An electric scooter is a type of vehicle that many people are using more and more instead of traditional cars or public transportation. This is because they are faster and more convenient, and they don’t contribute to pollution.

With an electric scooter, one can easily move around the city, go to university or just have fun in his spare time.

Our opinions on the best electric scooters

If you are not sure what to look for, here is our ranking of the best electric scooters that you can find on the market right now.

1. Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro

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Xiaomi is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of both smartphones and electric scooters.

The Mi, also known as the M365 PRO, is not the first electric scooter. However, it has won great interest among fans of this type of device. Everything is due to the quality of the product and the surprisingly good price. On the Internet, you can find comparisons of many other models with the Xiaomi electric scooter.

The quality of the materials is one of the first things you notice about this model. But that’s not all, this electric scooter offers many different uses. It can support quite intensive use, designed for medium or long trips.

Thanks to a motor with a power of 300 W, it achieves a maximum speed of up to 25 km / h with a maximum maintenance weight of 100 kg. If desired, you can also activate the power saving mode to extend the life of the lithium battery. So you can travel up to 45 km on a single charge.

This Xiaomi electric scooter has a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). In a manner similar to traditional dynamo systems, it is converted into electricity to increase battery life. Another plus is the battery charging time. The scooter needs five hours if the battery is completely exhausted, and starting from 25% it will take about 3 hours.

It has a brake system with anti-lock on the front wheel (e-abs) and a rear mechanical disc brake. With the combined use of the two brakes, you can stop completely in about four meters.

The steering wheel has a bell and LED headlight, as well as four LED lights to easily see the battery level.

Thanks to the mobile application,you can monitor information about real-time speed, battery level, distance travelled and many settings such as password change and more.

With a great folding system, the device can be worn assembled under almost any circumstances. This makes this Xiaomi electric scooter ideal for anyone who wants to get around the city quickly without wasting time looking for a parking space.

2. Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 electric scooter

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Xiaomi is a brand that is constantly improving its products. In this way, the new models go beyond the characteristics of its predecessor for greater customer satisfaction. This is the case with the Mi PRO 2 electric scooter, which retains the best qualities of the original, but is equipped with more powerful technology.

In addition to battery power, this model also offers a lightweight of about 14 kilograms. It will allow you to climb a slope of up to 20 degrees, which is undoubtedly an improvement over its predecessor Xiaomi Mi Pro, which climbs up to 14 degrees.

In terms of safety, the Mi PRO 2 has an (E-ABS) dual brake system with a rear disc brake and an electric motor brake at the front. It is also equipped with a headlight, adding extra light and improving travel at night.

On the official website of the manufacturer, Xiaomi assures us that the wheels of this scooter are much more durable than that of its predecessor due to improvements in their production and the addition of better materials.

The model retains the affordable prices typical of the Xiaomi brand, along with the great specifications that each of its electric scooters supports.

We recommend this electric scooter if your budget is not very limited because with the Xiaomi Pro 2 we will have everything: good autonomy, ease of travel, speed and safety.

3. SILI Ryder 36v Foldable Electric Scooter

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Cecotec is trying to be a good competitor in the market for electric scooters with the SILI Rydermodel.

This is the most popular version of the manufacturer and is available at a similar price as the Xiaomi Mi PRO or Mi PRO 2.

Which brand is better? The truth is that both have similar performance and price characteristics. Only with a small difference in charging time and maximum weight, but generally without striking differences.

SILI Ryder has an impressive power of 350 W (compared to Xiaomi’s 300W), something that is especially appreciated on sloping terrain. Mi scooter, on the other hand, offers many more programming and connectivity options in addition to five driving modes, while Outsider has three.

One of the most interesting advantages of SILI Ryder is the ability to replace the battery. It has a replaceable battery system so you can replace the battery and continue. The idea is great, but in practice, the batteries are quite bulky and perhaps wearing them is not the most practical option.

Another thing that the SILI Ryder boasts, which allows you to keep your legs parallel. This definitely adds comfort if you have to ride for a long time, but if you have been using a scooter for a long time you will not need it.

SILI Ryder is an option that should not be missed. It is a very flexible scooter, able to move on different terrains for a long time.


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This model offers good value for money and innovative features. In addition, it is equipped with a very good balance while riding, thanks to its XL GreatSkate bamboo board.

Its 12-inch tires are larger than standard ones and this provides greater traction, stability and safety. You can easily go through small obstacles without any danger. In addition, the wheels are tubeless, so it is harder to break or die.

It has a removable battery with a range of 45 km and a charging time between 5 and 6 hours. Power is one of its main features, as it has an 1100 W motor. Thanks to it reaches a maximum speed of 25 km / h and has the ability to climb a slope.

It also has 3 modes for different driving in order to adapt it to each of your trips: Eco mode, comfort mode and sports mode.

Finally, safety is guaranteed by the dual brake system (with front and rear disc) and the 12-inch XL tubeless wheels, produced for protection against leakage.

