Active athletes often suffer different types of injuries. During recovery, it is quite hard to train in the gym, so it is recommended to use a floss compression band. In addition, compression bands are also very useful for those who want to increase the intensity of their training.

What is the best compression bands?

Yes, it is true that there are many floss brands to search within the market, but that will divert our search. When it comes to these bands you have to think more about the details of size, quality, thickness and finish than in a simple brand and that is what I have done in my comparison. What you will see below are five excellent cheap models for you to make an intelligent and economic purchase like the one you deserve.

Floss compression bands PROTONE

High quality, resistant and made latex-free, they are made of natural rubber ideal for use on shoulders, elbows, wrists, hands, thighs, hamstrings, knee, calf, ankle, foot. They are 5cm wide and 2m long, but red is thicker than black. Both are included.

Compression bands SB-MFXHXH by Serious Still

They are compression bands for running, for Crossfit, even for lifting weights. Ideal because it heats the muscles, which reduces injuries, protects you and allows you to keep moving after having suffered one. They are 100% natural latex, free of more than 99.9% of proteins.

Compression Bands Black Red Combo WODFitters

It is a complete package of two mobility bands that are used in physiotherapy and for adequate rehabilitation after an injury in your muscles or joints to regain flexibility. They are very versatile because they can be used for climbing, cross-training and more.


It includes two compression bands of different sizes, which makes this a varied package. Both have a great fixation on the skin, so placing them will be easy. They are made of 100% natural latex rubber, highly recommended. They reduce injuries and are reliable in case of tendonitis.

CybGene compression band

If you practice yoga, mountain biking or any other activity, this band will suit you. This band has measures of 1.0mm thick x 5cm wide x 208cm long. In addition to all the advantages of a band of these, it will allow you to stretch the most difficult muscles.

compression bands

What are Floss bands or compression bands?

Names are not lacking, from floss band or compression band to recovery band or silk and the list can continue compression bands.

Whatever you find it, it is a therapeutic band that is used because it relieves pain, reduces inflammation, maximizes flexibility and joint mobility, increases blood circulation and improves recovery.

Most silk bands come in a set of two, a band of black yarn for medium compression and a band of red yarn for maximum compression.

Why use floss compression bands?

Because they are perfect allies to improve mobility problems such as internal rotation of the shoulder and extension of the elbow or knee. They can also be used to break up adhesions in the connective tissues where there is chronic overload. The parts of the body that can suffer this are the knee, the thigh or the ankle.

These bands compress the tissues of the joint and contract blood flow. This is how the blood rushes when carrying scar tissue, lactic acid and other elements that contribute to inflammation.

When to use them?

This is a very pertinent question that surely many of you are doing. As I have anticipated, these bands are the best tool to accelerate the process of recovery of mobility after an injury.

Are you coming out of a muscle injury due to a bad movement or bad training? Then it is here when you can use it because the secret of them is that they offer users the possibility of continuing to exercise even after an injury. It is recommended that you only use it for two minutes to avoid damage.