There are various types of devices that can be installed in your home in order to help you monitor and control your energy consumption. These are known as energy monitors.

Best energy monitors

In this guide, we have done the research for you so you can find the best smart plugs. Do not hesitate and join us in this guide that you will surely find it very useful.


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In the race to dominate the home automation market, many well-known companies have begun to bet on this sector by manufacturing intelligent products. The TP-Link company, which had us accustomed to its communication and computer products and which is now making smart plugs.

The TP-Link HS110 smart plug is the most complete of all smart plugs with an energy meter. As well as being backed by the quality that has always characterized TP-Link products.

What we like most about this plug is that it allows us to monitor energy consumption without losing power in it. This plug has amaximum capacity of 3680W and a maximum current of 16A, something extremely incredible, which allows us to connect and monitor the consumption of energy-intensive appliances without any problem.

Regarding its quality, let us tell you that this wireless plug has the RoHS, EAC and CE certification, European Union standards of quality and safety in electrical products. And it doesn’t stop there, as you get athree-year manufacturer’s warranty. All of this makes the TP-Link HS110 smart plug a great option when shopping for smart plugs.

To be able to manipulate the TP-Link HS110 smart plug from the smartphone or tablet, we must make use of TP-Link’s own free app called “Kasa” and that you can find for free in the Android and IOS store. The installation and configuration of the Kasa app with the electrical plug is done very quickly and easily. With this same app, you can see consumption reports on your smartphone, you can also control other smart devices of the TP-Link brand.

Its design is elegant and eye-catching and has a button for manual on and off on the front of the plug.

2. Koogeek Smart Plug,WiFi energy monitor

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The most smart plugs are not compatible with Siri from Apple HomeKit, something that lovers of apple products will surely miss. But not all is bad news since the koogeek programmable wifi plug is compatible with this technology.

This home automation plug is one of the few to be compatible with Apple HomeKit, something great for users who have their home demonized with this technology. In addition, this smart plug is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, that is, we have the most compatible smart plugin terms of voice control.

To establish communication with the outlet, it is necessary to install the koogeek Smart Home app, which you can find in the Android and IOS stores for free. With this app, you can see the energy consumption reports that you have on your devices. Also through it, you can control other smart devices of the Koogeek brand.

In its design, we have a very elegant and presentable wireless plug, bright white, with rounded edges, which presents its manual button at the top of it, and that lights up to indicate if it is on. It is made of ABS material (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) that provides hardness and rigidity to the plug. Its size is somewhat large and can cover any outlet adjacent to it.

3. Meross smart plug

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In the market for smart plugs with an energy monitor, there are many that have a large design in their design that prevents any other device from being connected to the adjacent outlet, which makes it difficult to connect other devices.

With the Meross 310 smart plug, we do not have to worry about this since its design is simple and small, which allows us to save a lot of space. All this and with the function of measuring electricity consumption make it a very practical smart plug.

This home automation plug, despite its design, does not lose any power since it has maximum power and current of 3680W and 16A respectively, enough to support large appliances.

What we like most about this programmable smart plug is that it has aMediatek loT chipset that allows the WI-FI connection range to be much longer within your home, in addition to obtaining a lower disconnection rate compared to your competitors.

Its price is another aspect that draws our attention since for a low cost you can buy several of them.

4. Owl Cm119 Wireless Energy Monitor

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It is a modern instrument that has up to six tariffs and allows data to be stored online, of course, for the latter, software must be installed directly on the computer to be able to take readings and store data, however this is not a complicated procedure. Very easy to install, with a modern and elegant design. It comes with its own USB cable for convenience, and its value for money is unbeatable, making it an excellent option.

5. UK Plug Power Meter Energy Monitor

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This modern, practical and elegant equipment is really useful since it not only measures how much electrical energy has been consumed but it is able to calculate costs, which is a great benefit since it allows us to save according to our budget.

With a special design that includes an LCD screen where the required values ​​will be marked, all of them very easy to read, so it is not necessary to evaluate a professional at all times. It can be installed directly on an incredible and extensive variety of equipment, always generating reliable results. It has a protection system that allows data to be saved in the event of a sudden or forced shutdown. It has only two buttons which makes it easy to use and configure.

What is an energy monitor?