5. Xiaomi Mi 1S electric scooter

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The Mi Electric Scooter 1S is also an updated version of the ever-famous Mi M365, which is quite similar to the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2, but with improvements that make it a very good scooter.

The design has changed very little. Here, Xiaomi has not changed the simple and clean lines that look so good on the first model.

Main characteristics:

  • Power: 250W rated.
  • Top speed: 25 km / h.
  • Autonomy: up to 30 km.
  • Dual brake system: front e-ABS brake with energy recovery and rear disc brake.
  • Weight: 12.5 kg.

Although at first glance it seems that everything is the same, Xiaomi claims that they have strengthened the entire electrical part, so now their scooter is more reliable and safer.

With the help of the LCD screen,you will be able to find out about the speed, the remaining battery, the fault warnings and the driving mode.

Supports Bluetooth connection, which allows access to functions such as scooter lock, software update and more.

With the new driving mode in the presence of pedestrians, it moves at 5 km / h. This is very helpful when passing through an area with many people.

As for the lights, this model has more powerful LED lights with a wider range. The design of the taillight has been changed to improve its visibility. The manufacturer has also added 5 reflectors to improve safety, which make it more visible at night.

The tires of this model are also 8.5-inch inflatable. But Xiaomi claims that they are reinforced and 3 times stronger.

Another difference is the available support of the rear fender, which gives it more rigidity and protects it from breaking (this happened with the first model).

6. Scooter Cecotec Bongo Serie A Connected

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If you are looking for an electric scooter that can be connected to your smartphone, the Cecotec Bongo Serie A Connected is a model you should consider.

The comfort of this model is guaranteed by an on-board computer that displays information about the speed and condition of the scooter, as well as it’s light and compact design. In addition, the battery has a range of up to 35 km so you can travel longer distances.

With a maximum power of 700 W, the Cecotec Bongo Serie A Connected electric scooter will allow you to climb a slope and reach speeds of up to 25 km / h.

Like the other models on the list, it has 3 driving modes: Eco mode, Comfort mode and Sport mode.

Safety is important for the manufacturer Cecotec. That’s why this scooter includes a triple braking system, as well as hard 8.5-inch tubeless tires that prevent possible falls and punctures.

7. Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential

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The Xiaomi Mi Scooter Essential is one of those surprises we didn’t expect this year. The Chinese brand has prepared it according to the technology typical for the manufacturer at an unsurpassed price.

This version is not only light but also with a compact design that allows folding in just 3 seconds to be transported easily and conveniently. However, do not think that weighing only 12 kilograms, this electric scooter will not be able to ride you. You will be surprised by the fact that it is able to withstand 100 kilograms of maximum weight without any problems.

In terms of safety, the scooter has a dual E-ABS brake and anti-lock braking system. The model is mounted on 8.5-inch tires for more stability and comfort, similar to some of the models presented in this manual. In addition, it includes a system for self-diagnosis of faults.

On the LCD screen, you can monitor the operation of the scooter, and in case of any problem, the computer will notify you of the problem by activating one of the illuminated icons.
As always, Xiaomi offers high-tech innovations at good prices that meet most budgets. Thanks to this model, people on a small budget will be able to buy an electric scooter.

8. CECOTEC Bongo Serie A

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The future of electric scooters is definitely in the replaceable batteries. That is why the manufacturer Cecotec has focused on the production of just such models. The battery of this model is conveniently placed on the handlebars, which allows for easy removal and recharging at any time.

This not only makes the replacement faster, but the presence of an additional already charged battery will give more autonomy. This scooter lasts up to 35 km, which means you will be able to travel approximately 70 km if you carry an extra battery.

There are three driving modes for different situations and terrains. Although sport mode allows you to reach the maximum power of the scooter, keep in mind that when climbing this can have the opposite effect, as it can drain the battery very quickly. We advise you to use this driving mode only when you are really late.

If you use it for short distances, the battery can last for several days, which means that it will not have to be charged daily.

Of course, the strongest point is the exceptional safety that the model provides. Disc brakes, electric and manual, are available, and with their combined use the scooter stops in seconds. So don’t worry, this triple braking system will allow you to stop just when you need it.

Compact and lightweight, this electric scooter is easy to carry. If you have to use stairs or lift, you can fold it. You can even get it on the bus if your route combines several vehicles. From the app you can control everything from adjusting the lighting to getting information about speed, battery level and available faults.

9. Electric scooter Vican 350w

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Here’s a model for anyone who wants an electric scooter like Xiaomi, but doesn’t want to spend that much money. The Vican is an absolute copy of the M365.

Keep in mind that the model has some power, but loses speed when it comes to climbing a slope. On the other hand, it is ideal for flat terrain and for climbing easy and not very steep slopes with a maximum speed of 30 km / h.

One of the distinguishing features of this scooter is the ultra-stable solid wheels, with which you will forget about the need to change tires.
These hard wheels work great on asphalt but are uncomfortable when going through uneven surfaces. In general, it lacks some depreciation.

It can connect via Bluetooth to an Android or iOS smartphone for more road control. Another feature that the application includes is the ability to block an electric scooter to prevent it from being stolen.

