You do not need to have an expensive house with a pool to enjoy the hot summer days to the fullest. If you have a yard, a large terrace, or an outdoor area that allows wetting, it is an excellent option for fun and cools for you and your children to install an inflatable or frame pool.

Also, if you work in the summer, you will dive into the water on weekends. With a medium-sized inflatable pool, you can have a great time with your family while cooling off from the heat. To learn more about marketing, read the article we have prepared for you.

Benefits of frame and inflatable pools

The inflatable pool is a good option for those who want to have a refreshing angle on hot days and those who do not want to face the expensive and challenging building standard process.

Apart from being an excellent option for cooling on hot days, it is also a convenient option at a lower price. Viewed from this side, it makes it possible to provide entertainment for children at home without spending a lot of money.

One of its main advantages is its practicality, it is straightforward assembly, and in the end, only a pump is needed to inflate it.

For those who have problems with lack of space, the inflatable or frame model is ultimately an ideal option as it is compact for storage.

Another factor that gives a positive point is that it has an excellent price-performance ratio compared to other models and is ultimately a cheaper option.

Among the advantages that frame pools have over traditional ones are the following:

  • These models have easy installation.
  • They can be installed wherever there is free space.
  • This type can be installed in places where traditional ones cannot be installed.
  • When the season of good weather passes or when we will not use them, they can be dismantled and stored until the next season.
  • Frame models are cheaper, and they are also solid and resistant to breakage.
  • There is a wide range of frame and inflatable models on the market, available in different shapes, sizes and materials.
  • They are easy to maintain.
wooden model

Buying guide

As you can see, there are many models you will find on the market, but we are here to help you decide exactly what you need. We will see which features you need to pay attention to choose the model that best suits your needs.


The surface on which you intend to install it must be solid, without the risk of subsidence or flooding, level without the presence of stones, roots and vegetation. You need to place it in an area where it will be sunny, close to the electricity required for the filter and water source to make it easier for you to fill it.

The place you need should be slightly larger than the size of the pool. For example, if the model you choose is 4 meters long, you will need at least 5 meters, or if it is 10 meters in diameter, you will need at least 11 meters in diameter to install it.

Size and shape

To decide what size and shape to choose, research the space you have available in your garden or plot, and consider how many people will bathe in it and what capacity you need. Take into account the amount of water you will spend because it will come out of your pocket.


The most common production materials are PVC, wood and steel.

  • PVC pool: Plastic is easier to remove and store after the summer season. In this sense, inflatable ones are the most comfortable, although they usually offer more limited benefits.
  • With metal construction: If you do not plan to disassemble it once you install it or you do not mind that the disassembly process is a little more complicated, and if you want it to be stable, it is best to choose a model with metal construction which certainly offers greater durability. Of course, make sure that its materials are stainless, as they will be in contact with water. Typically, steel or aluminium models offer the best performance in terms of capacity, durability and durability.
  • With wooden construction: If you prefer aesthetics, you can choose a wooden model with a more refined design. If this is your choice, make sure the wood is treated to withstand water, the usual chemicals used to purify water, the sun and bad weather. Made of wood, they are usually similar to those of metal material in terms of performance, but with a wood coating that gives them a more aesthetic appearance. They are usually a bit more expensive and also more labor intensive to assemble.


You will need a source of water and sewage near the area where you plan to place your pool. Most models usually have a drain valve that will help you drain or refresh the water when needed.


Also, you have a water filter, which in turn will need an electrical outlet to work.

Other accessories

Finally, there is another series of accessories that will increase the pleasure and facilitate its maintenance. Make sure they are included in the purchase of the model you have chosen.

  • Ladder for easier entry and exit.
  • Thermal cover that not only protects against debris but also helps maintain the water temperature at night.
  • Protective pad that protects the bottom from sharp edges.
  • Spare PVC. The lining of the walls retains water. Sometimes it is damaged and needs to be replaced. It is good if it comes with a maintenance kit.
  • Filter system: Some models come with their filter.
  • Chlorination: Some models have their chlorination system.

What are the best frame and inflatable pools?

If you do not want to have a pool in your yard, but at the same time be able to make the most of the space, in this comparison of inflatable and frame pools we will show you the best models so you can get the most suitable for you, according to the place you have, the size of the product and its price.

