When we have children, and especially infants, we can quickly become anxious that they may be sick. If the first reflex that we have is to check their temperature, very often, without suitable equipment, we place our hand on their forehead. As you have probably already realized, this grandmother technique is not necessarily the most reliable. Indeed, several parameters can distort our feelings. That’s why the ideal is still the purchase of an ear thermometer.

We will, therefore, present the advantages and disadvantages of this equipment. We will also give you as much information as possible. So you can make your choice in the best conditions!

What is the best ear thermometer?

If you are in search of an ear thermometer, you should know that there is a great variety in the market among which you can choose, but, it is necessary that you first fix the characteristics of what you need if it is an ear thermometer. adults or if you will be using it in children.

It is necessary that you choose, according to your tastes, if you prefer a thermometer that is digital, one without contact, as is the case of the infrared or a traditional one and to help you in the search, I have compiled some excellent quality options in this comparison.

Beurer FT70 ear thermometer

Beurer FT70 Multi-functional thermometer Measures ear, forehead
  • Measurement in the ear/on the forehead in seconds
  • Surface temperature of objects/liquids
  • voice function
  • Visual fever alarm
  • 10 storage spaces

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For you to have accurate temperature measurements you need a thermometer that is reliable, as is this Beurer model that will not only indicate your temperature but also measure the environment and surface, alarming when there is a fever.

Braun Thermoscan 7 Digital Thermometer

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear thermometer | Age Precision Technology | Digital Display | Baby and Infant...
  • Trust the No.1 brand recommended by doctors(1)
  • AGE PRECISION TECHNOLOGY: From 0-3 months, 3-36 months, to 36+ months, accurate temperature interpretation as newborns grow into...
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: Clinically proven to be as accurate as rectal measurements in newborns(3),(4)
  • WHY AN EAR THERMOMETER? The ear is in fact, a more accurate site to measure temperature as it allows for a more precise reflection...
  • QUICK AND EASY READINGS: Get fast and accurate age-based results in seconds. Gentle and hygienic to use with hygiene caps for...

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A baby ear thermometer that can also be used by the whole family as it is effective, fast and very easy to use. It has technology that measures the exact temperature of the fever that can vary according to the child’s age in months.

The design of the Braun IRT6520 ThermoScan 7 is not the most transcendent. The tool aims to be practical and highlights a very basic aesthetic. The codes of the medical world are included in the details.

This device takes the form of a small remote control, with a slight protrusion on the upper part. This portion has the disposable tip to place in the ear and displays slight rounding.

The manufacturer seems to have bet on the functional aspect and offers a weight not exceeding 260gr. The body of the object also takes rounded edges, while the adjustment and ignition buttons appear under a backlit screen. The colours, white, blue, grey and green, are sanitized.

iProvèn DMT-489 ear thermometer

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This model differs from the rest of the list as it is an ear and forehead thermometer that you can use in any of its two modes, for easier use in newborns and young children.

Its two buttons guarantee a very simple use.

Paryvara ​​medical thermometer

Paryvara Digital Forehead And Ear Thermometer. Medical Thermometer Is Suitable For Baby, Infant,...
  • RELIABLE, ACCURATE AND CONSISTENT - Proven to be of high quality, accuracy and reliability using new improved softwares installed...
  • TWO IN ONE, QUICK AND EASY - Forehead Thermometer and Ear Thermometer, built for your comfort and convenience. Provides fast...
  • UNIQUE - Comes with a complimentary pouch making it portable and helping you keep it safe and clean
  • OTHER FUNCTIONS - Measures in both Fahrenheit and Celsius, recall last 20 temperature readings, Auto Power off after 10 seconds,...
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE AND WARRANTY- Our top priority is your satisfaction. We are confident this device won’t let you down but we...

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If you are looking for a cheaper thermometer that is able to provide the temperature by using it in the ear and forehead and also measure the temperature of the environment, this Paryvara ​​will be perfect to buy.

It has a memory capable of storing up to 32 previous readings.

Ear thermometer BONGMI Earmo

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If you want a thermometer of good quality and that is also economical, with est you will have won the game.

It has an infrared sensor capable of detecting the temperature in seconds, in addition, it is adjustable with your smartphone through an application that will display temperature data.

An ear thermometer is a very useful device that can give the temperature immediately by introducing the tip of the indicator at the beginning of the ear canal, so it is easy to use and will serve babies and adults since its use not only It is simple, but it is also safe.

What is in-ear thermometer?

You have probably known the rectal thermometer, today there is the ear thermometer which is a thermometer allowing to take the temperature of the child, the infant, and even the adult, by simply placing it in the ear of the sick. It measures the temperature of the tympanic membrane. We also talk about ear temperature.

This ear thermometer is therefore now electronic, which avoids the use of mercury, a toxic substance which can be very dangerous for health.

in ear thermometer

How does the ear thermometer work?

The ear thermometer is very simple to use. It is generally enough to place its cone in the hollow of the ear so that the infrared ray does not come to capture the temperature at the level of the eardrum. After a few seconds, the body temperature is displayed on a screen.

