Have not you ever had any awkward moments for not having a solution? Well, forget about this. Now, with the best electric wine opener, you can enjoy quietly in any celebration of your home a good bottle of wine, especially on Christmas eve, or the end of the year.

Definitely, on more than one occasion, you have struggled because you do not have the right tool to unclog a bottle. Today you will discover five options at a really affordable price that will give you the comfort needed to take out any cork, no matter how tight it may seem.

We know that this device becomes even essential in important celebrations because a good wine must always accompany the best triumphs and successes, and now, that each timeless is missing for the holiday season, do not let it catch you off guard. Below you will find a comprehensive selection of information, opinions and evaluations made by users, as well as the trajectory of each company to offer you the best electric wine openers available in the market.

What is the best electric corkscrew?

Good question, taking into consideration that these corks are sometimes made with a different type of material, for this reason, the best device must have its own elements that provide the greatest durability and resistance, as well as maximum effectiveness when performing the work.

In our comparative list, you will find five products of the highest quality, with an excellent price-value ratio that will satisfy your needs and your most demanding guests. Without adding more to the prelude, we invite you to keep reading, and also, take a look at our brief shopping guide.

1. Bioxo Stainless Steel Electric Corkscrew

Bioxo Stainless Steel Electric Corkscrew

This purchase option is a whole resistance machine. This small tube made of stainless steel and ABS provides the longest possible market durability; its price is really accessible and goes unnoticed, in addition, you will show cache in your home by opening so quickly a bottle of wine.

With its electrical work, this unit takes its strength from rechargeable batteries that are inserted and that provide greater effectiveness than the batteries already integrated.

2. Arcos Accessories-Electric Corkscrew Bottle Opener

Arcos Accessories-Electric Corkscrew Bottle Opener

    This versatile option is integrated with two really useful features that will save you time. With one function you can remove the cork easily, while with the other, you can remove the excess foil that usually remains in the bottle (more ways to remove the foil cover here).

    It also integrates LED lights while the device is working that provides a really comfortable and quiet environment. With the full charge of its rechargeable battery, this model can open up to 30 bottles.

    3. Nanami Electric Wine Opener

    Nanami Electric Wine Opener

      The Nanami is undoubtedly a very simple to use a corkscrew that will be perfect for wine lovers as it is different from the classic openers because it is electric and allows you to remove corks in a few seconds but also has a very practical cutter that also allows you to remove the wrappers. Its design is modern and also ergonomic, it has a practical handle to hold it and open the bottles and its casing is elegant, made of aluminium alloy, which gives it a luxurious and different air. With this long-lasting corkscrew you can open up to 55 bottles, its design is cordless and it will undoubtedly be very easy and practical to store when not in use.

      4. Deik Wine Opener

      Deik Wine Opener

      This electric wine opener is one of my favourites. It has a really attractive exterior design that gives the feeling that you are in a mansion with its elegance. Also, LED lights to come on when the device is in operation.

      But it’s nothing more than that, in just eight seconds this small product performs all the work comfortably and simply with nothing to do but push a button.

      5. CKB LTD Deluxe Electric Corkscrew

      CKB LTD Deluxe Electric Corkscrew

        The CKB is a professional corkscrew, although it can also be used for domestic use. Its design is perfect for both restaurants and homes because it is a cordless format with an integrated blade cutter that also includes a pourer and a very nice wine stopper that comes as a gift. Unlike what happens with other electric openers, this one has a transparent housing so that you can see how the cork is removed. It is made with quality material, with stainless steel and aluminium alloy and without a doubt it is an efficient device with a motor capable of opening over thirty bottles in a single charge.

        6. XREXS Electric Wine Bottle Opener

        XREXS Electric Wine Bottle Opener

        Several points below-market prices, this electric wine opener that is becoming highly popular allows you to remove the corks quickly, and also the aluminium foil that these usually bring.

        It is based on disposable batteries, and its power is so much that it can open up to 80 battery with its full charge. It has a two-year warranty and offers a guarantee of up to 2 years with an ergonomic design.

        7. JOQINEER Electric Wine Bottle Opener kit

          This company thought of integrating material aspects that provide a long-term return on investment. Integrates stainless steel, aluminium alloy and even silicone. It has an integrated battery that can be recharged using a USB interface, and with its full charge you can make up to 30 bottle openings in a comfortable and very simple way.

          8. Cheer Moda Wine Bottle Opener


            Practical black electric corkscrew perfect to uncork bottles efficiently without problems. It runs on 4 AA batteries and you just have to press a button and the cork will screw on and pop out of the bottle. Later the button will have to be pressed in the opposite way so that the cap is released from the corkscrew. This device has a rubberized grip and its touch is also very soft. The rest of the article is made of resistant plastic and as for the inner metal spiral, it should be noted that it is really resistant. It is a very elegant item that can be used in gala events, as well as being very effective and having an optimal operation that makes it practical and perfect for all kinds of uses, both domestic and professional.

            9. Hovinso Electric Wine Opener

            Types of wine bottle openers

            Who knew there were so many ways to open a bottle of wine? Pushing a cork out of a container seems like a simple task. But there are different ways to achieve this. Below, we have listed the different ways to achieve it, to give you an idea of ​​what will be best for you.