Rectangular frame pool Bestway

Dimensions: 400 x 211 x 81 cm

Bestway PISCINE 400X211X81CM,Black,400 x 211 x 81 cm,56424_04
  • 90% water volume: 5,700 L + cartridge filter 2,01m3/h (58149)
  • English (Publication Language)

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We start our ranking with the Bestway brand, as it is one of those with recognized quality and durability. This model has a completely movable frame. It is a metal structure of independent parts assembled, forming a very rigid frame that offers maximum stability and safety.

Bestway models are suitable for installation in patios, terraces or in garden areas. The little ones can have fun while playing in the water, and the older ones can relax by swimming in the pool.

In general, this model is available in different sizes. In this case, we are talking about medium size, as it is most ideal for adults and children in terms of value for money.

On the other hand, we are talking about a very easy assemble model. The Bestway package includes an instruction manual explaining how to assemble it, and it won’t take you long. Follow the instructions, and you will have a frame pool for no more than half an hour.

Regarding the materials with which it is made, we can say that the lining is made with several PVC layers and high-quality robust polyester, providing excellent durability and durability.

Frame pools with metal construction are made mainly of steel. Among the materials used are: PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene. Bestway products pass rigorous tests conducted by the manufacturer’s technical staff, and the result is impeccable quality.

Intex 13ft x 33in Easy Set Swimming Pool

Dimensions  396 cm 84 cm

Intex 13ft x 33in Easy Set Swimming Pool, Blue, l x 396 cm 84 cm w
  • 13 feet x 33 inches (396cm x 84cm)
  • Water capacity at 80% 7290 litres
  • Ready for water in 10 minutes. Just lay flat and inflate the outer ring
  • Please note that a filter pump is not included with this pool
  • Box contents: Intex Pool Easy pool set for the summer, Blue, 396 x 84 cm

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This inflatable pool Intex Easy Set is a good choice if you are looking for something simpler but at the same time meet the maximum safety rules. It is cheaper because it does not require any metal construction to maintain its shape and stability, but it is also safe and easy to move.

This is an inflatable pool with a round shape, perfectly suitable for yards, terraces, or garden areas. Its upper part is an inflatable ring. Intex pool linings are made with three layers of PVC and high quality extremely strong polyester, providing excellent durability and durability.

As you can see, everything is much simpler considering the price at which it is sold. You can find this model with or without a filter, and logically this will change the price of the product.

Bestway Pro Steel Frame Pool Set

Dimensions: 305 x 305 x 76 cm

Bestway Steel Pro Frame Pool, Round 305 x 76 cm, Steel Frame Pool Set with Filter Pump, Blue
  • Size: D 305 x 76 cm, water capacity 90% filled: 4.678 litres
  • Pool liner made from robust TriTech material, colour: blue. Easy to assemble without tools
  • The PVC band provides extra stability for the side walls, integrated drain valve
  • Total contents: one pool, filter pump, filter cartridge

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Here again, we have a model from the Bestway brand. Pool from the “Steel Pro” series, which is an excellent choice for everyone who has more space in their yard. This is one of the best we can offer you today, without the need for the price to be very high.

With extremely strong walls and rust-resistant steel frame. It is manufactured with TRITECH technology, a reinforced system with three layers. A polyester mesh layer, wrapped in two layers of heavy PVC, offers maximum strength and durability. And if you’re wondering if the assembly is hard, you should know that it’s easy and quick to assemble.

All Bestway Steel Pro models are easy to assemble without tools, digging or too much work. These are probably the easiest to install. Also, this model has a built-in valve for draining water. You can also connect the garden hose so that the water from your pool can drain from the garden.

For this model, you can find a wide range of accessories, including a pool pump and filter to keep your water fresh and clean. As always, with maximum security and all necessary measures to ensure good health.

