The electric chainsaw is essential equipment for all gardeners since it allows you to cut down in just a few minutes a job that could take hours or even whole days if you had to do it manually, using a hand saw for example. 

Indeed, because it is motorized has an ultra-resistant chain, it is able to cut with extreme efficiency your wood while requiring only a minimum of physical effort. Clearly, the chainsaw, whether electric or thermal, is the motorized gardening tool made for all those who wish to be able to work efficiently while at the same time enjoying perfect results.

Easy to use even if the handling of an electric chainsaw must be done with extreme vigilance, this type of equipment also allows to obtain very regular results. For example, if you have to cut firewood, you can create pieces of identical dimensions so that they all fit into your fireplace. But the last advantage of this type of device, and not least, concerns its purchase price. Indeed, as you will see in this comparison electric chainsaw is an equipment that is financially very affordable and can withstand long years of use.

What is the best electric chainsaw?

Find a good model will depend on your needs and for that, you must make a comparison of what is available and consider the characteristics that best suit your requirements.

One of the first things to consider is if your device will be wireless or with cable, the first ones use a battery that has a long time, the second will reduce your mobility.

The size of the cutting sword is also fundamental, depending on this you will know what type of pruning you can do.

Another element is the lubrication system, there are automatic models and others do not. The security systems should not leave them aside, as well as the weight, grip and design with ergonomic principles.

In the market there is a wide variety of chainsaws, maybe you decide it is not something to sew and sing, so we put at your disposal this guide that may be useful when selecting.

Mcculloch CSE2040S Electric Chainsaw

McCulloch CSE2040S Electric Chain Saw: 2000 W, 16 Inch Bar Length, 1.3 mm Chain Guage, Automatic Oil...
  • Ideal for occasional use the CSE2040S is a 2000W electric powered chainsaw that is capable of a 16” bar and has a 40cm blade...
  • Equipped with a tool-less chain tensioner for quick and easy tensioning and assembly of the bar and chain without any tools
  • Utilises a high chain speed of up to 13.5m/s for fast, smooth cutting
  • The CSE 20 40S has a durable chain pitch of 3/8, which makes it easier to sharpen so you can get more uses out of your chainsaw
  • Weighing only 3.7kg this electric chainsaw also features high chain speed, chain brake indicator, Soft Start, cable clip and fuel...

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McCulloch returns to us with this electric chainsaw, also intended for occasional use. When it comes to power, its 2000 W motor more than meets expectations, when you do small cutting jobs – firewood and more. The McCulloch CSE2040S also has the advantage of being relatively light, which makes handling very pleasant.

With a cutting length of 40 cm and a chain speed of 13.5 m / s, the CSE2040S chainsaw does not disappoint in terms of efficiency. Safety is another aspect on which the manufacturer has focused. There is thus a double brake activation system, very practical in the event of uncontrolled handling. Note also a few devices designed for comfortable and simple use of the McCulloch CSE2040S: anti-tearing hook, visible chain brake and oil level indicators, etc.

Greenworks Tools 20117 40 V

Greenworks G40CS30 Cordless Chainsaw, 30cm Bar Length, 4.2m/s Chain Speed, 3.7kg, Auto-Oiler WITHOUT...
  • POWERFUL, LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT 30cm CHAINSAW - weighing only 3.7kg with comfortable, ergonomic soft-grip handles and a 30cm...
  • EFFICIENT, SAFER, SPEEDY CUTTING - a fast chain speed of 4.2m/s lets you make quick, clean cuts to slice through timber, and for...
  • CHAIN IS EASY TO TENSION AND AUTOMATICALLY OILED - toolless chain adjustment means no fiddling about when you adjust the chain...
  • USE WITH ANY GREENWORKS 40V 2Ah or 4Ah BATTERY - this is a special 'tool only' package that comes without a battery, so if you...
  • 3 YEAR GUARANTEE – by Greenworks, a world leader in electric tools and battery technology, with a global reputation for smart...

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If you are in search of an electric chainsaw that reaches you to cut piles of firewood and continue with exceptional performance, you have reached the correct device.

This tool of the Greenworks brand is not too big for everything it is capable of doing, plus additional because you will not tire of loading it. It is compact, but with good power.

