Buy afood chopper so your inventory is well-stocked and complete. Many people know the comforts that this kitchen device offers and incorporate it into their wish list. That is why you should not miss any fundamental instrument in the cupboard. The options that we are going to offer you are backed by the best European brands. They are implements built with the best materials and the most comfortable and striking designs.

Let’s try to explore throughout this article everything that has to do with these instruments. Its articles are easy to use, which do not have major complications to use them.

The best food choppers in comparison

1. Kenwood CH 580, 500 W- food chopper

Kenwood CH 580, 500 W- chopper - white/grey
  • Blenders-Mixers and Food Processors

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This chopper is very efficient for its price, it is not by chance that it is one of the most popular choppers on the market. The 4 stainless steel blades and the power of the 500 W motor make it a device capable of grinding any type of food, from the most delicate such as meat mushrooms, and which can even be used as an ice looter.

In addition, thanks to the special accessory, you can also prepare mayonnaise, but the Kenwood CH580 is not capable of whipping cream or egg whites until stiff. Its small and handy structure makes it suitable for all kitchens and thanks to its weight of only 1.2 kg, it can be used by everyone. It is, therefore, a product that is really suitable for everyone and that greatly accelerates many culinary operations.

2. Moulinex food chopper A327R1 – powerful engine

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The second food chopper on the list is the well-known Moulinex brand. It is about the evolution of a previous model, and as such it has improved many of its characteristics. It highlights, for example, the largest size of the container, capable of holding up to 0.60 litres, and the high power of its engine.

Its use is effortless thanks to the system which it shares with its big sister. Its 700W of power allows you to grind any food without difficulty. If you want to prepare smoothies or sauces, you can also buy the version with the jar.

Also, following the brand’s policy, this food chopper has a lovely design that will decorate any kitchen. Bowl and the lid are dishwasher safe, and storing it will be effortless thanks to its cable storage system . Includes a cookbook to help you get ideas.

The Moulinex brand always makes products of the highest quality. This is the case of this food chopper, which has a very powerful engine, a spectacular design and a very simple operation. Its blades will serve to crush any type of food without any difficulty, and their parts are compatible with the dishwasher, so you can clean it quickly and easily.

3. Bosch MMR08R1GB food chopper

Bosch MMR08R1GB Mini Chopper, 400 W, 0.8 Litre - Red
  • MINI CHOPPER: With powerful 400 W motor; The chopping blades are enhanced by the minimal gap between blade and base for ideal...
  • STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: are strong enough to slice through the toughest ingredients easily; ideal for when you want to quickly...
  • SAFETY FEATURES: The blade will not work unless the unit is attached properly to the base; It will also stop if your hand is...
  • GENEROUS CAPACITY: The bowl is a spacious 0.8 Litre making it ideal for chopping multiple vegetables at once.
  • ITEMS DELIVERED: 1 x Bosch Mini Chopper 400 W, 0.8 L Bowl with UK Plug, Stainless Steel Blade, clear plastic lid.

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In view of the sale price, we can say that this chopper has an excellent quality/price ratio and is extremely versatile. With a power of 400 W and a double stainless steel blade, it can easily slice a wide variety of foods, from vegetables to meat. The container is also large enough for abundant preparations and thanks to the emulsifying disc you can also prepare sauces such as mayonnaise. This chopper can be easily moved thanks to its weight of only 1.2 kg. When not in use, the cable can be wrapped around the machine body and hung comfortably with a small hook at the back of the structure. We recommend this model to those looking for a versatile chopper available at a low price.

4. Bosch MaxoMix Food Chopper X – Great for your kitchen

Bosch Hand Blender, 800 W - Stainless Steel/Black
  • Extra powerful 800W low vibration motor
  • 12 speed settings & turbo button for tackling any task
  • Extra large chopper attachment, calibrated beaker with lid and whisking attachment
  • Durable stainless steel foot with innovative four-winged QuattroBladePro for quicker and more even processing
  • Dishwasher blender proof foot and accessories

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The Bosch MaxoMixx is a complete food processor, with a large number of accessories that will give you a lot of versatility in your kitchen. With a single product, you will have access to functions such as ice-picking, blender, mixer,chopper and many others.

It has twelve normal speeds and a turbo function, which combined with its 800 W power guarantee that your food is ready in a jiffy. The speed selector helps you to keep it constant all the time, without having to worry about the pressure you exert on the button.

It has a proper grip, the SoftTouch, which has an anti-slip effect and buttons designed so that you can use it with one hand. In addition, it is completely removable, and all its accessories are dishwasher safe.

