Buying afoot massager machine is certainly an investment that you will not regret if you ever suffer from foot pain or if you simply want to enjoy a particularly pleasant massage session. In fact, the massage machines have particularly improved, both in terms of comfort and in terms of massage efficiency, which is reflected in the number of sales of this type of device, which continues to grow. grow.

However, it suffices to wander for a few minutes on an e-commerce site to see that the number of models sold is very large, so it can be difficult to know which foot massage machine to choose.

What is the best foot massager?

For you to select the best one, it is necessary that you compare between the available offers on the market and you lean precisely for the foot massager that offers you everything you are looking for.

This is the reason why we have put in place several resources to help you in this process, for example through a complete buying guide to help you navigate this universe or classification of the best foot massager.

Marnur Shiatsu foot massager 

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It has two different massage modes, namely shiatsu foot massage and massage with an air compression system. You will be able to enjoy a complete massage whether it is the arch of the foot, the toes or the heels thanks to the technology available in this foot massage device.

In addition, it also has a device that can diffuse heat by infrared, which is very interesting with the shiatsu mode but also with the air compression mode. The small shiatsu massage balls are very efficient and soft and come precisely to perform a deep muscle massage by accentuating the effect on strategic points of plantar reflexology.

Naipo Shiatsu Foot Massager

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In addition to being very elegant, the Shiatsu Naipo massager (very qualitative brand in passing) has the best value for money on the market. With its heating function and 18 massage heads, it is ultra-competitive.

Ergonomic and well thought out, it stands out with a simple interface (1 button) and impeccable design, in addition to offering a comfortable and breathable massage surface. A top choice for all budgets no doubt.

RENPHO Leg Massager

RENPHO Leg Massager, Electric Air Compression for Legs Massage and Muscles Relaxation, Leg and Feet...
  • 【Inflating & Deflating Therapy】The air compression massager has 8x 2 air bags to massage your legs, feet, calves and thighs...
  • 【6 Modes & 4 Massage Intensities】 The massager comes with a controller, which can easily change the modes and intensity...
  • 【Adjustable】The massager is equipped with Velcro straps, which makes it suitable for all foot sizes, calves up to 63 cm in...
  • 【Portable & Auto-Off Timer】The portable design of the massager allows you to use the massager at home, office or while...
  • 【Ultimate Massage Experience】 With the massager you will be able to treat your legs with the perfect massage at home, work or...

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Designed with six overlapping air pads, for a homogenous and intensive message, this device is easy to use, has gradual pressure with a timer and it will be ideal to relieve fatigue.

It is an electrical device, large, but easy to install and with very good quality manufacturing. It’s not cheap, but it’s worth the investment you make for it.

VITALZEN® Foot and Leg Massager

GLOBAL RELAX® | VITALZEN Foot and leg massager | Several massage modes | Kneading I Vibration |...
  • ✅ EFFECTIVE PAIN AND FATIGUE RELIEF: The 4 flexible discs provide a deep massage that relieves muscle pain and fatigue,...
  • ✅ LEG TONING AND BEAUTIFICATION: By working on feet, ankles, and calves, the massager helps tone and beautify the legs,...
  • ✅ REJUVENATION AND DEEP MUSCLE RELAXATION: Kneading and pressotherapy techniques penetrate deeply into the muscles, promoting...
  • ✅ VITAL REFLEX POINT STIMULATION: By focusing on the vital reflex points of the feet, the massager improves the overall health...
  • ✅ IMPROVED BLOOD CIRCULATION: Massage techniques promote better blood circulation, contributing to greater cardiovascular health...

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With three levels of intensity, active rollers, independent folding sections and user-friendly control panel, this device offers a message that beautifies your legs with a reflex therapy treatment that relaxes the muscles and leaves your feet comfortable.

The price is a bit high, but it is an ergonomic product, resistant, robust, easy to clean and the manufacturer gives you 2 years warranty.

MARNUR Shiatsu Foot Massager

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Developed with tap-based technology this device will provide relief for pain and reduce stress levels. In the opinion of those who already have, it is a very robust and versatile massager.

It is affordable but you must be aware of the precautions in the box because it is not suitable for all users, if you have illness or disease you should first consult with your doctor.

Beurer FM60 Shiatsu Foot Massager

Beurer FM 60 foot massager, 18 massage heads, heat function, 2 speeds, circulation-promoting shiatsu...
  • Dive into another world Thanks to the 18 rotating massage heads and two intensity levels, you can enjoy not only a...
  • Soothing warmth Thanks to the integrated infrared light points, your feet are warmed during the massage treatment, which supports...
  • Relaxation for your feet The electric foot massage loosens tight muscles by gently applying pressure on the soles of your feet,...
  • Easy to use The device is easy to use with your foot without any unpleasant bending or bending, with adjustable feet, the angle of...
  • The practical foot massager has a compact size of (L x W x H) 37.5 x 43 x 11 cm and weighs approx. 3.1 kg, the surface is made of...

