Anyone who has used an electric nail file knows that this is a tool that will always make your hands look perfect. In this article, you will find a comparison of 10 electric nail files from different brands to choose from.

What are the best electric nail files?

The best electric nail file can easily remove dead skin, calluses and hardening of the skin. This appliance is usually connected to the mains or powered by batteries. Wireless models are very practical because they allow the device to be portable, but offer less autonomy and require periodic replacement of batteries or recharging.

Some models offer a choice of different speed levels depending on the type of procedure you want to perform. Models with removable heads are easy to clean and are usually available in a more flexible design.

Here is our ranking of the 10 best electric files

1. Beurer MP 41 Electric Manicure and Pedicure Set

This is an electric nail file with which you can achieve professional styling at home. It has two directions of rotation, as well as two adjustable speeds, which you can control with its various buttons. It has LED lighting that will allow you to do optimal work even in dimly lit rooms.
This set includes seven interchangeable attachments with which you can take care of your toenails and hands in a professional way. In addition, there is a case that will allow you to store the device quite comfortably.

Something that consumers appreciate is its LED lighting, as it allows them to do the work on their nails more precisely.

2. DiiDa Electric Nail File Manicure Set

We want to start the ranking by betting on a compact but very flexible model that has a total of 1 bit and 50pcs sand bands that will help you keep your nails in perfect condition. The body of the file is small, comfortable and you can carry it comfortably in a bag pocket. For a very competitive price, you can make the perfect gift for a person who likes to take care of the health of your nails, or for you if you want to have everything in one product. It is easy to use and you will feel the difference the first time you use it.

3. Beurer MP62 manicure / pedicure set

A set that deserves our recognition for the quality of each of its accessories. This means that they are created with great care and are designed so that they can last a long time. The accessories can be changed so that more effective nail treatment is possible.

The device is suitable for both manicure and pedicure. Beurer MP62 has an LED light that points to the area to be treated, so you can take care of your nails at your preferred time, be it during the day or at night.

4. Scholl electric nail file

If you are one of those looking for a recognized brand that keeps your nails well maintained and shiny, then what you need to buy is Scholl’s electric nail file. With it, you will provide perfect care by using different files that come with the device. Because it runs on batteries, the appliance can be used outside or in the bathroom. This is one of the products with the least accessories, it is one of the cheapest, but you have the opportunity to look at other models and decide which is best for you.

5. Xikaga Electric Manicure Set

A product that looks like a pen and is very similar in size, so it is compact, designed to be worn and used anywhere. Whether you are waiting for the bus or you want to file your nails at home. my friend. This is a model with five different attachments, some of which are for polishing, while others allow you to file your nails, but in a professional way, without the use of a nail clipper. Perhaps the only drawback we see is that you need two batteries that are not included in the kit.

6. Electric file TOUCHBeauty

One of the advantages we found on this product is its LED lighting, which will help you perfectly illuminate the area to be treated. This is a perfect device for manicure and pedicure, so you can have everything you are looking for at a very good price to have flawless nails. The device offers different speeds for comfort in its use. In addition, it has 5 accessories for shaping and polishing nails. Comes in a box that is suitable as a gift.

7. Electric nail file Beautylushh 8938

A device designed for professionals working in a beauty salon. However, if you want to have a quality device at home, you can get it at a very competitive price. This model has 6 bits with 100 standing bands for shaping fingernails and toenails. It’s also one of the models that connect to the mains, so you won’t have to worry about losing power or not, as it can run all day if needed. You can choose from 9 different speed levels.

8. JCMaster Electric Nail File With Foot Pedal

A product that is very similar to the previous one. This is a model with which you can have everything under control by performing comprehensive, quality maintenance of your nails. You’ll be happy with the results, as your hands will look like those from a magazine ad. There is a wide variety of accessories to work with, and you can store them in a special box. The price of the device is low, according to what it offers.

9. Bestaa Electric Nail Drill Kit

A great gift for anyone who loves to take care of their nails. This set has a total of 6 different parts with which to polish, file and keep your nails great every day. Among the accessories, you can find a cone attachment with which you can remove dry cuticles, as well as a satin brush for applying oils and creams. This is a very safe product, so even young girls can use it safely.

10. HoMedics Portable Travel Manicure and Pedicure Set

This is a manicure and pedicure set that is perfect for travel. It is wireless, so it is enough to have batteries on hand to be able to use it.
The model offers two speeds as well as two directions of movement, which will allow you to choose both the intensity and the direction of sawing.
It also has five interchangeable tips, so you can perform various manicure and pedicure procedures without any problems. It comes with a convenient case where you can take it wherever you want and includes two AA batteries for your convenience when you first use it.

How does the electric nail file work?

These files are designed to be very easy to use. Just touch the desired area and press lightly, the device will take care of the rest.

When buying an electric nail file, you should choose a model that has a pain prevention system. Most models have it, but it’s worth checking just in case.

The purpose of this system is to avoid causing pain. If too much pressure is applied, the system will stop until the pressure is released.

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Purchase guide

Before you buy an electric nail file, there are some features you need to consider so you don’t regret it afterwards.

Design and ergonomics

Ideally, you should be comfortable holding it, as it is a hand tool that requires some precision.
So make sure that its design is one that can be adapted to your hand for greater convenience.


It is important that the file has at least two speeds, low and high. So you can work at the right speed.

Two-way rotation

In general, electric files can rotate in both directions, right and left, which can give you optimal freedom of work on the nails.


It is best to have all possible attachments for better and easier styling of manicures and pedicures.
You can choose accessories with sapphire coating, polished felt and metal. They all have a different effect on the nails. There are even some attachments, especially for shaping artificial nails and their maintenance.

Noise and vibration

This is an important aspect to consider, as working with excessive noise and vibration can be quite tedious.

Therefore, when you like a model, you should make sure that the vibration and noise levels are not very high.

Type of power supply

You can choose between wired and wireless models. What you take depends on where and how you want to use it.
If you are going to style your nails at home, it is better to buy with a cable, as you will not have to change batteries. But you want to take it with you on vacation, then a wireless nail file is worth buying.


One of the most common accessories is a storage box. You can also keep the various attachments for better organization. Keep this in mind if you like your things to be in order.


Lastly, price always matters, so it can be a deciding factor in your choice. You can find models with a low price of about £10, while other models can exceed £60.
It is best to choose a model based on the above characteristics, a device with the best value for money.


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