I am always looking for new products that are natural and help me stay healthy, this is because I love trying things that are organic and do not have chemicals that affect my body. It was not until very recently that I discovered all the benefits of flax and everything it is able to offer our body, so I decided to find the best flaxseed oil, one that was economical and of excellent quality to enjoy of all its benefits.

List with the best flaxseed oils

You must believe me when I say that the market is full of options with flaxseed as the main ingredient to choose from, from gel products to the famous oils that have many nutrients that bring benefits to the body.

When choosing the best flaxseed oil you should look at its ingredients, in addition to taking into account the use, you will give it, as there are some products designed for specific things, such as hair care or even capsules.

If you are looking for a good product to take advantage of all its benefits, you can take a look at the comparison that I have put together.

1. Lignan Barlean’s flaxseed oil

Barlean's, Organic Lignan Flax Oil

If you are looking for a product that is organic, the flax seeds have been pressed to the cold and are the purest, this may be your winning choice. It is an oil with a fresh flavor that will provide essential fatty acids.

2. Zhou Nutrition Softgels

Zhou Nutrition Softgels

If you seek all the benefits of flaxseed oil, improve the appearance of your skin, hair and help the good health of the heart and immune system, these soft gel capsules will come your way thanks to their 1000 mg of essential fatty acids.

3.Flaxseed Oil – 1000mg Earths Design

Flaxseed Oil - 1000mg Earths Design

Of the most comfortable ways to ingest flaxseed oil, one is in gel capsules, since with one a day you will cover your needs for fatty acids and these of Earths Desing are highly recommended for its concentrated double formula of easy absorption.

4. Solgar Flaxseed oil

Solgar Flaxseed Oil 1250 mg Softgels

    When it comes to flaxseeds, what is natural will always win, so products like this, which are organic and without chemical solvents will be a perfect purchase that will help your cardiovascular, digestive and skin systems.

    5. Lamberts

    Lamberts Flax Seed Oil

    If you want an product that is cheaper and you prefer the options in capsules for its practicality and convenience to take them, this is a great option to choose.

    It contains 90 capsules that will fill you with necessary acids such as linoleic and alpha-linolenic.

    Benefits of flaxseed oil

    If you do not know the benefits of flaxseed oil, you will be impressed with everything that this seed has to offer:

    Help to lose weight

    It has the property of accelerating metabolism, which helps in fat burning and weight loss. In addition, it has a laxative effect that helps keep the digestive system moving, eliminating impurities in this way.

    Improves constipation and diarrhea

    By improving the functioning of the digestive system, it also benefits those who suffer from constipation, since you will have regular bowel movements. Flaxseed also helps stop diarrhoea.

    Help fight cancer

    Studies have shown that flax seeds, and therefore oil, help reduce the growth of different types of cancer, among which breast cancer stands out.

    Remove cellulite

    Adding flaxseed to your diet can help prevent and control the appearance of cellulite as it contributes to the production of collagen.

    Reduces eczema or dermatitis

    The number of fatty acids found in flaxseed, such as omega 3, help control dermatitis and eczema, so it will help you through food.

    Improves heart health

    Flaxseed contains large amounts of alpha-linoleic acid, which has been shown to help prevent heart attacks and heart disease.

    What should you look for when choosing the best flaxseed oil?

    There are different factors that will help you to reach the best option, among these are:

    Is the oil pressed in the cold and unrefined?

    You should always look for a product that is vacuum pressed since the heat in the flax seeds can affect and destroy the fatty acids that they contain and those that have not had refining will always be better.

    Made of organic flax seeds

    Will be better if it is certified organic, so you should avoid highly refined products, free of chemicals, dyes and preservatives.

    Vacuum packed and places with little oxygen

    Dark packaging with little oxygen will protect it from oxidizing its fatty acids.

    Make it 100% flaxseed oil

    Depending on the brand, these can add other oils, you should always look for these to be pure flaxseed oils.

    Capsules and gels

    It can also be used in a gel capsule that you can take once a day.

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