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In the same spirit as the Homedics Shiatsu 230, the Beurer FM 60 is a massage device which is based on the principle of Shiatsu to relax and relax the muscles.

Its enormous advantage: it’s 18 massaging heads which provide a qualitative massage worthy of plantar reflexology! The option that makes the difference? The diffusion of heat to benefit even more from the benefits and to warm the feet during the winter evenings!

Belmint Shiatsu Foot Massager

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Ideal for you to apply shiatsu, thermotherapy and pressure therapy to your tired feet, this team offers you three different massage modes that you can adapt according to your preferences and that gives you a pleasant sensation of relaxation that improves circulation.

It has a low price and can be regulated in three massage intensities. It is lightweight, compact and easy to use. You can take it wherever you want.

Foot Massager Homedics

HoMedics Shiatsu Sole Soothing Foot Massager with Heat, 6 Rotating Nodes, 18 Massage Heads for Full...
  • THE HOME OF WELLNESS: Welcome to HoMedics, where our brand is about creating a healthy home environment that helps you relax your...
  • IMPROVED WELLBEING: The best part of having a foot massager at home is the opportunity to experience a state of deep relaxation...
  • Kindly read the instructions carefully before using the product.
  • Help you relax your body, reduce stress and make your life easier
  • Improved wellbeing: the best part of having a foot massager at home is the opportunity to experience a state of deep relaxation...

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The Homedics massager is the least expensive of the list we have made for you. It is practically a foot spa that works with infrared and adjustable positioning of the speeds to optimize the massage angle.

The technique used in this machine relieves heaviness and helps eliminate cramps while providing relaxing heat and a deep massage.

Revitive Medic Circulation Booster

REVITIVE Medic Circulation Booster - Relieves Aches & Pains in Legs and Reduces Swollen feet &...
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN TO IMPROVE CIRCULATION: Revitive Medic uses clinically-proven EMS technology (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) to...
  • SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE FOR FULL-BODY PAIN MANAGEMENT: Revitive Medic is our top of the range model - uniquely suitable for those...
  • EASY TO USE, WHILE YOU WATCH TV OR READ: Simply place bare feet on footpads, increase intensity and sit back & let Revitive go to...
  • REVITIVE IS NOT SUITABLE IF YOU ARE: - Fitted with an electronic implanted device such as a heart pacemaker or AICD - Being...

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Circulatory stimulator par excellence, the Revitive IX was propelled at the head of sales on the market with the objective of optimally activating the venous circulation of each. The device went through a battery of scientific tests before being sold, and its effectiveness could thus be proven medically.

The results are there, the Retitive IX overcomes the heaviest legs, thanks to its “Circulation Booster” system. The set works by electrostimulation and is very easy to use and very portable.

Benefits of using a foot massager

The foot constitutes mini cartography of the body. Most often neglected, the feet nevertheless have an influence on our well-being as a whole, and each part of the foot allows to stimulate a part of the body:

  • The ankles stimulate the reproductive organs
  • The left foot acts on the heart
  • Toes have an effect on nerve endings
  • Right foot touches liver and stomach
  • The arch of the foot allows you to touch the intestine

Massaging the feet optimizes the health of certain organs, provides great relaxation and reduces stress, balances vital functions, relaxes muscles, eliminates impurities.

The benefits of a foot massage are countless. If you are still hesitating, here are countless reasons to do so. When your feet are massaged, your whole body benefits from this feeling of well-being and fullness. You will even be surprised by the variety of types of massages that exist and the embarrassment of choice at the same time.

foot massager

Different types of foot massagers


This often wooden model is presented in the form of a rectangular plate with wooden balls aligned horizontally above it. To use it, just put your feet on the balls and make vertical movements with them. It is used to massage the soles of the feet. It requires some effort on the lower limbs, which can be an advantage in the process of soothing and relaxation. When you tire, you just have to stop moving your feet while leaving them on the balls so that the massage does not stop. These rustic massagers are quite similar to those used to massage the back and other parts of the body and they remain the cheapest on the market.


These are mainly devices requiring a power supply. Mostly these are devices similar to those used by professionals. For example, the foot spafor a complete foot bath, or devices with vibrations, etc. These fully automated machines require no effort on the part of the user. Just turn it on, make some adjustments and start the commands. The masseur works automatically for you. For several years this product line has been one of the best-selling foot massagers, their practical and functional side have won over consumers who rejoice in their functionality.

Foot shiatsu massagers

Literally meaning “finger pressure”, this massage acts as such on the feet. Masseurs with this function then exert more or less intense pressure on the reflexology points located on the feet. They knead the muscles and act in depth. Some models have a comfort gel and/or a heating function in order to provide more ease during use. The purpose of shiatsu massage is to rebalance the energy of the body.

