Launched on the market several years ago, the electronic cigarette has attracted a large number of fans. It would stop smoking. In addition, this device would be less toxic than traditional cigarettes. Besides, the e-cigarette is available in several models. The choice is mainly based on the experience of vaping and the needs of the vaper. With these tips, choose the model that suits you.

What is the best electronic cigarette?

Clearly, we have created this comparative list with the most recommended products according to their quality, prices and customer satisfaction.

And so you know how to choose the best one, our recommendations are the following:

  • Make it easy to use, since the most complicated devices end up being a bit annoying to use.
  • The battery should last long enough, enough for you to be satisfied. So think about how long you usually smoke.
  • Larger batteries can be very heavy, so larger capacity cigarettes are sometimes less compact and difficult to carry.
  • If you want to have more customization capacity, look for models with adjustable voltage.
  • The device must be robust and well constructed. Review the reviews online to get an idea.
  • There are additional security features such as insurance, protection against low voltage and short circuits.

1. Innokin iTaste Kroma – Electronic cigarette  Vape Kit 75W

The Innokin iTaste Kroma is a complete kit aimed explicitly at lovers of powerful vaping. If large steam production, autonomy, large tank capacity and ease of use are your main criteria for selecting an electronic cigarette, the Innokin iTaste Kroma should convince you.

The kit consists of a 75W vape box mod with 2000 mah of autonomy and a tank which can contain 2 ml of e-liquid.

2. PAX 2 Charcoal Vaporizer

It is a light and small model that fits in your pocket that has an elegant design that follows the line of the discreet. It offers 4 different temperature levels, with low-temperature heat technology and sensitivity to stop producing smoke if you are not using it, as it senses your movements.

It has a 90-minute battery after a 3-hour charge. This results in 5 sessions of 18 minutes.

3. OBS Cube – Electronic cigarette with tank 3000mAh 

If the only mode of operation that interests you is variable power (operating mode in watts) and you are looking for an e-cigarette that is pleasant to take in hand and offers a powerful and airy vape, the OBS Cube is for you.

The Cube kit consists of an 80 w box with an integrated 3000 mAh battery and a 4 ml clearomizer for top filling.

With its compact and classy design, the OBS kit will find its place among lovers of direct inhalation. Large production of steam and excellent restitution of flavours guaranteed.

4. Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette IMECIG

This starter kit includes the electronic cigarette with a maximum output power of 50W, a 5x10ml vaporizer liquid and a convenient 2×1100 mAh batteries that can withstand many uses. It comes equipped with an LCD display screen and protection systems against low voltage and short circuits.

Includes 5 bottles of 10 millilitres of liquid E, neck hanger, microfiber cloth, case, manual and the atomizer can be easily changed every month.

5. Double Kit -Electronic Cigarette

We are talking about a very convenient kit that includes two vapers. Apart from that, they are really elegant and discreet in an elongated shape like a pen. It works with 10 ml bottles and is free of nicotine, tar, toxins and dangerous fumes.

It is easily recharged by the USB cable and has protection against low voltage. It also includes 2 vape batteries. It includes a red LED light that resembles the lit part of the cigarette and you must buy the liquids separately.

6. GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W

This GeekVape electronic cigarette is waterproof and dust resistant thanks to the IP67 grade, it is also designed to be resistant to knocks and falls thanks to its military-grade construction type and is very efficient since it produces up to 200W with just one 18650 or 26650 battery.

It comes equipped with the USB cable and users applaud its good quality and how robust it is without being too heavy or uncomfortable. It is a great option.

7. Joyetech Atopack Penguin 50W Electronic cigarette kit 2000mAh

If you do not mind so much having a vaporizer so discreet but if you are interested in ergonomics, this Joyetech model is perfect. Although it has a convenient size of 10.25 cm x 5.2 cm x 2.65 cm.

It has a built-in lithium battery of 2000 mAh that allows fast charging of 2A and the tank for the e-liquid is 2 ml. Apart from that, it is available in blue, white, grey, black and red for all tastes.

What is an electronic cigarette?

Many people think that an electronic cigarette is a gadget that will replace the classic cigarette for smokers. I want to clarify that it is not a real cigarette since there is no combustion or tobacco in it. You will use what is called e-liquid to ensure the production of smoke, the taste of this smoke too, but be careful, you can choose according to your desires if you want a cigarette that diffuses nicotine or not.

In general, the vaporizer consists of five main ingredients, including propylene glycol which creates the vapour and which transports in fine drops the nicotine and the aromas. There is also vegetable glycerin which helps to densify the vapour and also transport the aromas and nicotine. And of course, there are the aromas to give a taste, water as well as alcohol.

When choosing to smoke electronic cigarettes, to vape, you need to realize that nothing will be the same as smoking a conventional cigarette. This will especially help you reduce the risk of disease for adult smokers and those around you.

You should also know that the ingredients that make up the electronic cigarette have been found in the food and pharmaceutical industry for years. These are recognized by health professionals and this guarantees you that it is not dangerous to switch to electronic cigarettes and this has been proven by studies, so you do not have to worry. Anyway if it were true, it would always be less dangerous than a conventional cigarette.

Advantages of the electronic cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is cheaper

This is the main advantage of the electronic cigarette, and it is one of the first reason that pushes smokers to get started. The cigarette budget is in fact divided at least by 5 as soon as we switch to e-cigarettes. What to convince more than one!