Those who have it highlight their ability to quickly cut trunks of good thickness, those up to 20 centimetres in diameter the very fast pikes. It has great performance, ideal if you are of those who are frequently engaged in cutting firewood for sale.

Black & Decker cordless chainsaw GKC3630LB Xj

BLACK+DECKER GKC3630LB-XJ 36 V Lithium-Ion Chainsaw, Bare Unit, 30 cm (Battery not Included), Orange
  • Powerful motor with high performance and chain speed at 5m/s
  • Lightweight (3.8 kg) design for easy use and manoeuvrability
  • Tool free chain tensioning - quick and easy chain fitting and adjustment
  • Up to 30cm cutting width
  • Optimised balance and comfortable bale handle for greater comfort.

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Find a machine that helps you in the pruning of the garden and cutting of fallen logs, will no longer be a problem with this tool.

The chainsaw manufacturer Black & Decker is a battery-powered electric chainsaw and specially built to work in the sawing of hardwoods, but also with softer material. It would be perfect for your garden.

One of its great qualities is that it is a cordless device, you can move freely around the patio and the garden without problems, it also has a really durable battery.

It is silent, powerful, smooth movement and non-slip grip.

Einhell Expert electric chainsaw GE-EC 2240 S

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The chainsaw manufacturer Einhell is a small model but endowed with great power, its chain adjustment is made in a simple way and, in general, it will be easy to assemble, if it is your first time with this tool you will not make a mess.

This device has a longitudinal motor, a quality that gives extra comfort when doing the garden work, as it will allow you to prune without stumbling every time with some part of the engine that sticks out, as in other models.

It is a very yielding model, it has a sword length of 37.5 centimetres.

Electric chainsaw Makita UC3041A 1800W

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Equipped with a speed chain of 8.3 meters per second and with a cutting capacity of 25 centimetres, this manufacturer’s chainsaw will serve you as much if you plan to cut softwoods as if you want to cut logs or shrubs.

It is a fairly economic model, however, those who have it stand out that it is a solid, powerful tool of very good quality.

It is an appropriate device for your garden is easy to assemble, has good chain tensioner and very good lubrication. Its users emphasize its stability and balance, better than other models that tend to go aside.

Bosch AKE chainsaw 35 S

Bosch AKE 35 S Bosch Bosch AKE35S Electric Chainsaw - Green
  • 1800 watt motor
  • 35cm/14in cutter bar
  • SDS system for quick and easy chain tensioning

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Made with steel chain links and claws for a firm and secure grip, this chainsaw will give you great power with very little energy consumption, is a recommended device for energy saving if it will take a long time to prune.

One of its most striking qualities is that it operates with that manufacturer’s SDS system that allows you to tension and comfortably change the chain without the need for additional tools.

It is a good electric chainsaw to cut small pieces of wood and make firewood. If you will do minor DIY jobs or pruning short garden spaces, this tool can help you a lot.

Einhell GE-EC 2240 electric chainsaw

Einhell GE-EC 2240 2200W - Power Chainsaws (Black, Red)
  • Package Dimensions (L x B x H) in cm: 22.1 x 27.6 x 53.2
  • Model Number: 4501740
  • Voltage: 240.0
  • Wattage: 2200.0
  • Power source type: Hand-operated

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More affordable than the previous two models, the Einhell GE-EC 2240 is nonetheless a very functional chainsaw. It relies on its powerful 2,200 W motor and its high-quality chain to do the job. In terms of price/quality ratio, the GE-EC 2240 presents very good arguments on paper, even if we regret that the capacity of its oil tank is only 160 ml.

In addition to the great power of its engine, the Einhell GE-EC 2240 has a metal gear, which reassures about its longevity. The effectiveness of interventions is also guaranteed by the gradual start of the chainsaw. Its guide length is 40.5 cm. Perfectly handy, the GE-EC 2240 is easy to use. To change the chain or adjust its tension, you do not need any tools.

electric chainsaw

Benefits of using an electric chainsaw

The electric chainsaw is a saw that does not emit noise. It is a light and silent machine. With this advantage, it does not disturb the neighbourhoods. This is important if the user is lopping near the house. Likewise, this tool provides easy manoeuvrability. In addition, as a conventional tool, it does not produce pollution. The purity of the air is therefore preserved normally. Only a chainsaw running on fuel that expels carbon dioxide fumes.