An energy monitor makes it possible to monitor and control its consumption, and sometimes even its production. Great energy savings are thus possible! Depending on the model, a tracking monitor could tell you, for example, as graphs and histograms, your overall energy consumption and in real-time, the share of phantom loads, the history of your consumption, your carbon footprint or the list of your most energy-consuming devices. It might even help you set monthly budgets and goals.

Even better, thanks to the smart plug, you will be able to reduce your consumption to a minimum during consumption peaks and even offer you weekly challenges on elements as varied as your carbon footprint, lighting, air conditioning, fire protection, windows, etc. multimedia and communication elements, household appliances, heat recovery from drainage water or even solar panels or geothermal energy, if you generate energy at home.

Your consumption data is analyzed by the device to offer you a variety of solutions to better manage your consumption. And all the information can be accessed on a tablet, laptop or desktop PC, or directly on the screen. A great way to introduce children to consumption!


Advantages of energy monitor

  • Saving of light. Efficient consumption, smart life. By measuring electricity consumption we can detect which devices consume the most energy and unplug them whenever possible or use ourselves in the time slots in which electricity is cheaper. There are gadgets that don’t need to be plugged in all day, even for their own good.
  • Detect problems. An electricity consumption meter will allow us to detect, in addition to the aforementioned, if there is any device that consumes too much energy at home due to a problem that we can solve and thus save, also if there is an anomaly in the electrical flow at home.
  • Home automation at home. The future is now. Control of our consumption remotely.

Saving energy has become a fundamental need, it is no longer just a matter of the global economic crisis, it is a matter of environmental and social awareness, it goes beyond our pockets, it is to clean up the world we live in, or at least, try it.

Currently, there are many companies that are dedicated to the complete production of new energy meters that are also kind to the environment. . These meters can be easily obtained in a store or directly on the internet don, apparently, there are a lot of alternatives.

What are the functions of energy monitors?

The truth is that energy monitors have several functions that may be completely necessary in your fight to pay less and reduce your energy consumption.

In this way, through the watts (W) you can know how much electricity an appliance uses at the time of use.

Thanks to kilowatt hours (kWh) you will know the use of electricity over time.

In other words, a 1,000-watt appliance running for a period of one hour will use 1 kWh of electricity. Simple isn’t it?

In the same way, these monitors allow the use of electricity to be converted to cost.

How do energy monitors work?

The energy monitors, which can be used in any device with an electrical plug, have a fairly simple operation.

These devices, which are only designed to measure 120 V loads, work either with a current clamp placed in the general supply of the home, through the electricity meter (by means of a sensor that detects the frequency of flashes of the LED that indicates the instantaneous power of the same), through communication with asmart meter or through a direct connection to the electrical system.

Typically, the monitor is separate from the meter and communication takes place in a number of ways: via cable, Wi-Fi, or via radio frequency technology.

energy monitor plug

Types of energy monitors

You should know that there are different types of electricity consumption monitors on the market. It is important that you inform yourself of the differences between them, as your decision will be decisive in the savings you want to achieve.

In most cases, the device will depend on the way we want to see the consumption information.

According to this, there are four types of monitors:

  1. LCD home monitors:with this type of device you will be able to see the instant electricity consumption of your home on a screen. You must install them in a visible point of the house, as this way you will be constantly observing the energy expenditure you make.
  2. LCD home monitors with data download:with this type of device you can download all the information collected by your monitor directly to your computer. Thus, thanks to the USB port, you will obtain all your consumption data for later uses or studies.
  3. Monitor and control individual devices:certainly, and as the name implies, this type of device is the most advanced and, in turn, the most expensive among all electricity consumption meters. With them, you can control individual electrical appliances and manage their consumption through an application installed on your phone. In this way, and without the need to be at home, you can find out how your appliances are consuming energy, and decide if you want to turn them on or off remotely.

What is the price of an energy monitor?

To give you an idea, the price range that energy monitors can have depending on their type are:

  • Individual consumption meters with LCD screen: From £15 to £25.
  • Total consumption meters without a Wi-Fi connection: from £35 to £74.
  • Total consumption meters with Wi-Fi connection: from £70 to £150.

Improving energy efficiency

Are you looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home? Then do not settle for buying smart plugs and having them as an ornament so that your guests think how good you are.

These devices will only be able to fulfil their function if, when checking our energy consumption, we adapt certain aspects that can lead to lasting savings over time and an improvement in energy efficiency.


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