As you probably know, a foot spa massager is very effective in reducing stress while relieving sore muscles. What you ignore are the other advantages of this device. Indeed, the use of a foot spa can in addition to relieving you, considerably reduce the frequency of headaches as well as their intensity.

Also, many people do not take proper care of their feet, so using a foot spa massager would be a good thing after a long and hard day at work. And its biggest advantage is that it can be used by anyone of any age.

Concerned about your well-being, we have established the following spa models and a buying guide. With this information, you will be able to find the best foot spa massager, the one that best meets your needs.

What is the best Foot Spa Massager?

If you have in mind to buy a bath with hydromassage for the feet, you should consider that you will possibly get lost in a long list of options. There are many models of different brands and features. Although many coincide in their functions, some more current and sophisticated add benefits of aromatherapy and pedicure.

Of course, to find the most suitable for your needs, you should review those that are of good quality and, in addition, have a less expensive price or that is at least affordable.

As a guide, here are some suggestions with the best foot spa massager on the market today. In this comparison, you will also see the opinion of those who have tested with these models and find them really good and efficient. That way you will not drift and you will have a better idea of ​​what to look for.

Beurer FB50 foot spa massager

Beurer FB50 Foot Spa With Water Heater, Footbath With Infrared Light And Magnetic Therapy, 3...
  • SOOTHING MASSAGE: Bubble and vibration massage functions with noduled footbed to help stimulate circulation
  • DEEP RELAXATION: Magnetic field therapy and optional infrared light function help promote relaxation for tired feet
  • RELAX FOR LONGER: Enjoy the luxury of consistently warm water with the in-built 5-level water heater that will warm up to 48...
  • PEDICURE ATTACHMENTS: Includes 3 pedicure attachments (cornea remover, brush and massage attachment), for an easy pedicure at home
  • REFLEX ZONE MASSAGE: Removable reflexology rollers offer a more intense massage for a therapeutic reflexology massage like you’d...

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The Beurer foot spa massager offers a  vibration massage with removable rollers to relieve your feet. When you get out of this bath, your feet will be softer and the “bubble” option will considerably reduce the pain.
With a good quality/price ratio, it is a complete device which has the merit of being resistant. Note that you must have your feet straight in, otherwise your feet will be hit by the rear edges.
Nevertheless, this product remains an excellent investment because it is simple and complete with pleasant vibrations. In addition, it offers 5 levels of the water heater (from 35 to 48 ° C).

Foot spa massager Clatronic FM 3389

Clatronic FM 3389 White-lila Fußmassagegerät
  • Whirlpool Foot Massager
  • Massage roller to stimulate the points of the feet
  • Switched with four different functions: 1 Off 2 Massage 3 Whirlpool + Field Heat 4 Field Heat + Whirlpool + Massage
  • Heated feet
  • Can be used with or without water

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With an excellent quality/price ratio, the Clatronic foot spa massager has an orthopedic spa system. Its system then makes it possible to target and stimulate all the reflex zones of the feet for an optimal result. Supplied with an additional massage roller, its footrest is heated. This device has 4 adjustment levels that you can choose according to your needs.
The sensation of heat instantly soothes foot pain. With its simple but pretty design, taking care of your feet will never be such a pleasure. In addition, this model accepts essential oils to add to your feeling of well-being.

ANCHEER Foot Spa Bath Massager

ANCHEER Foot Spa Bath Massage Motorized Massager with Heat and Massage and Jets, Adjustable Time &...
  • 【Not Only Good For Your Feet】 - Multifunction massaging foot spa comforts achy heels, toes, arches & ankles; Ideal for...
  • 【All In One Foot Spa】 - Fully automatic motorized roller massaging your feet acupuncture point !!! Combine acupressure,...
  • 【Motorized Roller and Bubbles Massage】 - Automatic maize massage roller targets tense & tired soles to relieve fatigue; two...
  • 【Warm Water Healing Therapy】 - Water temperature can be set from 35℃ to 48℃ (95°F~118°F), speedly heat to your...
  • 【Ergonomic Self-Drainage & Mover Wheels】 - Came with a drainage tube easy to empty the tank and 4 moving wheels for free...

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It is a beautiful spa with elegant and sophisticated design. It is portable and includes a handle to be able to take it from one place to another with ease.

Its LCD screen allows you to control the various functions but also brings a wireless remote control. It has a capacity for 10 litres of water and automatic electric heating. Its dimensions are 45x37x38x21cm and it works with 800 W of power or less.