            This is the simplest design of the heap. It has a handle on the top to hold the material, with a curly metal in the lower area. You turn this curly metal in the cork oak and then pull the handle out of the bottle.

            They are small and economical, making them a fantastic accessory to keep close to your bottle collection. However, the main drawback of this kind of corkscrew is that it requires strength in the arm to achieve its purpose.

            Some users may have problems to remove this material and find that it takes a little longer to open the bottle if they can do it at all because they are more difficult to use than the other types of mop openers on the market.

            These are no longer as popular as they once were. These are very economical models, and usually, only cost a couple of dollars, and with the exception of metal, they are made entirely of plastic.

            Wine keys

            The wine key adds a lever to the equation. This design allows you to place the key in the upper area of ​​the bottle to help push the cork out.

            This requires far less force than a traditional product but requires a little skill. So that you can achieve the task perfectly, you have to be sure that the shaved metal is in the centre of the cork oak and then unscrew it in the correct amount.

            After you professionalize this technique, removing the cork oak is a quick process, but if you do it wrong, it is possible because you end up fracturing the cork oak when you try to remove it. Nobody wants pieces of this cork floating in their wine. They are much lighter and easy to carry anywhere.

            Wing corkscrew bottle opener

            ine bottle opener

            It is probably the most popular type of wine bottle opener. It brings us an additional step in terms of ease of use terms. Through the addition of an additional lever, this type of opener gives you one on each side – “the wings”.

            This extra lever allows you not to worry about non-angular anything just right. As you turn the handle on top, the wings on the corkscrew will slowly begin to rise, and then all you have to do is push back down, and this will cause the plug to come off.

            They do not require a lot of outside or ability to use. It is a relatively simple process that can be done with minimal effort. However, this kind of container opener is not recommended to open aged bottles because they have a much more sensitive plug.

            The outside of removing the cork oak barrels with a wing corkscrew could break or separate the older corks. Nor are they as portable as our first two options. They are usually heavy, but they are not something that would fit easily in a pocket.


            They are even easier to use than their wing counterparts. They have handles that hold the mop bottle in place while you lower the screwdriver when a lever, then simply push it back out. It is a simple and painless way to open a container of wine.

            Because they do not require arm or hand strength, these corkscrews are ideal for anyone who may suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel or any condition that may limit mobility. This effortless method of opening a bottle of wine has made this type of opener one of the most popular styles.

            Unluckily some do not work well with synthetic corks, which are becoming increasingly common in many new bottles.


            We have moved away from this list, the mope openers have become easier and easier to use. The electric bottle opener, as you may have expected, is no exception. These use energy that is pushed either from rechargeable or integrated batteries that are charged to a base.

            This type of corkscrew does all the work for you. You place the device on top of the bottle, press a button, and voila, the work is done.

            These cost more than the wing and key models and are typically similar in price to leverage. The only effort you’ll have to make with these is to make sure you keep them charged or replace the batteries when they run out.

            They are easy to store when not in use, or you can adjust the load location next to your wine refrigerator or dispenser. This will always keep it conveniently close to using.

            The oldest

            They are smaller and much less known. A type which you will probably find in the hands of the most devoted collectors. An exquisite relic that will cache your room or house. Typically they come with a system to be mounted next to a bar or table.

            Apart from decorative, they are also really functional. They are ideal for those who want to bring a little more extra style into their kitchen or bar space. Functionally, they usually work like lever openers, just push down and the cork will come out.

            electric corkscrew reviews

            How to choose an electric wine opener?

            Pay attention to the following characteristics that we will show you here so that you can make a good investment, and do not do a half job when it comes to any important event. Check out!

            Screw that is at least 1.75 inches long

             Smaller screws will damage the plug.

            It can handle all kinds of corks

             Bottle openers should be able to extract natural and synthetic corks with equal ease.

            Extract the cork without shaking the bottle

            If there is a sediment, you will not want the corkscrew to shake it up.

            Does not require brute force

            These products should incorporate some type of mechanical assistance, such as a lever or torque so that uncorking a bottle does not depend entirely on your ability to push hard. For this reason, you will want to avoid a T-shaped model, or rotate and push.


            The curly metal looks like a rolled metal. The screw which looks like a metal wrapped in a nail tends to damage the plug.

            It does the job easily

            That means no explosions, broken glasses, broken corkscrews or cut fingers.

            Portable and functional

            The only thing better than a portable electric opener is functional. The visual aspects of the opener can either add more emotion or move away from the experience of using one.

            An important aspect of electric openers is the charging power; how long each load lasts, and the method in which it charges. For environmental reasons, the most optimal and healthy is that of rechargeable batteries (and which most manufacturers work in modern times).

            Nothing is less bad than investing in a magical product that fails during your presentation. It is very important to read the reviews and be sure that the product will work well for whoever uses it. Should also be able to work under any type of cork material.

            It would completely destroy the purpose of buying an electric opener if it were complicated and difficult to use. What we need the surprise factor of pressing and serving. Simplicity is the key.

            Now you know it very well, these electric wine openers made, some with stainless steel, aluminium or plastic, become a perfect option for easy transportation and travel, as well as an ideal gift for any family member. Its strength and durability give it a long life!

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