Exercising with the use of a bicycle is an excellent option to achieve faster physical results. With the best exercise bike, you can achieve this and much more, if combined with a good diet you are also prepared to be disciplined and consistent training.

Its use is very common in gyms, as well as running laces, but without a doubt having a stationary bicycle at home will give you the opportunity to plan your training according to your schedule. Sometimes the pace of work, traffic and other aspects, interfere with the desire to train and motivation falls.

Here we will talk about the advantages and features that a static bicycle should have to be of good quality, be completely adjustable to your budget and help you lose weight and get rid of the undesirable belly.

What is the best exercise bike?

Online you can find an infinity of brands and models that simulate total comfort and excellence in functions for a low price or affordable.

However, not everything always has to do with a question of price but to buy a product of good quality. The following suggestions that we will give you are the most recommended, according to the expert’s test and lovers of the training with exercise bike.

1. Exercise Bike Capital Sports Evo

Extra-wide saddle for comfort

Compact, easy to install, robust and silent, this bike has a heart rate monitor and a monitor to check values ​​such as heart rate, time or distance, and is suitable for people with 190cm of height and 110kg of weight. It works to move from soft to vigorous exercise and to adjust the bike’s gears according to the physical development that the body achieves with practice.

2. Static bike Sportstech

With a good backrest to avoid tension in the back

Although it is easy to assemble and has an ergonomic saddle, nothing is better than the power cords it brings to work back, chest and arms while pedaling, and enrich the workout to see the results more quickly and compensate for any increase in consumption of calories. Excellent finish, robust, stable and easy to move.

3. Foldaway exercise bike X-1000 Skandika

With Bluetooth and support for tablets

Folding with wheels works without making noise, to use at any time without fear of disturbing. Wide and comfortable seat backrest. LCD screen to control: time, distance, speed, calorie consumption and heart rate. Eight levels of variable resistance and great support of tablets to listen to music or watch a series or a movie while you pedal, that will increase motivation.

4. Exercise Bike 401076-1 TecTake

Fun while you practice

It is the ideal bike to get fit without leaving home because it takes up very little space and serves to work all muscle groups, especially the legs. Anti-skid pedals provide better safety and stability conditions to pedal and strengthen your cardiovascular system while developing strength, endurance, coordination and flexibility. Adjustable seat for any height.

5. Ultrasport F-Bike folding exercise bike

Well equipped

This is a less expensive model, very functional, that can support a maximum weight of 130 Kg, which makes it super resistant. You can use it when you want without any inconvenience, because it is very easy to assemble, and after using it you can fold it to save it.

It has built-in a modern LCD battery display, where you can see the time, calories, speed, distance, and pulse.

To make your training more intense and personalized, it has 8 manually adjustable resistance levels. The steering wheel barely weighs 1.5 kg.

And to give you more comfort has practical padded support for mobile phone, a magazine, book and a towel rack.

6. Ultrasport F-Bike 200B

Innovative design

Folding model with great resistance of up to 8 levels with which you can strengthen your muscles and cardiovascular systems.

Thanks to its curved design it will be easy to assemble and fold. It does not take up much space when you save it.

It has an ingenious LCD battery display, where you can read various weight and calorie data. Resists a load of up to 100 kg approximately.

7. Tecnovita BH Open & go folding exercise bike


Made of high-quality metal, supports a weight of up to 90 Kg. This wonderful product has wheels on its base that will allow you to roll it from one place to another, plus its compact design is so efficient that you can store it under your bed, behind a door, in a closet or wherever you like.

Its handlebar, saddle and pedals are completely ergonomic, which will allow you to have more control of the exercise.

Do not worry about the noise, because it is extremely silent.

8. Diadora Lux Exercise Bike

Good reputation

With a flywheel of inertia of 8 Kg that guarantees a smooth pedalling and its magnetic resistance, it is a team that will demand effort and dedication to achieve great results.

It is an economical, sturdy, stable, very good size bike with a belt drive. Among its digital functions has a pulse sensor, and you can also get partial distance data, calories consumed, current speed, pedalling time.

It can resist up to 120 Kg. In general, it is satisfactory in the price-product ratio.

9. Klarfit X-Bike 700 folding exercise bike

Simple assembly

Design in black and orange, elegant and striking. With this bike, you can monitor performance more efficiently, thanks to its heart rate monitor integrated into the handlebar.

A great advantage of this model is that the instruction manual comes with images, which will facilitate the assembly. It has 8 levels of resistance.

It has rubber support surfaces and padded handles. Its wheels allow you to mobilize it without generating so much scandal.

You can read the data of your training on the LCD screen, even while pedalling.

10. Sportstech EX500 ergometer bike

More technological

A of 16 levels of resistance, with which you can have more complete training.

Your console is fully compatible with App + support for tablet and fitness application with Google Maps function, also compatible with e-Health.

You will not worry about the discomfort of the saddle, because it is very comfortable and ergonomic.

If you do not have much experience training with a stationary bike, this model gives you a great variety of programs with 12 pre-programmed workouts.

It resists the maximum weight of the user up to 120 KG.

