5 Best Exercise Balls or Pilates Balls for a Healthy Life

If you are a person accustomed to exercises, who usually go to the gym or who likes healthy life, surely you have seen a pilates ball or exercise ball. This is because the best Swiss ball or pilates ball serves for strength, balance and stability training.

In turn, these gym instruments allow to work the strength of the core and the abdominal and also have great advantages for muscle balance. In fact, many physiotherapists use exercise balls in their clinics to rehabilitate their patients seeking to improve balance, flexibility and strength.

Other important advantages are that they help to create muscle tone throughout the body, to rehabilitate the back, hips and knees after an injury, and can even help you lose weight and improve your cardiovascular system through low-level exercises. impact.

And all this you can do with a single and simple device that is economical and easy to use from the comfort of your home.

What is the best Swiss ball or pilates ball?

We already saw that you have to take into account a few things before buying a pilates ball. You have to know what kind of exercises you want to do, what parts you want to work on and know well the benefits and types of exercise balls that you will find to be able to choose the most suitable one for you.

The following comparative list contains the best market models, so you can begin to strengthen that core, your whole body, or even recover after an injury.

1. Arteesol Exercise Ball Yoga Swiss Ball

The favorite of the users

arteesol Exercise Ball 45cm / 55cm / 65cm / 75cm...
64 Reviews
arteesol Exercise Ball 45cm / 55cm / 65cm / 75cm...
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It is a Exercise ball 65 cm in size that facilitates most of the training and is ideal for strengthening the core and abs, to achieve greater definition and more marked muscles.

It comes with superior quality anti-break and anti-burst material to guarantee its durability and user safety. At the same time, it includes a pump and a free digital book with 20 exercises dedicated to the core and the middle section.

It generates hyperextension of the abdominals beyond 180 degrees, generating greater elasticity and training flexibility, stability and body balance. And all this you achieve without having to go to the gym. There are plenty of reasons to see why he has won the love of his users.

2. Togu My-Ball Soft fitness ball

Convenient and practical

TOGU My Soft Exercise Ball - Pearl White, 45 cm
1 Reviews
TOGU My Soft Exercise Ball - Pearl White, 45 cm
  • inflatable sit- and exercise ball made...
  • designed for comfortable sitting and...
  • 500 kg maximum load

This pilates ball is available in sizes from 45 cm to 75 cm, which makes it suitable for each type of person according to its size. This model is mainly used for rehabilitation or physiotherapy after an injury and for physical exercise.

It is excellent to improve balance and coordination, gain strength in the back and strengthen the core and abs. Allows low-impact exercises that can be carried out by people of all ages and physical conditions. In addition, it is really resistant to pops, has a good confection and durable materials.

It is a product of excellent quality at a low price. Undoubtedly, it will help you achieve a healthy life and strong muscles and in good condition.

3. Swiss Ball FITNESS MAD

The best price

Fitness Mad Workout Gym Yoga Exercise 125kg Swiss...
  • Fitness Mad Workout Gym Yoga Exercise...

The Pilates-Mad brand brings us this incredibly affordable 65 cm Swiss ball and weight support up to 125 kg. Great for people of average size and average weight who want to exercise with dumbbells or some extra weight.

It is a spherical model without handles that helps a lot to alleviate ailments caused by poor posture. In fact, some users claim that they no longer have back pain after using it as a chair in the office. It is excellent for rehabilitation and physical activity after an injury.

It includes a pump of easy use that allows you to inflate and deflate to taste and without problems. If you are looking for the least expensive and good quality product, you have found the right one.

4. POWRX Deluxe gym ball

Excellent price-value ratio

Powrx Deluxe Gym Ball, Yoga, Pilates,...
4 Reviews
Powrx Deluxe Gym Ball, Yoga, Pilates,...
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This model is available in sizes ranging from 55 to 105 cm and allows you to do gymnastics, yoga and pilates. In turn, it is ideal for stretching and toning muscles, and even its use is widely recommended to prepare pregnant women before delivery, since it allows toning the deep muscles of the pelvic floor and nucleus.

It is made of resistant and anti-burst material and includes an easy-to-use inflator. You can consider that it is already inflated when you sit on the ball and your legs and trunk form a 90 degree angle.

It is a versatile and versatile Swiss ball, since it allows to work several muscles of the body at the same time, achieving balance and muscular balance. In addition, it is available at an excellent price.

5. Bosu Original Pro LM-1001

Comfortable and versatile

Bosu Balance Trainer blue Size:Pro (65 cm)
1 Reviews
Bosu Balance Trainer blue Size:Pro (65 cm)
  • Bosu Balance Trainer blue Size:Pro (65...
  • Pro (65 cm)
  • Blue

This comfortable 65 cm exercise ball is a hemisphere that takes up less space and rests directly on the surfaces thanks to its flat base. It provides a truly versatile workout and can be used on both ends for different types of exercises.

It is ideal to work several things:

  • the position, since it allows to improve the corporal balance and the balance of the muscles, avoiding discomfort caused by bad postures;
  • the cardiovascular system, since it promotes weight loss and increases muscular strength and endurance through aerobic exercises;
  • and the balance through the muscular balance that is achieved throughout the body by working in a balanced manner.