Then there is no fuel to run the engine of this chainsaw. You need a mains socket supplying 230 V to start this chainsaw. This means that it requires an extension cable for the power supply. Therefore, it cannot be used for logging in the forest. However, it is intended for a small use in gardens.

However, its motor provides a rotation power from 1500 to 2000 W. This capacity allows the chain to turn sharply to cut wood. Its collector is practically very quick to drive a cutting length of 35 to 40 cm. In one day, it is possible that a user can cut a thousand planks of wood in the garden. But, if the woods are hard, its chain can be blocked easily. And its engine will warm up very quickly. It does not stand up to continuous use. However, a lubricant is not necessary for this engine. If it has an oil container, this is for chain lubrication.

What type of work can be carried out with an electric chainsaw?

The electric chainsaw generally intervenes within the framework of logging work. Its uses are very varied. You can use this tool to cut logs or prune branches. It is also the perfect ally for limbing, parting off or small foot cuts. With an electric chainsaw, you can also cut down trees and plough. If this machine is of great help to carry out small tasks in the house or around the house, it is more for the maintenance of the garden that its usefulness is justified.

cordless electric chainsaw

Things to consider when choosing an electric chainsaw

The choice of the power source for your next electric chainsaw being made, many other parameters must be taken into consideration to find the electric chainsaw that best suits your needs and your budget. Going with methodology is all the more important as the machine can be ineffective or dangerous to use if you make the wrong choice.


We saw it in the previous chapter: the chainsaw can be used for various works: limbing, felling or pruning. While the technical characteristics of electric chainsaws are generally balanced so as to give them multifunctionality, criteria such as power or compactness make a machine more suitable for one operation than another.

If you want to use your chainsaw to cut down bulky trees or cut firewood, use the power (1,500 W to 2,500 W) and make sure that the length of the chain guide is large enough (between 40 to 45 cm, or even more if intensive work), for clear and fast results whatever the density of the wood or the diameter of the logs.

On the other hand, for delimbing, compactness is to be preferred, because the tool must be perfectly handy to pass easily between the branches. In addition, if you wish to carry out pruning work more regularly, opt for a chainsaw-pruner specifically intended for this operation. You will have the choice between the models used on the ladder or from the tree.

A corded or cordless model

To take advantage of the complete freedom of movement of the cordless or to opt for a chainsaw depending on an outlet, it is an often difficult decision for many individuals. But when we put certain parameters in the balance, the choice becomes clearer. For undemanding cuts or small home jobs, a cordless chainsaw, less powerful (between 600 and 1000 W) would do the trick.

Add the ease of storage and transport, the almost silent operation, but also the total autonomy, and you have the key reasons that make a cordless chainsaw a very good choice. On the other hand, if you wish to be able to carry out occasionally larger operations, look on the side of the corded chainsaw.


Expressed in W or kW, the power must be chosen with full consideration not only of the hardness, diameter and nature of the wood but also of the type of work to be performed.

The guide bar length

Varying between 11 cm and 120 cm, the length of the guide bar determines the cutting capacity. To decide on this parameter, take into consideration nature (density, hardness, etc.) and the diameter of the wood or logs on which you want to work.

If manufacturers offer tools with a guide bar theoretically 40 cm, it is good to know that in reality, this value is to be revised down a few centimetres. That said, note that for the debiting of the 60 cm wooden logs, a 30 cm guide will do the trick. For intensive work, however, the length of the guide bar should ideally be greater than 45 cm.

Chain speed

Precision, speed and cutting efficiency are also dependent on the speed at which the chain turns. On the market, you will have the choice between models from 12 m / s to up to 22 m / s. One advantage of opting for a high-speed chain saw is that it limits the tearing of the bark.

Other things to consider

When deciding on the purchase of your chainsaw, you must also take into account the accessories and systems provided to facilitate the use of the tool. These include the integration of asymmetrical, anti-vibration handles, an automatic return choke (or semi-automatic), force optimization systems, chain lubrication, but also ” an electronic fuel management mechanism.