Types of exercise bikes

There are different types of bicycles. There are the mountain bikes, the race, the spinning and also the static ones.

As for the latter, there are also two types that are worth discovering, so that you have a broader and clearer idea of ​​the purchase you can make.

Vertical Exercise bicycles

They have been popular for a long time, and each new model issued comes equipped with advanced features that vastly improve training.

Vertical bicycles have a virtue: the cost. In general, they cost much less money, however, if you need to buy an inexpensive or low priced equipment, you will still have quality training. In addition, vertical bicycles take up much less space, and can often be easily folded and stored for later use.

There are vertical bicycles that do not force you to sit still as a recumbent bike does. When you ride a vertical bicycle, you can take advantage of it in the same way you would use a real bicycle. This is like get off your seat and get up, then pedal that way, which gives the legs a much more intense exercise.

One disadvantage is that the seats can be equally uncomfortable. If you’re a fan of longer rides, you do not want a vertical bicycle. This type of bicycle is also not recommended for elderly people with back pain.

These bikes have a comparatively high centre of gravity, which theoretically means they can become unstable if you push them too hard.

Recumbent exercise bike

Your chair offers exceptional support for the back and buttocks, and the reclined position will make you feel no tension.

The seat is not the only comfort that bike can provide. Unlike a vertical bicycle that clings to the handles and stays bent forward, on a recumbent bike, your hands are completely free. This enables you to watch TV, read a book, or play some of your favourite games.

There are people who have a negative opinion about the effectiveness of recumbent bicycles in burning calories, compared to vertical bicycles.

As the body is in a reclined position, your legs will have to work harder to combat gravity, compared to how you would on a vertical bike.

Types of Resistance

One of the most important characteristics of bicycles is the resistance it provides, and it is extremely necessary that you know a little about the different types, so that you can make a more successful purchase.

According to the resistance will be the scope of results you will get. Look at the following:

In order to simulate the feeling of riding a real road bike, several exercise bikes offer different levels of resistance while pedalling.

The market is populated by bicycles that employ direct and magnetic contact braking systems, as they offer resistance that can be fully adjusted. Apart from these two types, there are exercise bikes that have a fan that converts the resistance of the air into resistance that you feel, while you are pedalling.

How to choose an exercise bike?

One of the most effective and optimal options for maintaining shape, the strengthening of the whole body is an exercise bike. With it, you can not only lose weight, but improve muscle mass and endurance, but also rehabilitate after injury.

Home exercise bikes are convenient because you can take care of yourself and your health at any time, even if heavy rain falls outside. You don’t have to pay money for gyms and go far away. 

The sports equipment market has a huge assortment of inexperienced consumers and has a variety of additional “gadgets” for inventory. So the question here is not just where to buy an exercise bike, but to be confused, not to make bad decisions with purchases, but to choose exactly what you need. Since the company requires a serious approach and a balanced decision, it is necessary to dot I and narrow the scope of the characteristics to be considered and the model itself somewhat.

So, let’s consider how to choose home exercise bike, what special attention should be paid to it, designate the main manufacturers in this field and consider specific models of sports equipment. The rationale will be taken from the opinions of experts in this field and the feedback of ordinary users.

What to consider when choosing an exercise bike

Before explaining how to choose an exercise bike for home use, let’s look at the main criteria to consider. Otherwise, you risk not only buying inefficient sports equipment, but also harming your health. Therefore, pay special attention to the following characteristics of the exercise bike:


All sports equipment in such a scheme differs in three types of loads: mechanical, magnetic and electromagnetic. The most accessible models have a mechanical component whose bushing with a special tension belt and gear is responsible for efficiency. If you decide to choose this type of exercise bike, be prepared for high noise and nervous system. But with its limited functionality, the existing shortcomings offset more than democratic costs.

Magnetic exercise bike

Magnetic home exercise bike works on a completely different principle. Here the main load on the leg falls on the shoulders of the magnet for the brakes and accelerations that the flywheel meets. A more expensive shell of this type can be equipped with several additional systems, such as load control, pulse display or calorie sensor.

Magnetic type models are the most popular in the category of exercise bikes. In this market, you can choose the hundreds of models you want. In addition, magnetic type projectiles are the best solution in terms of price and impact.

Electromagnetic exercise bike

If the exercise bike requires a better professional athlete, a good half will definitely point to the electromagnetic model. Therefore, the mechanical components are completely missing here, and the whole process falls on the shoulder of the computer.

Here you can choose the most accurate load on your body. All components of the simulator work absolutely quietly and smoothly. In most cases, the main power source is a small generator. The presence of the latter not only simplifies the whole process but also saves battery.

If you decide to choose this type of exercise bike, all models have expensive tags, so the practicality of the purchase is determined only by incentives that lead to a healthy lifestyle or lose weight. Otherwise, you can get expensive and dusty toys.

Since these are the best exercise machines for weight loss and quick rehabilitation after injury, electromagnetic exercise bikes are often seen not only in gyms but also in large medical institutions. Purchasing this type of bike can contribute to the durability and variety of the model.