HoMedics FS-250 Foot spa Massager

HoMedics Luxury Foot Spa + Massage, Heat/Keep Warm Function, Soothing Vibration Massage Rollers, 4...
  • THE HOME OF WELLNESS: Sit back and unwind with the HoMedics 4 in 1 Luxury Foot Spa! Designed for overworked feet, it comes with 4...
  • FEATURE PACKED SPA: double the bubbles for double the luxury. HoMedics 4 in 1 Luxury Foot Spa has 4 bubble strips for increased...
  • RELAX AND UNWIND: Keeping a footspa at home is not only a good way to unwind, it's also the perfect way to alleviate stress. Why...
  • KEEP WARM FUNCTION: If you wish to extend your spa time, or you simply just don't want it to end. The HoMedics 4 in 1 Foot Spa has...
  • FIT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY: You might just find yourself having to share. Our luxury foot spa fits both big and small feet, up to UK...

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It is a 4 in 1 foot spa massager for its functions of hydromassage, magnetic therapy, vibration and heat. It does not splash water and has 4 outlets for bubbles that improve the quality of the message.

Includes two interchangeable pedicure accessories and acupressure nodes for deep relaxation of sore feet. It has a system that heats the water a lot with a button to deactivate it. The noise it makes is acceptable.

Foot Bath Massager – MaxKare

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With its informative LED display included, this tub performs 3 important functions: vibration massage, bubble, infrared heat and water heating.

Its controls have 5 buttons with clear instructions, very easy to use. Add 3 very practical accessories for a pedicure. It also has a timer with automatic shutdown. For those who go hiking is a perfect relief.

Bosch PMF2232

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It is a foot spa massager with 3 main options to relieve foot fatigue: vibration, bubble production and water heating.

Includes pedicure tools that are a pumice stone, a brush and a roller for massages. It has a practical cable with rewind for convenient storage. You can pour salts directly into the water. The noise it makes is no stronger than that of other appliances.

Foot spa massager Beurer FB-25

Beurer FB25 Footspa with Magnetic Field Therapy
  • Magnetic field therapy with 16 integrated magnets to boost circulation and promote cell and tissue repair
  • Soothing removable massage roller attachment
  • Vibration massage, bubble massage and dry massage
  • Acupuncture nodes offer reflexology massage
  • Splash protection and non-slip rubber feet

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With this foot spa, in particular, you can give a massage with aromatherapy because it has an application for this purpose and a filter of aromas.

It also offers the typical vibratory massage with or without bubbles and the shiatsu massage that relieves stress using pressure. Keeps the water warm enough for a relaxing effect. It can be used with bath salts.

foot spa massager

What is a foot spa massager?

These foot spa massagers are small tubs or baths with different functions to treat tired and aching feet. They are getting more and more popular! That the feet are one of the parts of the body where we most feel the tension and daily stress.

Those who practice reflexology ensure that the feet are interconnected with the different organs of the body. That’s why, when we have them relaxed and pain-free, we feel almost completely at ease.

Hence, more and more people acquire this system of a homemade whirlpool, to soothe the discomfort in the feet.

There are many models available, ranging from the basics to the really sophisticated. Almost always made of plastic, with protection against splashes, to prevent water from penetrating and damaging its electrical parts. Most of them are electric massagers to be able to fulfil all their benefits.

The common thing is that they have options for vibration and jets with bubbles. However, the best ones include water heating, aromatherapy filters and pedicure accessories. A pumice stone, a deep cleaning brush and rollers are the most usual accessories.

Nothing else with these lines, you can imagine how relaxing the experience can be, as long as you get all these services in one device. The most advanced will be able to act correctly to relieve fatigue and achieve detoxification of the feet.

In addition, it is super convenient to save then a few euros, which you would surely spend in a pedicure or spa salon. Having such a team in the comfort of home relieves more than one of the stresses of daily life.

Why you should use a foot spa massager

Among the many benefits that these foot spa massagers provide, is precisely that, the return on investment and therefore the subsequent savings. But have you asked yourself what more kindness does a massager have? For health, for example? At once you will know:

Relax and release tensions

As the machine does its work, you begin to feel how the muscles that were tense begin to give and relax. It is the mixture of the vibrations, the rubbing of the bubbles and the immersion in the warm water, which produces that incredible sensation of relief.

Reduce stress

Almost always it is stress and worries are what lead us to be in tension and experience pain. Obviously, by ending that pain and muscle tightness through a good massage, the likelihood of feeling de-stressed is much greater.

Especially when used with aromatherapy, it also stimulates a better breathing process. That leads to finding peace and quiet.

Stimulates blood circulation

The friction exerted by the water with heat against the skin and the vibrations, plus the bubbles, immediately activate the blood flow. This leads to greater oxygenation in the extremities and is perfect to prevent or alleviate circulatory problems in those areas of the body.

Minimize pain

A massage, and more if it involves the healing action of the water can calm any pain. If it is the typical discomfort for a day of work, walking a lot or wearing high shoes, the vibrations and acupressure with the rollers quickly reduce the pain.