This model is not the most economical of the list, but it is really versatile and of good quality. In turn, it comes with an air pump included.

What is an exercise ball?

Also known as stability balls, physio balls, Swiss ball or yoga ball, are balls that are used to perform exercises of different types and with different objectives. Depending on the use they are given, they can help you lose weight, improve balance and flexibility, tone muscles and strengthen the core without having to go to the gym.

As for their characteristics, they are long, solid balls that can be used for stretching, or you can sit on them while lifting dumbbells to strengthen the abdomen and improve your posture and balance.

In the same way, you can do traditional abdominal exercises for a more challenging and strong workout.

Knowing the types of Swiss balls

Do not worry. Depending on the type of exercise you want to perform, there will be a Swiss ball ideal for you. They are available in different sizes and each model is designed for a specific type of exercise, so look for an exercise ball that can be used for what you are looking for.

  • Stability balls: they are the largest and are sometimes called pilates balls. They are ideal for strengthening the core of the abdominal area, which is essential for difficult exercises. Most of the simple exercises can be done with this type of balls and make them more challenging. They are ideal for exercises that involve the entire body.
  • Mini balls: these balls are like stability balls, but much smaller. They do a great job helping muscle balance and strengthening the core, but they are not used for full body exercises. In fact, they are used to make push-ups and side bend more challenging.
  • Medicine balls: they are made of leather or rubber and inside they contain sand or some other heavy material. They are used for many things, such as strength training, explosive training, rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Because of their great weight, they allow doing strong and challenging exercises.

What you should look for in a good pilates ball

A good Pilates to improve your workouts you will see how easy it is to improve your fitness. However, before you start doing the exercises you have to buy the right product. For that, we recommend paying attention to the following details:

  • Size: it is important for several reasons: to know if it will fit comfortably in your home and if you can save it without problems, and to see if it is suitable for the type of exercises you want to perform. If you are looking to do seated and full body exercises, you will need a large exercise ball, not a mini one.
  • Weight Limit: If you plan to use your whole body during exercise, make sure the model you choose c using be able to support your weight. This will prevent the Swiss ball from being broken or damaged in any way and will make you sure while you are exercising without going to the gym.
  • Quality: always look for a model that is supported by the opinions and comments of its users in the network, which is made of resistant and durable materials.
  • Durability: watch for a ball with good stability and that is resistant to bursts. Best, a ball with resistance to bursts of 500 kg, mainly if you plan to use more weight. Think it is like the rim of a car.

Keep in mind that, if you do not specify the limit weight, it is probably between 100 and 200 kg, which is very low and you risk a blow to the ground that can cause injuries and damage to your body.

Maintenance of exercise balls

Remember to take care of your exercise ball with extreme caution, as punctures, penetrating or sharp objects and others, can damage them little by little and create the risk that the device fails during use and you hurt yourself. We recommend the following precautionary measures:

  • Check if there are sharp objects in the area where you will exercise. Make sure that there is nothing that can puncture your pilates ball, since, although the models resistant to explosions will not explode, they can be damaged and cracked by these objects, so keep them away.
  • Do not use the ball outside, as there are always rocks or sharp surfaces that can damage it.
  • Check the ball regularly for rallons, bumps or bubbles.
  • It avoids that the Swiss ball comes in contact with printed materials or printed with black ink since it can be transferred to the ball and leave marks and spots. Then, this ink can be passed to your clothes and skin.
  • Clean the ball regularly with a soft cloth and warm water with soap to prevent germs and stains from damaging it sooner or later.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on your exercise ball. Ideally, you should spray it with a disinfectant, but do not submerge it in the liquid. Just let that same dew rest on the ball and dry itself.

Benefits of using exercise balls

The benefits are many and really advantageous. From improving stretches, strength training, physiotherapy or rehabilitation to recover strength, stability and muscle balance even after an injury and more. That is why in this section we will explain more about them so you can get the most out of your pilates ball.

  • Back and spine health: the reason chiropractors and physiotherapists started using these balloons is because they help you support your back while exercising and stretching, which makes them ideal for people with back and spine problems.
  • Core stability:The core refers to all the muscles of the body that stabilize and support your body and all its movements. It is also known as the middle section and is made up of the deep abdominal muscles and those of the back. The muscles of this area protect your spine and allow you to do routine activities such as lifting or throwing things, running, bending over, reaching something, etc. If you do not keep them in good condition, you can risk injury by doing even the most mundane activities. Use your pilates ball to intensify your workouts and make these muscles work well and are well conditioned. Place your feet closer together by sitting on the ball or placing the ball away from your core. The latter will make it more difficult to maintain the balance and you will do a stronger exercise.
  • Posture: an exercise ball allows you to maintain the natural curvature of your back, which is healthy and necessary.
  • Muscle balance: the muscle groups must grow in equal proportions to give rise to a balance. Now, due to anatomy, it is normal for the anterior muscles to be larger than the posterior muscles.

However, a large imbalance can cause damage to the posture, which can be solved with an exercise ball.