Feeling and looking good is something that fills us with self-esteem and security. When we choose to exercise to achieve this, we want our body to look thin and toned. Training our abdominal muscles with ab straps is something we love since it eliminates the annoying rolls and makes us look fantastic on those occasions when we can show our body, as on the beach.

But achieving the famous squares is a challenge that is achieved with discipline and perseverance, investing your time doing exercises that stimulate your muscles. Although if you are a person with little time to attend the gym, you can choose to do a routine at home.

There are ab straps that can support you and help make this process much faster and more effective.

What is the best ab strap for pull-up bars?

Any athlete and sports enthusiast want to have defined muscles and the abdominal area cannot miss, in this, a good abs straps will be extremely useful, especially when using the pull-up bars.

Find a model of quality and that also results in an economic strap will not be a problem, if you look between the wide variety available in the market and you look at the most important features.

Ab Straps Armageddon Sports

These are two hanging training straps that have been designed in black colour with sturdy material. It has apadded interior, comfortable and pleasant to the skin. It is held securely, avoiding accidents.

With these ab straps, you can do multiple vertical exercises such as leg and arm lifts. It is perfect if you want to strengthen, tone and mark your muscles more. In addition, they have a lifetime warranty.

Hanging Ab straps Grizzly Fitness

Manufactured in resistant nylon, these straps will come to you of great utility when using them in the bars, since they will put all your abdomen to work.

Their biggest advantage is that they achieve better leg isolation when doing the push-ups and adapt to different bars.

Abdominal strap for Pull-up bars Body Solid AAB2

An ideal way to train the abdominal muscles without putting pressure on the back is with bar straps of the best quality, which you will get with this model of the Body Solid brand, being comfortable, strong and withstand weight very well.

Ab strap – Gorilla Gym for pull-up bars

With these ab straps, you will achieve more intense exercises at the time of riding in a bar to perform pullups, you can make all kinds of movements while you are suspended with total confidence because they will resist being durable and of the best quality.

Ab straps for pull-up bars RDX

For different disciplines such as bodybuilding, CrossFit, weight lifting, bars and any other exercise that you do body lifting that you do in the gym, these straps will help you improve your results. They are resistant and have a filling that makes them comfortable.

Heavy Duty Ab Straps for pull-up bars – Armageddon Sports

A recommended option in this comparison not only for being cheap, also for supporting the weight effectively thanks to its nylon construction.

Its steel rings make it possible to hook on any bar, so you can easily crunch your strength.

What are abs straps?

The abdominal straps, also known as “Ab-Straps”, are straps used in bars and other equipment in which you can suspend your body to elevate the legs and exercise the area of ​​the abdominals, this without straining the back or creating tension in the same.

Most of these straps can be used at home, which will save you money if you do not want to go to the gym.

ab straps

Benefits of using abs straps in your workouts

An ab strap or sling for abdominals is an effective way to work different muscles of the body, besides being a portable and economical option that you can take everywhere.

These straps put the oblique area to work in isolation, which is achieved by lifting the legs and you can perform in different movements, making this a very versatile exercise. They are easy to make and it will not take too much time either, not to mention that they are safer than the traditional push-ups on the floor.

What to look for when choosing ab straps?

Before buying some straps to work the abdominals and increase your muscular strength, it is necessary that you take into account the following:


Think of these belts as an investment in the future and they should be able to last for many uses without damaging, so it is convenient that you look at their manufacture and that it is in resistant materials.


For you to do your exercises and lifting safely and without worries, it is important that the straps are stable, that they have hooks or carabiners that you can adapt to any bar without slipping or leaving the position.


Are they easy to install and use? Do you limit your movements? These are questions that you have to ask before making your choice, as they will indicate how functional the straps will be.


Your comfort is the most important when training since you will get better results if you are in a good position. To do this, look for straps that feel firm and make good support to your arms.

ab straps for pull-up bar

Fitness level

Your level and performance when training is also a factor to consider since you will find more suitable options for beginners, intermediate or experts, depending on your case.

Length and width

A straps of abdominals that are wider will provide greater comfort at the time of use. Your height should also be considered, being ideal that these are adjustable to fit your size.

Type of exercise

Depending on the type of exercise that you are going to practice, you may need other equipment, such as a leg lifter that goes with your straps or a belt that adds weight and that will help to contract the muscles of the abdomen better.

Maximum capacity

You can not forget to verify what is the maximum weight supported by these belts since they have a limit.

Fixation System

These belts can use different systems to adapt to the bars, these can be carabiners or use the same manufacturing material to cherry them.


In addition to everything that is already raised, you should look for straps that are flexible and that offer a good range of movements, that these are not too tight or too loose.