The Bosch MaxoMixx food processor is one of the most complete on the market. With a large number of standard accessories, it allows you to perform many different functions with a single appliance. Its ergonomic handle is designed so that you can use it with one hand, and its twelve speeds plus Turbo mode ensure that your food will be prepared in no time.

5.Moulinex Multi Moulinette Food Chopper

Moulinex Chopper Multi Moulinette, double blade, metallic ruby red colour
  • Moulinex AT712 Multimoulinette Chopper
  • Moulinex AT712 Multimoulinette Chopper The new AT712 chopper from Moulinex has a healthy 400 watt motor and generous 500g capacity...
  • Popular product
  • Kitchen & Cooking / Food Preparation / Grinders , Mincers & Mills
  • A great gift idea for a special occasion

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We continue with this advanced food crusher, also from the Moulinex brand. It is characterised above all by having three blades at different heights, with which you will ensure that your food is perfectly chopped.

Your graduated bowl lets you know the exact amount of food you are using, in addition to having a capacity of up to 500ml. Also, this kitchen crusher has apower of 400 W, more than enough to chop any food.

You can use the Moulinex Multimoulinette at any of its two normal speeds plus the extra turbo speed. Its airtight cover and its security system (which prevents the machine from functioning if it is not detected) will help you to make the process safer. It also includes agift emulsifier disk.

If you’re fed up with the fact that you have pieces of food left without crushing with your food choppers, the Moulinex Multimoulinette is the perfect solution to your problem. With its three blades at different heights, you ensure that there are no pieces left without stinging. It has three speeds, large capacity, and several security systems, so you do not have any problems when using it.

6. Bosch Food Processor 

Bosch MCM68861GB Food Processor, 1250 W, 3.9 L - Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Enjoy chopping every time with the multi-functional supercut blade
  • Chop small amount of herbs, meat, cheese, vegetables, fruits etc - thanks to the mini chopper with Quattro blade
  • Experience improved results with the powerful 1250 W motor, suitable for managing high volumes and difficult foods
  • Benefit from extra space with the large 3.9 L bowl including a lid with funnel and stuffer
  • Save on space from the variety of more than 50 functions for chopping, rasping, slicing, kneading dough, extracting juice and...

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The Bosch MCM68861GB is a food processor that includes many accessories and functions to give you more possibilities in the kitchen. With a single appliance, you can prepare desserts, sauces, doughs, and of course, snack food.

It has aconsiderable power of 1,250W, which ensures that you can crush your food without any effort. Besides, the container of the Bosch MCM68861GB has acapacity of up to 3.9 litres and continuous speed control that will allow you to find the exact point for each of your recipes.

For the price of a single appliance, you will get several accessories of the highest quality such as a blender glass, a mixing blade, a disc to cut and grate, an emulsifying rod, and a juicer, so you will save space by having all those functions in a single device.

The Bosch MCM68861GB is a food processor of the highest quality. With a vast power, ability to chop and process a large amount of food, and a multitude of accessories that allow you to use it for a lot of functions, it is one of the highest quality appliances of this type. Easy and comfortable to use, it will help you to prepare almost any type of dish that you can think of.

7. Imetec CH 2000 Food Chopper

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We finish our list with this kitchen crusher Imetec brand. It is a product that offers the best quality-price ratio in the market. It has a motor of 1,000W of power, more than enough to crush any food without problems.

Its container has acapacity of 0.8 litres, so you can use it to prepare all kinds of sauces and crushed. In addition, its professional blade is capable of giving up to 18,000 revolutions per minute.

This food chopper also has an additional grinder disc to help you cut light food. It is also completely removable, so you can clean it without fear of damaging the blades or the engine.

The Imetec CH 2000 is a food chopper with the best quality-price ratio in the market. It has huge power, capacity for up to 0.8 litres of food, and professional blades that rotate at 18,000 revolutions per minute. Its use is simple and is capable of crushing all kinds of food, from nuts to meat. Without a doubt, one of the best purchases of this year.

How to choose your chopper?


The mincer is one of those little devices that are very easy to use and that speed up the preparation of dishes, allowing us to chop foods like parsley, garlic, celery, meat, etc. in a few seconds. There are many different types of mincers on the market, each more or less suited to your needs.

The first big difference between a model and another are the blades, which must be carefully evaluated before purchasing your device to ensure that they are suitable for the type of ingredients you are going to process.

