Although the name of the elliptical cross trainer may make you think of some sort of bike, this is not quite the case. The elliptical cross trainer is practised standing moving pedals and movable handles or handlebars keep balance during the rocking movement performed by the arms and legs at the same time. 

This is similar to the movements made during running, but without constraint of space or risk for the joints. There is an elliptical wheel placed either at the front or at the rear, depending on the model and the type of training performed. For example, if the flywheel is at the front, it promotes building muscle. On the other hand, if the flywheel is placed at the rear (this is the case for the majority of the models sold), the use is easier and within the reach of all, beginners as confirmed.

The elliptical cross trainer is a very complete device allowing you to practice a sporting activity that requires both your legs and your upper body. It is also ideal for athletes, but also for people like you and me. It helps strengthen the heart, and whether for fitness, a slimming program or simply a warm-up session, the elliptical trainer is a perfect device for both men and women.

What is the best elliptical cross trainer?

In the market, you will find everything from modern high-end models to simple elliptical cross trainers at a low price that you will have to replace after a short time.

If you have already made the decision to get one, it is best to make a test of the available ones and choose according to your requirements. We did ours and we obtained this brief list of suggestions that we offer here:

Max Trainer M3 Bowflex elliptical Trainer

Endowed with eight levels of resistance, it has programs of impulsion and function of cardiac frequency that will allow you a complete training of the body while doing cardiovascular exercises.

It is a compact model, easy to move thanks to its transport wheels. It has support for tablets and bottles

It is expensive but the manufacturer gives you two years of warranty for the product. It is ideal if you want to start a healthier lifestyle as soon as possible.

JTX Tri-Fit: Extendable Cross Trainer

Compatible with iFit technology, this elliptical cross trainer offers 19 exercise programs, 16 levels of magnetic resistance and another 12 to burn calories, which will be of great help in weight loss.

It comes with silent magnetic braking, adjustable step length and tilt ramp.

It has a high price, however, it is a model with several additional elements, it is built in a robust way, with good quality materials and offers vertical storage facility.

Sportstech CX625 Cross Trainer

This elliptical cross trainer comes with adjustable anti-slip pedals in three levels of ideal length to work the muscles and protect the body from possible injuries.

It is a semi-professional, high-performance device that has a 32-step controlled resistance level, programmed training and compatibility with accessories.

It is not cheap, but it is a durable product of unbeatable quality, the manufacturer gives you five years guarantees that you enjoy a really durable device.

Sportstech CX2 Cross Trainer

Are you a technology fan and do you like to combine business with pleasure while training? Choose the Sportstech CX2 elliptical cross trainer that combines technology, innovation and performance! Indeed, this model is very interesting and practical, because it is self-generating: no need to plug it into an electrical outlet, it works perfectly autonomously, thanks to a current generator mechanism, where power is supplied during training. So just use it to power it, the propulsion is self-generated! In addition to the practical side, this also guarantees you a certain saving in terms of electricity consumption.

It is equipped with a Bluetooth control screen and compatible with applications on your smartphone. Very easy to use, the control console has useful functions that are quick to program. It also has a shelf holder and support to put your bottle, for even more comfort and avoid interrupting your session to quench your thirst. If you want to move it from one room to another, no problem! Thanks to its transport castors, you can transport it without difficulty and practice your session in the living room, in your bedroom or in any other room of your choice!

The maximum user weight is 120 kg and the control computer allows you to set 24 resistance levels. You will be able to vary your sessions as you see fit, for even more pleasure and especially less monotony. This elliptical trainer is, therefore, suitable for all sports profiles, from beginners to experienced athletes, everyone will find something to it. It may seem quite expensive compared to other models, but being of superior quality and requiring no electrical energy, the investment can be well worth it, especially in the long term.

The Sportstech CX2 is braked by a magnetic system, which makes it safer, but also quieter. The flywheel weighs 27 kilos and the device is stable, whatever the training program.

