Have you ever considered buying a football table? Those of us who are already older remember the days with the endless play. And although times have changed a lot, in the end, the little ones also found countless opportunities for fun in this game.

Today, thanks to Amazon, Argos and other specialized online stores, it is possible to buy a football table online and assemble the table in the living room or any other room. This way, children will spend less time in front of the TV or playing Playstation all day and have fun with you or their friends.

What is a football table?

This is a fun and exciting game played on a special table, also called mini football. Depending on the model, two or four players play at the same time, trying to score goals by moving the young players placed on different tubes that cross the entire table.

football table

What types of football tables exist?

If you’re considering buying a football table, it’s probably because you’ve played before. But are all tables the same? The quick answer is NO. Today we can find different species, each with different characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at them in the list below:

  • For home use: This is the most common type for home use. There are usually eleven players per team, divided into four metal rods. Although two people can play alone, the most common are suitable for four, two on two sides. Usually, in this type, the balls come out automatically after a goal is scored. For this reason, they typically include only two or three balls. The sizes can vary in different models but are usually more than a hundred centimetres long.
  • Mini:this type is smaller. It is designed to be placed on a table or similar smooth surface. It may also have small legs. The number of pieces included in this football game varies from model to model. They are usually arranged in two or three rods. The good thing about this type is that it is easy to transport and store due to its small size.
  • Professional:these are those football tables specially created for professional tournaments. If you are an experienced person, you can choose such a model if you want to train at home for these championships. Of course, you can choose this type even if you are looking for pleasure.
  • With folding foot: the advantage of this type is that two of its legs can be folded. In this way, it remains upright and takes up less space when not in use.
  • Table type:on the market, you can find models that can be covered with a lid and used as a table. They are very practical, especially if you do not want the jag to be always in a prominent place and constantly moving and disassembly.
  • For kids:these models are smaller sizes, created especially for children. There are also intermediate options that allow both children and adults to play.
  • Combined with pool, table tennis, etc.:some models include pool, table tennis or air hockey. They are usually stacked on top of each other; you can change the game by lifting the court.
  • With coins:they are the most common models in entertainment halls. When you place a coin, the balls come out. When they’re done, the game is over unless you drop another coin. Many models of this type usually have lighting that illuminates the terrain.
  • Closed-legged figures:these are models whose players have folded legs.
  • Figures with outstretched legs: Unlike the previous type, the football players have slightly outstretched legs, but not so much to pass the ball between the legs.

Benefits and reasons for buying a football table

This is a game for everyone

There is no reason not to have fun with this game. You don’t need to have an athlete’s body or any special skills. Even people with disabilities or special care can play football table without any problems.

This is a fantastic way to have fun with family and friends

As it is a game for everyone, it makes it ideal for fun with family and friends. Children can learn to play at an early age, and adults can do so in their spare time.

An ideal way to unload with colleagues

Thanks to its light style, it is a very convenient way to unload with colleagues or future business partners, providing an opportunity to get to know the person in front of you better.

Competitive spirit

You can definitely win here. This reveals your competitive spirit, especially if you are challenging or betting with your friends.

It teaches you to be a good athlete

This game will not only distract and entertain you for a while but will also measure your ability to play fair and be a good athlete. Increase your strategic thinking, and do not cheat your opponent.

It is healthy

Because the game involves the ability to coordinate your hands and eyes, adding a lot of movement, this game is ideal for moving and developing the brain.

Pure fun

With all the benefits that the football table brings to its players, we can say that it will make us have fun at any time. Let the fun begin!

having fun with friends

How to choose football table?

Which is the best option for you?

  • For home use: Get a cheaper model, usually for short children.
  • Commercial use: If you are going to place it in a bar or office, you will need a durable, low-maintenance module that can withstand constant use.
  • Outdoor use: Ideal if you plan to take your table outside. It must have a waterproof coating to withstand climatic conditions.
  • For professionals or for tournaments: If your interest is to play in tournaments, buy a professional model. There is no better way to hone your skills than buying a professional model.


For standard size models, the recommended minimum area is approximately 140 – 150 cm.


The excellent quality model will have thick sidewalls made of solid materials. They must be at least 12 mm thick, preferably even thicker.


The playing field must be thick and made of baseless materials, such as MDF. A thickness of at least 10 mm is ideal. As for the surface, it should have a slightly rough texture to improve ball control.

The figures

The most important part is the legs. They should be narrowed, giving the shoe a sharpness, which provides better precision when passing the ball.

Game rods

The rods will only be good if they are made of steel with a diameter of 15.9 millimeters and are chrome-plated to prevent corrosion. As well as the handle must be slip-resistant.

Exit for returning the ball and possibility for levelling

Always choose a side exit option to return the ball. This is an insignificant feature, but it is crucial for a more enjoyable game. This will make it easier to restore the game so that you can always stay focused. Also, levelling is essential for this game. Be sure that the model can be levelled easily.