Additional values ​​can be displayed, depending on the estimates made by the device. You will find thermometers offering to present the last recorded temperatures, to signal a possible beginning of a fever.

Despite its apparent accuracy and superior reliability compared to other types of thermometers, the ear prototype requires minimum maintenance. Apart from cleaning recommended after each use, the ear thermometer must be kept in a place where the temperature remains between 16 and 40 °.

The benefits of the ear thermometer

The ear thermometer is a thermometer with a cone-shaped tip. This is introduced into the ear and uses infrared radiation to determine body temperature. The latter tends to change depending on the age, but also on the environment or the state of health of the person being examined.

A few seconds are enough to obtain a result which will be displayed on a digital screen. The advantages of this device are numerous and are not limited to the speed of execution. The ear thermometer has the following advantages:

It is not invasive and offers appreciable precision
It is more hygienic
Its use is painless
Measurements are not altered by breathing and/or sweating
Its handling is generally easy
The models have good longevity
Its maintenance is not complex
Some prototypes incorporate a memory system
It is possible to find models using an optical fever alarm

What to consider when choosing the best ear thermometer?

There are several factors in which you can look to find the best ear thermometer, among these, are:

You should know that not all models of ear thermometer are the same. These may have a different tip size that you should choose carefully to properly fit the ear canal of the person you want to take the temperature with.

In the case of an infant, for example, the ideal would be to find a model of ear thermometer special baby with a tip adapted to its morphology. Otherwise, taking the temperature may be complicated and make the child uncomfortable. However, if you are looking for a reliable ear thermometer for a whole family of children and adults, MN advises you to opt for a model with removable, interchangeable tips and different sizes. So you don’t have to buy more than one type of device for each member of your family.

using ear thermometer


No need to get a thermometer that gives you false measurements every time. You will need to find the most accurate device possible to avoid misinterpreting the health of the respondent.

However, it turned out that the exact temperature ear thermometer does not exist since even the reference ear medical thermometer has an accuracy of 0.1 ° C. This is why the infrared models offered for the general public have been improved to obtain an accuracy of 0.2 ° C. It is therefore essential that you focus your research on devices with this precision for the most accurate temperature assessment possible.

Quick results

One of the biggest problems with traditional thermometers is how long they took to give the temperature, so, when choosing an ear model, you must make sure that it gives you results in seconds.


The electronics allow various accessories useful in everyday life to benefit from much more advanced functions, which is not always the case with conventional models. And the ear thermometer for adults and babies is no exception. Among the most practical functions of the device is the memorization of the temperature measurements of the person being examined.

Some models allow the recording of up to 10 or 30 takes for better monitoring of temperature changes, while others automatically display the latest temperature measurement on their screen each time the device is started.

Our site also advises you to orient your choice towards a model equipped with a guide of interpretation of the temperatures according to the age of the patient. Indeed, the definition of a fever varies according to age and a fever in a newborn can be a normal temperature in a 4 year old child. In addition, it is also very practical to bet on a model allowing an automatic preheating of the nozzle so as not to distort the temperature taken because of possible external disturbances.

Ease of use

For even more ease of use, remember to check certain elements and details allowing you to use them both comfortable and hygienic. MN suggests that you bet on a tympanic thermometer with a backlit screen to give you better visibility of information even in the dark.

This will prevent you, for example, from switching on while the child is sleeping so as to discreetly take the temperature so as not to disturb his sleep. It is also more recommended to use a device with disposable tips to avoid cross-contamination and not having to clean the sensor to change users. Ear wax residues may even affect the accuracy of the measurement over time. In addition, you will notice that some professional ear thermometers are fitted with an indicator light with an audible beep indicating that the earpiece is perfectly positioned in the ear to ensure good temperature measurement.

On the design side, there is something for everyone. Only, the main thing is not the style of the thermometer, but above all its manoeuvrability. Make sure you buy an easy-to-use tool with a screen of sufficient size to allow you to read the measurements easily. The number of buttons should also be considered, because the fewer there are, the more practical the tool will be.

Display and warning

If you want a thermometer that is useful in any circumstance, even when there is not enough lighting, look for those that have a backlit screen and also have a beep to warn once the temperature has been taken.

Fever alert

Depending on the model and brand, you can find thermometers that will warn you through colours when there is fever temperature, which is ideal when you are measuring your own temperature or in a baby.

Long duration battery

Look for models in which the batteries are durable and allow you to use them for much longer, in this way you will avoid having to replace them frequently.


The use of these thermometers is recommended and very convenient in young children, since taking the temperatures quickly will not cause any discomfort.


Ear thermometers are extremely hygienic, unlike other models that need to be sterilized between each use. These thermometers have plastic filters that can be discarded.

How to use an ear thermometer?

To properly use your ear thermometer, you should read the instructions. Indeed, some differences remain depending on the models.

However, the main operation is basically the same. Just follow these tips to get a reliable result.

When taking your child’s temperature, make sure he stays calm. This will allow you to take your grip without scaring it and without risking injury. In addition, the more immobile the child, the more precise the displayed result.

However, we remind you that for infants, only rectal thermometers are considered reliable. The ear thermometer can, however, give you the first indication.