Mowing the lawn is obviously an imperative when the good weather returns, and it is also a task that needs to be carried out regularly, without which your garden could turn into real virgin forest. This is why it is essential to use a powerful and practical lawnmower that will prove to be effective for many years. If many gardeners opt for petrol lawnmowers or cordless lawnmowers, in this buying guide, we wanted to tell you about the electric lawn mower, equipment that suffers from prejudice but which, however, could well you allow gardening in, particularly exceptional comfort conditions.

What is the best electric lawn mower?

As always, it is our job to help you to always be able to buy the best products for your home and your family. That is why we have prepared this comparative list so that you can choose the lawnmower that best suits your garden, your needs and your comfort and convenience.

The models below offer variety, versatility, comfort and a good quality cut.

Bosch Rotak 40 lawnmower

The most economical

It is an electric model of 1200 W capacity and a cutting width of 40 centimetres. It has a surface capacity of around half squire meter, so it is ideal for small gardens.

In turn, it has a side comb for cutting in complex areas and a 20-litre grass collection tank that allows you to mow the lawn for a long time without having to empty it.

It has a long cable that facilitates movement, is light, economical and quite silent. It also has wide wheels that facilitate its handling.

This push mower is capable of cutting grass soft and low, but also high grass, wet and more complicated. It is a model of good quality at the best price.

Black & Decker lawnmower Edge-Max

One of the most powerful

Black & Decker is a brand that has accustomed us to its tools of excellent quality, versatility, efficiency and durability, just like this electric lawnmower.

It does not have batteries but uses a 14 m long cable. It has a motor with a power of 1600 watts, which can cut any type of lawn on a surface of up to 750 m 2 .

It has wide edge technology to cut in complex and closed places and, in turn, comes with a cutting width of 34 cm to avoid having to take many passes in the same area.

It offers good mobility and also has a deposit of 45 l to store the remains of grass. It comes with a capacity to cut grass from 2 to 7 cm and is available at a great price.

Einhell GE-EM 1843 HW lawn mower

One of the great favourites

This is the most powerful electric lawn mower on the list, which, thanks to its 1800 W engine, can cut the highest, wettest and thickest lawn you can find.

It has the capacity to cut gardens with a surface of up to 800 m 2 and a filling tank of 63 litres, so you can cut a large area without having to stop.

At the same time, it has 6 adjustable cutting stages to cut areas of 2.5 to 7.5 cm in height, cutting area 36 cm wide and weighs 21 kg and 230 volts.

Although it does not have the lowest price, it is the ideal mower if you are looking for a powerful and good quality for a garden of medium to large size.

Ryobi RLM 13 E 33 S Electric Lawn Mower

The best price-value ratio

It is a good electric model with a padding system to dispose of the grass remains, which will serve as free fertilizer for your garden or patio.

With its 1300 W power and 33 cm cutting blade, this model is good for small and medium surfaces, although it can cut tall and moist herbs as well.

It is a manual model, with grass collection tank of 35 l and controls located at a good height and with a comfortable and ergonomic design.

It has two front side wedges that help cut across the width of the machine, to avoid having to make many passes to the same area. Due to its good manoeuvrability and lightweight, it is suitable for even difficult areas.

It offers an excellent price-value ratio.

Makita ELM3800 lawn mower

Excellent quality and versatility

One of the most affordable models on our list comes from Makita, a brand recognized for its tools and equipment of good quality.

Its power of 1400 W makes it ideal for small gardens such as those that can be seen in homes in the city or in small businesses, with surfaces of up to 0,500 m.

It has 5 cutting stages to adjust to different grass heights, 38 cm wide cutting blade and a 40-litre capacity cuttings collection box with filling indicator so you do not have to stop so often to empty it.

The handlebar is comfortable and ergonomic and has a lever lock for easy folding when not in use. It weighs about 13 kg and, if you are looking for quality and low price, this model is a great option.

Gardena 04075-20 Electric Lawnmower PowerMax 37 E

Why buy an electric lawn mower?

The wired electric lawn mower is often considered, wrongly, as a garden maintenance equipment impractical because, in order to function, it needs to be permanently plugged into an electrical outlet. This is also why, very often, electric wire clippers require the purchase in addition to an electric extension cord. And yet, behind these faults which in reality are not, this type of device offers incredible advantages unique in its kind, starting with the power. Compared to a cordless lawnmower, the corded mower displays a power that can be up to 3 times higher, which is naturally due to the fact that it receives a much more powerful electric current than that offered by a simple electric battery. If you are planning major mowing and are looking for an electric mower, then choosing a wired model will be obvious to you.

Still, for comparison, the corded electric lawn mower is much more affordable than a petrol mower for two reasons. First of all, its purchase price is on average three times lower, which will help you to equip yourself properly while keeping your budget in check. But in use, the corded mower is also much more economical since it only requires electricity, unlike the thermal mower which needs gasoline, oil and rigorous maintenance of all its parts. mechanical. Clearly, the corded electric mower is the perfect compromise for all those who are looking for a device of this type that is powerful and economical at the same time, and thanks to which you will be able to easily maintain your garden.

Types of lawnmowers

Buying a lawnmower is not as easy as choosing a notebook. These devices exist in many types, with different features and different operating modes. The truth is that the best model will depend on you and your needs.

Some are more efficient than others, more complex and more expensive. However, there are more affordable mowers that serve gardens and small patios, so if you have a garden with those characteristics, maybe the simplest model comes better.

  • Zero turns: these models are the best in the market. They are a bit more expensive, but since they do not have a turning radius, they are more efficient, which is why they are preferred by professionals.

If you can afford it, having one of these will allow you to cut the lawn quickly and effectively.