In general, this is an electric scooter for short trips to cities without much inclination. It is one of the most affordable models due to its good price.

This is a good option for people over 14 years of age.

10. OUXI L1 Electric Scooter

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If you are looking for an electric scooter for a teenager this may be your option.
It is light, so your child will not have to carry much weight. Also, OUXI L1is folding. Therefore, carrying it on stairs, public transport or storage is very convenient.

Safety is important, whether your child or you use the scooter. That’s why the OUXI L1has a metal brake, an LED rear light that looks perfect at night and a shock absorber for good stability.
The model can be shared between siblings or children and parents as it has an adjustable handlebar. But if you are taller than 180 cm, this model may be uncomfortable for you, we recommend that you look at other models.

The maximum achievable speed is 25 km / h, but you can limit your child’s speed to 15, 20 or 25 km / h.

How to choose the best electric scooter?

Although it seems a simple task, to choose a suitable electric scooter you need to pay attention to several important aspects. If you have skipped our list of electric scooters, we recommend that you take a look at them and get acquainted with the features of all models. Then read our electric scooter selection guide to learn what to look for before making your purchase:


Electric scooters are powered by a motor and battery, which are usually mounted under the platform.

The power of the motor in the standard models can reach 1000 W, a value fully in line with the current market, which is increasingly demanding and with increasing demand.

Remember that abattery with good power is very necessary, as having good autonomy is always important. You need to consider the consumer’s body weight before making the purchase. If it weighs between 90 and 100 kg, the minimum power required to ensure safe transport is between 500 and 1000 W as an electric scooter CECOTEC BONGO SERIE Z. If the person is lighter (60 to 80 kg), between 250 and 400 W will be needed. The Xiaomi Mijia M365 electric scooter is ideal for these people.

It is generally recommended to buy an electric scooter with the maximum possible power according to your budget.

folding model

Battery life

As we said, the motor and the battery are the most important components of an electric scooter. On most models, the battery is located below the platform.

Each scooter has its own characteristics, not always the excellent quality of the battery provides good performance. As this is the most important and expensive component of an electric scooter, it must be handled with care. Keep the electric scooter in a ventilated place and away from direct sunlight. Avoid sources of heat and humidity, as this can affect performance.


Safety is always important when it comes to motorized transport.

The electric scooter can be used by both adults and children. It is therefore important to know well what safety measures have been taken by the manufacturer.

Look for an electric scooter with suspension, efficient brakes and a wide platform. With these basic features, you will mitigate the effects of uneven terrain and avoid possible falls.


Every electric scooter must have handlebars braked. They are essential for safe high-speed driving. They may be disc, hydraulic and electronic brakes. Do not choose electronic ones, as an accident may occur in the event of a technical malfunction.

Maximum speed

Other important distinguishing factors are the maximum speed that the model can reach. Buying an electric scooter that can reach high speeds (up to 60 km / h) is recommended only if used by an adult.


A good electric scooter must have a large enough platform and a wheel size of 180 to 230 mm. This will ensure optimal stability for the user during its use.

The wide platform is much more convenient for a longer trip. This helps to maintain a stable body position and good balance and control of the scooter.

The wheels of the electric scooter can be of different sizes. In addition, the front and rear can be of different sizes.

Larger diameter wheels contribute to greater road stability. In this way they limit the troubles that can create us on unstable sections.

Smaller wheels have less weight and more agility, but definitely with much less stability, which is not recommended.

Folding and weight

Sometimes you will need to carry an electric scooter. You will need to move it from one place to another where circumstances do not allow. Therefore, the weight of the device is another aspect that you should pay attention to when making your choice.

The easier it is to carry, the better, so it is recommended to choose a light model that weighs a maximum of 10 – 15 kg. In order to be as easy as possible, it is also important that it is foldable. So if you plan to carry it with you often, it is best to look for an electric scooter that is light and folds easily.

Quality and price

Price is always a very important factor. One of the things used when comparing electric scooters.

If you buy it primarily for entertainment purposes, you can invest in a cheap model. Because in this case, you will not need to travel too long.

But if you need it for transport, consider buying an electric scooter that is better, better, more efficient.

Technical Support

For some users, the electric scooter has become a vehicle for everyday use. It’s a good idea to be able to do regular inspections to make sure it’s working properly.

Therefore, maintenance is required regardless of the brand of electric scooter you have chosen. Be able to ask any questions you have and get help in case of a problem with the product.


The law allows the use of vehicles such as bicycles, rollerblades, skates, skateboards, scooters and puts them on the road. According to the regulations, they must ride on bicycle lanes. If there is no bicycle lane, it is allowed to cross the road, but only if it is possible to do so safely.

In addition, you should consider:

  • Use the bike lanes.
  • Wear a safety helmet.
  • Be sure to use reflectors and lights

You already have a new way to move. You will need to use it responsibly and consciously and you must take all safety precautions.

The market for electric scooters in the UK is already quite developed. Be prudent in your choice, as this is not a purchase of a toy, but of a public transport vehicle.


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