On the other hand, if you have some injury or more sensitivity in the feet, a simple dive, without movement can also help. It will be enough not to turn on the functions of the machine, except for the heating one.

Regulates body temperature

Much heat in summer? You can refresh your feet with the hydromassage leaving only fresh water. Otherwise, if it is freezing, you can warm up by immersing your feet in the hot water and activating the circulation with the message.

Prevents insomnia

How difficult it is to fall asleep with pain! Has it happened to you? If you feel relaxed, it is easiest to fall into the arms of Morpheus. Hydromassages can relax so much that you could be asleep in the process. If you think it will happen to you often, it is better to choose a tub that has an automatic shutdown.

foot spa

How to use the foot spa massager if you are pregnant?

If anyone knows of discomfort in the feet, it is the ladies in the last months of pregnancy. It is very common that the weight gained by the baby and some fluid retention cause pain and swelling.

The problem is that a very intense massage, although it could alleviate the discomfort in the feet, could then produce contractions and advance the delivery.

In these cases, there is a way to help a little and reduce the ailments without putting the expectant mother at risk. They could immerse their feet in the warm water for about 10 minutes, without turning on the spa. In short, no vibration, bubbles or very hot water.

Later, when the baby is born, the mother can continue using foot spa massager to reduce fatigue.

Things to consider when choosing foot spa massager

Needs may be different between one person or another. Also, the budget to buy the foot spa massager is not the same for everyone. Depending on this, it is best to evaluate what you need.

People who want anti-stress relaxation therapy may prefer those that include aromatherapy, thalassotherapy and the use of salts.

Those with strong calluses may be more inclined to machines with pedicure accessories. Others may just want to soak their feet a little after a hectic day.

The important thing is to know what you want and how much you are willing to invest. Because another unforgettable point is the price. The more functions and features the equipment has, the less economical it will be. So check first what a good foot spa massager can do:

Functions to heat the water

Warm or hot water is one of the things that most invigorates a foot massage. It is a great advantage when the massager has a heating function and also controls to regulate the water temperature. It can be a bit tedious to have to heat water and pour it into the tub. If the function is not sure you will find that the model is cheaper. The comfort of the spa’s automatic heater is paid in euros.

Pre-set massage options

For different tastes, many tubs bring varied massage options and combinations. You can choose vibration, bubbles or hot water separately. Also mixtures such as bubbles and vibration; hot water with bubbles; Hot water with vibration or all together.

Vibrating rollers and massage jets

For an intense massage that leaves the feet as new, the best is the strong jets. The rollers are great and if they vibrate, that movement releases all tension and removes the pain. They are an essential feature. A spa for feet that claims to be so must have them.

Bubble production

It is not a mandatory function such as vibrations and rollers but, really, greatly improve the massage experience. In addition, they help soften tissues such as calluses for a more efficient pedicure.

Pedicure assistance

And speaking of a pedicure. very useful is when the tub includes accessories such as a massager brush and a pumice stone, among other accessories. When this is the case, the treatment is not only about relaxation but also about beauty.

Can you use salts?

Combining a hydromassage with salts and/or thalassotherapy can be much more beneficial to health than a regular massage. If you have never tried it, you will surely wonder what it is to put your feet in water with salt or seawater. The truth is that this practice increases the relaxing action and the activation of the circulation. In addition, it softens the skin much more for better exfoliation and pedicure.

It must be clear that not all foot spa massagers allow the use of salts. The crystals could clog the jets of water or bubbles. The most convenient thing is to check in the specifications if the one you plan to buy is suitable or not for them.

Aromatherapy option

To get a relaxing experience that’s cool, nothing like including aromatherapy. The soothing perfumes will complete the anti-stress function completely. Many models bring dispensers to place aromas that stimulate the senses and make the process more pleasant.


The engine, the movement of water and vibrations can have some level of noise that not all will tolerate. If you come for a relaxing massage, a lot of noise will not make it easy. You can try looking in the labels those that guarantee a lower level of noise. You will not find any completely silent model. Some people recommend using headphones with relaxing instrumental music to avoid that discomfort.


Very bad would be to buy the bath and then your feet will not enter. Checking the size is vital before purchase. They almost always have a European size of 46 for men (that’s 11 in the UK), so keep this in mind.

Pipe for the drain

For greater comfort and not having to be filling it little by little or flipping it to empty it, it is better to include a system for these tasks.

Does it come with a remote control?

A relaxing massage or an exercise session? The less you will want while submerging your feet in the warm water will be leaning down to change the options. The comfort of a remote control is priceless. With it, you can change or adjust all the functions and intensity of the message. Even the temperature of the water.