Intex 10Ft X 30In Prism Frame Swimming Pool

Dimensions: 3.05 m x 76 cm

Intex 10Ft X 30In Prism Frame Pool Black 26700NP
  • Enjoy hours of outdoor fun with Intex prism frame pools- from starter pools to pools big enough for the whole family and...
  • Durable and easy to assemble, prism frame pools feature all of the great benefits of metal frame pools
  • Enhanced with strong powder coated steel tubing and a stylish looking liner colour, there's an Intex prism pool To suit every...
  • Frame diameter: 10ft (305cm) Overall height: 30in (76cm)
  • Water capacity at 90% full: 1, 185 gallons (4, 485 litres).

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Summer will not be hot with this frame pool Intex from the Prism series. A movable round model with metal construction and volume 4485 litres of water. The walls are reinforced with three layers of PVC. A product that is designed to be used by four or five people. It is one of the easy to install models, designed to be assembled in just 30 minutes, and its dimensions are diameter 305 cm and height 76 cm.

When you want to change the water, Intex makes it even easier with the built-in valve and can connect to a garden drain hose to a more remote part of the yard. To make its use even more exciting and fun, you can also add:

  • Coloured lights
  • A cover to keep the water temperature and avoid dirt
  • Awnings that provide shade
  • An entry and exit ladder with greater comfort
  • Products for maintaining the water as pure as possible

Remember that when installing Bestway pools, it is never advisable to place them glued to concrete structures or walls and bury them in the ground. Leave enough space for you to walk around it.

Bestway Inflatable Family Pool

Dimensions: 305 x 183 x 56 cm

Bestway Family Paddling Pool Inflatable Kids Swimming Pool, Outdoor Garden Pool, 1161L
  • FAMILY PADDLING POOL: provides endless entertainment and the ultimate relaxation on a hot summer's day It's the perfect escape...
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: made from strong, sturdy, pre-tested vinyl to withstand active family play The sturdy inflatable walls ensure...
  • EASY SETUP: the paddling pool can be set up and stored in no time Simply release the pool water with the easy-to-use drain valve
  • COMFORTABLE: the design offers a soft and comfortable space, providing plenty of room for kids and adults to splash, play, and...
  • COMPLETE SET: includes 1 pool and a repair patch for longer-lasting use Water capacity is 1,161L, and the assembled size is 3.05m...

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Are you looking for something simpler but of good quality? This rectangular inflatable pool from Bestway is perfect, especially if you like blue. It is an inflatable model made of transparent blue vinyl, with a rectangular shape and three inflatable hoops.

It also has a drain valve and three quick-release valves. Its dimensions are 305 x 183 x 56 cm and have a capacity of 1161 litres of water. The outer walls are three transparent rings and are designed to be used by 3 or 4 children over 6 years old. It almost looks like an inflatable toy for the beach, not like a pool, which also adds a charm that children will love.

Bestway Canopy Inflatable Kids Paddling Pool

Dimensions: 140 x 140 x 114 cm

Bestway Inflatable Paddling Pool | Kids, Toddler Outdoor Garden Paddling Pool with Shade, Canopy...
  • PADDLING POOL: provides your kids with hours of entertainment and fun in the sun! This ultimate splashing paddling pool is perfect...
  • UV CAREFUL TECHONOLOGY: the sunshade provides safe, shaded fun in the sun for your little one. Even better, the canopy is...
  • DURABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: the baby paddling pool is made from sturdy, pre-tested vinyl for long-term use, ensuring your kids can...
  • EASY SETUP: the kids' paddling pool can be set up and stored in no time! Simply release the pool water with the easy-to-use drain...
  • CONTENTS: the paddling pool comes as a complete set, featuring a pool, sunshade, and a repair patch. The water capacity is 70...

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If you are looking for something suitable for your little naughties, this inflatable model in the shape of a whale is for children over 24 months. The bottom is inflatable, and there is a canopy to protect the baby from UV rays. Its dimensions are 140 x 140 x 114 cm, and its capacity is up to 265 litres.

In addition to its great appearance, it is the optimal choice for babies’ first contact with water, so it’s an excellent way to gain confidence and not be afraid of water.

Of course, this model’s safety is also at a good level, as it is made of durable vinyl.


A frame or inflatable pool will allow you to enjoy a refreshing dip in your garden without the need to install a fixed pool, also at a much lower price.

If you are thinking of buying a pool, be sure to follow the recommendations in this guide. This way, the model you finally choose will undoubtedly meet your expectations and will not disappoint you.


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