In this buying guide, we evaluate the best shoe dryers and compare them to offer you the one that best suits your needs. All brands and models offer similar basic features, but our selection of the best boot dryers are models selected for standing out from the rest thanks to great technological innovations, ease of use and quality of materials.

It is not a secret for anyone that the winter brings rain, snow and cold, and also a lot of humidity, where we walk everything is wet. That not only hinder our mobility but also soak our clothes and especially our shoes.

To keep us dry there are different types of garments and footwear that keep us warm and free of colds or other diseases associated with rains and cold, with respect to footwear it is completely normal that due to the puddles caused get wet.

That our shoes get wet is something completely irritating, but if they are winter boots this will keep our feet safe, however, that they are water-resistant doesn’t mean that they are not going to get very wet and the worst part is when its time to dry them.

wet shoes

What is the best electric shoe dryer?

Neither a fireplace nor a whole week in the sun will be as efficient strategies as buying an electric device that dries your shoes inside with electric heat.

And is that these devices attack the problems from the root: drying must be from the inside out, only then you can achieve conservation of the fabric and template correctly.

That is why I present my favourites, among which you will find different presentations and ways to distribute the heat. All efficient, but with powers and sizes that adjust to different needs of personal space and time that you can decide according to your needs.

MaxxDry electric footwear and gloves dryer

MaxxDry Heavy Duty Glove, Boot & Shoe Dryer, Odour Eliminator, Removable Extension Tubes For Longer...
  • Heats to 105-degrees F. (40.5-degrees C.); safe for liners, clothes, and boots
  • Helps eliminate odors and reduce the growth of bacteria and mold
  • Dries most items in about 1 hour; includes removable 16-inch extension tubes for drying taller boots
  • 6-foot power cord; heat/no heat switch; 3 hour timer
  • Foot wear and accessory dryer

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It is a high-performance shoe dryer that fits to hang 4 separate garments. It helps to dry, heat and eliminate the odours of closed shoes that get wet inside. Its elongated back tubes allow placing many heights and sizes of boots, ideal for large feet.

Electric dryer for shoes and gloves by OneConcept

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The difference of the previous model that regulated the temperature is that in this the controller is of time. In addition, the inverted structure has the advantage of being able to place the shoehorn on the corner where we always put our shoes. It also includes an adapter for heating up to 4 gloves.

Ergonomic electric dryer from Ibalody

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It is an affordable and safe style for family homes. Its stylized and compact design allows to put it on a table. The lower legs give stability and the tubes give internal drying free of mould. The best thing is that heat power starts in just 5 minutes.

Drysure Extreme boots dryer without heat or electricity

Drysure Extreme Boot Dryer - Great for Ski, Snowboard, Motorbike and Leather Boots - No Electricity...
  • NO ELECTRICITY OR BATTERIES: Dries boots and shoes without a power source. No cords, heat, or electricity required
  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE: Proven 12x more effective than air-drying. Simply insert. Dries running shoes in 4-6 hours; dries ski boots or...
  • SAFE FOR ALL SHOES/BOOTS: Won’t damage leather and other expensive materials unlike heated boot dryers. Increases footwear...
  • DEODORIZING: Stops fungus, bacteria, and related odors in ski or snowboard boots, work shoes, golf shoes, running shoes, and more....
  • REUSABLE: Easily reactivate after 10 uses by removing outer shell and placing in direct sunlight or on warm radiator; or warm on...

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It is a different alternative in the comparison since it dries not with heat but this device what it does is absorb the internal humidity thanks to its internal layer of silicone. Optra advantage is that it is super portable being ideal for trips or winter excursions.

Travel Dry DX boots and shoes by YAOAWE

YAOAWE Shoes Dryer Foot Warmers, Scalable Electric Shoes Boots Dryer With Timer, Protect Shoes From...
  • 【FAST HEATING WITH SMART TIMING】Boot Dryers with Heat to 140 °F - 158 °F in three minutes. The dual-core heat dissipation is...
  • 【DRY AND DEODORIZE】Boot Warmer Dryer Removes wet, sweat, and odor from your footwear, keeping your feet comfortable, healthy,...
  • 【RETRACTABLE & RESIZABLE SHOE DRYER】Retractable design, suitable for ladies shoes 4.5-7, suitable for men's shoes 6.5-9.5...
  • 【ALL FOOTWEAR & MATERIALS】Upgraded Silent Shoe Dryer with high temperature resistant flame retardant material shoes.Suitable...
  • 【SERVICE】12 month warranty.Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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This brand has developed a silent, compact and long-range model that works without noise or complex structures drying our shoes while we sleep, this progressive operation gives security against burns. And its air and convection system reaches up to 99 ° giving a unique warmth.

Intelligent ozone shoe dryer by HJL & XD

Shoe Dryer/Boot Dryer, PexFix Electric Shoe Dryer with Ozone Deodorizer, Intelligent Timing Foldable...
  • 👠【Keep Your Shoes always Dry】 Keep Shoes Dry and Clean Against all Rainy, Snow, Foggy, Wet weather. Available for all size...
  • 👠【Advanced Ozone Deodorizer】 Built-in ozone deodorizer system eliminates the odors caused by sweat and bacteria, prevents...
  • 👠【Intelligent Auto-Off Timer】Set the different working time(0-99 mins) for different kinds of shoes. It will Countdown then...
  • 👠【Foldable Stretchable Brackets】The 2 Stretchable brackets can be adjusted from 27cm to 35cm. Suitable for any kinds of...
  • 👠【Safe and Quick Drying】107.6 ℉ Constant Temperature ensures high but soft wind blowing from the full-length hot air...