Let’s see what are the characteristics that the blades of a chopper can have:

  • Sharpening: the first thing to check is that they are well sharpened and resistant, so that they do not deteriorate after a short time and that the chopping is fine and homogeneous. For this reason, the blades should always be made of stainless steel.
  • Number: The number of blades should not be underestimated either. There are not only two-blade models, but also four or six-blade models. It is clear that the greater the number of blades, the shorter the time required for chopping and the greater the variety of ingredients that can be chopped (it is also necessary to have sufficient engine power, but we will talk about this later). For example, a six-blade chopper can also grind pieces of meat or carrots. The important thing is to always roughly cut any ingredient before pouring it into the container to facilitate and speed up the process.
food chopper

Chopper motor

Once the blade evaluation is complete, it is a good idea to find out about the power of the chopper motor you are considering buying. This detail, to which we too often do not pay particular attention, gives us a lot of information to understand the versatility of the model under study. There are indeed several aspects related to the use of the chopper which depends precisely on the power of its engine: in the following paragraphs, we will see what it is about.

Variety of ingredients

The first thing the engine power tells us is what ingredients our chopper can chop without problems. The models available on the market have a power ranging from 100/120 W up to 1000 W, without counting the food processors which include the chopping function.

It goes without saying that this range also corresponds to more or less great versatility. If we have in mind to chop mainly parsley, garlic and onions, a model of only 150 W may suffice. If, on the other hand, we want to use it in a more versatile way and to chop pieces of meat or cheese, for example, we will have to move towards models with a power of about 1000W.

Icebreaker function

Some particularly powerful models also include the function of an ice crusher: it is always good to keep in mind that frequent crushing of the ice can damage the blades and that the container must be made of glass and not plastic.
If you are looking to buy a product intended primarily for use as an ice crusher, however, we recommend that you purchase a food processor with a special accessory for this function, to ensure that you do not have overheating problems. engine or the blades are not damaged quickly.

Usage time and overheating

Another interesting piece of information about the power of the engine is its time of use, that is to say for how many consecutive minutes you can use the chopper without the device causing overheating problems.
There is no specific indication because it depends on the type of ingredients you want to mince: for example, with a 150 W model with two blades, it might be possible to mince the meat, but the time taken by the machine would be very long and the effort of the motor so great that it could cause overheating.

To chop foods like mushrooms, a 1000 W chopper could be too powerful, since the heat produced by the movement of the blades could heat the mushrooms, or finely chop them to the point of rendering them completely unusable.
For this reason, it is always good to assess the use we want to make of this device and to choose the model that suits us accordingly.

Working speed

On certain models, the power of the motor can be modulated and it is possible to choose between two or more speed levels. This is a particularly useful feature, especially on high power models, because that way you can adjust the speed of the blades according to the type of product you want to chop.
Faster models are more versatile and should, therefore, be preferred to models where there is only one-speed level.


Do not make the mistake of underestimating the characteristics of the bowl! This component is not always the same from one model to another.
First of all, it is important to take into account its capacity.

As these are not mixers, you should not expect exorbitant capacity, which can vary from 0.2 L to 1.5 L.

This measure influences not only the final quantity of chopped food that can be obtained but also the quantity and size of the ingredients that can be inserted.

We also recommend that you always choose a model with a transparent bowl, in order to check the condition of the chop without having to dismantle the chopper. The presence of a graduated scale on the bowl is also a practical device because it allows you to portion the ingredients inside the bowl.

Maintenance of food chopper

Maintaining an electric food chopper is rather simple because, by means of a sponge, dish soap and water, it can be easily cleaned. However, care must be taken not to wet the head containing the motor, as this may damage it. You can gently wipe its inner side without letting the water run abundantly. The jar can be washed in the dishwasher. However, if it is glass and fragile, it is better to do it by hand, wipe it and store it carefully. Finally, the blades and the cylinder must be stored dry after cleaning, to avoid rust.

Now let’s talk about the meat grinder itself. Fortunately, all models are removable, which greatly simplifies maintenance. It must first be disassembled and put each part (tray, a roll of blades, funnels, presses) apart, and clean each of them with soap and water. Then dry them properly so that they do not rust.

The water must not touch the part containing the engine, otherwise, it can quickly deteriorate. External cleaning with a soft cloth is sufficient. In addition, it should be noted that it is good to grease the blades or to wrap them in a fatty paper so that they do not rust in the long term. In addition, avoid overloading the appliance with food to be cut: otherwise, the pressure increases, the engine overheats and the mince has a texture close to the porridge, which is very unpleasant.


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