Carrying golf clubs on your back is not something that everyone can do, especially if your intention is to play more than one round. Traditional cars are great but it can be very heavy to push the cart across the field. In addition, depending on the type of terrain may be more or less work added. Therefore, using electric golf trolley is a fantastic way to move around the field with little effort.

What is the best electric golf trolley?

Your decision needs to be extremely practical so that the option you choose can be adjusted inside the trunk of your car without any inconvenience; In addition, it must have enough versatility to operate on a vast amount of land.

It is important that you choose a unit that allows you to choose from a considerable variety of speed settings, which will give you much more comfort when moving. The best units offer an automatic operation that can be operated remotely, although this functionality is usually quite expensive.

Do not forget to buy a piece of equipment that has high-quality materials, which can be handled without much difficulty, and avoid having to deal with constant replacement of parts later. In our comparative list we have selected products with great consumer support, read it.

1. Electric golf trolley POWAKADDY C2 COMPACT

Great value for the price

Enjoying golf is something really exciting, and with this product, you can devote all your energy to hit the ball with precision. It works a lithium battery that has sufficient autonomy to provide optimal performance and long work performance.

In addition, it is one of the most collapsible units in the entire market and includes support for an umbrella so that you can cover yourself in case of any rain. You can go up and down hills without any problem. Get it now.

2. Folding Electric golf trolley Airel Kenrod

Much power

Enjoy the best experience when travelling the countryside with this powerful team that has a 200 Watt motor that will take you to the 18 holes in the blink of an eye. It has sixteen speeds that you can regulate without any problem.

Its LED lights system allows you to identify yourself on the route, as well as an electronic brake system for greater safety during the journey. It has been manufactured with aluminium alloy whose material is really resistant.

3. POWAKADDY electric golf trolley

Excellent size

This innovative car incorporates two elements of vital importance for these products: power and control. With its powerful 230 Watts motor, this equipment has sizes of 336 x 497 x 560 MM.

It includes very functional features that allow you to enter phone, and also, put it to charge with a USB port that makes the unit available. Its lithium battery has the ability to provide the necessary time to enjoy a full day for this sport without problems.

4. Electric golf trolley Ben Sayers G5206

All in one

Stay informed about the battery status of the electric trolley with its integrated LED screen where you can know how much time you have left of use. It has seven adjustable speeds, and you can adjust the distance that best suits your current needs (10, 20 and 30 meters).

Its large 200 Watt motor is powered by a large battery made of 12 Volt lead. Protect yourself from unfavourable weather conditions thanks to its umbrella that has to offer greater versatility of use. It is a recommended brand.

5. Stewart Golf XIX Follow

The last

Your free day to play golf does not have to be an ordeal of having to walk long distances. With this incredible equipment, you can cut distances, with a drop prevention system, in which you can stop in a timely manner with metallic type design.

Account stabilizers designed as part of their technology that will provide more precise control for optimal enjoyment and without eventualities. I invite you to take a look at this interesting compact and ergonomic model.

How to choose the best electric golf trolley?

There are a few factors to consider before purchasing your electric golf trolley. Below, you will find a list made by our experienced consultants, who will give you the opportunity to make an ideal choice, making the best possible decision. Taking these factors into account, in addition to our recommendations, we are confident that you will find among the electric golf trolley the best product for you.

Manufacturer: For the electric golf trolley, are they known manufacturers?

Test reports: For the electric golf trolley, are there real and complete reviews?
Buyer Comment: Has this product already been purchased and evaluated by customers?
Dimensions: What are the possible dimensions of the product in question?
Other consumption: For the electric golf trolley, is the test result already available in this category?
Test results: For the electric golf trolley category above, which products are currently the best?
Price: what budget is available to you and there are special opportunities for the electric golf trolley?
Comparison: Finally, you need to compare the different criteria of the product, including the price and your own needs!

If you use the checklist above, you can find many products that perfectly meet your needs before making the purchase. Finally, you need to make a comparison to get the product that best suits your needs, belonging to the category of electric golf trolleys. Here’s advice from our industry experts: order more things at once. This will allow you to make an effective personal comparison that will give you more accurate test results.

Why should you consider these arguments regarding the electric golf trolley? There are many reasons for this. First of all, the published test reports are available regularly and are present for a large number of products. For this reason, before making any purchase, we recommend that you consider the test winner.

Additionally, on sites such as “quora”, a site built by consumers for consumers, you can find a lot of useful information. You can already find several recommendations and comments for the electric golf trolley. These are very useful since they come from customers who have already performed their own personal test.

Electric golf trolley: Other things to check

Undoubtedly, assembling your clubs in an electric golf trolley is much more practical, more energy and time-efficient. Not only do you avoid straining your back, but you can also devote time and effort to more useful activities than carrying these heavy poles on the course. Gone are the days when young players will really have to carry their clubs with them each time they have to change places. Electric golf trolleys are the saving grace of golf players as they completely eliminate the need for hedges for these heavy things.

They just have to put all these clubs on their trolley and it will transport it electronically wherever the player wants. It is robust, easy to use and use, and light. If you are interested in golf trolley, here are some things you should know:

Wheel design

At the time, two-wheeled trolleys reigned in the golf trolleys industry because of their stability and manoeuvrability. It’s also a good choice if you don’t like a three-wheeled golf trolley. In addition to its stability, two-wheeled golf trolleys generally have hard rubber tires and use less battery, especially if you are playing on level ground.


Golf trolleys Three-wheeled golf trolleys are sold in the market today. They are easy to use and more stable. More golfers prefer this type of golf trolley because it gives them the convenience of being right next to it and moves really straight and forehead. Nowadays, most models incorporate three-wheeled golf trolleys with air-inflated tires that work well on golf courses.



Aluminium, when used, will make the equipment light as in the case of your golf trolleys. In addition, it slides easily around the course, which allows the trolley to move easily.


Titanium not only makes your golf trolley lightweight, but it also makes it a good material. Its strength gives the electric golf trolley the ability to transport clubs with ease. However, choosing one or the other of the two materials for your golf trolley will incur additional costs on your part.



This type of battery is fundamentally new to the market. They are lighter and do not discharge quickly. However, it offers less autonomy and is more expensive than any other type of battery.

Acid lead

The lead-acid battery type is the conventional battery type that provides longer run time and longer life for your golf trolley. They are relatively thicker and heavier than lithium-ion batteries.