The electric shaver has many advantages such as speed and pleasant feeling. In fact, you will no longer risk cutting or irritating your skin. It is certainly more expensive than a disposable razor blade but quickly turns out to be more economical because you will not need to change it regularly, nor will you have to buy shaving foam or blades. Just take care of your equipment after each use, thanks to the small cleaning utensils supplied with each model.

In order to make your choice from the huge range offered by supermarkets and online sales sites, it is good to compare products to assess their qualities as well as their weak points. Discover the selection of the best electric shavers having received the best ratings from users.

Veet Precision Trimmer Women’s Beauty Styler

In the first place, our great experts have selected an efficient device for women with unique finishes. That will not leave you indifferent and will offer you the best results at all times. It is a really efficient model that has four functions in one because it is a hair trimmer for women, a bikini trimmer and a razor for the eyebrows and nose and for the ears.

Panasonic ER-GN30 Nose, Ears Hair Trimmer

Then we have chosen a model that is perfect for use to shave and cut the hairs of the nose and ears very effectively. It is a model that has an arched cutting head with three dimensions that will provide the best results at all times capturing all types of hair regardless of their length in ears, nose, etc. This device is durable and will certainly not leave you indifferent and with which you will obtain unique results without any noise.

Philips PT 860/16 PowerTouch Plus

We present a first quality model that has very flexible, durable and durable heads that will give you the best results for each type of use you need to give them. This device has very dynamic contours that fit efficiently to the face and neck of all types of people and can also be used without cable for a full hour in both dry and wet.

Braun Series 9 9290cc Electric Shaver 

If you are looking for a shaver that is going to be really efficient and quick but that at the same time is going to be smooth with your skin, without a doubt, the Braun Series is a top-quality device that will not leave you indifferent. The 9290cc incorporates five cutting elements that are synchronized to catch the beauty very efficiently.  It is a model that incorporates two efficient trimmers that are coated in titanium with which you can trap even the most complicated hair to remove.

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s Electric Shaver

Next, we have chosen a model available in blue and black with a unique design. It treats a shaver that incorporates three elements of floating cut that are independent and adapt very well to all type of contour to offer you the best results and also the greater possible comfort. It also has a special comb to catch much more hair in a single pass and will work for 45 minutes without losing any performance.

Philips Series 5000

We have selected a Philips Series 5000 with tough and practical heads that move in five different directions to obtain the best possible results. This model is coated with the best quality macroparticles that prevent friction and give you the best results without damaging your skin. Lastly, it is a device with a power of five W that also incorporates sliding rings.

MAX-T RMS7109 Electric Shaver

If you are looking for a waterproof and premium quality for best results in both dry and under the shower, this is a good option. It is a model with a very high power that also incorporates a practical LED indicator. Without a doubt, it is a good device to achieve a very deep shave thanks to the three floating heads that it has.

Braun Series 7 Electric Shaver 7840s

The following model is an intelligent device that besides being able to use both wet and dry you will also be able to use it very effectively to shave your beard since it has an intelligent sensor that adapts efficiently whatever the density with the one that counts your beard.  This shaver incorporates four different cutting elements that are synchronized with those that you will shave in a single pass all the hairs that with any other shaver would need two passes to be eliminated.

Philips Multigroom Series 3000 MG3730

Finally, our experts have chosen a high quality multifunction shaving set that incorporates eight very practical different accessories so you can shave your face, your body and your hair. This shaver has blades that are self-sharpening and at the same time, they will be really soft and will take good care of your skin offering you ideal finishes. Finally, it should be noted that it is an electric shaver that has good autonomy, so you can use it for an hour without having to carry a cable with you.

Philips electric shavers – the best models

using electric shaver

What is an electric shaver?

The electric shaver is a small device, light and handy, allowing a meticulous and fast shaving.