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Not only is it a cheap shoe dryer, but it also includes a unique ozone system that dehumidifies and removes odours completely in just one day. Say goodbye to any moisture problem from sweat or rain thanks to its multiple hot air outlets.

Sidas – Dry Shoes Thermic Dryer

adidas Thermic Dryer-T48-0200-001 Unisex Thermic Dryer - Schwarz/Rot, One Size
  • Easy to use, adjustable length
  • Compact and silent
  • Fits all boot types and sizes (town footwear, trainers, snow boots, ski boots, wellington boots).
  • Therm-ic Dryer 230V can be used in all European countries.

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If you talk about shoe warmers, many people know how important it is to have one at home, especially during the cold and winter seasons.

However, many do not acquire one because of how expensive they can be.

For those people whose money is important and saving is of the main things there is also a thermic shoe dryer.

We all need one and that is because they can survive those winter days with wet shoes, not drying your shoes properly can bring bad smells and bacteria to your feet.

In addition to that moisture can damage your shoes making you spend a fortune on new footwear every winter.

A shoe dryer is a must-have item, that’s why the Therm-ic Adult Thermic Dryer Hygiene Thermic Dryer System, Black / Rouge came into our lives.

Do not think about the money you will spend when you buy this product think about the money on shoes and energy you will save to buy it, your work is simply spectacular.

It is a completely small and compact dryer, very easy to load, move, store, it even serves to take it with you during a trip.

Take it to those winter vacations, if you plan to go skiing in the mountains, this fantastic dryer is ideal for travelling with you thanks to its practical size.

It promises to be one of the quietest on the market, you should not worry anymore because your thermic shoe dryer makes a hellish noise while you sleep, you can well dry your shoes while resting all night.

It has an adjustable system that will allow you to use it with any type of shoes, of all sizes, shapes and materials, do not think about it, say hello to the future with this amazing article.

What is an electric shoe dryer?

shoe dryer

In itself is an electronic device that releases heat and steam to be able to dry the inside of shoes, boots and other clothing such as gloves or heaters.

Over time it has become an obligation of the market in homes during icy climates, but I dare say that everyone should try them and have one.

A dryer is capable not only of drying and heating the already wet but of preparing the shoes for an exit in the snow that protects our feet, to disinfect a pair of shoes with a bad smell or to preserve the texture of the shoes with internal lining.

Main benefits of a boot dryer

No matter how effective you think drying techniques with kitchen or fireplace fire will be, it will never be as safe as having a device designed especially for shoes.

Not only does it achieve a better effect because it spreads the heat better from every critical point inside the shoe.

But not only for safety and good quality of the result, but it achieves benefits for the conservation in terms of hygiene since it manages to eliminate mould, odours or dust accumulation.

In addition to all this, the dryers can be folding, portable or adaptable, a faculty capable of customizing the drying and adjust it to the needs of size, time and quantity of each person.

What to consider when choosing a boot dryer?

Type of dryer

It has to do more than with the shape or appearance of the structure with its use since this is what the choice depends on.


Perfect to leave at home and sunrise every winter day with warm, dry boots. It is the type of dryer that is installed and left to work at night or a couple of hours and can be used for the pieces of the whole family as it fits different sizes.

They tend to be smaller and less powerful but very useful at the time of a ski trip, on a winter trip or to use the car on the way home after an unexpected storm.

They can bring adaptable connector, batteries or compact structures that are easily stored and do not carry any backpack or suitcase weight.

Drying time

It has to do directly with power. Some models heat quickly and keep the heat constantly, others increase progressively throughout the night and there are some that are intense and achieve heat drying in a very short time.


Humidity is the ideal environment for bacteria, viruses and fungi, therefore eliminating it and not letting it accumulate is the perfect remedy to maintain the health of our feet and the hygiene of our footwear.

This is why some dryers include a second system that focuses exclusively on achieving this hygiene, that disinfection can be achieved with ultraviolet light, ozone bath, or small amounts of chemicals that are spread with hot air.

Elimination of odours

Together with the humidity and bacteria, the foot gives off bad odours that can make any very chic footwear a real nightmare when we remove it from the foot. In addition, it is a problem that can be transferred to the socks and thus to all the clothes.

So if you want to stop this bad aspect it is best to keep the shoes always dry and properly ventilated so that the bad odours are not fixed in time.

Control handle

Along with the power button, certain models bring a handle that allows the user to have control of the temperature level or set the timer for automatic shutdown. This is something that provides security and saves time.


Some dryers use noisy fans that can be an exhausting murmur if we use them at night, for this, the models that use tubes, light or silent systems are a great option for those who foresee a night use.

Optional heat

With these models, you can choose between heat sources by radiation or forced.

Auto turn off

Prevents accidents by heat and does not damage the fibres since with a sensor it manages to turn off the heating system when it reaches the optimum temperature.


It refers to the number of pairs of shoes that can be dried simultaneously. It will always be better than over space that is missing.


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