Helps to reduce the tobacco

The electronic cigarette is a real help in smoking cessation. Smokers who switch to electronic cigarettes actually reduce their consumption of tobacco cigarettes which allows them to considerably reduce the risks of cancer.

Variety of tastes

You understood the electronic cigarette works with refills which are in the form of bottles of e-liquids, flavoured mixtures of propylene glycol (or glycerol, various flavours and possibly nicotine which, when heated, will produce the vapour Today there are more than 7,700 different flavours, enough to satisfy all tastes!

electronic cigarette vape kit

Different types

Vape pod

The Pod, also called vape pod, is a new generation vaping device. Often small in size, it is used to vape alternative e liquids like nicotine salts or CBD. Pods can also be effective with conventional e liquids with high levels of nicotine and little vegetable glycerin. These e liquids vaping at low power, the pods do not need large capacity (battery, resistance) to be effective, which explains their small footprint.

Vape pen

The vape pen e-cigarette is a tubular vaping device. Discreet and often small, it fits easily in a pocket. The electronic cigarettes of this family are composed of a good capacity rechargeable battery and a vape tank, removable or not. There are indeed electronic cigarette kits “all in one” where the tank is directly integrated. This format of electronic cigarette is very simple to use. Little or no adjustments, the battery automatically recognizes the vape tank and sends the necessary power.

Box mod

The electronic cigarette box owes its name to its rectangular battery, like a “box”. These kits are bulkier because they contain either a very large capacity battery or accumulators (batteries) specifically adapted to vaping equipment and generally not supplied. There are “boxes” that can contain several of these batteries. This format allows you to vape longer but also to reach higher powers.

How to choose an electronic cigarette?

Whether you are used to the electronic cigarette or a newcomer in the field of vaping, choosing your next e-cigarette is not always easy. This is why the following few criteria are important to know to decide which will be the best electronic cigarette for you. It will thus be necessary to take into account the materials making up an e-cigarette.

Electronic cigarette according to your needs

It is good to know that the electronic cigarette is a substitute capable of adapting to each type of vapour. In general, there are on the one hand, newcomers, former smoker wishing to convert to the vape. And on the other hand, the experienced vaper who decides to try new sensations. There are as many models of electronic cigarettes as there are types of vapers. Like for example an all-in-one e-cigarette kit for easier and practical use. Or a tank and an interchangeable battery.

The performance of the electronic cigarette

When talking about performance, you have to take into account the battery and the e-cigarette clearomizer.

The battery performance ranges from 480 mAh to 3000 mAh. In general, e-cigarette models with longer battery life are thicker and therefore bulky. While the models of a thin and light design are limited autonomy question.

Regarding the clearomizer, the autonomy in e-liquid will depend on the capacity of the tank. Recall that the clearomizer is the combination of the e-liquid reservoir and the resistance. The e-cigarette is powerful when it has more resistance plate than the other models. But in this case, its reservoir in e-liquid is less bulky.

Choose the right liquid

In terms of taste, you will obviously have your preferences when it comes to vaping. What is good is that the market today offers an interesting choice of e-liquid that you can buy for your electronic cigarette. You will be spoiled for choice, and I must admit that it will not necessarily help you make the best choice possible.

 If you are still a beginner in vaping and you are still looking for a taste almost identical to tobacco, I recommend e-liquids without propylene glycol or those in VG, they give you a taste close to tobacco, which will probably make your transition easier. You can always change afterwards. A wide range of tobacco flavoured e-liquids is also available on the market.

I am sure that at first, it will be difficult for you to find the e-liquid that will suit you the most, so I recommend that you try as much as possible. Those with fruity or drink aromas are also interesting, you should try before you judge, who knows you might like it.

On the market, you will find a wide range of e-liquids, namely those with tobacco, fruity, mint, gourmet and drink aromas. A hundred different perfumes exist and by trying several, you will surely find something that suits you in these.

Tobacco, strawberry, candy or peach, the different aromas of e-liquids available for sale offer you a wide range of tastes. It is also a whole universe of sensation and taste that is offered to you with this wide variety of e-liquid, smoking has never been so much pleasure, with the added bonus of the assurance of not disturbing others with your smoke.

To fully appreciate it, I recommend that you buy several different flavours, at least two of your favourites. You will realize how pleasant it can be to vary the pleasures from time to time.

Parts and accessories

In terms of materials, we speak in particular of clearomizers and atomizers. Most of the e-cigarette models can be dismantled piece by piece. So you have the leisure to choose the parts that suit you for a successful experience in the world of vaping.

The clearomizer is the resistance-tank assembly of the electronic cigarette. This part is located in the upper part of the electronic cigarette. The mouthpiece called the drip-tip is often attached to the clearomizer. Prefer clearomizers equipped with resistors capable of releasing the power of more than 1 ohm. They will allow inhalation close to that of conventional tobacco cigarettes.

The atomizer is different from the clearomizer in that the latter has an integrated resistance. Whereas with an atomizer, it is possible to dismantle and rebuild its resistance as it pleases. The best atomizers depend on the power you want your vaping machine to have.


It is hard to say which is the best electronic cigarette. There are only electronic cigarettes that meet your needs and requirements.