lower zone. They are also usually large. 

Four-door fridge freezers

The natural evolution of French door models. It includes a flexible intermediate drawer that can serve as an independent cooling zone or fast freezing. Reserved at the highest ranges.

What to look for when choosing a fridge freezer under £300

choose fridge freezer under £300


A detail that is usually ignored when buying a new model. But it is essential because a noisy fridge freezer is the worst possible enemy for peace at home. Much better if the manufacturer guarantees that it works at full capacity below 45 decibels. This is equivalent to the sound that exists in a library. 


A fixed fridge can be a complete nightmare on your birthday or, for example, during Christmas. Good advice to choose between one or the other is to look at the number of trays and modular shelves they have since sooner or later you will need it. 

No Frost

Although it is a fairly widespread feature. It is almost essential when buying it because it eliminates the obligation to defrost the fridge freezer. That is recommended at least once a year to eliminate the ice sheets that form inside the compartments. The ideal is to invest in a total no-frost, both in the refrigerator compartment and in the freezer.


Whoever covers little squeezes, any grandmother would say. That’s right. Having a fridge freezer according to your needs will imply more efficient consumption and, therefore, a saving in the electricity bill. For one person, just 125 litres between fridge and freezer is enough, while a family with four people will need around 500 litres of capacity. It is also important if more or less freezing space is needed.

Differentiated cold zones 

Unthinkable in older models, it allows differentiating food and isolating odours. That extends the shelf life of food or, for example, ultra-fast cooling of bottles and cans. One of the features that have advanced the most in recent years and is more attractive to the consumer.

Temperature control

Some only allow controlling the temperature once the door is opened, which evidently reduces its energy efficiency. It should not be a reason to discard a model but to stand out one above the other.

Water and ice dispenser

Some could not live without it, especially in summer. On the other hand, yes, you must incorporate a water intake, which is not always possible. Again, this is a feature which can’t be found on most budget fridge freezers but isn’t an impossible task.


Although most current models have left behind those horrible yellow lights thanks to LED lighting. It is still advisable to check it in person to see if it illuminates the entire interior. 

Reversible doors 

The kitchen configuration sometimes forces you to change the direction of opening the door. Almost all models even the fridge freezers under £300 have that possibility, but it is important to check it before buying.

Smart fridge freezer

The new generation incorporates an external display with information about food, WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity.  It can be really interesting to have an application in which to consult all the information about your fridge when you are away from home. Of course, you are not going to find a smart fridge freezer under £300. But if this is going over your budget expensive it may not be worth this type of investment.


Energy efficiency in a new fridge freezer

Choosing the type of fridge freezer will narrow your search, but you will still have to discard a huge number of models. One of the fundamental aspects of today is energy efficiency. The British consumer is increasingly looking at energy efficiency because we are talking about the only appliance that is on 24 hours a day. And who least expects him to endure a whole decade.

There are seven universal labels (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) that represent the consumption of the appliance: the most efficient belong to category A and the ones that consume the most are accompanied by the G. If the one you currently have In the kitchen it is more than 10 years old, it is probably class D or lower, so buy what you buy you will notice a much more efficient consumption.

Almost all of the appliances that are sold today carry the A-label. But there are four classes in this group (A, A +, A ++, A +++) that are the ones you should look for when choosing one. In theory, a fridge freezer with category A + consumes 20% less one class A, one class A ++ 40% less and the most efficient, class A +++ has a consumption 60% lower than one class A. Keep in mind because of the low price, the most budget fridge freezers are rating A and A+.


Another of the points to review in the technical sheet of a fridge freezer is its climatic class, which reflects the ambient temperature at which the appliance can work without problems.

  • Sub-normal (SN): For temperatures between 10ºC and 32ºC.
  • Normal (N): For temperatures between 16ºC and 32ºC.
  • Sub-tropical (ST): For temperatures between 18ºC and 38ºC.
  • Tropical (T): For temperatures between 18ºC and 43ºC.

Freezer stars

If you do not want to take surprises as important is to review energy efficiency as find out the number of stars in the freezer. If it does not appear on the datasheet ask the manufacturer because only one of the classes allows freezing food with guarantees:

  • One star: They reach -6º C. They do not serve to freeze food.
  • Two stars: They reach -12º C. Nor do they freeze food.
  • Three stars: They reach -18º C. Although they do not serve to freeze food, they are able to keep those that are already frozen according to the duration that can be read on their packaging.
  • Four stars: The freezer reaches -24ºC, which ensures proper maintenance of food without the risk of breaking the cold chain.

As you have seen, once you are clear about the types that exist in the market, it is much easier to navigate through the different sales websites and not get lost between each model or go over the price.

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