Kneading massagers

Kneading massage consists of applying certain pressure to an area of ​​the body and gradually reducing it in order to bring about relaxation. Quite close to Shiatsu massage, the difference is that the compression acts on an area and not on a point. It consists of compressing your feet and then gradually releasing them. Thus, it will stimulate your blood circulation while providing you with well-being.

Heated Feet Massager

It is a type of massage specially designed for optimal relaxation. This type of device combines both plantar reflexology and acupuncture techniques. The user chooses from the massage programs available in each device. Infrared massages are invasive, invigorating, but also extremely relaxing. Unlike other types of massage, infrared is not felt directly.

Electronic Foot Massager

This type of device emits electrical impulses to stimulate the muscles of the body. It is a technology widely used in the sports field. It is also used for a foot massage. Generally, it is recommended when the patient faces swelling of the feet and ankles or experiences chronic pain at these levels. This medical massage device also relieves the heaviness that may be usual in some people. The magnitude of harmless electrical charges can be adjusted according to the user’s needs and level of sensitivity. However, pregnant women, people wearing a pacemaker or suffering from a major venous thrombosis should never use an (EMS) electronic foot massager.

Leg Air Compression Massager

As the name suggests, it is a device in the shape of a thigh in which you put your feet. The air compression massager heats the feet to a temperature of around 40 ° C. These are the air pockets in each compartment that massage the muscles deeply. If you are looking for comfort, this type of massage is the most recommended in this case. This foot air compression massager is often associated with the shiatsu function in foot massage machines.

Hydro massagers

The hydromassage consists of a revitalizing foot massage like those offered in a spa, you probably know these devices under the name of balneotherapy. You have at your disposal a hot water tank. Inside are arranged a massage mat, rollers, spikes and some jets in order to stimulate the reflex points at the feet. These components are also there to relax your lower limbs. Bubble baths, whirlpool, soles of the feet, etc. are to be enjoyed when you have this wellness massage machine. This type of massage is among the least invasive and yet it is one of the most relaxing.

Foot shiatsu massagers

How to choose foot massager?

The prices are very variable. Count a minimum budget of £60 to hope to acquire a correct new device without promotion. If you want the ultimate in foot massage devices, it can cost you up to £200.

This may seem a little expensive, but think of putting it into perspective: it is a one-time expense for an object that can really improve your daily life. Take the time to consider buying a more expensive but more efficient model.


If you want a small, easy-to-carry device, you may have to sacrifice some options. In addition, remember to check that the size of the device suits that of your feet! It makes sense, but sometimes you forget to think about it at the time of purchase and end up with an unusable device.

The type of massage

When choosing your foot massage device, you will need to ask yourself an important question: what type of massage are you interested in? Even if you invest in a device, as far as the way it works suits your personal preferences. Here are some types of massage available:

  • Shiatsu massage: this Asian massage technique is more and more widespread and is known for its relaxing properties which notably promote the circulation of blood.
  • Vibration massage: this is a more standard but nevertheless effective massage mode, which has the advantage of being available in the majority of devices and of not increasing their cost.
  • Air compression massage: this technique is inspired by reflexology to offer maximum relaxation
  • Other types of massage: the devices are sometimes capable of offering other types of massage. To find out precisely which ones, it is best to consult the product sheets or the manufacturer’s website.
  • Note that some devices combine several different technologies. You can absolutely acquire a device capable of producing a shiatsu massage and a message by air compression. You just have to pay the price.

Utilisation facility

A foot massage device is very rarely difficult to use. For electric models, the press of a simple button will be enough to start the massage. However, be aware that there are manual devices, for which you may, for example, have to turn a crank.

Handheld devices are much less pleasant on a daily basis, but they have an advantage: they are also much cheaper. If you have a rather tight budget, this can be a solution to still enjoy foot massages, at least at first.

As for electric massagers, it must be checked that they can be used easily and without pain. To ensure this, the best solution at your disposal is to consult the reviews left by customers on e-commerce sites.

The power

Do you want a device that consumes very little? You may need to lower your ambitions regarding the options offered in this case. The power of the devices varies from 10 watts to 100 watts depending on their functionality and is systematically indicated on the technical data sheets of the products.


For manual devices, the question does not arise: they have unlimited autonomy provided that you make the effort. However, this is not the case with electrical appliances.

Check whether the device can operate without being connected, using batteries or a rechargeable battery. And above all, if this is not the case, check the length of the wire: if it is too short, you may find it difficult to use your device where and when you hear it, which may increase your frustration and not reduce it.

Ease of maintenance

Check the maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer before your purchase. If you have to dismantle the device and take care of a lot of small fragile parts, you will quickly find the process tedious. Focus on the models that can be washed with a little water and a few rags.

Additional features

Finally, the last important criterion, the options with which your foot massager is equipped. There are many, but here are the two most common, which may seem essential to some consumers:

Infrared heating: this function allows you to warm your feet. In addition to intensifying the feeling of relaxation, this technique also makes it possible to soften the massage carried out by the device.
The water jet: some devices are capable of using water, which ensures more hygiene while being pleasant for you.


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