BH Quartz II Cross Trainer for home

Made for training from 7 to 20 hours a week, this model has a magnetic brake, LCD monitor, and is easy to transport thanks to its wheels included

It also has different pedalling tensions with which training tones the body and you run a lower risk of injury.

This home bike allows high-performance workouts with heart rate control, benefiting the heart.

It is affordable and comes with 5 predefined profiles at 24 intensity levels.

Klarfit Ellifit Basic 10

The basic Klarfit bicycle comes with an ergometer, functions that control distance, speed and calorie consumption and that will allow you a good aerobic workout.

It is static, built with a secure grip and capable of supporting up to 100 kg of weight. This model is the least expensive of the list and, according to the opinion of those who already bought it, it is easy to assemble, simple to store and its cost is related to the quality of the product.

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Advantages of having an elliptical cross trainer

The use of the elliptical cross trainer brings you a series of benefits that you can observe clearly in your body, resistance and health, it is not only to dedicate yourself to physical activity but, also, this activity will give you many reasons to take it as your most effective exercise routine. Here we explain a few:

Increase aerobic capacity

This is, without a doubt, one of the most important benefits you will find. The exercises in this machine increase your heart rate. With what you do routines of 20 to 30 minutes, at least three days a week, you will be able to sufficiently increase your aerobic fitness. It is necessary to remember that with a good aerobic fitness you can carry out activities for long periods without having irregular breathing.

You can exercise without impact

The exercises in this device are indicated for the elderly and even people in rehabilitation. If you suffer from injuries in bones, joints, ligaments, or have health conditions such as overweight, varicose veins, osteoporosis, arthritis or have recently had knee surgery, you can benefit from these exercises because, when your feet are on the glide platforms, does not put you in a position to suffer a great impact at the time of training. In these cases, an elliptical machine is a safe option for you.

You have total body training

Due to their design, these machines allow you to work your legs, chest and shoulders in the same series of exercises, completing a full-body workout in just 20 minutes.

You do a good exercise in the lower part of the body

There are groups of athletes who focus their interest on training the lower body, in those cases, the elliptical is the perfect machine because with it you will work a number of muscles in the legs.

Burn calories

Depending on your weight you can burn up to 400 calories in just half an hour. If you are very heavy you will burn more calories in a short time, but you must take into account for this the intensity of the training, in those cases, you must increase the resistance of the machine so that you spend more energy in the exercise.

How to choose the best elliptical cross trainer?

Selecting one of these devices is not an easy task, but everything will be summarized in what you expect from the training module and how much money you have ready for the purchase.

In addition to this pair of elements, it is also necessary that you take a look at the following factors which, surely, will increase the amount of your investment in the device.


Quality home elliptical cross trainer machines are usually a good ally of health for training at home, however, it is not excessively cheap, if you spend little, maybe, in the long run, you will have to spend more because the poor imitations will surely stop working before you What you think, these are the essential aspects of the performance that you must take into account when buying:

  • Resistance: If you want a device that goes beyond the beginner level with which you buy one with a steering wheel of at least 10 kg, it will be fine. The resistance must be heavy if you are very heavy so that you feel the performance of the elliptical movement. It will not be cheap, but you will have obtained what you were looking for. You will find that these devices are suitable both for those who are thirsty for challenges and for those who receive mild physiotherapy.
  • Step: The cheap models of an elliptical cross trainer will not bring you, almost never, this quality, however, the mid and high range yes that will give you the ability to adjust the pace of the machine according to the preferences of each user. It is an aspect of interest if you should vary your training pace or if among the users of the team there is someone who does not need such a rough step.
  • Superior body training: If you review the offer, you will notice that, in most cases, the models of medium and high range of these devices have mobile arms that even bring angles so that you adapt them comfortably according to your size, this quality It is especially good for you to give an efficient training to the upper part of your body, in combination with the training that you will receive in the lower part.
Elliptical Cross Trainer


In their more modest models, the manufacturers have put their effort into developing these machines with essential components for durability and with a fairly simple electronics.

