To be able to better withstand the cold winter, electric blankets have become very fashionable accessories. As with heated mattress, the electric blanket is used in the cold winter nights. Providing additional comfort, there are different types of electric blankets currently on the market. Each has more or less similar characteristics and operating modes.

What is the best electric blanket?

In order to help you decide we went to review the available offer, we made comparisons between the qualities, characteristics and benefits of each other and, on that basis we elaborated a list of suggestions where, surely, you will find just what you are looking for.

Relaxwell by Dreamland Electric Blanket 16082

Imetec blanket stands out for several qualities, the first is that it is made with a soft fabric in two-coloured microfiber and that, in addition, has the option to operate in 6 different temperature levels. The device works with a power of 150 watts.

It comes with a timer that shuts off after three hours and is equipped with a special IntelliSense technology that automatically maintains the same temperature all day.

It is a functional, lightweight accessory, barely weighs one kilogram. It is washable at 40 ° C following the instructions and the manufacturers recommend its use especially for the sofa.

It is not cheap, but it offers high-end features and you get it in brown and beige, available in its individual and extra-long versions.

CosiHome Heated double bed Blanket

Manufactured in matrimonial size, this blanket is ideal for therapists and masseurs who treat people with ailments and injuries. Although it is also useful in the house.

It is made with polyester fabric soft to the touch and of good quality, it has adjustable power with double controls and protection against overload and overheating.

It works with 120-watt power and has 220 voltage power that will keep you warm, but saves you money on heating.

It is washable in a delicate cycle at a temperature of 40°C and is easy to transport and store. It is an affordable product and you get it in beige with brown.

Morphy Richards Electric beds heater

With three temperature levels and a safety system against overheating, Medisana offers you this double-sized beds electric blanket.

The model Morphy Richards is the most economical of our selection, it is quite light, it shuts off automatically after three hours and works with a power of 60 watts.

Those who already have affirmed that it is a good product, soft, soft, suitable for moderate cold due to its power.

It is a simple blanket, washable in a delicate cycle, which distributes heat evenly and stimulates circulation and relaxes tense muscles. It is available in white.

Heated Electric Throw Blanket Deuba XXL

The German firm Deuba puts on sale this model of extra-long blanket ideal for bed and sofa. It works with a power of 180 watts and has 10 adjustable temperature levels with a bright LED display

It is a thick blanket, of moderate weight, that provides constant heat in a homogeneous and uniform way. It has automatic shutdown timer that you can set between 1 and 9 hours of use.

It offers protection against overheating and its users highlight the number of regulations it has because it lowers the heating bill.

It has no low price but offers benefits that are worth it. It is available in brown.

MVPower Heated Throw Electric Blanket

Available in extra-large size and in chocolate and ivory colours, this MVPower brand blanket is ideal for the cold winter. It’s made with a nice soft fleece soft, breathable fabric that keeps you warm for hours.

It has 6 heat levels with LED indicator, use a thermal sensor that maintains the selected temperature. It works with a power of 160 watts and voltage of 220.

It offers protection against overheating and shutdown function after three hours of use so you do not have to worry about falling asleep with the blanket on

According to the opinion of those who already have it, it is a durable product with a good quality ratio if one takes into account that it is the least expensive model of the selection.

It comes with a practical storage bag and its connector is removable to wash the blanket without any problem.

Dreamcatcher King Size Electric Blanket

It is a simple product, with two temperature levels that provide high power heat to the bed before going to sleep.

It has double power of 60 watts that has low power and offers automatic protection against overload, you can sleep peacefully if you keep it on.

The qualities and characteristics of this blanket are consistent with its price and its users consider that it is a product to calm pains and for moderate cold. It is available in white.

electric  blanket uk stock

Why buy an electric blanket?

There are many recent changes in this industry and the manufacturers (Beurer, Klarstein, Medisana, etc.) are making efforts to attract a younger clientele.

The fabrics used are softer. Manufacturers use bolder manufacturing methods and brighter colours to give a more modern touch. They turn to the more breathable polyester and acrylic fabrics.

The electrical wires are now thinner and thinner than before. It is even hard to believe that they are present on the cover! The heating wires are more evenly distributed throughout the blanket to provide more uniform warmth. The adjustable heat controller is also more modern. Easier to use, with a timer and automatic shutdown, temperature levels are easier to adjust.

The current electric blankets are also safer. All good quality models are now equipped with overheating protection. And for more hygiene, each product recommended here is also machine washable with a detachable control box.

In short, the choice is yours. Either you acquire a comfortable electric blanket or you continue to mount your thermostat and continue to pay unnecessarily high bills.

Very safe and very effective, the electric blanket can save you the coldness of winter. Without unnecessarily heating the whole house!

It is ideal for quiet evenings where you watch TV or just to relax after a hectic day. You can also rent a good movie and settle in for a wonderfully warm winter night.

Advantages of electric blankets

First, there is the obvious fact that it will keep you warm all night. Not only will it keep you warm, but it will save you money on your heating bill. Heated blanket users simply turn the warmth adjustment on their blanket and go to bed.

There is also the added benefit of the dual heat controller. Some electric blankets are equipped with two series of heat controllers, allowing couples to adjust their half of blanket each to the desired temperature. If you share a bed with someone who does not have the same resistance to heat as you, this is the ideal solution: everyone can adjust the temperature as they wish.

Buyers will also benefit from the timer settings that now equip electric blankets. Too many people forget to turn off their blankets when they leave for the day. The timer will, therefore, solve this problem, which can be dangerous for fire risks. You can also use the timer to preheat your bedding a little before bedtime.


Now let’s take a look at the negatives. First of all, sometimes some electric blankets seem to malfunction over time. They suddenly stop heating efficiently and such a situation could leave you having to buy a new one. The other disadvantage and not the least is that in some cases, using it can be dangerous.

What to look for when choosing an electric blanket?

According to the manufacturer, electric blankets offer different types of qualities, some of them highly valued by users when purchasing the product. Here we leave you the most popular:

  • Blanket sizes: There are many sizes to choose from. Manufacturers are inclined to produce blankets with sizes standardized to regular beds. Some for larger beds such as the queen or King have separate controls. Individual and matrimonial have only one control. The most common sizes are Twin, Full, Queen, King and there are some smaller ones that are for the sofa.
  • Low voltage: Blankets that work with low voltage reduce the risk of discharge. Look for those with power equal to or less than 120 volts.
  • Automatic shutdown: A good quality of these blankets is that they turn off by themselves after a certain time, these timers reduce the possibility of overheating and save energy.
  • Variable settings: Good electric blankets always bring variable adjustments. Depending on the model, it could have from 3 to 10 adjustments for greater warmth and comfort.
  • Backlit control: If you are trying to adjust the controls in the middle of the night, having controls on is a good idea that will provide comfort and ease.
  • Plushfabric: The plushfabric is soft, warm and very popular among electric blankets. The material that makes the blanket you buy has an important role in how much you enjoy this article, so look for fabrics that feel good on the skin like fleece, plush, microfiber and cotton.
  • Dual controls: When you get a blanket for extra-large beds you need to have two controls because there are two heating zones.
  • Preheating: Being able to heat the electric blanket before even entering the bed is good quality. Simply light the blanket to preheat and let the bed warm up to a desired and comfortable level.