We recommend balls that are easy to hold with the pieces. The most common balls are made of plastic and have a very slippery coating, making them difficult to keep and creates a rather annoying sound. Choose another material if possible.


You can find very inexpensive models made of chipboard that tend to deform and become uneven over time. However, if you have a reasonable budget, we recommend taking a product made of more durable material. The best option is usually a wooden table.

Adjustable legs or standard height?

The height of the feet is about 0.91 meters, comfortable for both children and adults. However, if you are planning to buy it for children, the adjustable option is the most suitable.

Where can you buy a cheap football table?

Finally, we come to the question that concerns many consumers: although the purchase of brand new football tables is the majority’s preference, the truth is that the purchase of a used football table is revealed as a reasonable option depending on the case. Why? Because depending on the model, you can replace almost any figure.

So you can buy a cheap second-hand jag, buy the spare parts you think you need and enjoy this great game at a much lower price than you thought. Even the most enthusiastic collectors can find good deals in Gumtree, like an old wooden table.

What is the best football table?

In general, buying a football table for fun at home is not very popular. For this reason, you may not know much about the different brands. There are higher and lower quality models on the market, but they all have their disadvantages, and it is difficult to say without a doubt, “this is the best one”.

Here we will show you four brands. If you decide to buy one for a home, you may choose a model offered by these four companies. We chose them mainly because they have a pretty good price/quality ratio.

1. Manchester City Table Football

Manchester City F.C. Unisex Football, Blue, One Size UK
  • 6 players per team
  • Realistic Printed Stadium Graphics
  • Steel Easy-roll Rods With Soft Grips
  • Official Licensed Product

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First of all, we present you mini football game, which will delight the little ones. This is a model with a very simple design for assembly and very easy to transport; you can take it wherever you want. The model has a stadium design in high-quality print and includes assembly tools and game balls.

2. SOLID AND STRONG Football table

Soccer Table Football Foosball Black Poles Home boys adults 60 kg solid strong SOLID AND STRONG...
  • The table football is suitable for young people and adults (it is not suitable for children under 36 months). This item is...
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Colour: Black Material: MDF wood Weight: 60 kg Size: 140 cm length x 88 cm width x 77 cm height With 2...
  • Its weight of more than 65 kg makes it very stable, the solid poles slide easily to facilitate the game.

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Suppose the previous football table is recommended for young people and children (adults can also play). In that case, you are probably wondering what options the market offers if you want to buy a football table for the family hotel or want to do tournaments with friends over the weekend.

In any case, you will need a model with greater stability, with metal rivets, with much stronger legs, generally with more weight. In short, maybe what you’re looking for is this one.

This model is entirely identical to the football tables in bars and entertainment clubs. (Of course, you won’t need coins to play). For example, it has a hole for returning the ball when scoring a goal, a solid MDF body with metal and chrome coatings on the corners and legs and a total weight of 65 kg.

3. JUMPSTAR SPORTS 4ft Free Standing Football Table

JUMPSTAR SPORTS 4ft Free Standing Football Table, Indoor Fussball Soccer Game, Cool Stadium...
  • BRING FOOTBALL HOME WITH THIS FULL-SIZE STADIUM FOOTBALL TABLE: Settle scores on and off the pitch with this 4ft Football Table...
  • SMOOTH-SPINNING RODS FOR FAST SHOOTING ACTION: Designed with sleek chrome rods for smooth-spinning, fast-shooting action....
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION WITH COOL STADIUM GRAPHICS: Durable composite wood construction with a smooth laminate finish. Decorated with...
  • INTEGRATED GOAL COUNTERS & NON-SLIP FEET: Slide goal counters allow you to accurately track the score, so there's no danger of...
  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION & SPECIFICATIONS: Supplied with 3 footballs, so there's always a spare at the ready to put into play....

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If you want a large table for a football table, this may be the model you are looking for. This model measures 120 centimetres in length, 61 centimetres wide and 79 centimetres high. On the other hand, its weight is not as great as the previous model; it is only 8 kilograms, but still enough to provide good stability during the game.

It is also made of MDF, comes with assembly instructions and two balls.

4. WIN.MAX Preassembled Folding Football Table

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WIN.MAX offers us an ideal model for home entertainment. Its dimensions are 121 centimetres long, 61 centimetres wide and 81. It is, therefore, suitable for both two and four players.

The model includes two balls, and its legs have special steps for better stability. WIN.MAX has garnered good reviews from consumers who have already purchased it. In addition, due to its design and size, it is suitable for children and adults.

5. OOTB Wooden Table Football Game

OOTB Wooden Table Football Game 69x36.5x24cm
  • Wooden tabletop football
  • Product size 69x36,5x24cm
  • Material: Wood

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Are you looking for a football table for children to surprise the little ones in the house? You need this model, which will provide a lot of fun moments for the little ones in the house. The handles are made of high-quality plastic and each rod has three players. In addition, this model also includes two balls and everything you need for installation.


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