The presence of blades, sometimes rotary, sometimes oscillating, makes it possible to act as close to the skin as possible, in a gentle and regular manner. The result is better comfort, rarely equalled, but above all increased security.

Cuts, which are common when using aconventional manual razor, are now a thing of the past.

Most of the best models today do not require the addition of shaving creams or any product. This small, seemingly harmless detail saves a lot of time in the morning. The electric shaver works on mains power or on batteries.

The different types of electric shavers

As you will no doubt understand, this tool is the ally par excellence for obtaining a clean shave and avoiding skin irritations. On the market, you will find in particular 2 families of electric shavers: razors with rotating heads and razors with a grid also called razors with vibrating blades.

With rotary head

Philips Series 5000

A flagship model of the Philips brand, this type of razor is a device that adapts perfectly to the shape of the face. Thanks to the rotary head technology, it offers optimal shaving by cutting the hairs in a circular motion.

Currently, there are 2 types of razors with rotating heads: one with 2 heads and one with 3 heads. The former will be ideal for adolescents with a beard while the latter will be suitable for adults with a flexible beard.

With grids

The electric grid shavers, dominated by the Braun, Panasonic and Remington brands, are models with blades covered by a fine, honeycombed metallic grid. Designed to fit hard, dense beards, they wiggle back and forth to cut the hair that gets into the holes. The advantage of this system is its high level of security and efficiency. Indeed, the grid protects the skin from cuts while allowing a close shave. Small flat, however: the razor with a grid is noisier than its counterpart with rotary head.

electric shaver

Why buy an electric shaver?

Small wounds, irritations, pimples. There is no doubt that the manual razor harms your soft skin. How about electric? This device indeed offers a plethora of advantages on all points. Do you doubt it? Here are 3!

It offers an easy and quick shaving

Unlike the manual shaver, the electric shaver is easier to use. In addition, its use does not require shaving gel for men who do not have sensitive skin. This device also avoids the multiple compulsory manipulations (hot towels, application of foam, etc.) for manual shaving. By opting for this type of device, you will gain time and efficiency.

The electric shaver is harmless to the skin

Whether it is a grid model or a rotary head model, the electric shaver does not present any risk of cutting. In addition to limiting the appearance of small pimples and irritations, this device does not dry out the skin.

Buying Guide

When choosing an electric shaver and especially taking into account the wide variety of different models that you can find in the market, we recommend you always evaluate some practical points that the shaver that you are going to choose should have.

First of all, we recommend you always select top quality electric shavers that will shave very well both dry and wet to be able to use them without problems both immediately after leaving and in the shower. If the electric shavers do not work under the shower, they will lose buyers because no one will want to buy an inefficient device or one that could damage their skin.

Likewise, it is also very important to choose the first quality electric shavers that will shave enough to achieve optimal results. Keep in mind that these devices are not like classic blades but you can certainly get very efficient results and much faster if you select a good quality model than if you select any lower-level model.

Also, keep in mind that tne model needs to have a very durable battery. Think that no one wants to have to go behind the shaver all the time, just as nobody wants to have to wait a lot of hours for your shaver’s battery to charge. We, therefore, recommend you to select a good efficient device to have it available whenever you need it.

how to use electric shaver

How to use an electric shaver depending on the model

With an electric shaver with rotating heads, crisscross without pressing your beard too much by making small circular movements especially in risk areas like the folds of the neck. On the other hand, tighten the skin of the face well with a model with a grid. Your shave should be against the grain of the hair while keeping the device at a right angle.

The rules to apply for an optimal shave

  • Prefer a shaving session before breakfast since chewing is more prone to increase blood flow, which can increase the risk of irritation.
  • If possible, shave before showering, because a dry face allows having erect hairs. They will, therefore, have a better chance of being cut.
  • If you prefer shaving sessions in the shower, make sure to wet your face beforehand with hot water. This operation improves the flexibility of
  • When it comes to using shaving foam, avoid putting too much on as it may affect the performance of your electric shaver.