If you look for higher ranges you will see a higher quality in performance and duration. Here we explain other details that, in this category, you should pay attention to these details:

  • Metal vs. Plastic: Metal definitely makes these machines more stable during exercise. It is better and more durable an elliptical whose parts are made of metal than a plastic one. If you want something good, make sure you buy one with metal parts.
  • Sealed bearings: Devices of this nature use bearings, cheaper models need frequent lubrication to keep them running smoothly. You want the most durable you must buy the ones that bring sealed bearings with an auto – lubricant which will guarantee greater durability and better maintenance of your device
  • Design of the rear unit: These units are usually associated with reduced maintenance, but you will also get durable with front and central units, the latter are usually compact devices so if you want something that we occupy so much space you should look at these options
  • Maximum weight of the user: If you want a hint of the durability of the machine that you choose, you will only have to take a look at the weight capacities. A good one, of homemade type and of quality, would have to support, at least, about 150 kg of weight
  • Guarantee: Another element that will shed light on the durability of the product is precisely the guarantee. Hardly sell a team that has a lifetime guarantee, but if you look at a device with a guarantee of less than or equal to 6 months, the safest thing is that, after that time, you have to buy a new one. Good appliances usually offer guarantees to their electronic part or coverage of moving parts and frame.


As for home elliptical cross trainers, it is necessary that you bear in mind that the performance of these only supports a certain group of characteristics, here we explain the most important:

  • Adjustable tilt: Although some machines have a step or adjustable stride, you will find that others have an adjustable tilt that allows you to simulate the climbing at different angles to focus the muscle, thus achieving that you burn calories in a two by three. Elliptical landlords with this quality are a good option.
  • Customized Programs: These products usually offer you a series of very varied pre-established programs and they also provide you with customized training, especially the highest-end models.
  • Control of the heart rate: When you buy one of this type of equipment to take home, you will find that many of them will offer you exercise programs to control your heart rate. They work, basically, by adjusting the resistance of the pedal which helps you work within a target heart rate range. You will also find equipment that works with chest straps that wirelessly monitor your heart rate
  • High definition screens: This is a quality that has become common in these devices. If you review the offer you will find that most home ellipticals come with high definition panoramic screens that facilitate training programs and data tracking.
  • Compatible with iPhone / iPod: So that you do not get bored as an oyster while doing your exercises. Most of these devices come with speakers for MP3 players, some come with charging ports and console controls for mobile devices.


To make your equipment more comfortable a good pedal cushioning can be the option since it reduces fatigue and helps you to train harder. Other elements can also make your elliptical cross trainer more comfortable: a space to place your water bottle and a built-in fan to improve the climate will make the difference.


Hardly you will find in the market some elliptical machine that is really portable. The nature of these devices will definitely make it difficult to store it in a suitcase, upload it to the stairs or take it with you anywhere.

However, they are considered “portable” those ellipticals that have transport wheels and facilitate their transfer from one place to another within your own home. The models of rear traction foldable and with wheels are among the most portable, but this quality will undoubtedly cost you a few extra Euros.

Compact size

In terms of size, rear and front-wheel drive machines usually have a large frame and parts that tend to take up more space. The centrally operated, by their very design, are the most compact. If you have little space for the device, the latter maybe your best option.

Silent operation

You must make up your mind that even the most silent of the elliptical cross trainers will always make some noise. While these machines have magnetic resistance that prevents friction and reduces noise, it is also true that heavy wheels can make some noise when turning.

In cheap models, you may find these problems as a result of some loose screws so it would not hurt that, before starting your training, take a look in case you need to tighten a bolt. Among the different types, the rear-wheel-drive tends to be less noisy than the front.

Multiple grip handlebars

If you have your interest specially placed on the usefulness of this equipment to train your upper part then this quality will be very useful for you. With the changes of the handles, you can attach arms, shoulders, chest and back.

You will also find those with simple handlebars that will only allow you a grip and they are also there. Others have mobile guides that bend at the end and allow a better grip with which you can focus on different muscle groups.

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