  • With seat: they are not as good as those with zero turning radius, but they are quite comfortable and efficient. They are great for people with a large patio or since you can do the job sitting and in less time than with other types of mowers. You will not get tired as much as with the push or electric models.
  • Battery: these are also known as cordless mowers and are quite portable, silent, lightweight and versatile thanks to its rechargeable battery.

They usually have a range of 60 to 90 minutes, which makes them ideal for medium-sized courtyards. In larger gardens you will need a recharge to continue. 
They are a bit more affordable than the previous two models.

  • Petrol: this type of lawnmower has been very popular for a long time, but more and more people are replacing them with electric models. They are mobile and can work well anywhere and in gardens of any size. Remember that you can find mowers with seat, without turns and thrust driven by fuel.
  • Electrical: now we refer to those that do have wiring and do not use batteries. Their advantage is that they are quieter and more environmentally friendly than models that use fuels and are practically unlimited because you connect them to the wall and you have energy without stopping.

The downside is that you need an electrical outlet nearby and you have to take care not to trip or step on the cable accidentally.

  • Push: is the simplest model of all. They are ideal for gardens and small patios, but not for medium or large areas since they take too long to cut the grass

These models cut more smoothly, so it will keep your lawn healthier. In turn, they can cut thick grass, but you have to move them, so be sure you will sweat.

  • rails: they are good for very small gardens or if you have a budget since they are really cheap. They are the most ecological because they do not use gasoline or electricity and also keep your lawn healthy because they are gentle. Plants will be less susceptible to diseases, they will lose less water and they will look better.

The only thing that they need for maintenance is a little lubrication and to sharpen the blades every certain time.

  • Robotic: these modern mowers are becoming better and more intuitive. By turning the lawn mowing into an automatic task, you can save all that time and effort and dedicate it to other tasks and activities that interest you more.

What you should look for when buying a lawnmower

Having the right model for you depends on a series of aspects that determine its efficiency, convenience, comfort and more. Now we explain them to you all:

  • Strength: depends on the size of the engine in the models driven by gasoline and the battery voltage in the electric models.

For fuel, 140cc engines are weak, while those of 180/190 cc are more powerful. As for electricity, 20 volts is low strength, but 36 or more is a large capacity.

If you have to cut the grass high and wet frequently, you will need about 180 cc or 30 V, but if you have to cut grass softer and not so high, 140 cc or 20 V will be enough.

If you take about 30 or 45 minutes to do the work, the best will be an electricity model that is quieter, but if it takes 60 minutes or more, you better choose the model with fuel.

  • Manual vs. driving: the mowers can be manual or have a system so you can drive them. The manuals are best for flat and small patios, while the driving are ideal for steep or large courtyards.

The driving comes with front, rear and all-wheel drive. The front is the most popular option because it lets you pivot with the rear wheels and make more closed turns. The rear-wheel-drive is better for slanted yards and the all-wheel drive is a premium feature for more complicated terrain.

  • Ignition: we all know the priming and pull button models for the engine to turn on. You have to press a button and then pull the cable until it starts.

However, there is also an electronic ignition, which works just by passing a key. The second type of ignition is much more comfortable, quick and simple, but less economical.

  • Butterfly valve: the mowers have a part called a butterfly valve, which regulates the amount of air entering the carburettor (where the engine mixes the fuel with air).

At low temperatures, there should be less air than fuel, so the valve should be a little closed. Once you turn on the mower, you should open the valve a little. It is a tedious task, so look for a model that opens and closes it automatically.

  • Mower width: this indicates how large the portion of grass that will cut the device in one pass. The push models range from 35 to 55 cm, while those with a seat range from 53 to 60 cm.

In general, the maximum garden size suitable for cutting with a push model is ¾ acre and any larger size should be cut with a seat model to save time and effort.

  • Disposal of the remains: there are 3 ways in which the mowers get rid of the grass they cut:
    • Padding: the mower finely grinds the herbs and deposits them in the ground to act as a fertilizer.
    • Scrap to the side: the remains are thrown towards the grass from one side. It is an efficient feature for cutting tall grass.
    • Collection: this system collects the waste in a bag placed in the back. If you are worried that the remains are expelled and hit people or pets or dirty your porch, this system is ideal.
    • Ease of maintenance: no lawnmower is immune to damage from use and abuse and requires maintenance, either to recharge gasoline or the electric battery or to sharpen the blades.

Remember that the best models have easily replaceable and easily accessible parts.

How to choose an electric model?

Your next wired electric lawn mower is designed to be used intensively, which explains why it is essential that you take the time to choose the best one. To do this, you will need to study a few technical criteria, which however are not very complicated. 

First of all, and this is the most important criterion of choice, you will have to choose your electric lawnmower according to its power which is expressed in watts. The higher this power, the more your equipment can be considered efficient. However, an ultra-powerful electric mower could also affect the number of your electricity bills. To give you an idea, in the vast majority of cases, a device such as the Bosch ARM 32R electric lawnmower with 1200 watts of power is more than enough. However, avoid models with a power lower than 1000 watts.

Then, like any other lawnmower that you could buy, it will be important that you take into consideration the cutting width which is expressed in centimetres and which is generally around 35 centimetres. The larger this width, the more efficient your work will be. On the other hand, for precision work, such as for mowing a generously wooded garden, it is better to opt for a wired electric lawn mower offering a reduced cutting width since it will be easier to handle. 

Finally, the last criterion for choosing a corded mower concerns the different cutting heights. These are expressed in millimetres and generally vary from 20 and 70 millimetres. The adjustable cutting height will allow you to mow your lawn while giving it a look that will meet your specific requirements. Once you have taken all of these criteria into account, all you have to do is make sure that the price of the electric lawn mower corresponds to your financial capacity. But as you will have plenty of time to realize, such lawn care equipment remains in the vast majority of cases very affordable.