Best Food Choppers on the Market

Moulinex Moulinette 3-in-1 Blender, Chopper & Grinder Set
2 Reviews
Moulinex Moulinette 3-in-1 Blender, Chopper & Grinder Set
  • 3-in-1 space saving design
  • Blender, Mini chopper, Coffee grinder
  • 1000 watt power
  • Detachable blades
The first food chopper on the list is the well-known Moulinex brand. It is about the evolution of a previous model, and as such it has improved many of its characteristics. It highlights, for example, the largest size of the container, capable of holding up to 0.85 litres, and the high power of its engine.

Its use is effortless thanks to the system 1,2,3, which it shares with its big sister. Its 1000W of power allows you to grind any food without difficulty. If you want to prepare smoothies or sauces, you can also buy the version with the glass.

Also, following the brand’s policy, this food chopper has a lovely design that will decorate any kitchen. Bowl and the lid are dishwasher safe, and storing it will be effortless thanks to its cable storage system . Includes a cookbook to help you get ideas.


The Moulinex brand always makes products of the highest quality. This is the case of this kitchen chopper, which has a very powerful engine, a spectacular design and a very simple operation thanks to its 1,2,3 system. Its six blades will serve to crush any type of food without any difficulty, and their parts are compatible with the dishwasher, so you can clean it quickly and easily.

2. Bosch MaxoMix Food Chopper X – Great for your kitchen

Bosch Hand Blender, 800 W - Stainless Steel/Black
135 Reviews
Bosch Hand Blender, 800 W - Stainless Steel/Black
  • Extra powerful 800W low vibration motor
  • 12 speed settings & turbo button for tackling any task
  • Extra large chopper attachment, calibrated beaker with...
  • Durable stainless steel foot with innovative...

The Bosch MaxoMixx is a complete food processor, with a large number of accessories that will give you a lot of versatility in your kitchen. With a single product, you will have access to functions such as ice-picking, blender, mixer, chopper and many others.

It has twelve normal speeds and a turbo function, which combined with its 800 W power guarantee that your food is ready in a jiffy. The speed selector helps you to keep it constant all the time, without having to worry about the pressure you exert on the button.

It has a proper grip, the SoftTouch, which has an anti-slip effect and buttons designed so that you can use it with one hand. In addition, it is completely removable, and all its accessories are dishwasher safe.


The Bosch MaxoMixx food processor is one of the most complete on the market. With a large number of standard accessories, it allows you to perform many different functions with a single appliance. Its ergonomic handle is designed so that you can use it with one hand, and its twelve speeds plus Turbo mode ensure that your food will be prepared in no time.

3. Moulinex Multi Moulinette Food Chopper

Moulinex Chopper Multi Moulinette, double blade, metallic ruby red...
182 Reviews
Moulinex Chopper Multi Moulinette, double blade, metallic ruby red...
  • Food Capacity:0.2 kg
  • Capacity:0.5 litres
  • Special Features:Turbo function
  • Product Type:Chopper

Advanced system for chopping your food

We continue with this advanced food crusher, also from the Moulinex brand. It is characterised above all by having three blades at different heights, with which you will ensure that your food is perfectly chopped.

Your graduated bowl lets you know the exact amount of food you are using, in addition to having a capacity of up to 500ml. Also, this kitchen crusher has a power of 400 W, more than enough to chop any food.

You can use the Moulinex Multimoulinette at any of its two normal speeds plus the extra turbo speed. Its airtight cover and its security system (which prevents the machine from functioning if it is not detected) will help you to make the process safer. It also includes a gift emulsifier disk.


If you’re fed up with the fact that you have pieces of food left without crushing with your food choppers, the Moulinex Multimoulinette is the perfect solution to your problem. With its three blades at different heights, you ensure that there are no pieces left without stinging. It has three speeds, large capacity, and several security systems, so you do not have any problems when using it.

4. Bosch Food Processor 

Many features

Bosch MCM68861GB Food Processor, 1250 W, 3.9 L - Brushed Stainless...
77 Reviews
Bosch MCM68861GB Food Processor, 1250 W, 3.9 L - Brushed Stainless...
  • Enjoy chopping every time with the multi-functional...
  • Chop small amount of herbs, meat, cheese, vegetables,...
  • Experience improved results with the powerful 1250 W...
  • Benefit from extra space with the large 3.9 L bowl...

The Bosch MCM68861GB is a food processor that includes many accessories and functions to give you more possibilities in the kitchen. With a single appliance, you can prepare desserts, sauces, doughs, and of course, snack food.

It has a considerable power of 1,250W, which ensures that you can crush your food without any effort. Besides, the container of the Bosch MCM68861GB has a capacity of up to 3.9 litres and continuous speed control that will allow you to find the exact point for each of your recipes.

For the price of a single appliance, you will get several accessories of the highest quality such as a blender glass, a mixing blade, a disc to cut and grate, an emulsifying rod, and a juicer, so you will save space by having all those functions in a single device.


The Bosch MCM68861GB is a food processor of the highest quality. With a vast power, ability to chop and process a large amount of food, and a multitude of accessories that allow you to use it for a lot of functions, it is one of the highest quality appliances of this type. Easy and comfortable to use, it will help you to prepare almost any type of dish that you can think of.

5. Imetec CH 2000 Food Chopper

Great quality at the best price 

We finish our list with this kitchen crusher Imetec brand. It is a product that offers the best quality-price ratio in the market. It has a motor of 1,000W of power, more than enough to crush any food without problems

Its container has a capacity of 0.8 litres, so you can use it to prepare all kinds of sauces and crushed. In addition, its professional blade is capable of giving up to 18,000 revolutions per minute.

This food chopper also has an additional grinder disc to help you cut light food. It is also completely removable, so you can clean it without fear of damaging the blades or the engine.


The Imetec CH 2000 is a food chopper with the best quality-price ratio in the market. It has huge power, capacity for up to 0.8 litres of food, and professional blades that rotate at 18,000 revolutions per minute. Its use is simple and is capable of crushing all kinds of food, from nuts to meat. Without a doubt, one of the best purchases of this 2019.